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Production of Biodiesel with Separators

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Complete Process Lines for the production of Biodiesel

Biodiesel has been used for many years in Germany in agricultural machines, regional railways, private cars and taxis. Plants in Austria and Italy produce biodiesel. A mixture of methyl ester and mineral oil diesel is available in France and the Czech Republic. Production of biodiesel is also an attractive proposition in developing countries where supplies of mineral oil can be problematical. In Europe, rape has established itself as virtually the only renewable raw material for the production of biodiesel. First, because of the price and second, the oil extracted from other oil seeds consists primarily of longer chain fatty acids which limit the extent to which the biodiesel can be used during the winter or such oil seed is not cultivated in adequate quantities. One hectare of rape yields around 1300 l rapeseed oil or the same quantity of biodiesel. Producers are also attempting to make biodiesel from the used fat from frying operations.

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Innovative Technology
steam methanol + catalyst methanol + catalyst

oil in




vacuum steam water water

RME out


glycerine + wash water

glycerine + wash water

Connemann process (licence with Westfalia Separator)

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Complete Process Lines Fully continuous operating mode High-grade biodiesel Simple process management Low operating costs

Separators as Stand-Alone Machines for Pre-clarification Spent oil clarification Refining Separation of catalysts from biodiesel Separation of glycerine from biodiesel Separation of salts from biodiesel washing Glycerine clarification

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