Case Study | Brand Awareness


Results • 4X increase in the fan base, from 25,000 fans to 100,000
attributed to Facebook Ads

The Plus Three agency helps the National American Latino Museum build awareness by enhancing its Page content and running Facebook Ads, resulting in an 8X increase in visitors to its site.

• 200 percent increase in fundraising for the museum • 8X increase in Page views per month • 8X increase in traffic coming from Facebook
“Using Facebook’s Ethnic targeting has allowed us to reach US Hispanics in a way we were never able to do before. Today, we can reach the widest possible Hispanic audience online cheaper than on any other medium. The Facebook model for targeting works better than any tool we’ve seen on the market.”
Juan Proano, President, Plus Three

Plus Three wanted to help the Friends of the American Latino Museum build awareness of its brand to reach Latinos at both a local and national level to:

• Generate more fans for its Page and ultimately engage them
with other content

• Drive more visitors to the museum and increase ticket sales Approach
Build Connect Engage Reach Influence Build Connect Engage Reach Influence

Plus Three first created a Page for the Friends of the American Latino Museum. The organization:

• Chose its logo as its profile picture and a cover photo
featuring a mural of influential Latino figures

• Developed a tab called “Events” in its main Page view,
allowing people to view locations and dates of upcoming public forums regarding the development of the museum Plus Three also ran Facebook Ads to drive more likes to the National American Latino Museum’s Page:

• Used broad category targeting to reach people most likely to
be interested in the museum by targeting the “Hispanic (US)” category

• Used U.S. Census track data to build a model for targeting U.S.
Hispanics in different cities, such as Houston TX, Hialeah FL, Nogales AZ, Pico Rivera PR, Rialto PR, Santa Paula PR, etc.

• Included an image of Eva Longoria, one of the museum’s
Build Connect Engage Reach Influence

spokespeople, along with an inspiring quote from her in the ad copy Plus Three increased engagement on the Friends of the American Latino Museum’s Page in several ways:


• Posted updates every day about museum events, including
the museum’s anniversary and a Cinco de Mayo celebration

Build Connect Engage Reach Influence

• Sparked conversations about current affairs, such as the 2012
Latino Social Media Ranking, which included celebrities such as singer Shakira and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo



• Encouraged fans to participate in a design contest hosted by the
museum in which the winner would receive a trip to Las Vegas To reach more people, the Friends of the American Latino Museum ran sponsored stories to:

The American Latino Museum in the nation’s capital seeks to educate, inspire and encourage respect and understanding of the richness and diversity of the American Latino experience within the U.S. NationalMuseumoftheAmericanLatinoCommission

• Let people know when one of their friends had liked the
American Latino Museum Page

Facebook: Building Essential Connections

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