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Truth or Dare?

Cullen Style

This is a story that I decided to write—a fanfic story of the Cullen’s. I included Jess
from Sun Rise, my first unfinished sequel to Breaking Dawn, but this story contains
no “Chris”. “Truth or Dare? Cullen Style” is just a fan made story, and it is for fun
and humor. Hope you all enjoy it! :)

Chapter 1: Truth or Dare?

Jess’s POV

I sighed impatiently for the day to end. It’s such a boring day. And it is only 8 in the
evening. Ugh…

I got up from the bed I was lying on. What should I do on this “fine” Saturday morning in
the summer? Yes, even in the summer Forks is still as wet and cloudy.

Play chess with Edward? Such a definite no.

Shopping with Alice? Of course not.

Read books that Carlisle recommends? Nope, that’s too boring for a day like this.

Debate with Jasper which is better: the Union or the Confederates? No way.

Talk, just plain talk with my caring mother, Esme? Uh, maybe not. She would try to
persuade me to get a boyfriend or something.

Talk with Rosalie about the perfect makeovers? Utterly boring.

Hang out with Bella and Nessie? Too simple. I need something more exciting.

How about hanging out with the werewolves? Since I am the princess of the universe, I
am allowed to go across the line. But never mind. I would still stink to my family.

Ahh…How about playing with Emmett’s stupidity? That would be perfect.

Also, Alice would be so irritated with my changing of plans. I sighed. Sometimes it’s so
annoying for Alice to just read the future and just spoil the fun. Of course, I have that
power, but I just chose not to read it. Only in troubled times I see it, but I choose to just
leave the future alone.
I left my room and skipped downstairs to happily do my preferred thing, but was
interrupted by my hyper pixie-slash-vampire sister, Alice.

“Jess, we already know what you are going to do. Or rather I knew and told the rest.”

I groaned. “Great Alice.” I said sarcastically. “There goes my big bundle of joy.”

Alice giggled. “I know you are bored today.” She led me to the couch. “So, we all are
playing a game.”

“I’m not going to play.”

She pouted. I glared at her, and she went into “the future” and saw the decision I had
made after her pout.

“Yes!” She yelled.

“She agreed?!” Emmett asked with enthusiasm. Obviously he already knew the answer.
Alice bobbed her head. “Haha!” Emmett shouted in victory.

I rolled my eyes and recalled something Alice mentioned. “We all are playing…the-

“Yea.” Alice said. And in a blink of an eye, the whole family gathered around the wooden
table place in the front of the couch that I am stationed on.

“So…what are we going to play?” I asked.

“TRUTH OR DARE!” Emmett and Alice screamed.

“Alright, alright—what?!” I yelled. “Truth and dare?!”

“Yes Jess.” Said Jasper.

“B-but I don’t—“I stammered.

“Jess, you already said yes.” Alice said reasonably.

“But I didn’t know…”

They all rolled their eyes. “Fine.” I pouted.
Alice smiled in triumph. “Ok…” she started. “Who wants to go first?”

“Wait Alice!” I interrupted. “Will we be recording this?”

“Yes, of course, Jess!” Rose responded instead.

“We don’t want to miss all the other part of the fun!” Edward added.

“It’s all part of the game.” Carlisle and Esme said in unison.

I growled, even though I’m still human-form. “But what if someone does something
stupid? The video isn’t going to be on the Internet, will it?” I said in despair.

“JESS!” They all said, irritated.

“Just answer my questions!”

They sighed. “We would be still recording it.” Bella said with a sly smile.

“And it won’t be on the Internet!” Nessie interjected.

“Yes it will!” Emmett cried.

I frowned. I do not like the sound of Truth or Dare, especially playing with an Emmett.
He’s just a vampire body full of stupidity.

“All right!” Alice said, exasperated. “Now, who wants to go first?”

“I will!” The “almighty” Emmett said, ahead of me. “Now…” He pretended to look
around the room. Edward, reading Emmett’s mind, smiled. I rolled my eyes again,
waiting for him to pick.

“Jess! Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” I said instantly and boldly.

An evil grin spread across Emmett’s face.

“Good. Now I dare you to get drunk, and sing at a club in a language other than English!”

I stared at the shock that stretched so quickly upon Jess’s face. She seemed to be frozen.
Then in less than a minute, she recollected herself and pouted.

“So I really have to do that, Emmett?” She asked, trying to make him change his mind.

“Jess, I already made my mind. Anyways, the word is spoken.” Emmett said, taunting her
into acting like a fool by refusing the dare.

But instead, my sister growled. “Fine.” She hissed with all the possible venom in her

“Oh and you have to do it human.” Emmett added.

Jess scowled.

Ha! She’s really gonna do it! I can’t wait to watch her humiliate herself in public!
Emmett thought.

Esme sighed in her thoughts. The poor thing…I wish Emmett would at least spare her…

Emmett stop being an idiot! Why did I like him in the first place? That was Rose’s

I hope Auntie Jess would be OK… Nessie thought, worried.

Carlisle literally mentally smacked his head. Jess, human, alcohol, drunk? Would Jess
really be drunk? From everyone’s prior knowledge, princesses don’t drink! What if Jess
would get ten times worse symptoms than the average human?!

Bella…nothing. But I could see that her face clearly spelled worry. Her full lips were
frowning. How desirable to just lean in and touch her lips with mine…

Edward! Stop thinking about that! Your lust is driving me crazy! Jasper shouted in his
thoughts, leaving me wincing as if someone yelled in my ear.

Sorry I mouthed to him. After that, I tried not to listen to anyone’s thoughts, but it is hard
to ignore Alice’s thoughts, or should I say, yells and screams.

You complete moron! She’s a princess for goodness sake! You should at least respect her!
That’s not much for you to do! Again she shouted insults. Idiot! Moron! Dumbass!
I chuckled at her name-calling. Jess glared at me. I felt a tugging feeling at the surface of
my mind. Secretly Jess had been practicing for mind-reading but she wants it to be
optional, unlike me. I let her enter my mind. We could have these mind reading
conservations, like she could read my mind, but I could only “hear” what she wants me to

What’s so funny? She asked with venom in her thought.

I let her hear what I heard from Alice. She laughed out loud. Everyone turn toward her.
She left my mind instantly.

“I’m not afraid of this, Emmett.” She said, trying to cover up. “When to we start?”

Emmett answered, “Now.”