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Book Dealers

Vol. 36 No. 1 2015

National Association of Book Entrepreneurs

Spring 2015
Book Achievement
Award Winners
Tips for Selling Books at
Festivals, Fairs, and
Outdoor Events
By Amber Lanier Nagle

How to Sell More by
Giving It Away:
The Profit in Free
By Scott Flora

Your Email Mailing List
Can Be Your Most
Powerful Tool
By Md S Hoque

Use Local Media to
Market Your Book
By Harriet Hodgson

Raine is an international spiritual medium from New Zealand
and author of two award winning books, including her latest,
“Rainedrops From Heaven.” Read all about her in our latest
Publisher’s Profile on page 3.

Book Touring:
Living the Dream or Not?
By Gin Williams

Marketing Your Way
To Success
By Emiley Jones

ISSN 1098-8521

Our 35th Year
Book Dealers World Online:

Dear Friends,
Spring is here in the Pacific Northwest and after a mild Winter, we
are all looking forward to a beautiful sunny Spring. It is that time
again to get outdoors and enjoy many of the wonders of this beautiful
This issue of BDW spotlights the Spring 2015 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners, honoring many of our great members and their
fine books. Check out pages 22-23 for a list of the award winning
books. As I have often said, independently published books have
come a long way since I started this business over 35 years old and
they are some of the finest books being published today. Check out
some of our winning books and authors.
In this issue of BDW, Amber Lanier Nagle bring us Tips for Selling
Books at Festivals, Fairs and Outdoor Events, Scott Flora reveals
How To Sell More by Giving It Away, Md S. Hogue claims Your Email
List Can Be Your Most Powerful Tool, Harriet Hodgson shows how to
Use Local Media To Market Your Book, Gin Williams tells us about
Book Touring: Living the Dream or Not? Emily Jones writes about
Marketing Your Way to Success. Plus, there’s a Publisher Profile on
Raine and her latest book, “Rainedrops from Heaven.”

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Readers Digest has awarded Raine a
5 star Award, and she achieved both
Finalist and winner status with The
Authors She has also been
accepted as an Honored Member of
the Executive and Professional Registry of Covington Who’s Who.


Here is what others are saying about
Raine’s books:


“As a natural skeptic about most things
spiritual, I found Rainedrops From
Heaven a surprisingly uplifting experience. She transports you into her
world with a matter of factness that is
neither incomprehensible or daunting.”
Carol, Gulf Harbour

Author of
And Rainedrops Fall Down
My Creeks
Rainedrops From Heaven
To say that Raine is a unique individual would be an understatement. Living
in New Zealand, she has had a fascinating career, having worked as a
clinical hypnotherapist, osteopath, and
marriage celebrant. She gives psychic
readings to individuals both in person
and online. She also offers specialized
clinical hypnotherapy sessions for
those wishing to visit their past lives
and make contact with their spiritual
Raine earned diplomas in Sociology,
Nutrition, and Nurses Health Perspectives and Practices from Massey University, followed by a Degree in
Osteopathy from the Osteopathic College of New Zealand. She began her
career in the 1980’s progressing from
a beauty therapist to qualifying as a
Clinical Hypnotherapist Counselor.
Later she ran a Beauty Therapy
School and it was the first one to meet
New Zealand’s Qualifications Association’s requirements setting a benchmark for others.

Raine’s first book, “And Rainedrops
Fall Down My Cheeks” published in “Rainedrops from Heaven will take any
2010, has won critical acclaim. It intro- fear some people may have not underduces Raine as a spiritual medium standing what may happen to them
and follows her journey with her guard- after death and give them a deeper
ian angels. She has memories of her understanding. It is beautifully presentguardian angels right back to when ed and written.” Mary Kares
she was a babe in arms. She always
thought others had the same experi- “And Rainedrops Fall Down My
ences and never spoke of what was Cheeks is a glimpse into the life of a
happening to her. “It would take quite psychic with stories that warm your
some years for me to realize that I heart and feed your soul.” Cindy, USA
experienced life a little differently than
For more information on Raine and
others did.”
her fine books and services, please
“It is my belief that we all use intuitive visit
guidance every day of our lives, Dealer inquiries
though we are not always consciously invited.
aware of it. How often do you think of
a particular friend and within a day o
two they are in touch with you? How
many times have you felt uncomfortable in a particular environment and
felt so much better once you had removed yourself? How many times
when your telephone began ringing
did you know who was calling you?
These are examples of your intuitive
higher self’s search for knowledge.”

Raine simultaneously directs her beauty therapy school and is also in demand as an Osteopath and Clinical “Rainedrops from Heaven,” Raine’s
Hypnotherapist. She currently pre- second book, released in 2014, anothsides over wedding and funeral servic- er Pinnacle Book Achievement Winner,
es, name giving ceremonies and pet delves deeper into spirituality includmemorials. Raine became a spiritual ing how past lives affect our present
medium as a natural extension of her one, our experience of death, and how
previous talents. She freely shares to spiritually care for a loved one.
experiences from her own and client’s Raine became a winner in the “2014lives with those energies on the other 2015 Book of 50 Great Writers You
Should Be Reading.”
side of the veil.

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50 ppd Write for wholesale quantity discounts. NY 11714 (516) 375-9550 E-Mail: cnbbook@gmail. Red Feather Publishing 1211 Stewart Avenue Suite 104. Retail: $13. We can be tech-savvy. Carole P Roman.D. Crofton and a team of This book is written to share my life prior to accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Interesting facts and colorful illustrations help children realize that although the world is large. I was an alcoholic and I committed crimes that were very bad. 9326 Regal Ct. My life was miserable prior to that day. connected and healthy. people all over the globe are basically the same.caroleproman. Bethpage. digital addiction and detox and safer-tech solutions for cell phones. iUniverse. Sample: $13. Sample: $19. 11 .95 ppd Write for wholesale quantity discounts. The goal of the book is to encourage people who are having problems in their home and with their life to allow Jesus into their lives to help them make changes needed. Ed Grizzle. family and pet health. Dr. scientists and technical experts offer how to reduce the health risks of wireless radiation from conception to college and beyond. Perfect for children from Pre-K to age 8. Retail: $19.Kerry Crofton.95 ppd Write for wholesale quantity discounts. Topics include: pregnancy. Retail: $13. BC Canada V8S3C6 Phone: 250-595-2176 E-Mail: The first entry in an exciting new children's series that focuses on learning and appreciating the many cultures that make up our small planet. This award-winning book is the first wellness guide for the digital age. Global WellBeing Books 2176 Windsor Web: Web: http://www. Web: http://SaferTechSolutions. IL 61705 Phone: 309-262-7623 E-Mail: edmargrizzle@gmail. Ph.itsyourdecisionbooks.95. this book is a groundbreaking new experience in elementary education. iPads and WiFi.95 Sample: $13.50. Victoria.

gotten off-track? In Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career you will discover how to assess the journey of your career. Aldie.caroleproman. Carole P Roman. and develop a career road map with uplifting and inspiring advice. Retail: $13.50.95 Has your career turned into a job. new crew member. Embraced by educators. Sample: $13.50 ppd Write for wholesale quantity discounts. Blanca De La Rosa. Retail: $9. and children. 12 . The book touches on many familiar topics such as names. NY 11714 (516) 375-9550 E-Mail: cnbbook@gmail. Web: http://www. Retail: $ Let's travel to Kenya! Number five in this exciting series travels to Africa to learn about the thrilling country of Kenya. the series gently and respectfully introduces the subjects of cultures and customs around the world. This time.caroleproman. manage a bad manager.95. Red Feather Publishing 1211 Stewart Avenue Suite 104. Web: http://www. Red Feather Publishing 1211 Stewart Avenue Suite 104. Captain No Beard and his mates join together to help Pepper achieve her goals with patience and tolerance. games.50. The crew of the Flying Dragon are sailing again. Sample: $9. This extraordinary book explores life for children on a new continent. Balboa Press. 41887 Inspiration Terrace.blancadelarosa. It offers a fresh approach on climbing the corporate ladder with practical advice and strategies to increase the chances of success in the A Captain No Beard Story. VA 20105 Phone: 571-277-9982 E-Mail: bmdelarosa@msn. Bethpage. NY 11714 (516) 375-9550 E-Mail: cnbbook@gmail.Carole P Web: http://www.and food as well the sites and sounds that come with living in Africa.50 ppd Write for wholesale quantity discounts. Sample: $13. parents. Pepper Parrot is having a hard time keeping up with the drills. deal with career failure. Write or call for wholesale quantity discounts.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.TalesoftheDragonflyTheBook.12 Qualities of Highly Successful People Sati Achath. Retail: $12.. Retail: $9.00 ppd. LLC PO Box 1155 Avondale. A Caribbean Experience Con WINNER of twelve (12) Awards including a Pinnacle Book Achievement AWARD for Best Multicultural Children's Picture This inspiring and captivating book explains the winning qualities of 130 highly successful people. are persistent. Fantástico Flavio! Together they pull their resources together and devise a magical plan to aid in Armando’s rescue. are self-disciplined. believe in themselves. Marisa de Jesus Paolicelli brings another fun and educational tale to the children's world of Latino literature in "Lightkeepers to the Rescue!" After a devastating hurricane hits the island of Puerto Rico. 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards-Second Round Romance Contender. the chief of 2014 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards-ROMANCE SUSPENSE WINNER. Marisa incorporates a unique story with fun facts on Puerto Rico's beautiful beacons of light. are proactive. and pursue excellence.99 Ebook Write for wholesale quantity discounts. etc. 13 . Daly's large. and Penny and her son are put in danger.satacath. Penny Wentworth. Children will be captivated by Susan E. Bloomington. Write for wholesale quantity Web: http://www. set goals. 2013 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award-SUSPENSE WINNER. MD 20720 Phone: 202-904-3953 E-Mail: satiachath@gmail. This is the first children's book depicting Puerto Rico's lighthouses and is endorsed by Chita Rivera. returns to her former home in Crystal Rock where she falls in love with Sam Danielson. Maria de Jesus Paolicelli. IL 61705 Phone: 309-379-2272 E-Mail: Tammysdragonfly@gmail. Erik Estrada. have the ability to overcome obstacles. when Sam's ex-wife is killed and he assists in her murder investigation. In this book Sati demonstrates that successful people have dreams.marisadejesus. Complications arise. Createspace. Carlito the Coquí frog sets out to find his best friend. Thomas Edison. are committed. including Abraham Web: http://www. Armando. Bill Clinton. Theodore Roosevelt.75 Book $2. excel in time management. brilliant and bold illustrations. Bowie. Sample: $24. 14108 Pleasant View Dr.00 ppd. who is lost at sea only to be approached by an extremely multi-talented and fun-loving laughing seagull. Roberto Clemente Estate. and Mark Zuckerberg. mother of an autistic teenage son. Tamara Ferguson. Barack Obama. have a positive attitude. PA 19311 E-Mail: marisa@marisadejesus. Retail: $24.10857 Melton Drive.00 Sample: $ Web: http://www.

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You can find the form on our website at BookMarketingProfits. 541-942-7455. NABE Book Showcase.selfbookpublisherblog. NOVEMBER Nov 5-7: California Library Assn Annual Meeting and Convention. inEmail is one of the most OCTOBER Oct.Do you want to know more about ing that they are involved in the self book publishing? Visit us: story. but by the time they get around to logging on to their Facebook page there will be several other messages and pictures that will be posted after yours. you can post your message or update to your page and that message will make it to your followers. 541942-7455. California. NABE Book that you are accessible to them Place Your Book in the on a personal level and let them Summer Pinnacle know how much they mean to Book Achievement you. In this regard it has always been a flawed system for marketing. Your Email Mailing List Can Be Your Most Powerful Tool By Md S Hoque I know what you're thinking.northerncoloradowriters. It is what you make of book or ask them for their it. Ft. NABE Book 19 . Make your readers feel www. ask spam in a never ending ocean them for their input on your of spam. Pasadena. Portland. Collins. CO http://www. May 27-18: Northern Colorado Writers Conference. South San Francisco. Again you need to make your email interesting. so you can create an email marketing campaign that can be as effective or With an email that you create to as hated as you choose by the be informative and entertaining amount of effort you are willing your followers will see that they to put into it. Social media. You control the content and tone of your emails. these relationships will prove invaluable to you as an Awards author. thoughts on your storyline or people look forward to nect with your readers. if done correctly your followers will actually look forward to receiving a regular email from you. have an email from you in their you're a writer. New York. Oregon. like Facebook and Twitter are wonderful tools as well but they will never replace emailing. formative and entertaining maktargeted and free ways to con.The Big Event MAY May 27-29: Book Expo America. I have faith in you. 541-942-7455. giving them the feel. this is what you inbox and they can go right to it do I'm sure you can handle this. everyone hates getting all of those spam emails everyday and most people hit the "delete" button without even opening them. NY 1-800-840-5614. otherwise you have keep them updated on the small just created another piece of achievements in your life. Take Facebook for example. So your message is moved to the bottom of the list and most people don't take the time to scroll all the way down to make sure they see all of the posts of the current day. Oct. 2-4: Pacific NW Booksellers Show. keeping them up to date on the issues concerning your book or even your life. So how can an emailing list be a powerful marketing idea? Well. California. You can reading it.15-16: California Book Trade Show. and open it.

how to find the best free buffets. personal experiences. improve your inspired by. sketches. Empowers patients to result when students are exposed to new. who walked across war-torn Laos with her family to safety. keep safe. It distills the pith essence of Juicy Relationship by Cary and Wendy all religions into an easy to read.ronparham. from all Healing Without Medicine by Albert The Improbable Journey by Gerry Metz recreates the highlights of the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition in his new coffee table book. visit your marriage and feel more beautiful. excerpts from their journals and artists notes.fizapathan. stress.D. to Myrtle Fillmore. visit Unbound Intelligence by Rajeev http://sbpra. He spent 8 years retracing their travels based on the journals. For more info. visit www. detailed narrative. book that anyone can read and be Discover how to deepen your intimacy 20 . Hunter airports closed he is left with few options. visit for imporoving cancer research and 10 On Set Secrets Springtime by Stacy Nelson features outrageous and affordable decorating and entertaining ideas for spring. 150 pages. Classics: How We Can Encourage Las Vegas Survival Guide by Titus Nelson reveals how to save magnetized by doom. who learns of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon while landing in Amsterdam on September 11.cabotbartonauthor. visit Kurapati takes readers on a journey Pitter and Patter by Martha Sullivan is a exploring what makes us who we are beautifully illustrated children’s tale. sketching and treatment. Follow the Barton family. gyms and spas. For more info on her complete line of books. and a group of radical terrorists calling themselves Allah's Fortune. China. How about going coupled with true. For more info. and their friends and neighbors . terror. with Patter? You'll even go underground. For more www. visit on the web at experience the aspects of life as www. visit www. Learn about the ravages of PTSD. MS offers usuable Children to Read Them by Fiza Pathan information for both patients and health features techniques that parents and care professionals.albertamao. visit www. where to find adult entertainment. founder of Christian Science. visit Barton is not your everyday Civil War Attack From Within by Kathleen Sales story. 2001. the President’s teenage published by thirteen-year-old The Trillion Dollar Sure Thing by David Austin Mallach offers a chilling glimpse into the future of global terrorism that may be much closer than we care to imagine. the father of American psychology. For more info. as they For more Molly’s Moon by Ron Parham tells the story of widowed businessman Ethan Paxton. and violent change. The book draws from the You'll go through a watershed. other in playful. It encompasses three generations features fast paced action as it unravels of an Irish family that end up being a wartime mystery. it includes where to get married and divorced. divorce proof For more information on this book. MD. is about inner peace and world peace. visit on the web at www.BOOK DEALERS DIARY The Girl With Ten Names by Choua Lee and Mary Albanese is the fascinating tale of an eight-year-old girl. take control of their life and to advocate more difficult material. In Lightning Man is the fourth book this one.Cary Valentine. cofounder of Unity Church of Christianity.SilverviewPublishing. Features strategies educators can use to introduce students and techniques outside of the to the rich world of classic literature mainstream cancer field that have shown without the negative feelings that often promising results. simple Valentine is a relationship game-changer. learn more abou each from all cultures and from all walks of life. making her an Noah F. It's their story from St.TheRainbowBridge. on a trip to Europe. It is an incredible story of courage and determination and a family’s love to escape to freedom through perilous times. For more info. visit www. visit www. daughter is kidnapped.The never stop action intensifies on use a bit of science to overcome this every page.unboundintelligence. He and his super allies must plot. For more info. For more info. communication. For more info. and leaders in the emerging field of Energy wonderfully adventurous thing to be! For Shamrocks and Skallywags by Cabot more info. visit malicious villain before Noahville is www. Bob Spark meets innocent victim in a twisted revenge Metal Man. It examines the conditioning of the Oh. Quimby.kentpolitsch. and Mary Baker Eddy. gathering reference. visit www. worlds of science and spirituality. Louis to the Pacific and and shows the common ground between the world's major religions in less than In Love Forever: 7 Secrets to a Joyous. visit creatures you'll see. For more info. William info. Mallach artfully crafts a thrilling tale of espionage. resturant and entertainment information. In it. in paintings. For more info. he finds out his teenage daughter Molly has been abducted by terrorists in Mexico while she was on a school mission trip. Learn behind the scenes secrets used in television and film for creating AList Designs on Low Budget Dollars.gerrymetz. operate and survive in Sin City. Ph. visit Blood Anger by Kent Politsch is the www. Bunyan. Stuck in the Netherlands while fear grips at America’s throat and the world is in chaos. the places you'll go and the human mind. His discussion ranges from Phineas P.TrashLassies. Besides the latest hotel. It is a gripping story indentured servants on a plantation in of recovery from Vietnam War induced South Georgia.Dmallach. magic shows. flirty second in an emerging line of thrillers. and more. around and up again. visit www. provides an engaging and serious history of this and related movements from the eighteenth century to the present. happy. With America’s The Rainbow Bridge by Brent N. alongside a brief history of all that we've Take a ride with Pitter on a water cycle! become. A water drop is a The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life With Cancer by Jack C. For more Americans. alive and successful.dawnpub. Includes over 650 web links and photo apps. Amao's aim is to provide a rational explanation of the power of thought to heal the mind and body. For more info and a short video. Set in a tumultuous world where the struggle for power plays out in a deadly triangle between America. For more info. down. It is a bridge that connects and people from all religions. the father of New Thought.

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com HUMOR Wanderlush David Robert Beg (ga) (he) r JR Armstrong GENERAL INTEREST The Plot To Kill God Dr. Weijo Ph.hearttoheartpublishinginc.gerrymetz...ricmurphy. reliance1985@att. HISTORICAL THRILLER A Pyrrhic Victory Vol. Lee's Book of Cats Sally AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY Freedom Road Ric Murphy www. Marie Owl’s Dream Valentina Atton If You Were Me and Lived in Scotland Carole P Roman www. www.D.Edward F. Roman FICTION A Fine Line: The Ancients Part 1 JC Brennan Pledge The Wind: The Legend of Everett Ruess Robert DeMayo www.Oh My! Sherrill FAMILY AND PARENTING Our Dreams For Our Children Richard CHILDREN'S ADVENTURE Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: A CHILDREN'S EDUCATIONAL Pitter and Patter Martha Sullivan www.thecancersolution. MS Mice & Spiders & HEALTH Healing Without Medicine: From Pioneers to Modern Practice Albert HISTORICAL ADVENTURE Shamrocks and Skallywags Cabot Barden The Banana Chronicles: Fishing For Bananas Timothy Brower www. Lee www.fastturtlepublishing.albertamao.sallyleebooks.wanderlushthebook.D.melissaabramovitz.ginalobiondo. Hawkins Button Nose the Sad Little Bear Gina LoBiondo The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life With Cancer Jack C Helping Herbie Hedgehog Melissa Abramovitz 22 . No Beard Story Carole P.stuffythecat. Mrkvicka CHILDREN'S INTEREST Stuffy Discovers Uncle Jon's Jungle Barbara D Hall ANIMALS AND PETS Sally HOW TO 10 On-Set Secrets SPRINGTIME: More Bunny For Your Money Stacy Nelson www.joyful-wonder-kids-press. MD.trashlassies. Cannon FAMILY STYLE COOKBOOK Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes Linda J. www. 2: Destiny Unfolds Ian Crouch ART AND HISTORY The Improbable Journey CAREER GUIDANCE Avoiding The Dodgeballs.caroleproman.Spring 2015 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards ADVENTURE Cross Roads Donald Wilson II Three Movements For Six Hands Terry Row Work: A Young Woman's Guide To Succeeding At a First Job E.

Ending and RespondJanet St Marie ing to Sexual Violence RELIGION It's Your Decision: Parenting the Way God Intended Ed Grizzle www.unboundintelligence. DC Lightning Man Noah PARENTING AND FAMILY Baby Poop: What Your Pediatrician May Not Tell You Linda Shot Down: The True Story of Pilot Howard Snyder and the Crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth Steve Snyder SCIENCE FICTION E-BOOK The Epherium Chronicles: Embrace TD Wilson Blood Anger Kent Politsch www. Palmer. Bunyan MYSTERY The Lost Twin Diane Harper ROMANCE Rembrandt: Blood Brotherhood Book 1 Kathi S Barton JUVENILE FICTION Thumperino Superbunny and the Pirates of the High Seas Amber THRILLER The Trillion Dollar Sure Thing David Austin Mallach SPIRITUAL Unbound Intelligence Rajeev Kurapati Molly's Moon Ron Parham www.flemingpublications.TheRainbowBridge.wormholesandwords. Juicy Relationship Cary & Wendy Valentine RELATIONSHIPS In Love Forever: 7 Secrets to a MILITARY Asphalt and Blood Warren Bell Tammy Remfrey SELF HELP Before You Love Again: From NON FICTION Relationship Misery to No More! The Complete Guide to Love Mastery Preventing.blogspot.Spring 2015 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards NOVEL Finding Flipper Frank Patrick M Garry WESTERN Grog Wars Anne Sewazy-Klju SHORT STORIES From the Volga to the Clyde Jenny Robertson www.ronparham.SilverviewPublishing.SteveSnyderAuthor. Evans My Father's Prostutute: Story of a Stolen Childhood Steven Whitacre YOUNG ADULT FANTASY Hidden Among Yourselves Bill Hiatt 23 TRAVEL Las Vegas Insiders Guide Titus Nelson PARANORMAL The Flip Michael Philip Cash www. Spradlin MEMOIR The Girl With Ten Names Choua Lee and Mary Albanese INSPIRATIONAL The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and World Peace Brent N Hunter finding-flipper-frank/ SELF HELP The Resiliency rEvolution: Your Stress Solution For Life 60 Seconds at a Time Jenny 12 Qualities of Highly Successful People Sati Achath PSYCHOLOGICAL FICTION Attack From Within Kathleen Sales www.kentpolitsch.

Make sure you have an author photo and book cover than can be transmitted electronically before you contact a newspaper. it is aimed at the South. editor. I'm marketing my latest book now and it is an ongoing Local Magazines effort. is the author of Regional magazines seem to be thousands of articles. a "hook." two sentences that summarize my book. Be sure to thank the person who wrote the article. I jotted firmations for Family Caregivers" is down the publisher's name. the publisher and she suggested a Reach her at her popular website two-pronged approach to book mar. Media folks are busy people. so starting locally makes sense. She would write lead-in article about me. Address information to the publisher. While I Again! Your New and Meaningful was waiting for an appointment. and the result was a front page article in the "Wellness" section. Like me. You may also wish to affix stickers to the cover that say "autographed copy. Perfecting my "elevator pitch." All of these sources--organizations.Use Local Media to Market Your Book By Harriet Hodgson I'm a health and wellness writer and member of the Association of Health Care Journalists. growing.harriethodgson.Family Caregiver's Guide" and "Afeastern part of the state. was also on my To Do list." or story lead. interviewed me on the phone. Two months later a freelance writer contacted me. regional magazines. Organizations Don't underestimate the marketing potential of local organizations. Regional Magazines 24 . Contacting a local magazine for women was next on my keting. Sure. you may work out a specialized approach to book marketing with the publisher of a regional magazine. assembled press kits.http://www. provide each one with a press kit. We brainstormed on topics for my article and settled on raising grandchildren. or health reporter by name. interviewed me on the phone. so be prepared and be succinct. According to the cred." Local Newspapers In the computer age.Her latest releases are "Happy sota.) The article is slated for publication in the May issue. and some different information. and never refer to it as "the book. Pre-autograph books if you speak to an organization. your book. local magazines. these newspapers are featuring human interest stories. many local newspapers are struggling to survive. The article even had special graphics. book reviewer. or one quarter of the audience. When I say these sentences I make it a point to give the title twice. Don't send the identical information to each publication. Before I contacted the media I wrote a marketing plan. Twitter. To keep old customers and garner new ones. (My husband and I cared for our twin grandkids for seven years. Book marketing takes energy. I live in Rochester. I delivered a press kit to the newspaper's health reporter." Information seen before. home of Mayo Clinic. The contact person asked for a 30-minute talk and I finished exactly on time. and emailed her. it would be nice to have an article about your book in a major newspaper. Unless you're a famous author the chances of this happening are slim. and ordered books and bookmarks to give away. I posted this image on Facebook. her website and learn more about Weeks later I received a call from this busy author and grandmother. Please visit information. Since I'm technically challenged my granddaughter scanned the article and adjusted the size for These tips will help you to market the Internet. and 33 books. I would write a 900-word article and provide photos. contact available from Amazon. If your city or town has several local magazines.about her forthcoming books. Your book may be a human interest story or "local author makes good" story. and local newspapers--are marketing opportunities for you. I mailed a press kit to the publisher/editor. I Life After Loss" and "Help! I'm Raisspotted a magazine I had never ing My Grandkids. My marketing challenge was to provide new information. Minne. -------------------------------------------Harriet Hodgson has been a freelancer for 37 years. He called. and Google+. and persistence. Recently I spoke to the members of a diseasespecific support group. creativeness. "The its page. and the result was a full-page article about me and my book. Forty people came to the talk and I sold books to 11 of them. Word of mouth recommendations may generate sales. The city newspaper has published many stories about me.

As battle rages around him.S.. Amusing delightful rhymes No More! The Complete Guide to Preinvite kids to give helpful advice while venting. primitive hardwiring to your figuring out how to get to places and go about his day. Includes more quickly and raise your threshold for over 300 topic specific sections.robertlouisdemayo.flemingpublications. For more info. Alice.the experiences he has to endure. a fantastic storm that changes everything. it is an uplifting guide.wbellauthor. visit on the web at inordinate amounts of time worrying about www.haymarbooks. visit es and index.melissaabramovitz.SteveSnyderAuthor. become more resilient to when he was barely seventeen. And Clara Schumann. visit happening. Palmer. Marie is a unique book. Linh. visit www. visit www. deeply emotional story of Johannes Brahms. visit on the web at appearance in the southwest in 1931 www.BabyReference. As through all kinds of emotions including the special twin bond between the sisters laughter. visit on the web at www. a big idea and most importantly. U. Using your to learning how to recognize a pedophile.resource guide. For more Sexual Violence by what goes into their babies. visit deal with the unexpected suicide of their www. beardless face and a slight build. For more information. appendixmore resilient life. you can crime legislation. Even fewer learn how to manage the fallout from these traumatic events. the clueless hedgehog needs help info. Everett Ruess by Robert DeMayo follows immune functioning. Cannon is a story that introduces young readers to basic computer terms in a delightful way! See if your child can discover the mystery of the misunderstood words. in Hawkins features a lifetime of her favorite remembrances.sherrillcannon. and to optimize their child’s life. www.fastturtlepublishing. visit www. delightful recipes and favorite quotes in this inspirational book. who brings his family and real and healthier. a national it. a smooth. visit on the web at Mice & Spiders & Webs. This historical fiction novel is Abramovitz is a delightful children’s story. are easily learned and can be used any time to alleviate suffering or eliminate The Banana Chronicles: Fishing For Bananas by Timothy Brower is the first of six books in this series. and she has left behind the Robertson is a collection of true World twins to deal with her trail of destruction. a beautiful youth with delicate hands and slender fingers that belied their strength. Edward Brost is info. until his disappearance in 1934. For more info. For more information. Her many years of lies and deception have torn apart their once-de.Historical-Horse-Feathers. For more info.virtually every aspect of sexual violence ans is your stress solution. visit www. soul and mind for a long do something desperate to stop that from time to come. and Responding to learning about everyday things.nomoresexualviolence. For more info. and all situation. a treasure. Layla feels compelled to affect your heart. full of excitement and intrigue. For more info. send an e-mail to terryrow@cliftonedwin. For more info. visit www. Shot down in Hue City while scouting for bases to move the 1st Air Cavalry to break the siege. EP techniques.Oh My! by Sherrill S. Rather than Asphalt and Blood by Warren Bell is a Vietnam War era story. All the while. Contains well-documented individual stories that begin in Africa in 1483. As communist forces close in on the isolated Marine outpost at Khe Sanh. many developed by clinical Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes by Linda J. you'll soon be on your way toward a National Sex Offender Registry. Yes—poop. Ending. It depicts the colorful island life of Mon-Ki Key through tales of fishing and surfing. a primer for using the tics. For more info. and learn about the fun of computers For more information. and sorrow.From the Volga to the Clyde by Jenny voted Freedom Road by Ric Murphy is an historic account of America's oldest recorded African American family.ricmurphy. For more Herbie. and their participation and rich contributions to American history over a four hundred year period. www. head off the occasional dire beer to 25 .BeforeYouLoveAgain. whose wide mouth radiated an air of sensuality and her high cheekbones gave her confidence and competence Brahms had never seen in a woman before. It War II stories that takes the readers is a long and difficult year for the girls. the adventures of Everett Ruess from his For more information. Accelerate your own healing process using simple techniques based on Energy Psychology ("EP"). Oregon. More than a cookbook. From understanding sex letting stress diminish your life. They will is ripped apart. Few of us go through life without experiencing a disappointment. a clear tenor singing voice. whom he knows is on a Vietcong hit list. loss or painful break-up on our journey to find love.hearttoheartpublishing. it equips the reader with real world strateyou can learn how to recover from stress gies for preventing sexual attack. and span over fifteen generations and three continents. Parents spend more information. Navy Seabee Officer Kevin Corcoran takes shelter with South Vietnamese holdouts. shortly before he Helping Herbie Hedgehog by Melissa turned 21. DC for love and beer? It is a change-of-life brings the hard-to-find facts that equip story of a shy German brewer-turnedparents to help their babies be happier "Trail"-hero. visit on the web at www.BOOK DEALERS DIARY Before You Love Again: From Relationship Misery to Love Mastery by Janet St. visit the most complete book on rape prevention to date. Kevin ponders the fate of his Vietnamese Grog Wars by Anne Sweazy-Kulju anBaby Poop: What Your Pediatrician swers the question: Who will win the war May Not Tell You by Linda F. the 1968 Tet Offensive explodes across Vietnam. This all-in-one guide covers The Resiliency rEvolution by Jenny Ev. and overall Shot Down: The True Story of Pilot Howard Snyder and the Crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth by Steve Snyder is about the experiences of each member of a ten man B-17 crew after their plane was In The Lost Twin by Three Movements for Six Hands by Terry Row is a powerful. For long health. what shows up in baby’s diapers provides Pledge To the Wind: The Legend of tremendous cues about baby’s digestion. For more info. Harper the knocked out of the sky by German fighters saga continues as twins Kayla and Layla over Belgium. to escaping an abductor. Utilizing realistic and manageable tac. For more info.

might not have been previously considbusiness cards. (b) gift shops. (c) historical into an appropriate facility without an societies. holidays should be excluded as these are either not included in Experiment and think outside the box "business as usual" or likewise booked when contemplating event sites.It is amazing how book sales can began fic locations. gun or doll showmanuscript for typos. endless resources for where and how your book's subject is best utilized and appreciated. however. I have chosen to present his now vintage (historical fiction) manuscripts posthumously under his pen name. Besides the scheduled more appropriate to a coastal venue. So where is your tion of press releases and research into target market? Has that idea been conwhere and who should receive the infor. and advance book signing commitment and simply sell sets of books and walk back (e) libraries. they will be more than happy to Concurrently as the route is set and refer you to additional establishments venues engaged. high traf. or the luxury of mega-bucks or corporate sponsors who will provide promotion. grammar. timing to escalate up the ladder when you provide the appropriate audience coris just the beginning.appropriate audience. an honest assessment of by-product of the show's target traffic inventory needed for the entire tour and focus toward your publication as an must be given serious deliberation. ered. give equal time to "cold calling" then a coastal book tour should be book and gift stores.information you have published? Most of us don't have the support of an agent tional materials. adjunct to the convention.tain industry shows might be the best ly the press release as you did the promotion--boat show.Can a book tour be considered "Living the Dream"? What could be better than the expected promotion and sales of By Gin Williams your book on a beautiful trip in a gorAs with any good singing tour.publication for sale and many of these rials such as: postcards. Knowing appropriate venues. and updates and corrections to It is amazing how much easier book flyers. alluding to timing. Now the real work begins--find and target your readership--then develop a marketing plan and stick to it. And how much better it is to walk bookstores.sidered as carefully as the plot? Is the mation as well as being cognizant of book appropriate to historical libraries? release deadlines along with pictures Are there university collections that should the newspaper accept them with would be interested? Consider how certhe press release article. out with cash in hand without any of the Again. (d) maritime museums. consideration accompanying time commitments normust be given to the pertinent season.ered.RosePointPublishing. a book geous area of our country being paid for tour requires as much preparation prior along the way? to push off as do the dates themselves. events. If your best bet is a book tour where you can lay your publication into the hands of those who will work to sell it for you--great! (And isn't that what you want?) A successful book tour can definitely be considered "living the dream". timing. sales can go when you sell your site Coinciding with the engagement of specific or topic specific book to the event locations has to be the formula. host engagement let. Book Touring: Living the Dream or Not? There are. You spent the time to write and publish--now develop a plan. Monitor and keep track of the plan to develop a chart of where it is successful and where it isn't. to explore his world and to help market and promote his works. Stanley McShane. or other -what is the genre of your publication? (Been to a Star Trek convention lately?) edit problems. bookmarks.) Secure a table and peddle away as a Of course. and timing. mally demanded of a scheduled event! Additionally. roborating evidence of a successful tarIf the subject content of your book is get market. research and promote your book with the same enthusiasm. Don't think for a minute the work is done--let the agency handle the marketing. Specifically asked to submit my grandfather's manuscripts for publication. time and money who would be happy to engage your should be invested in promotional mate. 26 . Books in sufficient quantity must be available or have been ordered and Have you done the research into who timely delivery promised so that these would most appreciate the genre or are available to load with all the promo. any venue that planned following days of grunt work might have interest in your subject matfinding locations which includes: (a) ter. (Proof careful. Do not expect to sit back on your heels once the book is published whether through an agent or self-published. Many times if an enthusiastic venue is discovwith more grand affair. related to this venture. I have created a blog called http://www.

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telephone numbers and e-mail addresses as well as complete mailing addresses. and I want to tell everyone your system works. you can be interviewed by phone right from home and the host will tell the audience how they can order your book. major U. I am enclosing a copy of my book and any Press Materials or reviews I have now. And. My payment is enclosed. plus the 1900+ Prime Media Names on CD or by e-mail. and Media Announcements make the public aware of you and your book. Talk Show Appearances. you are tops.00 National Press Release Program. Here's What One of Our Members About This Program: "One day I received "Book Dealers World" and saw your ad about the National Press Release Program.. Cost: NABE Members: $325. Articles. write and laser typeset a 150-word One Page Press Release for you.S. Date_________ Signature_____________________________________________________________ Card Verification Number___________(The last 3 digits in the signature panel on the back of your card.S. Newspapers sorted by state in Microsoft Word List format on CD. So I did it. you can reach some of the most prominent media in America. Now. In many cases. entertainment and news shows. In other cases.) NAME________________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY____________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________________________________ CITY________________________________________________STATE________ZIP________________ TELEPHONE________________________________ FAX______________________________________ E-MAIL_______________________________________________________________________________ 29 . magazines. • We prepare. newspaper and magazine articles can be picked up by other media and pretty soon potential buyers will hear about your book all over the country. • Extra Bonus: 3500 U.. PO Box 606. OR 97424 ____ Please sign me up for the National Press Release Program. Within two months. there's an easy way to get the word out without the costly expense of book publicists and sales promotion experts. I have been on "Extra" and soon will be on "Dateline. ____I am sending a check. In many cases. the list includes fax. what's a couple of hundred dollars compared to the thousands I had already spent. Cottage Grove. • We send you the 1900+ Prime National Media Names on CD or by e-mail so you can choose which of the media outlets to send your Press Release to." Al. Try Our New National Press Release Program Here’s What We Do For You. Extra Bonus: 3500 Newspapers on CD as well. ____Charge my Visa/Mastercard Number_____________________________________________________ Exp. and that encourages more retail stores and chains to carry your title. daily newspapers. book reviewers and many more responsive publicity outlets. thank you... press syndicates. • We send it to you by e-mail for approval. I figured. then. including popular TV talk.FREE PUBLICITY Coast to Coast In The BEST National Media! FREE PUBLICITY MENTIONS can really get your book sales moving! Book Reviews.00 Non-Members: $350. I am proof!" Ottie Garrett The complete package includes the writing of the Press Release. my book was featured in Glamour Magazine and 6 major newspaper feature stories.

birds. “Just Treat Me Like I Matter: The Heart of Sales. PO Box 681943. feel good look at the memories we all created.franshuman. For more info. Success and Love.HocksOut. sustainable. Land Use and Monetary Policy: The New Trifecta challenges popular notions of what climate change is all about. despite the seemingly powerful force of destiny. a fun.htm Fantastic Galaxy Chronicles. Music. Amazing Travel Biz $$$! Travel for pennies on the dollar and get paid! Infoline: 800-9851858 or visit www.zenunleashedbook. The experiences of each member of a B-17 crew after their plane was knocked out of the sky by German fighters over Belgium during WW II. Edmonds PO Box 13974 Dayton Ohio 45413 MYSTIC TEA by Rea Nolan Medicinal Herbs For Life. Ann Arbor. PO Box 131015. $500 discount for NABE "Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden" Mulitiple-award-winning. For more info. send an e-mail to geri@thetwofacesofmoney. 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