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Agency: The New Media Firm

Results • 61% of Ohio voters voted “no” on the proposition • 50,000 people talked about We Are Ohio on Facebook in the
month leading up to the election, generating stories reaching over 500,000 of their friends

More than 60% of state voters vote no on a proposition after a workers rights group runs a far-reaching campaign on Facebook to defeat the measure. Goals
We Are Ohio, a coalition of public and private sector workers, wanted to use Facebook to persuade Ohio voters to vote no on Issue 2 to stop Senate Bill 5 (a bill weakening public employees’ bargaining rights) by:

• 3,000 volunteers were recruited via Facebook Ads
“Issue 2 only affected several hundred thousand people directly, but was voted on by millions. We needed to humanize Issue 2 with the stories of those affected. Sponsored stories were our most effective advertising source, especially in the closing weeks of the election.”
Xavier Lopez-Ayala, New Media Coordinator, The New Media Firm

• Building awareness and keeping Ohio voters
informed with its Facebook Page

• Educating and persuading voters through apps, ads,
and sponsored stories
Ad Sponsored Story

• Driving campaign volunteers and mobilizing voters
on election day

The group partnered with The New Media Firm to employ a wide variety of tools to engage Ohio voters including Pages, Applications, sponsored stories, and Facebook Ads:

We Are Ohio Page

The We Are Ohio Page became a hub for the campaign, with community managers posting organizer photos and stories of those affected by SB 5.

• Livestreamed key campaign events on the Page

With Facebook Ads, the group targeted all people on Facebook in Ohio and gathered nearly 100,000 fans, whose Facebook friends’ networks represented 58% of the total voting-age population in Ohio.

• Used Page post ads with video to distribute TV ads
to Ohio voters on Facebook

• Used sponsored stories to amplify actions that
people took on the group’s website, leveraging the power of friends telling friends about the group’s mission. Used sponsored stories for persuasion and during the get-out-the-vote phases

We Are Ohio is an advocacy group focused on protecting union rights in Ohio. The New Media Firm is a leading political consulting firm in Washington, D.C. Facebook: Building Essential Connections

Built “Voting No” application inspiring thousands to share their reasons to vote with their Facebook friends.

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