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Westfalia Separator AG
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Westfalia Separator AG Werner-Habig-Strae 1 D-59302 Oelde (F.R. Germany) Tel.: +49 (0) 25 22/77-0 Fax: +49 (0) 25 22/77-24 88 Internet: E-Mail:

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Westfalia Separator
Mechanical Separation Division

Take the Best Separate the Rest

All about us

Innovation is our Tradition

Westfalia Separator has been manufacturing centrifugal separators for over 100 years. Today, the company is a market leader in the field of centrifugal separation technology. The name Westfalia Separator stands for highest product quality and excellent service this is documented, for instance, by the quality system certification to DIN ISO 9001 standard. Since 1994 Westfalia Separator has been a Member of the GEA Group in Bochum and is today the leading company in the Mechanical Separation Division.

The company was founded in 1893 in Oelde, Westphalia, Germany. Initially, only handoperated centrifuges were manufactured. Adapting to the pace of industrialization, the small centrifuges developed into high-performance separators and decanters for diverse branches of industry.

Today, separation technology offers application-orientated, innovative solutions in machine design and process engineering for many sectors including beverage technology, dairy technology, oil and fat processing, oil and fat recovery, starch technology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and

environmental technology. Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems GmbH is a market leader worldwide in the marine, energy, oilfield and industry sectors with its programme of customer-orientated system-based solutions.

It all began with the hand-operated centrifuge

Installation for the production of single-cell protein with nozzle bowl separators; capacity 300 000 l/h per separator

Contents: Innovation is our Tradition Global Presence Separation Technology

Manufacturing works for decanters, Niederahr Main works in Oelde

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The Structure Beverage Technology Dairy Technology Oil and Fat Processing Chemicals, Parmaceuticals, Biotechnology Oil and Fat Recovery Starch Technology Industrial Biotechnology Environmental Technology

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View of the separator production in the main works

Our Sales Offices in Germany

Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems 18 Marine Energy Oilfield Industry Service 19 20 21 22 23

Production works in Chteau Thierry, France

View of the production hall for decanters

Global Presence
The whole world is talking about globalization for Westfalia Separator this has been reality for decades. Whether in Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Australia you can be sure of getting the best possible service from Westfalia Separator. Global presence is assured by more than 50 sales- and servicecompanies and representatives in over 60 further countries.
Argentina GEA Process Technology S.A. Australia Westfalia Separator Australia Pty. Ltd. Austria Westfalia Separator Austria Ges.mbH Belgium Westfalia Separator Belgium N.V.S.A. Brasil Westfalia Separator do Brasil Ltda. Canada GEA Process Technology Canada, Inc. Chile Westfalia Separator Chile S.A. CIS Westfalia Separator AG

France Westfalia Separator Industrie SAS Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems SAS Germany Westfalia Separator Food Tec GmbH Westfalia Separator Industry GmbH Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems GmbH Westfalia Separator Umwelttechnik GmbH Westfalia Separator Engineering GmbH Westfalia Separator Deutschland GmbH Westfalia Separator ACE GmbH Great Britain Westfalia Separator Ltd. Hong Kong Westfalia Separator (China) Ltd. India Westfalia Separator India Pvt. Ltd. Indonesia PT. Westfalia Indonesia Ireland Westfalia Separator Ireland Ltd. Italy Westfalia Separator Italiana S.R.L. Japan Westfalia Separator K.K. Korea Westfalia Separator Korea Ltd. Lithuania GEA PT Baltic Ltd.

Czech Republic Greece Westfalia Separator CZ s.r.o. Westfalia Separator Denmark Hellas S.A. Westfalia Separator A/S Hungary Westfalia Separator Finland Magyarorszg Kft. Westfalia Separator AS

Norway Westfalia Separator AS Philippines Centrifuge Services, Inc. Poland GEA Process Technology Warsaw Sp.z.o.o. Portugal Westfalia Separator de Portugal Romania GEA PT Romania s.r.l. Singapore Westfalia Separator (S.E.A.) Pte.Ltd. Slovakia Westfalia Separator Slovensko s.r.o. South Africa Westfalia Separator (S.A.) (Pty.) Ltd. Spain Westfalia Separator Iberica S.A. Westfalia Separator Andalucia, S.L. Sweden Westfalia Separator AB Switzerland Westfalia Separator Deutschland GmbH, Oelde Brauch Ittigen Thailand Westfalia Separator (Thailand) Ltd. Turkey Westfalia Separator Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Srket United Arab Emirates Westfalia Separator AG USA Westfalia Separator, Inc.

Malaysia Westfalia Separator (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Mexico Westfalia Separator Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. Netherlands Westfalia Separator Nederland B.V. Hovex B.V. Engineering New Zealand Westfalia Separator NZ Ltd.

Separation Technology
Separators and decanters are centrifuges with which solids can be removed from liquids or liquid mixtures can be separated with simultaneous removal of the solids.


Section through a clarifier

Highperformance decanter

Development starts with research. But developments in the laboratory have to be translated into products. Westfalia Separator achieves this by working closely together with research institutes, universities and industry. The result are innovative developments in the field of separation technology. Centrifuges as single machines or integrated in complete process lines make possible the realization of new process techniques while at the same time making the production processes efficient and economical.

Centrifugal separation technology with separators and decanters play key roles today in the

s Clarification of liquids s Separation of liquid mixtures s Concentration and dewatering of solids s Wet classification s Extraction of constituents.

Section through a highperformance clarifying decanter

The Structure

Oils and Fats Processing

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology

Dairy Technology

Oils and Fats Recovery

Beverage Technology

Westfalia Separator Food Tec

Westfalia Separator Industry

Starch Technology

Service Worldwide

Industrial Biotechnology

Westfalia Separator Engineering

Planning and Construction for package units and process lines, Process Automation

Westfalia Separator Umwelttechnik

Environmental Technology

Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems





Westfalia Separator Food Tec

Beverage Technology
Beverage technology offers a wide range of activities for separation technology. Separators and decanters have been indispensable units for decades in the production of beer, wine, fruit and vegetable juices and other beverages.
In the case of product recovery of, for example, premium juice using the FRUPEX process, the priority is maximum yield and highest product quality. In product processing, as with winemaking and beer production, efficient clarification / concentration makes for high economy of the entire process along In the decisive process stages , continuously operating centrifuges ensure economical processing and high quality of the end product. Fields of application are, for example, the production / recovery of
Clarifiers used in the production of beer

s s s s s s

s s s s s

Beer Wine Sparkling wine Champagne Citrus juice Premium juice from fruits, berries, vegetables Base substances for soft drinks Essential oils Coffee Tea Soya milk

Production of premium juice using the FRUPEX process with secondary extraction in the 2nd decanter stage

with enhanced product quality. Thanks to the many years of experience and the specialist know-how, Westfalia Separator is a competent partner for solutions with single machines and process lines right up to turnkey plants.

Westfalia Separator Food Tec

Dairy Technology
It all started with the milk centrifuge. Today, Westfalia Separator supplies highly developed separators, decanters, process lines and installations for the production of milk and milk by-products.
Centrifugal separation technology is a byword for economy and quality and an important process stage in the milk industry. Applications include We have solutions tailored to your individual products and needs too. Special processes such as the DPL process for further defatting of whey or the DCP process (calcium phosphate separation) have been developed by Westfalia Separator.

s Skimming of milk and whey s Clarification of milk and whey s Bacterial clarification of milk and whey s Concentration of cream Production and recovery of s Casein s Cheese fines s Soft cheese (quark) s Fresh cheese s Lactose s Whey protein s Butter s Butteroil.

Clarificatio and skimm of whey

Gentle milk treatment and optimum skimming through the new generation of skimming separators with soft-stream inlet system


Westfalia Separator Food Tec

Oil and Fat Processing
On account of the large number of possible applications, edible oil is increasingly gaining in significance as an essential constituent in the food industry. Meanwhile, new fields of application have been opened up also outside the food industry.
The quality of the end product is primarily dependent on the refining process and the nature of the raw oil. Westfalia Separator has made a decisive contribution to the development of continuous refining processes through the application of centrifugal separation technology. Depending on the raw oil qualities, and tailored to meet local requirements, Westfalia Separator supplies special separators as single machines or integrated in complete process lines, e.g. for

s s s s s s

Cottonseed oil Maize germ oil Palm oil Rapeseed oil Soybean oil Sunflower oil.

Centrifugal Mixer

Special separators applied for edible oil refining

Fields of application are

s Press oil clarification s Degumming s Neutralization s Washing s Winterization s Fractionation

as well as further applications in the oleochemical industry such as

s Processing of fatty acids s Soap production s Glycerine production s Production of methylester s Catalyst separation s Epoxydised oils. 11

Westfalia Separator Industry

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology
Mechanical separation processes find application in a large number of processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
The quality of the separation process is frequently of crucial importance for the quality of the end products as well as for the economy and environmental compatibility of the process. There is a wide range of product applications for centrifugal technology both in organic and inorganic chemistry, such as
Installation for the recovery of antibiotics with counter-current extraction decanters and separator

Chamber bowl separator in coolable design applied for human blood fractionation

s Acids s Barium sulphate s Catalysts s Extraction of metal s Resins s Lacquers s Latex s Lyes s Luminous matter s Solvents s Mercerizing solution

s Nitro compounds s Peroxides s Salts s Silver recovery,

in petrochemistry and plastic production, e.g.

s HDPE (High density polyethylene) s Polymer solutions s Polycarbonate s PVC s Terephtal acid

s White oil,
for base substances such as

s Calcium carbonate s Kaolin (china clay), s Pigments

in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology such as

Nozzle bowl separator used for the recovery of china clay

s Antibiotics s Alkaloids s Aromatic hydrocarbons s Aromatics s Enzymes s Extracts from organs s Glucose isomerase

s Herbal medicines s Hormones s Human blood s Insulin s Morphine s Plant extracts s Rose oil s Synthetic pharmaceutical products s Vaccines s Vitamins s Recovery of bioproducts from genetically engineered micro-organisms.


Westfalia Separator Industry

Oil and Fat Recovery
Modern processes for the recovery of oils and raw fats are characterised by the widespread application of centrifugal clarification and separation techniques. By this means, optimum clarification and separation is assured throughout the entire process, and the requirements arising from pollution control considerations are fully satisfied.

Separator applied for the recovery of fish oil

Installation for the recovery of olive oil with separators and decanters

Westfalia Separator supplies centrifuges as single machines or integrated in complete processing lines for the continuous recovery and processing of e.g.

s s s s s s s s s

Animal bones Avocado oil Blood meal Blood plasma Bone meat Cocoa butter Cooking broths Edible fat Fish meal, fish oil

s Fat separator contents s Flotation sludge s Gelatine s Hide glue s Liver oil s Machine leather cuttings s Olive oil s Palm oil s Slaughterhouse waste s Technical fats s Wool fat.

Decanter and separator applied for the recovery of edible fat


Westfalia Separator Industry

Starch Technology
Westfalia Separator is a technology leader in starch recovery and offers environmentfriendly process techniques.
Centrifugal separation technology is of central economic significance in this field. In close co-operation with the starch industry, Westfalia Separator has developed environment-friendly process techniques that ensure optimum utilization of the raw materials. Fields of application include

s Maize starch s Maize gluten

s Wheat starch s A- and B- starch s Wheat gluten s Bran s Protein coagulate s Potato starch s Potato pulp s Potato gratings s Potato protein s Tapioca / manioc starch s Rice starch s Pea starch s Soybean proteins.
Self-cleaning separators applied for clarification of process water

High-performance decanters applied for dewatering

In the meantime, new fields of application have been opened up both within and outside the food sector. A big advantage of the starch in native or modified state over synthetic products on a crude oil base is its environmental friendliness.


Westfalia Separator Industry

Industrial Biotechnology
The significance of industrial biotechnology is comparable to that of microelectronics and computer technology. It is anticipated that it will play a similar role for industrial development in the next century as chemistry has in the twentieth century.
The combination of wellproven experience with state-of-the-art technology led to perfection in the development of process stages for the fermentation industry. Westfalia Separator is a competent partner for processing fermentation products such as

Two-stage process line for the clarification of molasses with self-cleaning separators and decanter

s s s s

Algae Bakers yeast Fodder yeast Single cell protein (SCP),

and extracellular products such as

as well as bioproducts such as

s s s s

and intracellular products such as

s Ribonucleic acid s Yeast extract,

Alcohol Citric acid L-Lysine Monosodium glutamate s Threonine s Tryptophan,

s s s s

Distillers wash Molasses Sugar cane juice Vinasse.

Todays level of automation makes for constant product processing, thereby assuring uniform product quality with high efficiency and economy.

Process line with nozzle separators for recovery of yeast (left) and process line with self-cleaning separators and decanter for clarification of molasses (right)


Westfalia Separator Umwelttechnik

Environmental Technology
Protection of the environment is of crucial importance to conserve natural resources.

The revival of economy and ecology and the interdependence of water, air and soil require effective measures to improve the environmental situation direct at source. Thats why Westfalia Separator provides process-integrated environmental protection with the goal-conservation of resources.

Decanter applied for sludge dewatering

Concepts for municipalities and industry with high-tech decanters and separators as mobile or stationary installations achieve

s Highest possible dewatering s Thickening of surplus activated sludge

Dewatering of sewage sludge with two high-performance decanters

s Partial dewatering of sludges for agricultural use s Recovery of valuable substances from production processes.

Our Sales Office in Germany:

Westfalia Separator Umwelttechnik GmbH Bro Sangerhausen Walter-Rathenau-Str. 4a D-06526 Sangerhausen Tel.: +49(0)34 64/2954-0 Fax: +49(0)3464/2954-15 E-mail:

Mobile installation for dewatering sewage sludge


Westfalia Separator Deutschland

Our Sales Offices in Germany
In one of our sales offices near you, you will find competent partners - both sales and service engineers, for Food Tec, Industry and industrial Environmental. Oelde
Westfalia Separator Deutschland GmbH Office Oelde Werner-Habig-Strae 1 D-59302 Oelde Tel.: +49 (0) 25 22/77-0 Fax: 77-24 36 Westfalia Separator Deutschland GmbH Service Werner-Habig-Strae 1 D-59302 Oelde Tel.: +49 (0) 25 22/77-0 Fax: 77-29 47


Hamburg Bremen Berlin Hannover Magdeburg Dessau Potsdam

Westfalia Separator Deutschland GmbH Office Hamburg Osterrade 18a D-21031 Hamburg Tel.: +49 (0) 40/73 93 36-0 Fax: 73 80-5 85

Dresden Erfurt Dsseldorf Wiesbaden Frankfurt Mainz Saarbrcken

Westfalia Separator Deutschland GmbH Office Dessau Kochstedter Kreisstrae 44 D-06847 Dessau Tel.: +49 (0) 3 40/5 50 69-0 Fax: 5 50 69-10

Westfalia Separator Deutschland GmbH Office Frankfurt In der Wink 24 D-60437 Frankfurt Tel.: +49 (0) 69/9 50-4 95 50 Fax: 50-4 95 51



Westfalia Separator Deutschland GmbH Office Stuttgart Schlosserstrae 31 D-73257 Kngen Tel.: +49 (0) 70 24/97 24-0 Fax: 97 24-24

Westfalia Separator Deutschland GmbH Office Mnchen Obere Hauptstrae 30 D-85386 Eching Tel.: +49 (0) 89/31 90 09-0 Fax: 31 90 09-14


Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems

Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems GmbH is a market leader in the field of centrifugal treatment of mineral oils and their derivatives.

Modern production facilities at the headquaters in Oelde, in Niederahr/Westerwald (all FRG) and Chteau-Thierry/France guarantee a high standard of workmanship. The sales office and the worldwide MASS center at Hamburg, more than 50 sales and service companies worldwide as well as the representatives in over 60 further countries ensure an excellent backup support worldwide. The first centrifuge was applied for the purification and dewatering of mineral oil back in 1907. Today,

thousands of centrifuges from Westfalia Separator take care of the reliable and economical treatment of fuel and lube oils as well as sludges containing oil and water. The sales programme comprises centrifugal separators, decanters and the associated system technology for applications on board of ships, in power plants, for crude oil recovery and in industry. With the further development of tried and tested solutions as well as the new development of innovative technology, solu-

tions will be found for all centrifugal duties in the sectors

s s s s

Marine Energy Oilfield Industry.


Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems

Fully developed treatment systems are more important in shipping today than ever before. Todays solutions must take into account the high degree of environmental awareness.
Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems satisfies these demands with complete systems for the treatment of The systems are designed for unsupervised operation and conform to the regulations of the classification societies. A new generation of selfthinking separators with the patented UNITROL system ensures optimum separation efficiency for oils of all conceivable origins and in extreme situations (e.g. rough seas).

s Fuel oil s Lube oil s Sludges containing oil and water.

Treatment system for fuel and lube oil on a container vessel

Treatment system for fuel and lube oil on a ferry

The treatment systems are delivered as modules. Supplemented by further main components, complete, ready-to-connect system solutions are available as package units known as the CENTRIPACK.


Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems

For turbine and diesel engine power plants Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems supplies fuel and lube oil systems with high efficiency and high availability at low operating cost.
The various ready-toconnect systems take on the task of treating

s Oil-water-solids mixtures s Oily effluents.

s Fuel oil s Lube oil

CENTRIPACK with three mineral-oil separators for the treatment of heavy oil

Treatment system for heavy oil with purifiers

Treatment system for diesel oil with purifiers

Experience gathered over more than six decades in heavy oil treatment and three decades of fuel oil desalting form the basis. The design concept of the treatment systems varies considerably depending on the fuel oils used. The whole design is heavily

influenced by factors such as degree of contamination, viscosity and density.


Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems

In recent years, the overall demand for treatment systems for the oilfield industry has grown, as have the requirements to be met. User friendliness, weight and size, but also economy, have become decisive factors.
Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems supplies ready-to-connect treatment systems as economical, space and weight saving solutions which also satisfy the stringent pollution control regulations.

s Deoiling of produced and drain water s Dewatering of crude oil s Purification and treatment of fuel, lube and hydraulic oil. Fields of application are the s Treatment of drilling mud
Treatment system for dewatering and desalting diesel oil

Largest separator system for the treatment of drain water in the North Sea

Today, treatment systems with a very high capacity spectrum perform liquidliquid-solid separation in diverse fields of application. The systems are customized to meet the requirements and conditions on site.


Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems

Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems supplies practical solutions for early partial purification of diverse product streams direct on-site.

Cleanness of the industrial fluids is absolutely essential in any kind of installation. Foreign matter in the hydraulic oil or lube oil must therefore be separated out as quickly as possible. Centrifugal separators do this job efficiently and reliably.

Separators are also applied for the treatment of cooling oils or cleaning liquids. The life of the industrial fluid is prolonged considerably. Practical experience has shown that operating times are increased many times over.
Treatment of engineering fluids with separators and decanters

Stationary installation for the treatment of cooling lubricants with mineral oil separator

Applications are

Treatment of coolant emulsions with self-cleaning separator

s Treatment of s Disposal of waste cooling lubricants emulsions s Treatment of s Purification of cleaning liquids waste oil. s Purification and dewatering of lube and hydraulic oil


Service ... Our Basis for Good Partnership

One goal enjoys priority at our company your satisfaction. We consider customer proximity, action planning and highly qualified staff to be the basis for a longterm partnership. On call day and night
No matter what happens Westfalia Separator is always there to serve you. Our service team helps you direct on-site quickly, reliably, and naturally with genuine spare parts. The dense service network cuts travelling times within Germany to a few hours. So you need not worry that a machine failure will turn into a nightmare.

Continuous training with modern teaching aids

Beyond that, we also offer our business partners specially developed training programmes, practice-oriented instruction and train-ing courses on-site on your machine if required or in our modern training centre. Because innovative technology also requires trained personnel.

Second-hand machines a sensible alternative

Our second-hand machines factory rebuilt or reconditioned round off our service package. Constantly high quality, high performance standards and factory warranties are nothing out of the ordinary for us, because we see service as it should be seen: As the basis for a good partnership.

Genuine spare parts available always and everywhere

Nothing is better than the original. Spare parts from Westfalia Separator not only have the advantage of being able to be fitted quickly and easily: they also have a long service life and can be supplied years after the machine has been purchased. An intelligent, global storage and logistics system makes possible short delivery times. So your machines are up and running again in no time.