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Allah has 99 names and there is one name that is hidden.

Each one of His names
brings a blessing to our life and Rasool Allah (pbuh) has mentioned that anyone who
memorizes these 99 names will surely enter Jannah(heaven).

Ar- Rahman means The Beneficent. This is one of the names that Allah has. It is
derived from the root word Rahmah which means ‘mercy’. He is the one who gives
blessings and prosperity to all beings without showing disparity. He is known for his
perfect mercy. His mercy is so vast that it suffices His whole creation. His mercy
covers the sustenance of people as well as their interests regardless of their religion.
Repeating this name helps us to have a good memory with keen awareness of
everything. A person who repeats this name will never have a heavy heart.

Ar- Rahim means The Most Merciful. Allah is the one who gives blessings and
prosperity .He is the One as who has love and mercy for all His beings. His pity,
patience and forgiveness are just what a sinner needs. There is an abundant
quantity mercy that flows from Allah to all His creations. He guides them. He is
their protector who leads them to the Right Path. He is merciful to all believers in
the hereafter. Repeating this name helps a person in such a way that everyone
around him will be friendly towards him and show easiness towards him.

Al- Malik is the name which means that Allah is the King .He is the Sovereign Lord.
He is the absolute king of the entire universe. He is independent of all beings in His
entity and His attributes, whereas, all beings need Him to exist. Repeating this name
helps a person to be respected and treated accordingly by others. Everything
belongs to Him alone. Everything is under His Supreme Power.

Al- Quddus means The Holy. He has Divine Veracity. Allah is free from all error.
Imperfections may be associated with everything but Him. He can never be absent-
minded. He is free from all kinds of defects and all sort of incapability. This name is
the key to be anxiety free.

Al- Mumin is the name of The Lord who is The Guardian of Faith. He is none other
than Allah. He places trust in the hearts of His servants. He gives tranquility. Safety
and Security can be attributed to Him alone. He protects those who seek refuge in
Him. He is the Supreme Believer. This name is often repeated to be free from harm.

Al- Muhaymin means The Protector. He rules over their lives and their deeds. He
watches over and protects all things. Our inner being becomes more and more
luminous the more we repeat this name with complete ablution. He is supremely
Hegemonic. He commands all His creatures. He governs our livelihood and our

Al- Aziz is Allah. He is AlMighty. He is Unconquerable. He is Mighty. He is
unparalleled and high needs no one but yet is needed by all of us for our existence.
Our sustenance and inherencies belong only to Him. Unassociated is His Pride. He
has conquered everything. The virtue of this name is that if we repeat this name
every day we will be independent of needs from others.
Al- Jabbar means that Allah is the Compeller. He is definitely repairs al the broken
things. He completes everything that is incomplete. And He has the ability with force
to make people do whatever he wants. Anyone who remembers to repeat this name
will never be exposed to violence, severity or hardness of any kind. No one will be
compelled to do anything against their wishes.

Al- Mutakabbir means that none other than Allah is Majestic. His Greatness is
shown in all ways and in all things. Repeating this name before having intercourse
with your wife is advisable as Allah will bless you with a righteous child.

Al- Khaliq means the Creator. Allah creates all things from nothing. He has
knowledge as to what will happen to everything that He creates. Allah creates an
angel whose duty is to act righteously until the Day of Judgment for the person who
repeats this name every night. The reward for the actions of this angel will be given
to that person.

Al- Bari means that Allah is The Evolver. He is the one who creates everything in

Al – Musawwir is Allah who is The Fashioner. He designs all things. A woman who
desires to give birth but cannot should fast for seven days and at the end of breaking
of the fast should repeat the names” Ya-Khaliq Ya-Bari Ya-Musawwir” twenty one
times and blow into a glass of water and then break her fast with this water. Insha
Allah i.e. if God wills she will be blessed with a child.

Al- Ghaffar means that Allah is The Forgiver. Allah is all forgiving. He forgives us
for the sins we commit. We should repeat His name to have our sins forgiven.

Al- Qahhar is The Subduer. None other than Allah can be victorious. He is dominant
in all ways. He can do anything He wills. Repeating this name makes us free from
the attractions of the world. We can gain inner peace. We can never be wronged if
we repeat this name with heart.

Al- Wahhab can be no one other than Allah. He donates His blessings to us. Repeat
this name seven times after appealing to Allah. He may answer your appeal. If
someone cannot earn enough to maintain himself repeating this name 100 times
after prayers at midnight helps as Allah may bless him with all his needs. If someone
is captured by an enemy, he may do the same.

Ar- Razzaq is Allah who alone is The Provider. He provides all things beneficial to
His creatures. Allah provides sustenance to those who repeat this name.

Al- Fattah means The Opener. Allah alone has the solution to all problems and He
alone can eliminate obstacles. Virtues of repeating this name are that one will have
an open heart. He will always be victorious.
Al- Alim means All-knowing. None other than Allah can have immense knowledge
that surpasses everything as well as everyone. A luminous heart is a virtue that one
is blessed with and this heart reveals divine light when this name is repeated time
and time again.

Al- Qabid means that Allah is The Constrictor. He alone constricts all things. Repeat
this name to be free from hunger.

Al- Basit means The Expander. Indeed Allah is the expander. The virtue of this
particular name is that anyone who repeats this name after prayers with open hands
and rubs his face with those hands will be free of need from others. He may not need
anyone and everyone might need him for something or the other.

Al-Khafid means the one who abases. The Abaser. Allah alone can increase or
diminish. He alone can free us from being harmed by our enemy if we have any.

Ar- Rafi means The Exalter. Allah is our Up-lifter. Allah will make us higher as far
as honor, richness and merit are concerned when we repeat this name each day and

Al- Muizz is the one who Honors. He gives us dignity. He makes one glorious. He
helps us to be treated with respect. Allah makes us dignified in the eyes of others
when we repeat this name. We fear no one other than Allah.

Al- Muzill means that Allah alone can dishonor. He can abase anyone. He has the
power to lower anyone. He can degrade anyone whom He pleases. Repeat this name
to be free from harm by those who are jealous and wish to harm. Allah will be your

As- Sami means All-hearing. He is Allah who listens to everything. Allah will answer
your prayer and bestow any desire if you repeat this name.

Al- Basir means All-seeing. Allah can see everything. Repeat this name to gain
esteem in the eyes of others.

Al- Hakam means that Allah is the judge and He provides what is due.

Al- Adl means that Allah is Just. He is the just one.

Al- Latif is another name of Allah which signifies that He is The Subtle One. He
knows the meaning of everything. He creates things in such a subtle manner that
cannot be understood by people. He is the provider of all blessings to everyone.
Repeat this name if you have become poor and are lonely. Despair not of the mercy
of your Lord.
Al- Khabir means that Allah is The Aware. He has knowledge of everything and
knows the inner meaning of everything. If someone has a bad habit and wants be
freed of it quickly then repeat this name.

Al- Halim is The Forbearing. Repeating this name helps to keep away any harm and

Al- Azim means that Allah is The Great One. He is magnificent. Repeat this name to
be respected.

Al- Gafur is Allah who is Al- Forgiving. He is the one who forgives all. Repeating
this name helps us to be free of all sorts of ailments.

Ash- Shakur means The Appreciative. Allah is grateful and rewards us for the deeds
that we do for Him. If one has a heavy heart and does not know a way to lighten it
should repeat this name and he will be able to maintain himself.

Al- Ali means The Most High. Allah is the one who is most high. Open your destiny
by repeating this name. A person of low faith will have his faith raised.

Al- Kabir means The Most Great. Allah is great. Anyone repeating this name will
have esteem.

Al – Hafiz means The Preserver. Allah preserves all things from misfortune and
calamity. Repeating this name helps us in being protected from calamities.

Al- Muqit means The Maintainer. Allah is the one who sustains. An ill –mannered
child will have good manners if the parent repeats this name and blows on the child.

Al- Hasib means that Allah is The Reckoner. Allah knows the detailed account of the
things that people do throughout their lives.

Al- Jalil means The Sublime one. Allah is the one who has wealth, dominion and
holiness. Repeating this name helps us to be revered among others.

Al- Karim means that Allah is Generous. Repeating this name helps us to attain
esteem in this world and in the hereafter.

Ar- Raqib means that Allah is Watchful. He observes all creatures and repeating
this name upon ourselves, family and property places us in Allah’s protection. Every
action is under Allah’s control.

Al- Mujib means that Allah is Responsive. He is the one who responds to every need.
Al- Wasi means that Allah is The All Embracing. Allah has abundance and limitless
capacity. Repeating this name helps to have a good earning.

Al –Hakim means Allah is Wise. He has wisdom. All him actions and orders are
wisely implemented by Him. Repeating this name from time to time will get rid of
any difficulties that we face in our work.

Al- Wadud means that Allah loves us. He loves all those who do good deeds and
bestows His compassion and blessings on them. We will never have any
disagreement with anyone if we repeat this name.

Al- Majid means that Allah is Glorious. Repeating this name helps one to gain glory.

Al- Baith means that Allah is The Resurrector. He will give life to all the creatures
on the Day of Judgment. Gain the fear of Allah and never be wronged by repeating
this name.

Ash- Shahid means the Witness. Allah is present everywhere and observes
everything. One becomes obedient when one repeats this name.

Al- Haqq is the Truth. Allah has no change in His existence. When you lose
something, repeating this name helps a lot.

Al- Wakil means that Allah is the only one to Trust. He can provide a solution or
means to solve all problems in the best way. Allah always protects the person who
repeats this name from time to time.

Al- Qawi means The Most Strong. Allah will protect you from all harm.

Al- Matin means The Firm One. Allah helps us in such a way that all our troubles

Al- Wali means that Allah is The Protecting Friend. He is a friend to all His
righteous servants.

Al- Hamid means Praiseworthy. Allah is the only one to be glorified. He alone is
entitled to all praise. He is the only one to be thanked by all creatures.

Al- Muhsi means the Reckoner. He knows the number of all the things even though
they cannot be counted. Repeating this name helps in having easiness while being
questioned on the Day of Judgment.

Al- Mubdi means Allah is the Originator. He is the one who has created us without
having any model in front of Him. He created all the beings for the first time from
nothing. Allah will keep us free of danger.

Al- Muid means that Allah is the Restorer.
Al- Muhyi means that Allah is the Giver of life. He is the one who gives life and
health. He helps in being free of all burdens.

Al- Mumit means Allah is the Creator of death.

Al- Hayy means The Alive. He is all knowing. Allah gives a long life to the person
who repeats this name. His strength is sufficient for everything.

Al- Qayyum means The Self Subsisting. Allah holds the entire universe.

Al- Wajid means The Finder. Allah finds whatever He wants whenever he desires.
Allah blesses with the richness of heart.

Al- Majid means Allah is Noble. He is beneficent, rich and great in His highness.
Allah enlightens the heart of the person who repeats this name.

Al- Wajid means The Unique. He who has no equal in His attributes. His actions,
His names, His personality and His orders have no partner and equal to Him is no

Al –Ahad means The One.

As-Samad means The Eternal. He is the only one to be asked for if we need anything
and want any troubles to be eliminated. Allah alone will provide our needs.

Al-Qadir means The Able. Allah is able to do anything He wills in any way He

Al-Muqtadir means The Powerful. Allah has power over everything.

Al-Muqadim means The Expediter. Allah protects us from all harm.

Al- Muakhkhir means the delayer. Allah has the power to delay whatever He wants
till whenever He wants.

Al –Awwal means The First.

Al- Akhir means The Last. Allah helps to lead a good life and at the end of this life
will have a good death.

Az-Zahir means The Manifest.

Al- Batin means The Hidden.

Al-Wali means The Governor. Allah manages, conducts, governs, measures, plans
every action which happens at any moment in the entire universe.
Al –Muta’Ali means The Most Exalted. Allah is higher than any action, manner or
condition and any thoughts that any being may have. Allah is higher than the most
evolved thought of man.

Al- Barr means The Source of all Goodness. Allah is tolerant to His servants, to all
creatures and is good to them.

At-Tawwab means the acceptor of repentance. Allah accepts repentance.

Al- Muntaqim means The Avenger. Allah punishes wrong doers.

AL-Afuw means the Pardoner. Allah pardons all those who repent sincerely as if
they had no previous sins.

Ar-Rauf means The Compassionate. Allah blesses us.

Malik ul Mulk means the eternal owner. He provides esteem.

Dhul Jalal Wal Ikram means the Lord of Majesty and Bounty. Allah provides
richness to the person who repeats this name.

Al-Muqsit means The Equitable. He who does His work accordingly and in a
balanced way.

Al-Jame means the Gatherer. Allah collects things, gathers them, anywhere He
wants at anytime.

Al- Ghani means self sufficient.

Al- Mughni means the one who enriches. Allah makes us self- sufficient when we
repeat this name.

Al-Mani means The Preventer. Allah helps us to lead a good family life.

Ad-Darr means The Distresser. Allah raises our status.

An- Nafi means The Propitious. Allah provides all goodness and benefit.

An-Nur means The Light. Allah is the provider of divine light.

Al- Hadi means The Guide. Allah gives success and directs His servants to do things
beneficial to others.

Al-Badi means in comparable. He who creates wonders in the universe without any
design. Allah makes all our troubles disappear.
Al-Baqi means The Everlasting. Allah shows His mercy and keeps us free from
disasters throughout our life.

Al-Warith means the supreme inheritor. Allah is the everlasting owner of all things.

Ar-Rashid means that Allah is the Guide to the right path. Allah helps us in our

As-Sabur means The Patient. Allah helps those in trouble and sorrow.