Oratorical Fireworks

Einstein raised the probability of equal and exact opposites. The beginning of the universe's contrast is action and reaction of duality embraced into single unity. We can deduce this to be matter and anti matter reacting. Action could also be viewed as a substance whether it represents solid form or is freed up from physical compound. So by this rational we can ascertain reaction is anti-matter. My theory suggests that antimatter destroys all things over a sense of time whether they be a living creation or an inanimate object. The majority of matter supports itself until anti-matter eventually corrupts matter. Whether it be due to erosion, abrasion, decomposition or death etc. To break down this theory of action and reaction to its simple truth, is to know that the known universe is abundant in contrast. Einstein basically proved the power of opposites. To understand Einstein's theory from a philosophical view would be to quote the proverb, "There's always two sides to a story." The Big Bang theory of a binding truth of universal representation to its common denominating fact is based on the actuality of the ever-expanding cosmos. Which may lead to the conclusion of equally exact yet opposing forces, i.e. matter and anti-matter reacting. The driving force behind the theory must be examined also. The Big Bang is of course action entwined with reaction. For two opposing forces to collide to represent future form of duality entwinement their needs to be "Pre-force." Dictating that matter and anti-matter collided in the beginning together to create the universe in which we inhabit today. The question of the big bang theory is this, "Where did the pre-force come from to join these two states of equal individuality?" A conclusion is that before pre-force was a stronger or equal force of the same or perhaps an opposite to trigger purpose. My deduction leads me to the understanding of the irrelevance of time. There is no I in we. Meaning, we have always been and we will continue to be if the universe is infinite. To quote Einstein, he said "There are only two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I'm not too sure about the former." What was Einstein trying to say here? Was it to prove his acclaimed genius and laugh in the face of humanity's ignorance or was it simply to raise the question of the universe being infinite, because everything has an opposite. So what is the opposite to infinity? If this question baffles you then allow me to provoke another undeniable curiosity. "For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction." To the clear mined who embrace this fact, then I ask,

"What is the opposite of middle?" My reasoning leads me to believe that the opposite to middle is the outside. Which is in two parts, left and right and when rotated is another duality of north and south. As you have noticed it is two separate entities which negates Einstein's theory of everything having only one equal opposite. There is a symmetry of duality here akin to the big bang of polar exact opposites. It is regarded that the universe is infinite. If you accept this as fact then everything is the centre point (middle) of the universe. Which in turn renders the big bang into eternity of always being in existence and not that of being created. The drifting space continuum of the ever expanding universe may be reacting this way to galactic magnetism. This is to say that the two opposite repel one another. Due to life propagating death and death being the apex of calculating change, from its original point of being. Meaning, they are not tolerant of each other so they repel. The planetary land mass drifts apart from it's former jigsaw formation every year by approximately 2cm. This fact leads me to think that the world's land mass is gyrating where eventually it will collide. Knowing that the continents separate 2cm every year and will eventually touch back on its self before the sun has depleted all its natural fuel is in keeping with the planet spinning on its axis. In conclusion I propagate the theory of duality of gyration for the earth. Also, the planets in our solar system move along their trajectory path in a circular motion. Earth and the solar system represents gyration to an extent. Which maybe enacting some part of a memory program from its creator, in this case the universe. Which poses the question of the universe having a gyration effect, i.e. a circle of infinity? If this is true then maybe beyond the encasement of the universe's duality of single unity is the element of pre-force. Which is the infinite element of sustaining life beyond the ever corrupting force of anti-matter.

The Evolution of Race – Ra’s Children
Darwin invoked into the scientific world the actuality of change in the species from its original point. Leading to the notion of a similarity found in the conscious mind and that is one of change. The evolution of propagation intention is the adapting to circumstance, whether it be to a mental state, human interaction or the need to change and learn to adapt within the environment in which we are unknowingly placed. According to Darwin’s calculation, evolution does not simply occur overnight. My understanding of Darwin’s theory of evolution is to conclude that, what ever form being the creation of life in a biological state in the beginning of life on earth is the waypoint or the start of life’s subconscious desire to adapt. Darwin proposed the origin of the human species from the descent of a primate.

Take the start point of man in it’s Darwin state. The bi-pedalism of man eventually evolved into the homosapien. At some point along the evolutional chain there had to have been a change in the D.N.A of man to reach the homosapien state. Let’s take that initial transformation of the primate and pretend we have seen 10 years pass since the beginning of man’s evolution. We’ll call this time difference “Origin.” Now let’s pretend we have gone into the future from our present day by 10 years. Is it safe to say that we’re not witnessing the occurrence of “Origin” in today’s D.N.A of primates? If not, why not? Something was triggered or released in man to adapt into a life form so in future years man could ultimately control the environment in which they have found themselves placed. Which would make sense of the birth of humanity’s achievements in discoveries such as medicine, technology, science, philosophy and religion etc. Establishing a triggered or a release point of adaptation in man, compels the question, “Where is same evolving trigger or release in primates which is absent in the present D.N.A of the aforesaid primate. The conclusion of man descending from primates is a plausible one given the similarities between appearance and D.N.A. structures. Yet to truly believe this as binding earthly law is an anomaly. When I look at the big cat family group and propose a theory of tigers evolving from lions. Some may disagree believing that the big cat family evolved from sabre-tooths. If this is the case then why would mother nature evolve into so many different distinguishable breeds of big cats and not just one type of evolved cat to make better use of the future environment? If the free thinking world would deny such a ludicrous proposition of tigers spawning from lions etc? Then why would logic propose the birth of humanity by the way of our primate relatives. The birth place of man must have been Africa or somewhere as equally warm due to the fact that man enters this world naked. If man had been born in a cold climate it begs the question, “Would they have outwitted their harsh bitterly cold environment and adapted quickly to realise the appliance of material would trap the bodies heat between the skin and fabric?” If they realised this immediately then we must take in time parameters of evolution. The mind changed and adapted to this environment quickly. Which negates the process of biological evolution being a slow process. When in fact biological and mental evolution are inextricably linked. Lets take a start point on the earth for man somewhere warm which instigates the theory above. Allow me to deduce that Africa is the birth place of man near the equator. In this climate man would have been dark skinned and as mans’ quest for knowledge to adapt and learn about the undeniable fact in which they have found themselves, existence. As man made discoveries along the trail of exploration that pushed north ultimately, bearing further away from the equator leading to cooler climates. Which leads to the understanding of skin colour in cooler climates. They would have turned a lighter colour due to lack of sun rays browning the pigment in the skin. This idea suggests that evolution of race in all its verities of colour and shade that all humans occupy today came from the sun initially. The only remaining question here to

tie up the logical evolution of race coming from the sun is the irregularity yet most mysterious shape of Oriental and Eskimo eyes. The only theory I can conclude is that of humidity. This is to say that the evolution of Oriental eyes comes from a baking humid heat which in direct contact causes the eyes to open and close rapidly. Eskimo eye fluctuation maybe caused by the opposite to stale humidity, to one which is bitterly cold and harsh. The similarity here is the opposite values of a thermometer scale bearing the same duality of adaptation.

Atom Matrix
Atoms are a chain reaction of connectivity. All several sub-atoms are joined as one binding principle, the smallest of which being a quark. What does this mean? Everything is connected through atoms. Here’s an example, let’s pretend your neighbour who is eating dinner whilst you are out working late is watching a live reality TV show of contestants scaling trees to see who can reach the top first. The undeniable fact here is the connection of individuality through the unseen atom. What does this idea represent to you. To me it says that the prejudicial justified hypocrisy of those who spread an image to their peers of decency and dignity, whilst contradicting their very actions are atomically linked, with those who would abhor the lies of pretentiousness to those who would honour it. In an infinite universe one idea represents an undeniable truth, which is that whilst we are all individually connected we are all the centre point of the cosmos. My own philosophy to understand this theory of individual connective centre is this, “We live within the universe and the universe lives within us.”

The Senses
Mankind is blessed with senses to interpret the world and cosmos in their own individual way, proceeding to process this birth-right into adapting to the environment. Let’s examine the sense of sound. When we hear something pleasurable or in tune with our own agreeability it soothes us. Thus in turn rendering us in an harmonious state with our habitat. If the sound is distorted or too high-pitch etc, then we may feel uncomfortably awkward within our environment. I am not advocating either state of the interpretive sense of sound to be the correct one, this decision will always reside in the heart of the individual. What is clear by this rational is the duality of the senses and the unbridled desire for preference of choice, such is the nature of free will. I will leave to you to decide what is the duality of the other senses. The most curious sense we have that I can deduce is the sense of taste. Ultimately, why

do we eat? To sustain the body’s input and output of energy. How is this process of energy cycles achieved? We believe we are not in control of this most mysterious continual event, which is true if we had to achieve this wonder through the conscious mind. It is known that the replenishing of energy is achieved through processed minerals, vitamins and nutrients etc, in food that is ultimately excreted. This enigma leads to an understanding that everything that a person can control about themselves to their own justified purpose is controlled with the active mind, consciousness. The only logical deduction here is to suggest that everything we are or unknowingly do is controlled by the hidden mind, subconscious. Some will deny this theory of sensory taste being relevant for the notion of self enjoyment based on the idea of poison. It is widely believed that taste buds evolved to distinguish between healthy and ripe foods to poisonous and fatal foods. If this is accurate how did the pioneers of tasting for contaminated foods decide between the flavour of the poison from other various flavours encompassed within the tasted food? Besides, any good chef will enlighten you that with food and drink, the first taste is with the eyes.

Binary Law
Do you believe in divine existence? You may be asking yourself what this has to do with binary code. Here’s is a simple mathematical equation (1>0) with a significant truth for understanding the universe. Allow me continue? Let’s for argument’s sake rule out god’s existence and say that the universe is born from chaos. Before the big bang there was nothing, we’ll take that pre-universal state and represent it with the numerical value of 0. The 0 is also a sign of infinity as I’m sure you’re aware. So to deduce is that 0 now means, infinity of nothingness of the pre-universal state. We know the universe exists because we think in it and evolve. Which lead our species to contemplate the environment in which we are continually adapting. Since the universe in its current form is the opposite to the aforementioned theory of pre-universal nothingness state, we shall bestow the numerical value 1. At this point we should be of the understanding that 0 = nothing (Pre-universal state) and 1 = something (Current form of the universe.) In mathematics one golden rule that is taught to children at a very early age is that you cannot get something from nothing. If we had five apples and were in a generous mood we could give away 3 apples or all five. If we haven’t any apples to begin with, we cannot give any away as much as we may want to. So my question is this, if the two primary forces of the universes creation, matter and anti-matter were spawned from nothingness 0. Then why the very existence of the

universe (something =1) in its current form at all? You can’t get something-(Universe=1) from nothing-(Pre big bang 0). If this theory is incorrect then it begs the question, how do you get something from nothing? If death is the end and the universe is infinite then how do we get an end in infinity? We live within God and God lives within us!

Speed of Light Theory
One question that has intrigued man is one that is elusive. The question is, what happens when you breach the speed of light. Before we get to this theory let’s examine sound. Sound travels at 600mph (Mac-1) and when the speed integrity is surpassed it generates a sonic boom. This noise is the speed of sound being broken or distorted. By this rational we understand that the breach of sound triggers a forced action, known as a sonic boom. I think it is logical to deduce from this fact that the same must happen to light when breached, it must trigger a forced response. My theory is this, when light is overtaken we reach a state similar to the breaking of sound, mac-1. The name I have given to this state of light distortion is portal. I believe that when light is broken it separates away from itself leaving behind a null and void space portal to infinite dimensions.

Reality’s Continual Illusion
What is reality? It is a common held belief that reality is apparent and real due to emotions and the ability to think within our environment. Some believe reality is made real due to all-sorts of grief whether it is stress, paranoia, anxiety or physical pain etc. I derive that the only binding principle which makes this realm more real than dreamscape is the notion of continuity. When we’re tired and drift off to sleep we are suspended in a plane which is usually void of all the stresses and strains of reality. The dream-world is more often than not abstract. I believe the plane of our dream-world is our subconscious playing out unfinished business from reality. Some of the questions and actions that go unresolved in reality appear in our dreams for us to decipher the meaning and make sense of our state of being. The main assumption behind reality being the driving force of consciousness is continuity. When we awake from sleep we’re usually in a brief moment state of recollection, which I have called “Total Recall.” When we arise we have total recollection of the most significant parts of our individual history. There is a certain continuity that binds our individual and collective conscious memory into a state of apparent clear thinking.

If there was continuity in dreamscape of starting the current dream from where the previous left off, what would make the dream-plane less real than reality? Continuity binds the active mind of consciousness into a sense of reality. There is seldom continuity binding the subconscious mind of dreamscape together. I concur that reality is only more real than dreamscape in humanity’s eyes due to its continual links to society’s binding individual and collective consciousness of continuity.

The Big Silence
In the beginning it is believed two forces of equal and individual sizes collided, matter and anti-matter. This theory is commonly called “The big bang.” It is also widely known that in the cold recesses of space we have a vacuum in effect, rendering any potential sound obsolete. A rational proposition would be to suggest that the start of the universe was a silent affair because of this vacuum. Let’s consider their was an initial sound that ran parallel to the big bang. If the universe is infinite then I propose that the sound first caused would have been on a tremendously furious scale. The sound vibrations and pitch would have possibly devastated or destroyed any stars or planets that would have been initially created. The universe is believed to be infinite because it is continually expanding. If the big bang is still in effect then I suggest that more galactic phenomenon such as stars, planets, quasars and black-holes etc are still being created, beyond the reaches of humanity’s most powerful telescopes. If this is the case then I think their is a destruction trail at play in the universe. We know that all stars eventually burnout of fuel. So to deduce further depending on time parameters their maybe a trail of dead stars out there that one day may catch up with our own sun. Without the abundant light the sun provides would kill off the forestry on earth which needs light to accumulate and provide oxygen. Obviously needed in order to sustain the growth and development of life on planet earth and other worlds probably. If the universe is not creating any new stars or planets etc in its expansion, then what’s next? All stars eventually deplete their fuel which may render most if not all elements to cease on every planet feeding from its allocated star. The evolution of life may die out as life cannot sustain itself without the elements. The universe would evolve into dead space void of life anywhere throughout any of the galaxies. Eternal darkness would encapsulate and reign forever.

A Letter To The Vatican

Swallowed Paradox
According to the holy scriptures of the bible mankind was flawless in the beginning until Adam and Eve sinned against the Lord almighty by breaking his commandment. Apparently it was Eve who was the first to swallow the tempted fruit of knowledge, thus in turn allowing sin to enter the world. God warned Adam and Eve away from the apple of knowledge for a reason only known to the almighty. Let’s break down what the apple of knowledge represents logically. It is my understanding that the word knowledge attached to the tempted fruit is a metaphor for the notion of being self-aware and the birth of the conscious mind. If this calculation is accurate then what state was Eve in before embracing self-awareness of consciousness? It is logical to deduce that Eve’s mind was in an opposite state to consciousness? which may render Eve as an empty body shell of unconsciousness incapable of any mental, physical, spiritual or emotional action of free will. If you accept this, then imagine Eve laying in eternal slumber of unconsciousness on Eden’s ground floor beside the tree of knowledge. Now ask yourself, how is it physically possible to pluck the apple from the tree and eat it without being consciously self-aware.

Deicide or Salvation?
It is known that Jesus died for our sins. What does this mean? It suggests to me that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down his life so mankind could be forgiven for previous sin and ascend to heaven if they follow Jesus’ message. If Jesus died so all unholy ways of god (Sin) could be absolved by purity, meaning Jesus’ sacrifice. Then this suggests to me the upon Jesus’ passing from this world ascending to reside with his farther that mankind would end sin and born would be a harmonious world. We know this never happened due to the current state of earth being a turbulent and violent one. So if Jesus died to abolish sin and sin is still apparent today. This suggests to me that God ask his son to die for an irrelevant purpose. Ask yourself this question. Why would the almighty sacrifice his only begotten son to die for nothing? Common sense tells that Jesus who is the bread of man and the life of existence was crucified on cut down trees, which is also life. Sacrificing life on life to me doesn’t suggest a glorious passage to heaven but a sadistic plan. If we imagine the earth without mortal life upon it, meaning harmony void of creational violence for what ever justified purpose, we could deduce that the almighty is a loving god as it clearly states in the bible. So if sacrificing life with life is sadistic or of no good intention at all, then how do we explain the paradox of sadism (Crucifixion of Christ) being the very will of a loving father, god?

The Eighth Sin
In Catholicism they preach a monotheistic God meaning there is only one almighty. It reads in the bible that God is a loving god, which spiritually suggests all of God decisions fundamentally derive from love. The bible in equal tone also pronounces God a jealous creator. What is jealousy? Jealously to a lesser extent is the word for envy. What is envy? Envy is an abomination of spirit perhaps? Those who are envious are a hindrance to mankind, as they do not share the spirit of admiration leading to inspiration. They despise the muse for not giving them what they think is due to them. Basically I concur that envy was made one of the seven deadly sins because in essence it is a corrupted state of the very foundation of life, inspiration. Envious people think enlightenment is due to them by the muse at their discretion. When in fact it is earned. Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, the holy word of instruction to mankind. These rules for humanity in essence instruct man of what God abhors in his children, sin. The modern interpretive of the Ten Commandments is the seven deadly sins. By this rationality we can deduce that jealousy is envy and envy is sin. Now the passage from bible that states unequivocally God is a jealous or an envious God, is preaching that our Lord is a sinner.

666 – The Stolen
If Catholicism were a child in the playground it would be the bully, why? The essence of a bully is to attack something they don’t agree with and seldom understand. Catholicism has ridiculed other practices of faith and turned their deities into slave gods. Calling them slave gods isn’t me suggesting that Catholicism was right in their embrace of their neighbours source of love, peace and inspiration with derogatory insults, its quite the opposite in fact. Most people are aware that the number 666 is the devil’s number. In fact 666 is originally the magical square root number for the Sun to ancient Egyptians. Basically 666 is the number to represent Ra, the Sun God and as people should know the Sun is light and fire that is one of earth four elements. Another reason why 666 is a magical number is its link to the star of David, the Jewish prophet. Now the Star of David has six outside points, six triangles and in the heart of the star is a hexagram, which has six sides. So you see as well as the Star of David representing the Almighty’s holy word to the Jews and embracing female and male unity, it also honours Ra’s number. Thus in turn honouring the Sun as a fundamental part of continued

existence. The proverbial Catholic bully also slandered the Pagan goat God of comedy Pan by rendering his image to be that of Satan. There are many more images of deities throughout world who Catholics have betrayed by turning them into inferior Gods, hence “Slave Gods.” The fundamental message of Christ is to honour and love thy neighbour. This message is true to me as it’s the very essence of which creation sustains life. So if we love our neighbour then why should offend there faith by mocking their beliefs of divinity?

Crucifix Or Prayer?
The crucifix is the cornerstone of the catholic faith. And is also the same revered symbol of many other divided denominations of Christ. What does the crucifix represent from the church’s standpoint? According to my interpretation the bible’s message, the crucifix shows and demonstrates Jesus’ love for mankind. When Yeshweh or Jesus as he’s better known today died on the cross he granted his fathers (God’s) children the possibility of inheriting the kingdom of heaven. For those who honour and believe in Christ’s message of acceptance, tolerance and love for thy neighbours. This is why the crucifix is embraced to be one of the most important aspects of Jesus’ life. Knowing this fact begs the question, what would the church consider more holy to God. Option 1 is the crucifix and option 2 is a statue of Jesus praying? The obvious choice would be the crucifix as it proves Jesus’ overwhelming love for mankind. Alas, I would choose the statue of Jesus praying, why? The statue of Jesus praying shows his communication and love for almighty God his father.

Cross To Bare
The crucifix is revered by most denominations of Christ to be the most important aspect and holy of the bible’s teachings. I suggest that the practicing faiths’ of Christ may like to embrace the Celtic Cross to be just as significant, if not more holy. If you’re not familiar with the Celtic Cross then I suggest you type it into a search engine via the internet of an image search facility. The Celtic Cross has a circle, a cross and four holes.

The circle to me represents infinity as it’s never-ending. So in turn we can deduce the circle is a symbol for the Almighty. The cross represents Jesus, the Son of God. Therefore to calculate rationally the four holes are a sign for the Holy Spirit and the four elements of earth. Which we all know are water, earth, wind and fire. That all sustain life and have the capability to destroy life. So to tie up the Celtic Cross is a poignant symbol because it represents and dignifies the Trinity and Earth united.

Destiny’s Fate
Some believe that the path of life is a bunch of collective random choices we dictate through our own free will. I personally believe in destiny and fate. What is destiny? Destiny is the choice and fate is the outcome of choice. Let’s pretend that our best friend Tylea has invited us to catch the latest screening of a movie blockbuster. The destiny here is to decide what our answer will be. You can change your mind a million and one times, but whatever answer you arrive at was always going to be that response. If our choice of destiny chooses to see the movie and we meet with Tylea at the cinema then this is the outcome, fate. Let’s for arguments sake say there is a god. A common held perception of the almighty is that the supreme being is all-knowing. Realizing this mean that God knows every choice, outcome, decision and everything else about your history, present and future. So to deduce is to say that the Almighty is aware of everything creation will do in its calculated life. So you see there is no free will to God just the illusion of choice. So destiny becomes the most intriguing aspect in our so called freedom.

Afterlife Aftermath Theory
Why do people look to religion? My guess is because they’re seeking truth about the world in which we live. Or maybe it’s to worship a deity or to connect to the understanding of the afterlife. No doubt you have read religious material to comprehend a little better the afterlife.

What comes next is my own personal theory in explaining the grandiosity of life and death questions. This theory is called “Afterlife Aftermath.” This encompasses beliefs from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Throughout life we accumulate karma. Karma is basically spiritual currency. When we sow a good deed we receive a karma point. When we act in a cruel way or a way against the core decency of humanity we gain an immorality point. If upon death you’ve ascertained more negative immorality points than karma points, then the Reaper takes your soul-energy to the spirit world which surrounds the earth. Where it can be given another chance of life hence reincarnation. If you’ve earned more karma points then you bypass the spirit-world and enter heaven. So eventually by the law of averages everyone makes the journey to nirvana. Some just take longer than others to achieve eternal bliss. I believe those who have undergone reincarnation face the same challenges as before. The one thing we’re given to help us avoid being transported back to the spirit-world upon death is a conscience. When we have an important decision to make, also known as “An attack of conscience” This is your previous life or lives communicating previous chosen decisions. If you have a choice to make and the feeling you receive is ultimately a bad one, this is a spirit-world link. Letting you know that you’ve travelled this path previously and it is of no good because you have been reborn back onto earth again. If the feeling is a good one then I advise you follow it because it may lead to more karma point building. Or it may mean that you’ve ignored this path to righteousness before. We are born with free will which is taken to mean freedom of choice. To coincide with this we are given the spirit-world negotiator, the conscience. Which is also an individual dictator of morality which is given to a living entity to chose and decide their own path. Also perceived as the duality of instinct. “Life is what you make it!”

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