Wednesday the 8lh April, 2009 Time 10.00 A.M. to l.OO.P.M. Maximum Marks 150. Note: Attempt all questions. Questions A and B carry 12 marks each, which are to be written on Answer copy attached with the Question Paper . Question 01 to 84 carry 1. 5 marks each which are to be Tick marked on the given box. After completion of paper, the Question Paper along with Answer sheet should be clipped firmly and handed over to Invigilation. Q. (A) 'DEMOCRACY' is the greatest revenge. Who is the proponent of this doctrine? Write a paragraph of at least 75 words and comment on this doctrine. Q. (B) Future wars in the world will be fought on 'WATER'. Discuss this serious issue with reference to Water apportionment between Pakistan and India.


01 Tower of silence is: (A) Cemetery in London built in the memory of dead ofllnd World War. (B) Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C. U.S.A. (C) Place where dead remains of followers of Zoroastrian are placed after funeral rituals. (D) Another name of Eiffel Tower. 02 . Who was Bismarck. (A) A German Navy Destroyer. (B) German Politician and statesman. (C) Orator (D) German Novelist

(C) Japan. 12 Panama canal links: (A) Mediterranean Sea with Red Sea (B) Atlantic Ocean with Pacific ocean. (D) UAE Open Tennis. (C) Is a living old tree in California State of U. 9 The smallest sea of the world is: (A) Red sea.03 Hieroglyphics is the script of: (A) Indus Civilization. (C) Marathas and Afghans. (D) 2472.S. (B) Gandhara Civilization.S. Open Tennis. (C) Wimbledon Tennis Championship. (B) Sri Lanka.Ginsburg (B) Peter SchuHz (C) Mar/in CAMRAS (D) Leo Szilard 07 General Sherman is: (A). 05 The third battle of Panipat was fought between: (A) Marathas and Britishers. (C) Nile Civilization. (D) Roman Civilization. 04 Davis Cup is associated with: (A) French Open Tennis. 10 After persistent decay. (B) One who commanded Allies Forces in Ilnd World War. (C) Mediterranean Sea with Baltic Sea (D) Mediterranean Sea with Black Sea 13 In violation oflndus Basin Treaty 1960. A retired French Army General. (B) U. (D) Bangladesh. (B) Marathas and Rajputs. radium would be finally changed into: (A) Steel (B) Brass (C) Lead (D) Hydrogen 11 World's largest delta is in: (A) India. (B) Baltic sea (C) North sea. 8 The Roman abbreviation MMCDLXXII stands for: (A) 5622. (D) Inventor of Laser Gun. (C) 9092. India has constructed Wullar barrage on River: . (B) 10802. (D) None of these 06 The first AUDIO tape recorder was invented by: (A) Charles P . (D) Bering sea.

(C) Mecca. (C) Sutlej anti RavL (D) Ravi and Chenab 21 Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by: (A) Shrilal Patel. (D) Sobhraj Ferdinand. 22 Nanga Parbat is commonly known as: (A) Killer mountain. (D) Surah Maeda.(A) Indus. (C) Sakardu. (B) Colorado. (C) Shankar-dev Rathore. (C) Surah Namal. 19 Bibi Khadijat-ul-Kubra is buried at: (A) Jannat-ul-Baqee. (D) Koh-Sufaid.S. (B) Nathuram Godsey. (B) Surah Younas. 24 Who invented CD. (B) A Bengali politician. (B) France. (D) Spain 16 Which process includes all of the other processes listed? (A) Absorption (B) Assimilation (C) Secretion (D) Metabolism 17 Robindranath Tagore was: (A) A Bengali musician. 20 Sindh Sagar is between the rivers of: (A) Indus and Jhelum. 15 Marseilles is the seaport of: (A) Germany. (D) Sutlej. 23 Ayat-ul-kursi is included in: (A) Surah Al-Baqrah. (C) Italy. Russell.A. (C) Chenab. (B) Sir Agha Khan. (Compact Disc). (B) Madina. 18 Who wrote 'Muslim Sufferings under Congress Rule': (A) Maulvi Fazlul Haq. is located in the State of: (A) Texas. (D) A Bengali philosopher. (B) Indus and Chenab. (C) Arizona (D) Wyoming. (D)Renold Johnson with IBM . (B) Bob Meltcofe. (B) Diameer. (A) David Nobel with IBM. (B) Jhelum. (D) Uu'hud. 14 Grand Canyon National Park in U. (C) Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar (D) Khan Liaqat Ali Khan. (C) James T. (C) A Bengali novelist.

31 Which is the Rukn-e-Azam of Hajj: (A) Waqoof-e-Arfah. (B) Sarfraz Kalhoro. (C)Hazara tribe. (D) Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. (B) Steven Sasson. 32 Bio-diesel is prepared: (A). 35 * Jet fuel used in a jet engine is: (A) Diesel oil (B) Benzene (C) Liquid paraffin (D) Kerosene . (C) Ghutam Shah Kalhoro.ot in Jamshoro district is most easily approachable from: (A) Sehwan. (C) From rapeseed (D) From Jet-rofa plant. (C) 5500 feet. (B) Thermal Energy. (B) Thano Bu!a Khan. 30 The famous fort of Hyderabad was constructed by: (A) Mir Ali Murad Khan. (C) Moti Lai Gandhi. (D) Heredity 27 Highest peak in Sindh Province is roughly: (A) 3900 feet. (B) 7010 feet. 33 Which of the following is not the source of Alternate Energy. (D) 7900 feet 28 The present President of Afghanistan Hamid Kaizai belong to: (A) Uzbek tribe. (D) Nuclear Energy. (C) Eastman Kodak. (D) Mir Karam Ali Khan. (B) Biological control of diseases in human. (B) Pashtun tribe. (D) Jhangara. (C) Twa£ (D) Sayee. (D) Tajik tribe. (A) Solar Energy. 29 Rani K.25 The full name of Mahatma Gandhi was: (A) Kundan Lai Gandhi. 26 Eugenics refers to: (A) Crop improvement. (C) Bio-Gas Energy. (B) Ihrara. (C) Sann. (B) From oilcake. From oil refinery. (B) Thakkurdas Gandhi. (C) Improvement of human race. (D) Yashica Camera Inc. 34 Digital Camera was invented by: (A) Nikon Camera Inc.

42 The pilgrims throw pebbles at Satans. (C) Imposes Governor Rule. (C) Sir creek. 38 Mai Bhagi. then the Governor: (A) Orders re-election. (B) Dissolves Provincial Assembly. (B) Sayee. (D) Shees. 39 Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the architect of: (A) Lucknow Pact.S. (D) Fine grains of Iron oxide. (A) Rami. was resident of village: (A) Islamkot. (C) Fine grains of Silver. 43 Under 1973 Constitution. (D) Vijoto. (C) Ziarat. (D) Simon Commission. 40 . (B) Fine grains of Aluminum. (C) Ubaidullah. a famous Sindhi folk singer. (B) Bhalwa. if no political party commands majority in the Provincial Assembly.Which creek is located in Thalta district: (A) Gizri creek. 41 The real brother of Hazrat Yousuf A. What is the name of this act. (B) Gharo creek. (D) Sonmiani creek. (D) Straight line which divides tangent 37 Videotape used in camcorders to record audio and video signal employee: (A) Fine grains of copper. (D) Refers to the President 44 The founder of Falmid dynasty was: (A) Al-Mansur. . (C) Line dividing Austria and Germany. (D) Al-Mahdi.36 Magnot line: (A) Border between Germany and Switzerland during Nazi Germany. (D) Tawaf. (B) Al-Zahir. (C) Ebeel. (B) Defense barrier between France and Germany during Ilnd World War. was: (A) Younis (B) Bin-Yamin. (C) Mithi. (B) Simla Deputation (C) Nagpur Session.

the Holy Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) camel kneeled at the door of: (A) Hazrat Amaar Yasir. (D) Indus river. (B) Louis Pasteur. 54 The largest lake of Sindh Province is: (A) Hamal lake. (B) Spider. (B) 7 Zil Hajj. (D) 11 Zil Hajj. (C) !0 Zil Hajj. 46 Small liquid drops assume spherical shape because: (A) Of adhesion (B) Of the gravitational force (C) Of the pressure from all sides. . (D) Bikini islands 49 The natural water recharge of Manchur lake is: (A) From Danister canal. (B) From Aral Canal.Kabul. 52 Taliban movement in Afghanistan emerged from: (A) . (C) Kandhar. (B) Diplo. (B) Hazrat Ayub Ansari. (D) Hazrat Jaffar. (C) Haleji lake. (D) Mazsr Sharif.45 After Hijrat from Mecca to Madina. ( C) Alamogordo city. (B) Nagasaki city. (C) Chachro. (B) Jalalabad. 53 Largest coal deposits have been discovered in which Taluka of Sindh Province: (A) Nangarparkar. (C) Hazrat Jabbar Ansari. 55 The last Kalhoro ruler of Sindh was: . (B) Keenjhar lake. 48 The first Atomic bomb (fission bomb) was detonated at: (A) Hiroshima city. (D) Fish. (D) Mitht. (C) Hud-Hud bird. (D) Manchur lake. (C) Evangelista Torricelli. 51 Insulin drug was discovered by: (A) Harold Edgcrton. (C) From Khirthar mountains. (D) Paul Langerhans. 47 Which date of Zil-Hajj is called Yaum-c-Arafat: (A) 9 Zil-Hajj. (D) The liquid tends to have minimum surface area due to surface tension. 50 In Holy Quran Surah 'Anqaboot' refers to: (A) Honey Bee.

S. 64 Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abitalib A. (C) Japanese submarine. (B) Aamul-Fheel. (B) Sea during continental drift. Chief Justice of the respective High Court. (C) Sayed Mohsin Ali. (D) Constellation. (D) Gandhi. 59 Which Congress leader thought after Lahore Resolution that partition was unavoidable: (A) Abul Kalam Azad. 65 The present Monarchy of United Kingdom belongs lo the clan: . Khan. Lower denture. (D) Rays that make photography possible. (B) Speaker of The Provincial Assembly.S. (D) Chief Minister.S. 62 Before advent of Islam. (B) Hazrat Issa A. 61 Fuller's Earth deposits in Pakistan are located in the District of: (A) Chaghi.S 58 Teethes is the name of: (A). (C) Najaf. 57 Hazrat Zakariya was contemporary of: (A) Hazrat Haroon A. Elliot. (C) Anno Domini (D) Nau-roze. (D) Mian Ali Wardi Khan 56 The Governor under the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan takes oath before: (A). (D) Hazrat Musa A. (B) Baghdad. is buried at: (A) Kufa. the calendar year in Arabia was: (A)Hijra. (C) Raj Gopal Acharia. (C) President. (C) Mian Sarfara/. 60 The famous book 'History of Saracens' was written by: (A) Gibbon. (B) T. (B) Jawaharla! Nehru. (C) Hazrat Yaqoob A.S. (B) Ghufam Shah Kalhoro. 63 Beta rays are : (A) Fast-moving electrons (B) Rays that cause bodily diseases in most seasons (C) Rays that cause head ailments. (D) Yazdan. (B) Makran (C) Dadu (D) Thatta. (D) Justice Ameer Ali.(A) Janni Baig.

(C) Abbasaiyeds. 71 Pakistan's largest oil fields are located in District: (A) Badin. (B) Hanover's. (C) Syria. (C) Mountbatten's. (B) It separates Rajasthan from Sindh. (C) John Brodrick. (D) John Glenn. 68 The Pamphlet 'Now or Never' was written in 1933 by: (A) Chaudhary Rehmat Ali.B. (C) It is territorial part of Pakistan.T. (B) Bone cells. (D) Ch. Muhammad Ali. 66 Xalhora rulers of Srndh were originally: (A) Hashmi Sayeds. (D) Fatimee.(A) Tudors. water to sea. (C) Walter Schiera. (C) Tando Muhammad Khan. 70 Leukemia is a type of cancer in which there is an abnormal increase in number of: (A) Platelets. (D) Anglo-Saxons. 74 The scheme of partition of united India was sanctioned by Secretary of State of India: (A) Lord Ciirzon. (D) Iraq. (B) Sir Agha Khan. (D) It is environmentally important to prevent coastal wetlands from degradation. 75 Water -flows of the river are diverted to Wullcr Barrage . (B) Neil Armstrong. (D) Attock 72 Sir Creek is important to Pakistan because: (A) It is an access to drain L.D. (C) Larry Collins. 67 Nubian Monuments are located in: (A) Saudi Arabia.O. (B) Umayyads. (D) Lord Montague Chelmstbrd. (D) Allama Iqball 69 The book entitled 'Freedom' at Midnight is written by: (A) H. (B) liasrwick. (B) Lord Mountbatten. (C) Red blood cells. Lambrick. (D) White blood cells. 73 The first American Astronaut to go into space was: (A) Allen Shepherd. (B) Hyderabad. (B) Egypt. (C) Muhammad AJi Jinnah.

84 The D-Day operation during Ilnd World War was launched on the coast of: (A) Dunkirk. (D) Hamburg . 80 The name of Indus river-course in olden times was: ( A) Arorh. (B) December 12. (D) Silica. (D) 6th year. (C) November 8. (C) Secndh. (C) Alternate year. 1988. (C)Muzdalfa (D) Makkah. (B) Uranium deposits. (D) January 8. (B) Woodpecker. (C) Indian Hope. 79 Portland cement is manufactured from: (A) Mica. (C) Gangadal dam. (D) Buglihar Dam. 1988. 77 Old Testament is: (A) Holy Bible. (B) Kishanganga Dam. (C) Sodium Chloride deposits. (C) Limestone. (C) Holy book 'Zabur*. (C) Gibraltar. 82 Shaheed Benazir Bhutto became first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan on: (A) December 2. (D) Dove. 76 Which bird flew over the Island of Sheba (Saba) and noticed the Queen Balquis: (A) Pigeon. 81 Annual Census in Pakistan is carried out every: (A) 10th year. 83 Khewara mines are famous for: (A) Copper deposits. (D) Coal deposits. (B) Normandy.through the construction of: (A) Himachal Dam. 78 Give the name of the place where the pilgrims go from Arafat: (A) Mina. (B)Safa. (B) 5th year. (B) Holy book TnjeeT. (D) Part of Holy Bible relating lo early messengers. (B) Hakro. (D) Mehran. 1989. 1988. (B) Sandstone.

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