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2 Prologue
6 Chapter 1 A Tutor’s Lot
13 Chapter 2 The Dawning Change
26 Chapter 3 The Distant Light
34 Chapter 4 The Fog of Confusion
43 Chapter 5 - Emerging Power
48 Chapter 6 A Clean Sweep
50 Chapter 7 The Start of the Beginning
58 Chapter 8 The Little Bang
63 Chapter 9 Upside Down Reality
67 Chapter 10 Diana’s World
71 Chapter 11 The Dark Realm
74 Chapter 12 Diana’s World Expands
83 Chapter 13 The Rainbow Sparkles
92 Chapter 14 Winds of Change
100 Chapter 15 The Blue School
105 Chapter 16 The Winds of Change Blow Harder
116 Chapter 17 The Storm Breaks
123 Chapter 18 The Rise of the Matriarchs
128 Chapter 19 Darkness at Noon
134 Chapter 20 Life in the Sixth
143 Chapter 21 The Gateway of Consciousness
159 Conclusion
160 Epilogue


At a certain frequency it is possible to pass through the Zero Point Field
from another cosmos – I have no intention of revealing this frequency, but I
thought I ought to come this side to explain the presence of this other cosmos.
When the big bang occurred at the beginning of everything, not one but two
cosmoses were created, an ‘implicate’ one composed of antimatter and an
‘explicate’ one of matter.
This story takes place in both these realms, which are mirror images of each
other; they have to be because the implicate created the explicate, the actualisation
of its creative desire. But the most important feature of our two cosmoses is that
we are one; we are two halves of a whole, which is itself the actualisation of a
creative desire we call Source – I’m sure they will bring that up, it’s the head
waters of consciousness.
Although not obvious the explicate cosmos, your half, is a fluid reality
incorporating its past in the present,constantly being updated or expanding.
Fluid, nuts! I hear you say; when you bang your fist on the table, you know it’s
not fluid. The point is it’s the power of the implicate realm, our half, the
formative matrix that gives it its hardness, it’s not the atoms of physical matter, it’s
what holds them together, the vibration frequency, that makes it hard; it’s what
gives an atomic bomb its bang. This fluidity plays a part in the story because the
implicate cosmos is constantly creating the explicate one and some of you can do
this too but don’t know it. I might get a chance to cover that later if I can get a
word in edgewise – this is not my story I’m only here to see fair play, no
underhand suggestions and that sort of thing.
These two cosmoses are separated by a small frequency or vibration
difference, but occupy the same time/space/reality coordinates, commonly called
the Zero Point (part of “String Theory”), which emphasises the adage “You can’t
take it with you when you go”. .

There are higher realms of frequency in the implicate cosmos but what they
get up to is above my pay grade. Our story takes place in the lower realms.
At the heart of creation are the laws of persistence; they came with the bang
and are what the myth is about. Put simply, for anything to persist, it must be in
equilibrium. However, there must be an affinity between the parts and the whole,
a desire by the parts for the persistence of the whole – a sense of oneness, and the
parts have creative freedom to respond to their affinity for the equilibrium of the
An atom might express it this way, “An atom can get lonely out in the
quantum vacuum, never sure whether you are a particle or a wave, but as part of a
lump of rock it’s ‘we’, we may not be the best, the most interesting lump, but it is
‘us’ and that’s a nice feeling! However, as ‘us’ we need to have creative freedom
to respond to this desire for persistence, it’s the creative freedom we share with the
others in our “high fives all round”, which is the affinity that comes with being
‘us’ – it’s a good life
These laws are simple, philosophers call them an “actualisation
hierarchy” if you are interested in that sort of thing, you are not? No, nor am I,
but they hang together like this: -


Creativity Affinity

This is the symbol of persistence for everything, from a single cell to the
whole cosmos . Centuries ago it was a carefully kept secret; these days you can
see it on the back of a US dollar bill. Every living thing persists by this means and
survival is the name of the game, which is why the laws of persistence were built
into the bang - without them, the Bang would have been pointless, and in system
terms, this is a total feedback system constantly maintaining the persistence of
everything from an atom to a galaxy. It’s so total it’s like a hologram in which
even the tiniest part has a picture of the whole and as the whole expands – you’ve
guessed it, the part has the picture and knows where it fits in the expansion; like a
bumble bee flitting from flower to flower is aware of its place in the cosmos and at
times, when you are not worrying about this or that, so do you.
There are a lot of ‘celestial beings’ in the story some of them aren’t so smart
– actually, they are you and me in different roles, we all have a place. At times,
we bang on the glass, so to speak, between the two cosmoses but lots of people
can’t hear us, which is why I have come this side for a short while.
Of course, there are others, mighty, awe inspiring beings of great power
who know their way around, but I understand they don’t feature much in the story
– they stay above the rough and tumble of the lower orders. Personally I like the
hurly burly of the lower orders, they are a matey lot - the women can be a bit
tricky at times and when they have got themselves in a fine old tizzy over
something they expect us to sort it out: (or are they just finding employment for
us?). But all in all, I wouldn’t be without them. Actually I have a suspicion this
story is being told by them; they have some clever ways of getting you to do what
they want but it’s too difficult for me to work out. Give me the simple life where a
spade is a spade. So I will hand over to the chaps with their story – I may get the
odd word in edgewise later.

Chapter 1 – A Tutor’s Lot

It was one of those murky late November Saturday afternoons when people
had begun to accept that there were only “24 days to Christmas”.
A young man in jeans, T-shirt, and trainers lounged against the wall above
the canopy of the old Odeon cinema, now a discount warehouse. His name was
Jacob he was the new pupil of the Guide Tutor, Gerald.
“Hi man!”
“Ah there you are” said Gerald his worn brown habit flapping around him as
he arrived. “By the way, I don’t want to make a big thing of this but I do prefer to
be addressed as Master. Anyway, to work, why do you think I have asked you to
meet me here?”
Jacob had come upright and was looking down the High Street at the throng
of shoppers. “Dunno”, he said, “to look at this lot I suppose”.
“Exactly”, said Gerald, “and what do you see?”
“A stinking stream of humanity, jostling each other in pursuit of their own
self-serving objectives”
Gerald was taken aback by the cynicism of the phrase. “Where on earth did
you pick that up, weren’t you taught about the ‘joyful holism of humankind’ in
Jacob and Gerald were celestial beings; both had spent many lives on earth.
On the last occasion, Jacob had miscalculated a bend on his motorbike and Gerald
had been the revered senior housemaster at a prep school. Jacob had a lot to learn
and to Gerald, seemed as celestial as two short planks. He was lanky with unruly
dark hair, a head and shoulders taller than Gerald and had a slight stoop but,
inspite of his casual manner there was an alert gleam in his eye. He had what
might be called “cynical realism” as his guiding principle. Gerald on the other
hand was having difficulty maintaining his celestial composure in the face of this
cynicism and had developed a heightened colour.

Gerald could charitably be described as short and ‘burly’, he could have
returned to the lithe athletic figure of his youth but, to be frank, he was overweight
and enjoyed this “burliness”. He always wore a monk’s habit, which suited his
rotund figure and his kindly nature commanded the respect of his students – there
were of course times when he “robustly expressed his disapprobation” but there
was a kindliness even in this.
“Were you not taught the basics of holism” Gerald asked.
“Yeah, they had lectures on the holism of humankind but I couldn’t make
sense of it so I skipped most of them”.
Gerald’s despair deepened at the standard of pupils from Primary these days
“I’m afraid you have a lot to learn”, he said sadly. “Let’s get on, what can
you see?”
“A woman with a pushchair with a toddler beside her, a man in a smart coat
and behind him an old couple hand in hand, also three young men making a bit of
a racket”.
“But what else can you see?”
“Lots more people, but what am I looking for?”
“Look more closely. Did you see the young women with the pushchair stop
briefly in front of the shoe shop and look wistfully at some shoes? Now look at
her toddler looking up at her, he’s concerned about the look of bleak despair in her
eyes. If you are going to be any use as a guide, you have got to be able to see
these things. What about the man behind her?”
“From the way his jaw is working, he seems to be wrestling with a problem.
Now he seems to have made up his mind. He’s turned into the florists”.
“Yes, we will drop in on him to see what was on his mind”.
The smart coated man asked the assistant for a flower like a dandelion. The
nearest we have is a marigold she said, would you like a bunch. No, I only want
one, wrap it with a bow. He paid and left.
Back on the canopy Gerald said, “Well I don’t know what to make of that.
What about the old couple?”
“They seem contented but they are not talking to each other”.

“You can’t see it”, said Gerald, “but they are having a conversation through
their hands. What about the three young men?”
“They reckon they are the new kids on the block because they know how to
pull the chicks?”
“That’s better”, said Gerald, “from their behaviour now, you wouldn’t think
it, but a couple of years ago they were probably scared of girls”.
“Anyway, I wanted to see how much you could detect by observation and
frankly, I am not impressed, you need to develop empathy for people, it’s the
holism thing. I don’t know what they teach in Primary these days but I think we
must start at the beginning. We will follow the young woman with her toddler for
closer observation”

The young woman was wearing a winter coat, which looked, from its style,
that it could have been her mother’s. She pulled the pushchair up five steps to a
dilapidated green door and entered with her toddler. In front of her was an
uncarpeted staircase which she ascended with the folded pushchair, and opened a
door into what at first sight was a bedsit but closer examination showed it to be a
small flat with a kitchen-bathroom and a bedroom alcove covered by a curtain.
“So what can you tell from this Jacob?”
“It’s a mess. Look at that paintwork, the window has a pane missing where
the cardboard is and the furniture has seen better days. It would only take a couple
of postulates to put this right for her”.
Creation in the implicate realm was done by postulated mock-ups that could
be made explicate (solid) and Jacob was blown away by his introduction to this
ability - only to be used with the permission of his tutor. It was a guide’s
emergency form of assistance when looking after their ‘care’ subject..
“Don’t you dare? You must at least have learnt that in Primary; everything
in a person’s space is the way it is because they want it that way, any change can
only be brought about if the care subject specifically asks for it, prayers and that
sort of thing, and even then it has to be a very specific request”.
“But you must be joking, who would want to live like this?”

“You weren’t taught about game play were you”, sighed Gerald; “we really
are at square one. Life is a game and you set your own rules which you come here
to test. The harder you make the circumstances, the more challenging the game.
It’s like setting the high jump bar. This is a courageous young woman. People
often wonder why people born into hardship succeed so well.
“By the way, do you see the toddler has that man’s marigold? He probably
wanted to be disparaging to some one, thought better of it and threw it away.
She’s put it in a mug of water. It looks a bit worse for wear, give it a couple of
drops of love, no more or it will last for months, then there will be people from the
local press round and experts giving opinions”.
“There that’s bucked it up”, said Jacob.
“A touch too radiant for my liking”, said Gerald, “it will be noticed”. The
administering of love by guides was a major means of assistance; it was this that
made a guide’s role so rewarding.
“What are you two doing here?” The voice was loud deep and threatening.
The figure was impressively dressed in a Saracens flowing robes with a
magnificent turban set with a large gem.
Gerald turned suddenly, “I do beg your pardon Ali I didn’t realise she was
one of yours. This is my new pupil Jacob, I brought him here to follow up some
conjectures we were making, I am sure you understand trying to get new pupils
observation training is difficult these days”.
The Saracen was obviously displeased, “I had to attend a meting, I turn my
back, and the placed is full of bloody voyeurs. Her grandmother is due any
moment and if she sees us here mob handed, she will raise the roof, so clear off!”
“I thought he was a bit brusque”, said Jacob later; “after all we are in the
“He was a bit”, said Gerald “but probably he loves her dearly and no doubt
they have been together for many lifetimes; it is usual”.
“Actually, the Saracen has quite a reputation. At conferences, he does not
say much but when he does people listen. He is one of the most experienced
guides, could have ascended to higher planes long ago, but has always preferred to
stay with his flock, I think he has a team of six or seven assistants now”.
“Scary sort of chap to work for”, said Jacob.
“Not if you don’t make blatantly stupid mistakes. But I don’t think you
need worry about that, his team are a very high-class bunch. You would have to
be A+, and some, to be invited to join them”.
“I think that is enough for now”, said Gerald “I’m off to the club. I want
you to read up on game play for our next meeting and by the way, use your index
finger when administering love, not your thumb”
. * * *
The Club Gerald referred to was in fact the Senior Common Room of the
College of Tutors, but by general consent had been constituted a club to allow
membership from other faculties. The exchange of ideas in a relaxed atmosphere
had proved valuable in averting discord.
“Lord what a tutorial I just don’t know what they teach in Primary these
days – yes make mine a double and put yours on my chit. It is almost impossible
to know where to start these days. You ask the simplest question and get a blank
“Come on Gerald you know you are the same with every new pupil, in no
time you will be singing his praises to me”.
“It is all right for you with a comfortable lecture hall and students hanging
on every word”.
Andrew was tall with hawk like features and noted for his acerbic comments
his lectures were always well attended and were noted for his dry ironic wit –
“When you come to a fork in the road, take it” was his laconic introduction to
systems analysis.
“This young man”, Gerald said “is different, he has a distinctly bolshie
streak. I don’t know who selected him but I think they were conned. He never
addresses me as Master. Actually, I don’t mind that. Much of that old school
nonsense was a bit pretentious to my mind. I have told him to read up on game
play for our next tutorial, anything new in that field?”
“Well there is”, said Andrew “but I don’t know if it is strictly in that field.
A chap from the Auditors has put up an interesting paper in their journal
suggesting there is an emerging ploy he has called The Double Postulate ploy.
The user mocks up a fairly standard life for an unchallenging game and then buries
a hidden postulate that he is actually a very wealthy or powerful man, something
like that. No one knows how to deal with this chap; they have found one. He is
intolerably cheerful, has “clout”, (a considerable presence), shuns all assistance,
doesn’t have a guide, and goes around with this silly grin all the time, knowing he
has ’got it made’”.
“Is he having a good life, I mean is he having fun because it sounds like a
good ploy to me if he is”.
“Yes he’s having fun all right but he is not ‘getting on’. Not making any
“Andrew”! Gerald said, “I would never have thought it of you, but you have
a strong streak of the protestant work ethic, I thought that had been left behind
long ago, the ‘Life is serious, life is earnest’ doctrine was going out in my young
day. Enjoyment of life is the new achievement target”. Oh. There’s Ali, I trod on
his toes a bit earlier on I must offer him a drink. See you later”.

One of the Saracen’s outstanding features was a magnificent beard, which
he tended to stroke when in deep thought. He was doing this now whilst talking to
the club President, Gerald hesitated but Ali beckoned him over to join them.
“Greetings to you both”, said Gerald “but I won’t interrupt your
“No, that’s quite all right”, said the President “we were just discussing the
arrangements for The Speaker’s visit”
“Good Lord we don’t get many visits from on high”, said Gerald. “To get
The Speaker is a feather in your cap President”
“Actually he owes me one”, said the President, “I got his boy a place in the
College of Theoretical Physics, well not actually his boy about ten generations
removed but he has always had an interest in genealogy”.
“So, we can look forward to a fine dinner, the best wines, and an
entertaining after dinner speaker”, enquired Gerald.

“That was just what I was talking to Ali about, he is so good as an after
dinner speaker, don’t you think Gerald. I am trying to persuade him to take the
Gerald tried to judge the Saracen’s reactions to the invitation and decided he
was a little flattered and with some encouragement would agree.
“I should say so, I remember a standing ovation after your last” (it was not
standing but did go on for a some time).
The President grasped the straw gratefully, “I really think you must, we do
have to put on a good show”. Ali agreed, “Oh very well then, put me down for it”

Chapter 2 – The Dawning Change

Life in the College of Tutors was well ordered and comfortable. It had been
founded at the height of the Cromwellian Republic when a more secular approach
was seen to be necessary. Prior to that time, local tribal interests of guides had
played a significant part in prolonging discord between the Catholics and the
The Chancellor, a strong personality, had been an outstanding Tutor,
many now on higher planes had benefited from his experience and wisdom.
Gerald’s rooms were well appointed, he had inherited a magnificent library
from his predecessor and was attended by two faithful servants of the old school,
Peggy the cook housekeeper, and a manservant who liked to think of himself as
the butler and preferred to be addressed by his surname, Bailey. They lived in
comfortable harmony, all knowing, and keeping, their place in this little hierarchy.
After lunch Gerald decided to look up the paper in “The Auditors
Proceedings” which Andrew, his long-standing friend, had mentioned; the ‘Double
Postulate Ploy’ was an intriguing insight into the mind of an Auditor, just like an
accountant he thought.
He was also sure, when he had read the article twice, that not all had been
revealed about this particular game ploy. There was another game behind this he
was certain but for the life of him he could not see the entry point, until he had a
sudden flash of insight, the hidden postulate was in another realm, like a self-
serving businessman having Christian principles which he kept as another reality
(the implicate hierarchy had a number of realms, all were higher frequencies of
antimatter. It was not possible to have contradictory postulates operating in the
same realm). This man was playing in two adjacent realms. In fact, he must have
a considerable command of reality to do that, in which case it was a higher
frequency realm, Indigo, or something akin. In fact, Indigo would do very well; it
was the Moon path to magic and the imagination; most appropriate. He decided to
have a word with Andrew.
Later it dawned on Gerald when outlining his thoughts to Andrew, this
person was an ‘incomer’, his true mock up was in the adjacent realm from where
he derived his power and what he was presenting here was a substitute, a carefully
crafted mock-up.
Andrew was predictably outraged at this flouting of convention, but he
grudgingly admitted he had to admire the man if that was the case; he was “double
channelled” he could exercise power in both realms and could certainly pull rank
on any of us. However, his benign cheerful manner suggested he was ‘hooked up’
to the higher ethics, not like that maverick Aleister Crowley for all his erudition.
They decided they ought to have a word with the Chancellor and agreed
they should speak to him after dinner.
The port had passed twice when Andrew gave Gerald a nod across the table;
the Chancellor was beginning to fidget with his napkin and seemed glad of the
interruption. He suggested they go to his study, which was lined with portraits of
past Chancellors.
When they had outlined their thoughts the Chancellor opened a desk drawer
and drew out a paper with the Auditors crest clearly visible.
“This is between us alone for the present. I have received a letter from the
Chancellor of Auditors, James, a good man, who has expressed similar concerns to
yours. I have no quarrel with the creative endeavours of this dual realm man. Like
you Gerald, I admire his creative abilities. My only concern is maintaining the
equilibrium here, which, as you know is dependant on the bond of affinity, if that
bond is weakened or absent, then the creative power of this individual could be
like a loose cannon”.
“The first thing I want to know is more, much more, about this man and
Gerald I think that should be your job. Andrew I want you to research the system
bifurcation that is implied with a two-realm scenario. At some point this
alternative reality may flood in and disrupt the status quo. In the meantime, I will
ask The Speaker if he would raise the matter at the next Conclave. Gerald I must
congratulate you on your perspicacity but like you I cannot see the entry point –
Andrew include that in your research, there must be a cross over point at which
this bifurcation of reality occurs”.
* * *
Jacob was full of Game Theory when next they met, which confirmed
Gerald’s earlier thought that Jacob had swanned his way through Primary and
winged it at his final viva – you had to be pretty smart to do that so perhaps there
was more to this lad than he had thought.
“We have a special assignment that has put my earlier plans on hold but I
am glad you have read up game theory, because we are going to see if a person,
who has been identified to me, is playing a new game, something outside the
ordinary. This new game has been called The Double Postulate Ploy in which a
being mocks up an ordinary life as a cover and then has a hidden postulate about
his actual status that may be in an adjacent realm. Alternatively, his main mock up
may be in this adjacent realm and what we have here is a simulation – running a
body from another realm than ours”. I think I might tease the Auditors with a
“Cuckoo in the Nest” article. They are supposed to ‘guard us’ against this sort of
thing and have this enormous “resources budget”!
“This sounds like a potential system bifurcation, ” said Jacob “that should be
interesting. There were some references to that in my reading, but I got the idea
no one had properly looked into the possible developments. “Too improbable to
be taken seriously was the verdict” – suspiciously short-sighted”.
“Well that is what we are going to ‘look into’”, said Gerald.
“Do we know anything about possible adjacent realms”, said Jacob.
“Yes there is one called Indigo which has a slightly higher frequency than
ours, in the ultra-violet range and more dense than ours. All these realms fit
together like Russian Dolls but for those who can live at these higher frequencies
its ok. We think our man may be an incomer from Indigo, but why he should
bother is beyond me”.
“What about tourism Gerald sorry, Master”, said Jacob, “come to see the
natives in their natural habitat?”
“Unlikely for a higher being”, said Gerald.
“Is this being going to be more powerful than us if we confront him and
what should we do if we upset him”, said Jacob with some concern.

“No need to worry about that”, said Gerald,” the higher the order of being
the more he values his equanimity; he will probably be very courteous”.
“By the way, I don’t want this talked about in the pupils’ common room; the
whole matter has gone to higher planes”.
“What we have to find out is why he is here and is he teaching others the
Double postulate game ploy. If there were a significant number of players we
would have to review our whole approach to guiding people. Like Diana, that
young mother the Saracen guides, she could counter postulate her whole life game
and the challenge of her situation would be blown. It would take months to set up
another. I know Ali, that’s the Saracen’s name, would be put out with an Indigo
being on his hands, even with his team. He would have to work hard to maintain
her affinity to keep her creative power in alignment”
“What would happen if she could switch to Indigo power”, said Jacob?
“Because Indigo has a slightly higher frequency than us it is more powerful,
so anyone using an image made in the Indigo realm can give it more power on the
planet – speed up events, that sort of thing. No harm in that and fun for them but it
would upset the equilibrium of the planet. These guys would shoot to the top with
their power for telepathy, healing, and understanding things that were beyond that
of the others. It would be like changing the rules of the game in the middle of a
match or bringing on a seven foot substitute”.
“Anyway, to work!”
“Do we know the name of this man?”
“No but I think we will call him Mr Cheerful apparently he is always
They came to what used to be called a leafy suburb in Betjemans’ day, now
slowly metamorphosing into a conurbation. The house was an unpretentious pre-
war semi like the rest of the road.
“I think we will just go in”, said Gerald, “if he can detect our presence we
will have the first important piece of information for the Chancellor”.
Mr Cheerful was making a pot of coffee and singing in a pleasant baritone
what sounded like a Verdi aria. Taking his coffee into the living room, where they

stood, he placed the pot on the table, poured himself a mug full, and then without
looking up said” I thought we might meet at some time”
Jacob was completely taken aback, a human being had never directly
addressed him before; he quite liked his voyeuristic celestial status.
Gerald was half prepared for this and recovered quickly,
“Good day to you sir,
“I have noticed a lot of your people around here”, said Mr Cheerful, “the
place is knee deep in guides, all worthy beings I am sure, but I have gone out of
my way to avoid disturbing them”.
“Would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions”, said Gerald
“No, go ahead”.
“We suspect, sorry surmise, you may have bifurcated the system and have
two different realities, and would I be correct in assuming your second is with the
Indigo realm”.
“Very perspicacious of you. By the way you are?”
“Gerald and this is my pupil Jacob”
“Gerald, a good name, medieval I believe”.
“They say so but in recent times the power of the name has diminished, for
which I am grateful, it used to be an embarrassment”.
“Now to your questions or should I say surmises. The answer to both is yes,
and the answer to your unasked question is also yes, I am here on business”.
“I thought that might be the case, tourism as a possibility seemed a little
pointless, although it is all the rage here”, said Gerald. “So, might I enquire the
nature of your business?”
“I’m afraid there I have to draw a line Gerald, I am not at liberty to disclose
that at this time. But it is as you suppose to do with an approaching system
bifurcation crisis”.
“As you know, these things are not predictable. It is all to do with the
amount of random certainty present, which appears to be increasing. We have
found your man Rene Thom’s ‘Crisis Mathematics’ quite useful in calculating
certainty but it needs refining. If you know his work you will know things persist

beyond the point of their usefulness by their own momentum and the sudden loss
of certainty in their value causes a crisis. It is this crisis that is our concern”
Gerald noted the use of ‘our’ with interest.
“Yes, I know this has been of concern with our own higher planes he said
which is presumably the same for you.. Is there a developed strategy by your
people for such an event?”
“Not yet, so far as I know said Mr Cheerful, but to be frank I would not be
party to such deliberations. My role is not unlike yours Gerald, an intelligent
“Thank you”, said Gerald, “I think we have taken too much of your time
already but would you mind if I called from time to time to exchange thoughts on
the matter?”
“I should be pleased to have your company; it tends to be a little lonely here.
Most of the beings around here only appear to be running their genetic entity’s
survival strategy; maintaining the human race and collecting mass. Fortunately for
me, their levels of awareness are surprisingly low, I put it down to their education,
the schools seem very rigid in their materialistic teaching, and the spiritual
teaching appears to be clogged up with doctrine”.
“That is a criticism we have to accept”, said Gerald. “We have been trying
and are seeing some signs of progress. Like you, I do not have access to higher
plane deliberations. One must hope strategies have been developed”.
“Before I go may I ask how long you plan to stay for this visit”.
“Not long, one or two of these month things your people use, but I will
return after my report”.
“Thank you, you have been most helpful. By the way, we dubbed you Mr
Cheerful but may I know your name”.
“Of course, not surprisingly I have two. Here I chose Bill, it is common and
seems to fit in with this milieu, but if you were to ask for me in Indigo, it would be
Galan. Like you, I have served as a tutor there and a very long time ago I did a
stint here, which is one of the reasons I was asked to come”.

* * *
In the Chancellor’s study, Andrew and Gerald both gave their summaries of
their findings.
The Chancellor said,” Andrew this is your subject, what would be the
outcome of this bifurcation this Galan chap is here to monitor. As I understand it,
the Indigo realms is concerned that people on the planet could pull in Indigo
powers and alter the whole game”
“But that has always been the case”, said Gerald. “Magic, witchcraft,
shamanism, has always been available. I think there is something else afoot”
“Could it be these potential powers are already present and Galan is here to
see if they are becoming active”, said the Chancellor.
“He did say he could not disclose his reason for being here”, said Gerald.
“Andrew”, said the Chancellor, “ brief me on the mechanics. These people
at the bifurcation point switch to the Indigo reality and can then pull in the Indigo
powers, is that it”.
“That’s it” said Andrew. “The thing is, reality is only an agreement. The
bifurcation point is a reality flip: what was once impossible like magic, suddenly
becomes possible. Once there is sufficient agreement that it is so, everyone can do
it – like the 4-minute mile barrier, once it is broken it is no longer a barrier. I think
Indigo are waiting for a dam burst.
“If they are waiting, what are they waiting for”, said Gerald,” some
triggering event”?
“Andrew”, said the Chancellor “if there was a triggering event in the offing
that might be like a dam burst what would we need to do?”
“As it has not happened it has not reached dam burst proportions, I would be
inclined to set off a small shock, a ‘social tremor’ like a seismic sounding
explosion. It is sometimes wise to provoke a crisis rather than being overtaken by
a cataclysmic event”, said Andrew.
“And how would you create this seismic tremor”, said the Chancellor.
“As I said reality is an agreement. Within everyone’s own ‘universe’ they
have their own privately created realities, some of them really strange – conspiracy
theories and so on – now imagine if one of these strange realities was an Indigo
one, “that reality could be modified by postulates and was not fixed but fluid”. If
this was demonstrated by our subject practitioner (we have got to find one), we
could then test the public reaction of a small sample. If the idea, instead of being
derided or dismissed with spurious explanations, was acknowledged as ‘real’ we
might be closer to the bifurcation point than we realised. It is a matter of how
much certainty is invested in any given reality and how much random certainty
exists to support alternatives – there aren’t as many old fogeys around these days
with fixed certainties”
Gerald said, “I am concerned that the practitioner proposing an alternative
reality might suffer derision and become a social outcast like these holocaust
deniers, especially in the American Bible Belt. May I suggest we use a child as the
practitioner,’ out of the mouths of babes and sucklings etc…”
“A good point”, said the Chancellor “but I must take this to a higher plane
for clearance, we would be interfering in social norms”

Gerald and Andrew returned to Gerald’s rooms to reflect on the discussion
with the Chancellor.
Gerald said, “I think you should meet Galan. I believe he would approve
our child subject test because it would fit in with the information he has been
asked to get, the level of random certainty present, and presumably the rate of
change in reality.
I think you would like him; I bet he knows some tricks of the tutoring trade
we have yet to discover”.
“When I mentioned a child, it has just come back to me; the toddler child of
Diana that Ali is guiding would be an ideal subject. They are a poor ‘lower class’
family by their lights – she has set up a pretty tough game plan, so the reception by
the media people has to be kid glove stuff, you don’t knock a person when they are
down is a fairly general rule and should protect the child. If they made him into a
celebrity we would have to pull the programme but who knows what would
happen if he did achieve the system bifurcation Galan’s people seem to be
preparing for, he might even trigger the crisis point Indigo is worried about. I can’t
put my finger on it but Galan seems to be waiting for a specific event.

“I think we should add that thought in our report to the Chancellor” said
Andrew, “it is a certainty the Conclave knowing them will want a ‘full report’”.
Gerald said, “It is likely the Chancellor he has already discussed the possible
risk of triggering the crisis point with this child: he is a wise old bird”.
“So when are we going to see Galan”, said Andrew?
“Right now if you are free. A bit late but probably like us he doesn’t need
much sleep” said Gerald.
Gerald coughed politely as he and Andrew stood in Bill’s sitting room. He
was engrossed in reading a weighty looking report but turned with a welcoming
“Galan may I introduce my old friend Professor Andrew Lovell. He is very
knowledgeable in the field of system analysis and has written a number of books,
the latest “The Place of Counter Postulates in Confusion” is a best seller”.
“I am delighted to meet you Professor Lovell”.
“Andrew please, Gerald has spoken very highly of you”.
“And what may I do for you both? Nice as it is to see you, I am sure at this
time of night this is not a social call”.
Gerald outlined their thoughts about testing the amount of random certainty
by intuitively giving a child some ability to create small reality changes and
contrasting this with the rigidity of the fixed certainties. This would test the
credibility of those around him. In this way it would be possible to see how much
random certainty was available for a major change and, by implication, how close
they were to the bifurcation point.
“It struck us it would be valuable information for your report and that you
might also be interested in helping us to develop the child’s awareness”, suggested
“I cannot possibly make a decision like that, it borders too closely on
interfering with a subjects free will”, said Galan. “And if I take it back to be
considered on a higher plane it is possible their answer will be ‘as you are
sojourning in the Rainbow realm you must abide by their rules and customs’”

“But if the plan is approved by our Conclave”, said Gerald “you would be
fireproof so to speak: so far as the Indigo Conclave was concerned you would be
abiding by our rules”.
“Put like that”, said Galan “I suppose the answer must be yes. The
information would be valuable for my report”.
“We hope to hear soon that it has been approved”, said Gerald. “On the
assumption we get approval, would you be willing to assist us”.
“I must say the idea is not without merit”, said Galan “and does fit in with
my brief, but what if we trigger a reality crisis with this child, how do I stand
“In that circumstance, I think you would make your report as planned and
return to assist us. I have a feeling that your higher planes would want that. You
would be too involved to back out. In fact, if you say yes you are committed to
whatever outcome arises. But one thing we must have is a broad outline of the
Indigo strategy objectives to include in the report to our Conclave”.
“I think I must return to Indigo to get this cleared before I say yes”.
“By the way, Galan, Andrew and I were speculating on the contact point
between our two realms, may we know how you make the transition”?
“That is quite simple, the two realms have the same spatial coordinates, they
coexist but because we are at a different frequency to Rainbow, we are protected
from the wayward behaviour of your realm but have the same present time. I
simply resonate to the Indigo frequency and there I am, it is, of course, important
to be familiar with the Indigo frequency, like being able to play a perfect ‘A’ on a
violin. It might be more difficult for you because of the higher frequency and
denser nature of Indigo but it can be done. One day Gerald when we have nothing
else to do I would like to see if it could be done”.
“What an interesting idea”, said Gerald “would you teach the child to do
this?” “Certainly, that would be an essential for his ethical training. We
could not have someone there who might disturb the equilibrium.
Before I go do you think I could meet the child, you have in mind. I really
need to include that in my report. It’s the relationship with his genetic entity and
its inherited survival strategies that will play a part in the whole project. Some
inherited survival strategies can be modified but whole areas are buried
generations deep. I need to know by how much he is influenced by his GE,
because I have to teach him how to exteriorise from his body and if he thinks he is
his body this can be difficult”.
“I am sure a meeting can be arranged”, said Gerald “but I do need to clear
that with the mother’s guide first, we will get back to you as soon as this has been
cleared by all concerned, she also has a grandmother the guide seems to be wary
Explaining the project to Ali after the Chancellor had received approval was
not easy. Andrew’s explanation of system bifurcation did not help; he tended to
elaborate on some of the finer points that Gerald thought unnecessary.
When it came to the actual presence of the Indigo realm in the same
spacetime coordinates as the Rainbow realm it was surprisingly simple and Ali
found their description of the Rainbow Realm amusing – something for everyone
but nothing very definite.
Gerald had not been following closely but was glad to hear Ali agree to the
project and they moved to the bar.
The meeting point with Galan (or more precisely, Bill) and Diana with the
toddler present was to be the local park which Diana frequently visited with her
son, Toby.
Galan was briefed and at the appointed time all four were in position (Ali
insisted he should attend). Bill, as he then was in his worn leather bomber jacket
and jeans, struck up a conversation with Diana who was only too pleased to have
someone to talk to while Toby played on the equipment in the spring sunshine with
the other children.
The watchers were impressed by the ease with which Galan managed the
conversation across a range of subjects and family details. From time to time,
when Toby returned to their bench he gave Bill some penetrating glances.
Eventually Bill made his excuses and said he would be away for a while but
hoped they might meet again.
Later they all met at Galan’s house, which was not far from the park, to hear
his verdict; Ali ready to bristle with indignation should there be any criticism.
Galan’s reaction took them by surprise; the boy is close to being Indigo. Did you
notice those penetrating glances, he could see me but said nothing to his mother.
He could not have been a better choice; on reflection a remarkable choice. Ali, of
course, enjoyed the reflected glory of this approval and was now fully committed
to the project.
Galan now satisfied he could make a confident presentation to his people
prepared to leave.
Out of curiosity, said Ali, “Where did you get Bill?”
“Oh, an RTA (road traffic accident) said Galan, “the man thought he was a
goner and was only too glad to leave, he said he thought he was a write off, a real
gone goner - he was probably right - but I was welcome to it (he had fallen asleep
at the wheel) he had no dependants. Indigo recuperative powers, we call it ‘well
being’, were ample for my needs. In the past when involved in this sort of project
I have used trance mediums, but this requires my active presence”.
“In the past? How long has this project been running?”
“Centuries, but I am not at liberty to disclose any more at the present, but I
have no doubt we will be more closely involved as a team”.
Later Ali said, “Did you notice in his Indigo form Galan is about four inches
taller than Bill?”
“I think that’s why he walks a bit like a gorilla”, said Gerald. They left,
pleased with their progress and already thinking about the tactics for the
development of the project, unaware their plans were already being carefully
scrutinised in yet another realm.
* * *
Because of its many facetted qualities, the Rainbow Realm had long been a
source of fascination for a number of adjacent realms, each having its own culture
found a version expressed in Rainbow. One among them, the Dark Realm had
always been present but undetected by the others, which was the way they liked it.
They could move in and out of spacetime coordinates of other realms without
detection, sowing seeds of discontent as they went. They were not very good at
this but what they lacked in skill they made up for in numbers. Jeering was their
preferred mode of communication, even among themselves
How they came to exist is not known but it must have come from a very
high source. They saw their role as a disruptive force. Their principle target was
the equilibrium of a realm and attacked this by creating discord and disturbing the
affinity between constituent parts and, in so doing, turning the creative powers of
these parts in on themselves. Their operational goal was confusion, “the greater
others confusion, the greater our win”.
The Dark Realm frequency was so low they were almost ephemeral and as a
result had no power of their own. Even their discord had to be achieved by using
their target’s own powers, “Did you hear what he called you” being the sort of
simple ploy that still worked remarkably well in some places. They were third
party provocateurs.
36The Conclaves of the Dark Realm had pricked up their ears when they
first got the news of the Double Postulate ploy because they would be stymied in
the Rainbow Realm if the Indigo power emerged from a bifurcation of reality.
Random certainties would gradually disappear and the coherence of the realm
would become impossible to disrupt. The last time they had tried to disrupt the
coherence of Indigo it had been a disaster; it caused so much laughter. Their
agents were invited to speak at dinners and meetings to give their discordant
notions, at which there was such a tumult of laughter and thigh slapping merriment
they could only make their sour excuses and leave as quickly as possible, vowing
never to return.

Chapter 3 – The Distant Light

Diana and Toby made their way home from the park as the local school was
emptying its chattering pupils into the street. Toby liked this time because he
often met children he admired, one in particular, a girl called Josie; it was probably
short for a longer name, but Toby liked the name Josie, slid off the tongue like
jelly. Josie was a happy child with her braided hair and bows. She was about two
years older than Toby and tended to skip her way home to a house in the next
Apropos of nothing in particular Toby said, “I like Mr Bill”. Diana agreed,
he was an interesting man to talk to; he seemed to know so much, didn’t push his
knowledge but understood so many of the problems they had to face. He also
moved so easily, “did you notice when he stood up he seemed to float up, as
though he lifted his body?”
At home, the still radiant marigold in its mug greeted them. “That marigold
you found seems to go on and on”, said Diana, “I wonder where it came from”.
Toby explained it was on the top of a litterbin, all wrapped up as though it
was special.
“Well it certainly is special”, agreed Diana, “would you look after it because
sometimes I forget to water it”.
Diana had a part time job in a curio shop on two days a week. When she
was at work Toby stayed with her mother, a short walk away. She liked the job
because the, often strange, foreign objects fascinated her. But the decorated mugs
were boring; when you read a joke for the umpteenth time it became trite.
Altogether, with her benefits and wages, they were surviving but there were
black days when the light at the end of the tunnel seemed to have moved further
However, there were also good days and Toby was a delightful companion.
Listening to his chatter was like opening a window on the long lost world of her

own childhood as he made discoveries and offered conjectures about the way
things happened.
They were happy.
* * *

The Chancellor had been given approval for the project. It had been named
the Indigo Project. A thoroughly researched strategy paper was required by The
Speakers Conclave, as part of the agreement to proceed.
On his return, the Chancellor asked Gerald, Andrew, and Ali to join him to
discuss the preparation of the Strategy Paper.
Gerald was concerned; he thought the work would be premature until Galan
returned because he would hopefully be given approval to release the outline
Indigo strategy objectives. He suggested without this we might be going in the
wrong direction. The Chancellor considered the point but thought this did not stop
them from putting in some groundwork of their own, there was a just discernable
competitive edge in his voice.
The Chancellor said, Andrew was well respected for his systems knowledge
and should make a start by leading the enquiry.
The three retired to Gerald’s rooms, where he explained to Peggy and Bailey
that this was going to be a long haul that would require a frequent service of coffee
and sandwiches and some errands to obtain research papers from various archives.
They settled in Gerald’s comfortable library with its red leather armchairs,
oriental rugs, an initial supply of coffee and set to work.
Andrew explained, systems study was essentially about cause and effect, but
causes were difficult to identify because they were usually multi-facetted. In such
situations you were obliged to define primary and secondary causation. Scientists
were only really happy with primary causes; it did not upset their reality that the
explicate realm was a clockwork mechanism of cause and effect. This was also
why holistic views were so foreign to their thinking. Sociologists and economists
on the other hand were prepared to consider secondary causation (provided it
supported the primary cause); they tended to be selective. Often such secondary

causes, once defined and if quoted frequently, tended to become accepted as fact,
an agreed reality.
It is here that we part company with these views said Andrew, because what
we are going to examine is reality itself and the nature of the reality which our
paper is aiming to define.
Reality is an agreement that something has ‘isness’. This isness is
conferred by agreement between like-minded people. However, there are many
different groupings of like-minded people and therefore many different realities.
What we must avoid is the tendency to groupthink, it immediately limits enquiry.
Groupthink can only occur in a cohesive group committed to a given reality,
political parties, terrorist cells, police groupings etc. Even down to such groupings
as a marketing department in one of these global companies.
Our paper has to define a new reality, the one in which the Double Postulate
exists. A reality that lies outside any that currently exists, because of its dual
potential. It is a quantum reality capable of manipulation in ways not seen before.
These realities may exist in two states, an isness, and a potential isness. In systems
terms the point at which a potential isness becomes a reality is a bifurcation point.
Reality flips between the alternatives. It is the identification of this flip point that
is our concern,. Only a higher level of consciousness can do this at present, not the
lower orders like us. But if Galan is right, we have this as a potential ability
already, simply unrecognised.
Ali was showing signs of mental fatigue and Gerald asked Bailey to arrange
more coffee.
“I don’t quite understand”, said Ali; “you can touch a tree, is that its
“isness” and what is the alternative?”
“What you are confusing”, said Andrew, “is the difference between
‘thingness’ and ‘isness’. Your tree, for example, is only truly extant in present
time, that is its expanding isness yesterday’s tree no longer exists; today’s tree is a
different tree”.
“Oh, come on”, said Ali; “I know it was there yesterday because I saw it”.

“Andrew said “that is like the persistence of vision you get when watching a
film, you dub in yesterdays tree to reassure yourself that it has permanence,
‘thingness’”. ‘Isness’ is a fluid not a fixed reality”.
“We have constructed time to give form to this fluidity, the yesterdays and
tomorrows, but in fact, the tree is only extant in the immediate present. The sense
of permanence that measured time creates is reassuring but not essential; scientists
use it to determine frequency of events from which to make calculated predictions
and for others, to create the synchronicity of events, train time connections etc.”
“Anyway”, said Andrew, “let’s get back to cause and stay with the tree. A
biologist will tell you the reason the tree grows (is constantly altering) is because
the osmosis of its water intake and the chemical processes of carbon and oxygen in
its system. But here we must look at a different type of cause, what Aristotle
described as a ‘final cause’, what the tree is striving to become; scientists,
sociologists, and all the other ologists overlook this because it implies the tree has
a conscious dimension. This mock up of what the tree is striving to become, its
morphogenetic final form, influences it in the present and is a present time
causative force. It can’t be measured so ‘ologists discount it but it is there.
“What our paper has to describe is the final cause for the Indigo Project;
what is it striving to create. That I believe is our start point, to identify Indigo’s
final cause mock up”.
“We really do need Galan here”, said Gerald “if this mock-up is to be
“It is not as difficult as it may seem”, said Andrew. “Look at where we
have come from and then like the back sight of a rifle within the ring of a
foresight, you will see the amount of variation in our direction of travel is limited.
In other words if you look at the grouping on a target you will see the target area
for our final cause is fairly precise. It is this target area in which our final cause
must lie and if this is a potential that we already have, then Indigo’s final cause
mock–up must lie within our final cause”.
Gerald could see Ali was floundering. “Your target analogy may be true for
us” he said “but it might not be so for Indigo”.

“I am even more convinced we need Galan here. I have become most
impressed with his astuteness. Let’s have some lunch”.

When Galan returned they were all eager to hear how matters had gone in
the Indigo realm. Even the Chancellor had been caught up with excitement of
their anticipation and had asked to join them at the meeting.
From Galan’s cheerful grin, it looked as though matters had gone well.
“First things first”, said Galan “it has been agreed a sojourner in another
realm must be subject to the rules of that other realm and therefore I am
empowered to join with you in the child development project. Some of the old
hands said that did not alter the fact that if we triggered a crisis the buck still
stopped with Indigo, but that was overruled because it did not negate the Indigo
“And what is this strategy” enquired the Chancellor.
“Broadly”, said Galan “it is oneness between our two realms”
. The staggering sweep of this strategy left them stunned with amazement at
its breathtaking boldness. Allowing a pause for the impact of his words, Galan
continued, “from that you can see why they did not consider my presence
contradictory to their strategy. I was not given sight of their tactical papers but
they said the enhancing of selected children with certain powers accorded with
their tactical analyses. So all in all we have approval for Project Indigo – I am
flattered you have chosen that name. There was just one slightly strange moment
when I was being briefed, an exchange of glances, a slight pause, a change of tone.
It occurred when they referred to ‘enhancing of selected children’, I could not help
thinking there was something behind that, and I enquired closely about the phrase
selected children. Eventually they obtained approval to discuss it. It is a strange
“Many years ago when the merger policy decision had been agreed, an
unauthorised, covert operation had been set in motion to introduce children into
the Rainbow society in preparation for the merger. These children have grown to
become parents and as a result it was known there was a second generation of
Indigo children on the planet but it was not known how many or who they were.
This fact has precipitated the current operation and is one of the reasons for my
presence. I am required to take corrective action if the number of children proved
to be as large as was feared. It is the potential disruption of the Rainbow merger
by these Indigo children which is their concern.
The Chancellor looked startled, “What corrective action was envisaged?
“My role is to protect them from undue stress; these children are seen as a
valuable asset, they will have latent Indigo abilities. Apparently, your Conclave
has already been advised of their presence and a formal apology has been lodged
for the earlier covert action”.

The Chancellor rose quickly, thanked Galan for his positive report, and said
he must relay these views to a higher plane. Gerald thought, “Where they will
already be aware of the strategy”.
Andrew and Gerald then recounted their progress in the development of the
strategy paper.
“Not bad, not bad at all” said Galan. “The final cause as a causative factor
is most interesting, but we are a long way removed from that. The degree to which
the final cause mock up can influence our project in the present is open to
question. I suggest we should look at identifying the bifurcation point as our
strategy objective; what do we think would be the outcome when this bifurcation
becomes open, and how should we prepare for this eventuality in the Rainbow
Galan’s analysis was accepted as the more immediate objective.
Andrew’s immediate response to the question of how to prepare for
bifurcation was emphatic:
“Prepare for new realities that will alter the existing agreed realities, but I
strongly believe in gradualism. We must not disturb the existing equilibrium
therefore we need a very skilled team to bring this about”.
“I have just the team”, said Ali”, and I am not one to call my geese swans,
but they are the brightest bunch for creative ideas I have ever assembled”.
“That sounds fortuitous”, said Galan, “exactly what we need”.
“So what is their brief to be”, said Ali.
Andrew pointed out that creating counter postulates to an agreed reality was
a waste of time; it just reinforced the existing postulate and was negative. In his
view, humour and admiration were the two most effective counter ploys and were
positive. Admiration penetrated rigid realities like water through sand. Like the
Kipling Jungle Book story of the Hundred Thousand Monkeys and their excessive
sympathy for Mogli’s, minor woes, which crumbled to dust. Humour was
different, where admiration penetrates, humour shatters the more tenuous realities.
The two should be used sequentially, like admiring the manliness of
terrorists but observing they looked a bit girlish with their headbands,.
“So is that the brief for my chaps”, enquired Ali, “to work on realities that
run counter to the bifurcation scenario with admiration and humour and to prepare
for the incoming realities”.
“Yes”, said Andrew “the replacements are essential, you can’t have one
without the other, a reality vacuum would be disastrous and be filled with some
other poppycock or conspiracy theory in no time”.
“Galan”, Ali asked,” what are these new powers we are to anticipate?”
“So far as I understand it, it will be a powerful telepathic unity between
those connected by the Indigo realm but we don’t know what else will emerge
because we are not fully aware of the Rainbow potential; I suspect there may be
highly cohesive groups forming which have enhanced creativity, that’s the exciting
thing about the whole project”.
* * *

Ali fired up his team, which was easy to do because, although they would
not admit this to outsiders, they worshipped the ground he walked on.
He explained the brief and the importance of the work, and then divided
them into two teams of three. There was an odd man out, Ejaz. Everybody
tolerated his behaviour because he could devise schemes of incredible brilliance
but was quite unpredictable. For example, he would sometimes lie under the table
and go to sleep in the middle of a meeting, or work for 24 hours without cease
when solving a problem. Ejaz was to be a facility either team could call on. When

they separated to start work one team named themselves the New Age and the
other the Old School.
Ali was quick to spot the competitiveness and ruled that both were out of
order. He said he wasn’t going to have any groupthink in his neck of the woods.
They must work together seamlessly. When a tactic was devised to disrupt an
agreed reality, they must confer with the other to create a concomitant replacement
reality. The brief was to produce a single tactical paper, not two opposing views.
And if there was to be a minority report, only Ejaz was allowed to do that. They
would be teams A and B. Team A would identify realities that opposed progress
of these new powers and team B would devise replacements which appeared to
accord with the potential these children might have. So get on with it said Ali, I
will look in from time to time and don’t take too long with your deliberations.

Chapter 4 – The Fog of Confusion

The Dark Realm agents were always sniffing around for tit bits to enliven
their Conclave and the latest was that Galan had returned from the Indigo realm
looking pretty pleased with himself. It suggested some sort of agreement had been
arrived at between the Indigo and Rainbow realms. This was a matter of some
concern, knowing how impregnable Indigo was. If Rainbow got this weapon of
‘merriment’, they would also be impregnable and deny them access to one of their
principal targets.
The minutes of the Dark realm Conclave meeting recorded a resolution,
passed unanimously “That: Rainbows progress towards unification with Indigo or
any action directed towards that goal was to be disrupted and the entire agent force
was to be deployed to this effect. Bonuses would be offered for successful
disruption, proportional to the success, but not enough for any agent to retire on
the proceeds of their work. The best must be kept in service. A restricted
memorandum to this effect was issued to all managers.
One of the weaknesses of the Dark realm culture was that agents tended to
hoard rather than share information. This led to a covert hostility among them,
even in close working teams. On the other hand, this competitiveness spurred
each to out shine the other. The bonus scheme was an acknowledgement of this
culture and the size of an agent’s bonus, the mark of his success.
Because of this secretive culture Rainbow intelligence had difficulty
identifying the agents’ targets. All they could report to The Speaker was that there
was a massive influx of agents.
When this intelligence emerged, Ali’s teams were sent to a secure country
house where their deliberations were all encrypted. The strategy team of Andrew,
Gerald, Galan and Ali were more open in the people they asked to give
presentation and conduct seminars; their comings and goings would be noted.
From time to time, they held bogus seminars as disinformation for the agents. The
heightened activity at the College of Tutors was noted and small bribes were
offered to the staff for information but, as they came out of the agent’s own
pocket, they were not large enough to ‘turn’ a member of staff. Bailey disdainfully
rejected several in the course of his errands. Peggy on the other hand was more
loquacious with the butcher’s boy when he asked why the meat order had
increased so much.
One agent, who was renowned for the size of his bonuses, had in fact
obtained a job as a temporary porter at the college, and was piecing together a
story that would ‘hit the headlines’ if he could get it into the right quarters. He
decided, when ready to break it, that the College of Auditors would be an ideal
target. The status quo was their principal area of interest and if something was
afoot it would almost certainly have to do with a change of status. A clash
between Tutors and Auditors would be a major disruption (worth a handsome

As it happened the two Chancellors often lunched together, their positions
tended to make for solitary lives and their mutual recognition of this encouraged a
close friendship. James, of Auditors and Harold of Tutors had made it a regular
event. In the course of one such lunch, Harold said “Do you remember the paper
you sent me about the Double Postulate ploy, we have started to work on this and
are coming to some interesting conclusions, we think system bifurcation is a
That could be serious Harold; it could cause my people to throw out years of
work if it were true. How far have you got?
Oh nothing definite yet, just whacking the bushes here and there. Harold
instantly recognised the impact their work would have on the Auditors from
James’ concerns and decided to forewarn The Speaker. When he did The Speaker
said, he had recognised this and had sent a memorandum to the appropriate people.
He also disclosed he had information from the intelligence department that
there were agents who might be fomenting a disruption strategy between the
Auditors and the Tutors, but “I think we will leave the Auditors out of this for the

I did not realise we were being watched, is this to do with the Indigo project.
I suspect it is said The Speaker. You would be surprised at some of the reports
that cross my desk Harold. This was the first time The Speaker had used his first
name, which suggested he was following the project more closely than he realised.
Something was going on upstairs and it was obviously bigger than he had thought.

On returning to his study the Chancellor sent for the strategy team to warn
them that Project Indigo was attracting the attention of a number of areas, some of
which were hostile, they should be on their guard against a premature disclosure of
their work. It could damage what appeared to be higher plane negotiations - which
his impression if he was reading between the lines correctly.
When the group returned to their breakfast, which had been interrupted by
the Chancellors request. Gerald suggested Ali should ask his team to consider the
tactics appropriate for a premature disclosure. Galan agreed and said he might be
able to get some assistance from Indigo, an agent or two, specialists in this type of
work. He pointed out they had no need for them in Indigo but had been preparing
this strategy for some time – parsecs in our time but we use time differently to you.
Intervals differ from being to being. Our time is measured by events.
At this point Bailey knocked and said “Young Mr Jacob has called
and asked if he might have a little of your time Sir. I understand he wishes to raise
a matter of some importance” – Jacob had been given the responsibility for
looking after Toby which was a cross between being a sentry and a nanny
Gerald said,” I think we had better hear him now, it is almost certain to be
connected with the project. Show him in please Bailey”.
Jacob loped into the room: with his lanky frame and slight stoop, he seemed
given to a loose jointed movement. “Boss I have had a couple of those Dark realm
agents nosing around asking after the whereabouts of Diana and Toby. Not by
name but they gave themselves away pretty blatantly. I noticed them idling in
the area and when asked if I could be of help, they asked if I knew of a lady in the
area who had a fair haired boy. I asked how old she was and did they know what
she looked like. They said they weren’t sure but knew she was blonde and fairly
tall. I said are you sure it is this road? They said no, but this area. I said people
hereabouts don’t have much money, you will have a hard job selling anything
around here, but they said they just wanted to give her a message. Anyway, I said
there was a lady two streets away that sounds like the person they were looking
They were the dumbest pair of agents I have come across. By the
time I had finished with them I knew their briefing, the level of importance
attached to the assignment, how long they had for the task and how they had
identified Diana as their target. It was through you Galan, you had better stay out
of the area for awhile. They mentioned this lady was sometimes seen with a big
man who wore a leather bomber jacket and jeans and walked like a gorilla,
everyone moved out of his way. I also think you should limit your visits to the
shop as well. I suggest no more than another two.
By the way Boss, I think there is another Indigo person in the area. I
caught a brief glimpse of them at a distance – they have the same slightly blue
haze around them like you Galan, no one else has that. Well come to think of it,
Diana has a trace of blue around her but nothing definite. Anyway that’s it Boss,
I’d better get back to Toby”.
* * *
Ali’s team in their country house retreat had made good progress. Their
initial targets had addressed religious doctrinal areas, where they specifically ran
counter to the projects aims and were supported with “What if “papers that
speculated on the effects that might occur in certain circumstances and were to be
circulated to the right journals. There were also papers applauding the admirable
work done in those doctrinal fields not affecting the project aims.
Altogether they thought they had covered the doctrinal field quite well but
Big Al, as they liked to call him, would no doubt spot something they had
overlooked. He had an unerring ability to put his finger on a weakness in an
argument. He would say, if a duffer like me can see it, it should be glaringly
obvious to a bunch of bright sparks like you.
The next target field was jurisprudence, which was where Ejaz came into his
own. He could read and absorb facts at an incredible speed and in a short time had
summarised both the common and statute laws affecting the project. The teams
thought the best tactic would be to bring a case that highlighted any weakness in a
statute law affecting the project, which could be revised by a common law
decision. It was a matter of devising the case and preparing the supporting papers
for the legal arguments.
As anticipated, Ali always seemed to arrive at a decision point, Ali’s
booming voice could be heard in the hall, and they gathered to greet him.
When he had read through their papers he said he thought they had done
quite well on the doctrinal stuff and jurisprudence was a logical next target area.
He then took Ejaz aside, briefed him on the intelligence about the influx of agents
and asked him to cast an eye over the tactics needed to counter premature
disclosure of their plans.
If this came to pass, Ejaz was to act as the front man for that work, but he
wanted him to take rooms near the college. He was not in any way to be
associated with the A and B teams, not even disclose an awareness of their work.
In his usual way Ejaz said nothing, just nodded and left.

During this flurry of activity, Galan had returned several times to Indigo to
discuss the enhancing of Toby’s ability and raising his levels of awareness. There
were some closely argued discussions with both the Houses of Perception and
Power. It was agreed the boy should have his full innate power, it was only right,
but Galan must heighten his perception to the point where he could comfortably
accommodate both sides of a situation before he used his powers. This would
apply to all the children
Galan understood exactly the implications of their instructions.
The full power of the boy when trained could be enormous compared with
the average Rainbow being. Such power had to be tempered with a crystal clear
perception of the facts to ensure it was never misused; one slip could be disastrous
for the project.
Many years as a tutor would be of value but was he a bit rusty; perhaps he
ought to get Gerald’s views on this critical aspect of Toby’s development.
In spite of these small misgivings Galan had a surge of excitement rising
within him that after all this long period of discussion and preparation they were
finally embarking on the greatest undertaking ever envisaged in the Indigo realm.
He knew this with certainty by the access he had been given to some of the highest
planes in the realm.
* * *
Galan instinctively liked the boy Toby with his fair curly hair and forthright
manner and the more he thought about his first impression the more confident he
was that they could succeed.
One lingering thought occurred from time to time, that the whole project
from his first meeting with Gerald to the present position had an unseen hand
behind it. It was all too fortuitous the way everything fitted together so
seamlessly. But taking heart from the Shakespeare adage” There is a tide in the
affairs of men, which taken on the flood leads on to fortune” he was content there
was a tide under project Indigo that would carry them to success. He was riding
with a big mock-up created by what must be a very powerful being.
Galan’s first task on returning to Rainbow was to read and re-read the many
briefing papers he had been given by the Houses of Power and Perception. They
did not contradict in their advice but emphases differed. Power said his innate
abilities should be fully developed; Perception said this should accord with the
development of his ability to clearly distinguish the merits and weaknesses of a
situation in which the power was used. From this advice it was clear the initial
task was the development of perception. From Toby’s penetrating glance, he knew
this was the right decision. He thought he might even start with the marigold
Diana had mentioned and discuss the conscious beingness of the marigold with
Toby. On further reflection, he decided he had to get Diana on side before Toby.
He would talk with Ali about this; it would be diplomatic to do so in any case. But
one thing, uncertain to him, was the attributes Toby might develop. He was
familiar with the usual Indigo attributes, the patience, the oneness and the
unhurried emergence of anticipated events, but what would be the effect of
combining these with the diverse Rainbow attributes. He suspected it was only in
the very highest realms was this known. He was prepared to be surprised..

Ali took the point and thoroughly agreed that Diana had to be involved but
said this was no easy task, his room for manoeuvre was, as Galan knew, very
When Ali came back to him he asked an odd question “Do you know
anything about African carvings?”’
Not much said Galan, why?
“Well some of them, in the carving, have powers invested in them by the
carver”, said Ali. “These powers are not apparent to the average High Street buyer
but Diana has shown great interest in them. If when next you meet her, you
express an interest in them, you might be able to enter a conversation about these
powers and proceed from there”.
“That does sound a promising opening, good enough to broach the subject
of hidden powers with Diana”, said Galan. “One day as a matter of necessity I will
have to take her into my full confidence for Toby’s development”.
Galan’s plan was to create the conditions in which Diana accepted Toby’s
emerging powers.
The Curio Shop opened at 10.0, which was convenient for Diana to get
Toby to her mother, a large cheerful woman who always looked forward to having
Toby for the day. Diana was rearranging some of the display when Bill walked in.
After expressing surprise at meeting her again, Bill asked about some of the
small African carved figures and one in particular that appeared highly charged.
“That’s my favourite”, said Diana, “it seemed to be comfortable to hold. I
often pick it up just to hold it”
Bill asked to hold it, he had no need to, he could see it was a fertility
Goddess and knew its Venusian power but was pleased Diana had that level of
awareness; a promising start.
In the course of discussing the figure Bill gradually revealed how these
figures were charged with power as they were carved and became highly sought
after by childless women. They were a genetic entity’s comforter like Toby’s
Teddy bear.
Your genetic entity has one overriding aim which is to reproduce and
confidence in that aim being achieved is a survival drive for the genetic entities of
the genus homo sapiens. This little figure is a substitute baby for your genetic
entity but holds the promise of a special power that will bring it fertility and that
power is a great comfort to it.
Diana pondered Bill’s words, in her heart she knew he had revealed a new
truth to her. She wanted to know how much more he knew or could tell her. This
was not idle curiosity; he had opened a window on another dimension of her life
with intriguing glimpses of unknown knowledge and powers that she wanted.
“You said ‘your genetic entity’, have I one of my own?”
“We all have”, said Bill. “My own enjoys a pint and the company of others
so we go to the pub most evenings. It’s a reassurance that it is not alone in this
world. For women this seems to take the form of talking about their survival
prospects. All genetic entities need this reassurance because the fear of not
continuing the human race is their greatest worry, and they do worry about that. If
you look around at people you can see from the way most of them dress and
behave, at least during their fertile years, it is very much to do with the survival of
the human race”.
“But you talk as though you and your genetic entity are separate, like
exercising your dog by going to the pub”
. “That’s about right”, said Bill, “we invest some of our consciousness in
our genetic entity when we are born it’s like having one of those remote controlled
submarines with cameras that are used to find wrecks but we live in another realm
I will call the conscious realm”
“What about me does my genetic entity have these needs? When I look at
shoes in a shop window, is that me or my genetic entity saying I want those shoes”
. “The way to tell”, said Bill “is when you look at the shoes do you want
them for their thingness, to own them for their mass, or do you want them for their
prettiness. Prettiness doesn’t register with the GE, only mass. It’s breakfast, lunch
and dinner for a GE, it loves pulling mass and it has to own it, borrowing is not the
same, stealing is almost acceptable. In fact, it’s a massaholic; the more it has the
safer it feels. There ought to be a “Massaholics Anonymous” for some of them
because when they get like that enough is never enough. Prettiness is something
you decide for yourself – the real you does that”.
The conversation had led Diana into a new reality that she and her body
were partners and although it seemed right, it had knocked a hole in her accepted
views one could drive a bus through – who am I, this real me?
“I can’t get over how you seem to know all this yet I have never heard it
spoken of before. You are not making this up are you?”
“No I am not and there is a reason for telling you this. There is new
knowledge coming into this realm from another source that will change everyone’s
reality. It is being brought by incomers, and your son Toby is one of them I am
certain. In order that he can be protected during his upbringing it is necessary that
you should know this and I have been asked by this other source to guard him
during his upbringing. To do this I need your help but more than that, it is
necessary that I should reveal these new powers to you so that you may recognise
them as Toby develops”.
Diana knew with certainty she was not in the presence of the person she
knew as Bill but some more important being.
“What are these powers you value so much?”
“It is difficult to define them as powers and to be frank I am not sure myself
how they will be manifest. They are more like special abilities but once they
become available to children they could be seen as a power – we believe these
incomers will be children. Because people are so competitive here, any advantage
over a fellow being is called a power. If everyone had it, it would not be viewed as
“Is it power like the people in the benefit office who can stop or change
what you get?”
“No that is the ability to create scarcity, the power to withhold.. This is the
power to create abundance, and with abundance, you diminish the power of people
who create scarcity. In that sense it becomes a power struggle that we have to
protect Toby from once it becomes known that he has he power to create
“How will he be able to create abundance”, said Diana.
“That Diana is what I have to teach you. It will take time but I can assure
you it will be worth it”.
Chapter 5 Emerging Power

At the next strategy meeting, Gerald joined them with a thoughtful manner
and was less involved than usual during the discussion of tactics necessary to
accommodate a bifurcation. He had been struck by a disturbing thought
During coffee, he took Andrew aside, “The Auditors have come across
another being using the Double Postulate ploy. Is there another Galan among us?
Has the whole Toby thing has been engineered, in which case is Galan pulling our
strings, or is another pulling his? What should we do, have a word with the
Chancellor behind Galan’s back or raise it with him? My instinct is to raise it with
him, it goes against the grain to go behind his back, a chap has a code”.
They decided to take Gerald’s line.
“Galan”, said Gerald, with a serious note in his voice, “it has come to the
notice of the Auditors you appear to have a colleague in the Rainbow realm who is
using Indigo powers. Were you aware of that? Another visitor on a business
Galan said nothing as he absorbed this news. He was obviously reviewing
what he should reveal.
As the silence lengthened Gerald became more concerned that they had been
used in some larger game of which even those on higher planes were not aware.
“Have you been pulling our strings to achieve an ulterior objective, or have
your own people duped you? That we must know said Gerald”.
At last Galan spoke, “You will recall I said there were to be a number (an
unknown number) of second generation Indigo children here. We have Indigo
guides already in place for them when they are discovered”.
“We have never discussed the working of the Double Postulate ploy because
we have only addressed it in terms of the effect it might have on the status quo
with this reality bifurcation, the Auditors concern. I will endeavour to describe
how it works from the users viewpoint, and remember these children will have an
intuitive awareness of this.
Your original plan to identify the Indigo “final cause mock up” as the real
target for action in the present, it is at the heart of the matter. The only reason I
advised against this as the strategy objective is that you three could have
unwittingly triggered a counter postulate to the Indigo Final Cause mock up that
we have been working on for many successive events (years in your terms).
This FCM I believe is far more complex than any of us knows. Toby and I, I
believe, are part of that train of events in which you, Gerald have been caught up,
I was not pulling your strings. But because I come from a different culture where
one knows one will always be part of someone else’s mock up, we recognise we
are a unity and allow events to occur as we know they should – we are event
driven, it’s our telepathic facility that makes this possible, we know when
something is right. This oneness inevitably means I am part of an Indigo mock
up of which I am unaware until I become involved in an event. For me this is life
lived as a comfortable oneness with my fellow beings. I have no objection to
finding myself involved in the final cause of someone else’s mock-up (having my
strings pulled).
The Indigo project is aimed to bring this about hence the expected high level
of telepathy with these children. If the Auditors have found another Indigo
incomer, we should make it our business to find out the extent of this infiltration
and certainly, it should be a factor in our strategy planning. The reason we have
these ‘sleeper guides’ in place is because these Indigo children will have the ability
to postulate alternative realities before they can take responsibility for their
actions. So the answer to your question is yes, we have a covert plan in place but
it is to protect the realm, not subvert it.”.
Gerald found relief in Galan’s explanation that he could unwittingly be part
of a very big project. It also explained his frequent reference to the importance of
‘the oneness of humankind’. However, he was still concerned about the Indigo
planning, “Have you at any time, Galan been briefed to connect with these sleeper
“No”, said Galan “but from what I have said about being a comfortable part
of some larger venture, it would not surprise me if that came about. I have not

been given access to the Indigo primary mock up, only that part affecting me
Ali had been listening carefully to Galan’s explanation:
“There is one significant difference between Rainbow and Indigo cultures,
we are diverse you are unitary. You find your unitary oneness comfortable. I
enjoy our creative diversity. I cannot see the Indigo mock up coming about for
Rainbow or am I being obtuse and have missed something?”
“There is something you ought to know” said Galan,” we have done much
research on this and believe the Indigo project is part of an even bigger mock up.
You were amused we call you the Rainbow realm but the importance of this is that
there is an indigo in the rainbows spectrum with which we wish to connect. It has
been a long-standing desire, like returning to a childhood home and at the same
time bringing a gift. Another name for the rainbow is the bow of promise. We
believe that at some long interval from now all six realms, each with its rainbow
colour, will return to Rainbow with their gifts. We are the first. Our deduction is
that this is the major mockup is for the whole Cosmos to become unified in the
Rainbow Realm and when that happens a new cosmos will be created by the
inhabitants of the realm – we suspect the Atlanteans may have taken that route”.
“When do you think this goal may be achieved”, Galan” asked Gerald.
“I haven’t a clue, we are waiting for an event; Toby’s latent abilities seem to
be enormous but as yet not fully defined, perhaps when they are we will have a
better idea. Some of these abilities I have never seen before, at least as Diana has
described them. I suspect there is enough in his armoury now to trigger a sizeable
reality blow out but he must be trained to master them before we reveal anything.
The timing rests with him”.
“What sorts of thing are we talking about”, Andrew enquired?
Galan said, “Do you remember the marigold business Gerald was telling us
about? Diana said he was looking at it intently the other day while she was
washing up and gently touched it with his finger and now it has two flower heads.
When she asked him about that he said it had always wanted to be a multi-headed
flower and was just glad to be back to normal. He had returned it to its original
morphogenetic state, but even more interesting he had made contact with its own
consciousness. That is no big deal for us I know, we are used to acknowledging
the consciousness in flowers and trees etc. but then we are the formative realm for
their world, so it’s natural. However, what Toby did was to act in his realm with
powers from ours. He was modifying the implicate image of the marigold to
change its morphogenesis”
“Mind you your lad Jacob” said Ali “does seem to be a bit ham fisted, he
may have loosened the genetic structure with the amount of love he gave it. It has
twenty candlepower radiance now”.
“From your description” said Andrew “Toby seems remarkably close to this
bifurcation ability. Are there any warnings you can give his mother?”
“I have warned Diana there may be some odd effect from time to time but
this is the only one she has mentioned so far. I think there is some way to go
before he realises just what he is able to do. We mostly play games when I visit,
which is I believe the best way to teach. Don’t you agree Gerald?”
“I used to in my younger days”, said Gerald “but the rising generation of
pupils seem to be in such a hurry they don’t have the time for it. “Let’s cut to the
chase they say”. I understand I am described as a fuddy duddy in their common
room. Maybe I’m getting past it”.
“Don’t you believe it”, said Ali, “my team rate you the tops. They reckon if
ever there was to be an increase in the team, they would want one of your pupils”.
“So back to business”, said Andrew, “do you think we are prepared for the
more significant of unintended consequences Galan?”
” It is the hostile element in society I am worried about as an
unintended consequence,” said Galan, “Toby’s affinity for the oneness of
humankind is critical. The extent of Toby’s conscious power is already
considerable, if this affinity is disrupted, at full chat with everything maxed he
would be formidable. The media would be mangled if they tried hostile
interviewing and that would really let the cat out of the bag, the whole project
could be viewed with hostility by the media, especially if their tame experts were
publicly shredded in argument by a child”
Andrew expressed some diffidence about this level of power in an immature
“It is not as risky as it sounds”, said Galan “Toby’s power is only effective
if he is in equilibrium, he draws it down it is not like having shots in the locker to
use as a whim, which means this creative freedom only works if he is genuinely
trying to counter disequilibria and even then he is only creating a desire out of the
contrast between what he sees as disequilibria and what he desires. And it is only
when outside circumstances limit this freedom to maintain his equilibrium that you
would get what appears to be a loose cannon. In fact, he is acting within his rights
as a conscious being by operating at the same vibration as Source”.
“It happens a lot in prisons”, said Andrew.” Their creativity is restricted,
which reduces their affinity with the society that put them there, and we wonder
why they don’t give a toss for society’s equilibrium when they come out, its their
way of getting their own back. You can see it taking place all over the planet.
What’s the difference between a freedom fighter and a person seeking creative
freedom, not a lot”.
“I know the higher planes are concerned about that” said Ali “because our
targets at the coalface are always being adjusted to ensure we don’t impede a
person’s creative freedom”.
Gerald realised with relief they were all in accord with the way matters were
going and asked Bailey to arrange lunch.

Chapter 6 A Clean Sweep

The bogus porter was unaware he had been spotted by Ejaz and was
preparing his discordant brief for the Auditors, gloating over the size of the bonus
he could expect for this scoop.
He was almost ready to go public with the picture he had built up from tittle-
tattle and some covert searching of the rooms. He knew for certain Gerald was
involved and Ali was a frequent visitor so those two were working together. The
one being he could not fit into the picture was this big stranger who arrived at
unexpected times, even the gate staff did not know him and Bailey was a waste of
time. He was already suspicious of him and he did not want Bailey to be alerted to
his activities. He gave him a cheerful “Hello mate” when they crossed paths but
tended to keep out of his way. That guy knew too much and knew he was a target.
Ejaz had created his own team of counter informants and realised, as
intelligence had briefed him, that there were Dark realm agents everywhere trying
to disrupt the Indigo project. He was as certain as he needed to be this bogus
porter was one.
He had laid his plans with his usual care and had reviewed all the possible
escape routes for his targets to ensure they were cut off when he decided to act.
He outlined his plans to Ali and was given approval to act when he thought
the moment was right. The only proviso Ali had insisted on was that he should be
given sufficient notice to inform the strategy group.

When the day came Ejaz gave the ‘Go’ order to his team of counter
The first action was to pass a simple tip to one of the lesser Dark agents
known to hang around the College. The message was that one of their people had
established a position in the College. This informant he knew would quickly relay
the news to the others. It was not long before the identity of this agent would be
known to them, they loved to gossip among themselves.
Predictably, there was a certain jealousy about this news. “Lucky bugger
after the big bucks as usual. I can just imagine his smarmy presentation to the
Conclave and the way he will flash his bonus around, have a drink on me boys

When Ejaz thought there had been enough time for a discordant atmosphere
to develop, one of his counter informants dropped a hint that there was a strategy
group working in the College. They were planning a major disruption in the Dark
Realm. They had secret information about a coup planned for the Conclave
among some of the Dark Lords. The strategy group were planning to release this
information to the agents.
One of the lesser agents had a contact in the Conclave and whispered this to
him, who whispered this to a friend. The fact that this strategy group knew who
was behind the coup was the most alarming part. If they released the information
to the agents on the target scene, the entire agent operation would fall apart as they
jostled each other for a place in this persons good books, it would become self-
fulfilling prophecy.
The only safe action was to pull all the agents out in case this information
should get in their hands, they could be ‘unreliable’.
When the bogus porter was given the order to pull out he was furious and
said he knew what was going on and would go public if necessary. Little did he
realise this was his death warrant, or nearly as bad, early retirement. It was
explained to him that after his years of dedicated service he should retire with an
appropriate pension, nothing like the big bucks he was used to but better than the
sack. The choice as explained to him left no room for manoeuvre.
Ejaz got the information from one of his informants that the guys had been
told they were all being pulled. They suspected there was a conspiracy in the
Conclave; someone was feathering their nest. Anyway he had to go “See you
sometime mate” he had said and was off.
Ejaz reported to Ali the place was clean. They had been hoist on their own

Chapter 7 – The Start of the Beginning

Having been warned by Galan, as she now knew him, Diana was prepared
for Toby’s developing abilities.
She was not surprised by the marigold effect. In fact Galan’s briefings had
begun to have an effect on her.
She set about her mock up for the flat with an excited willingness to test
what he had told her about the oneness of all human beings and the power of
It was not long before, in the course of a conversation with a customer, she
was offered a second hand suite of furniture and the chap who brought it round
offered to take the old one away.
Then on her way back from taking Toby to her mother for one of her days at
the shop, she passed the shoe shop and saw they had a sale. When she went in the
assistant said who’s the lucky one then? She was the first customer of the sale and
the owner had said the first customer of the sale should be given their choice free.
It was a practice of his. He said it was good for business. Diana knew exactly the
pair she wanted, the red ones in the window, not too stylish but elegant and
beautifully made, almost certainly Italian.
At first she found it hard to convince herself of Galan’s teaching but
gradually began to understand his warning, “be careful what you hold closest to
your heart for surely it will happen” and you need some of those things like a hole
in the head he added.
She also told Toby about these things. He said he had always known that,
he wasn’t silly and had she only just found out! She stood corrected but slightly
amused by his grown up way of talking to her. She marvelled at his progress and
loved him all the more for it.
When she mentioned it to Galan, he said, That’s my Boy! Good for you for
not trying to explain something he obviously knew. There is a great difference

between knowledge and understanding and knowledge can sometimes confuse
Galan had also asked her if she had spoken about final cause postulates to
any of her friends. But Diana had said, only to say how her luck seemed to have
Galan had advised that it could bring a certain derision from some quarters
and it would be best not to.
He had also raised the possibility that if Toby became aware of his powers
he might have to be protected from this derision, a special school or something like
that where he could develop away from such people. In the meantime he had been
given his own guide, more for his protection than guidance.
With the luck entering her life Diana was blooming into the attractive
young women she had been but had lost in her more despairing past. Her well
fitting jeans and sparkling white T-shirt gave her elegance; especially with her new
red shoes and shining blonde hair, she caught the attention of the green grocer and
baker’s staff. You look good today they would comment jocularly but with an
underlying admiration for the changes taking place. Her stride was longer and her
head held higher.
Galan was also pleased it boded well for Toby’s upbringing. A confident
mother would lead to a confident child. So far, things were going well.
* * *
In the Dark realm things were not going well. There had been major
changes in the Conclave. Some of what were thought to be the most able people
had been sacked or demoted. Others had been promoted above their level of
competence and as a result were causing serious problems in their department.
A general malaise and disequilibrium had set in. It was going to require
several ‘reorganisations’ to put this right. At the top things were no better, splinter
groups had formed in the Conclave, and no one knew where the power lay. There
were internal briefings by respected sources that took them one way and then
another. They had lost their direction and purpose to disrupt. There were sporadic
initiatives to try to restore this purpose but they lacked support, being seen as an
attempt to hold the high ground against other groups. In fact they were behaving
in accordance with the ethics they had always practiced which was that it was not
only necessary to succeed but also that their fellows should fail.
Little of the details were known in the wider Rainbow realm but The
Speaker apparently had regular intelligence briefing about this disruption. In fact
he sent for the Chancellor and said he was most impressed with the way Harold
had handled the matter, the counter thrust had been brilliant. In his honest manner,
the Chancellor admitted it was not his doing but The Speaker asked him to
congratulate whoever had been the architect of the success.
He passed this on to Ali knowing his team had been involved and Ali passed
this to Ejaz who gave one of his rare smiles of acknowledgement and left.
* * *
At the next strategy meeting Ali revealed how Dark agents had nearly
penetrated them but one of his lads had cleaned them out.
“What, the lot!” said Gerald. “The lot”, said Ali, barely able to restrain his
pride from saying his ‘lads’ name.
“That was a remarkable achievement”, said Gerald, “who was it?
“Just one of my lads. He hates publicity so I won’t tell you his name, but he
is probably the best operator in Rainbow. I have never known him to fail an
“He might be of help if you can spare him for what I was going to propose
as a discussion subject at this meeting”, said Gerald. “You remember I said how
the Auditors had discovered another Double Postulate operator; presumably, from
the Indigo realm and you Galan agreed we ought to find out the extent of this
infiltration, it could have a bearing on our strategy”.
“Galan I wondered how you would feel about doing some research on the
planet”, said Gerald. “for Indigo operators? That way we could identify the
number of children”.
Andrew said “Wouldn’t the Auditors know that? It would save Galan the
Gerald said,” I really don’t want to alert the Auditors to the Indigo project. I
think they would be concerned if they got to know about the effect of a reality flip.
They would have to ditch years of work. All those learned papers proved
worthless. Some of them have been basking in the sun of approval for years. I
believe some even have cuttings agencies noting the number of times they are
quoted and then there are the book reviews. It would be all too upsetting for them.
An unintended consequence we could do without, let’s wait until we have a bunch
of guys getting used to a new idea”.
“As a piece of agricultural politics”, said Ali, “I don’t think that can be
bettered, I think you are right, but Gerald you are not the kind hearted gentle soul I
always thought you to be”.
“This is where your wonder boy may be of help Ali”, said Gerald,
acknowledging Ali’s unspoken valediction with a brief punch on his arm.
Galan agreed the need for information existed but it would be difficult
without arousing media interest.
“Perhaps he, Galan could contact the Indigo people running the project to
give him the information but I know they do not want to create a subversive
operation and might see it as leading to that.”
Andrew said, “I believe the Chancellor has had some diplomatic channels
opened for him, would it be worth asking him to get the information”.
“The trouble with that approach”, said Gerald “is that the request would go
higher and higher and in the end we would get an answer in diplospeak that was
indecipherable. It would embarrass the Chancellor that he was not able to help us”.
Andrew said,” I remember asking for some information about Indigo ages
ago for some research I was doing and they said was I sure there was such a realm
yet their own papers had referred to it. These upper civil servants are a built in
smoke screen. No wonder they show God sitting on a cloud”.
“We are thrashing about and getting nowhere”, said Andrew,” why don’t we
ask Ali’s whizz kid for his ideas?”
After some more desultory speculation they agreed.
“Ali, do you think you could get this publicity shy team member to talk to
us” Gerald enquired.
Ali said,”If I ask him he will but don’t be surprised by his manner; he can be
very unpredictable and may dismiss the whole approach to the problem as

lamentably shortsighted. He can be very direct. They say he has modelled his
manner on me but I am not brusque”.
No one smiled but they changed the subject.

* * *
When next at the country house Ali called Ejaz aside and said he felt he
needed a break from this intense work, they had finished jurisprudence and were
into theoretical physics. I want you to cast your mind over a little problem. We
now know there are other Indigo operators looking after these Indigo children. We
need to know how many and the demographics. We don’t want to use the
Auditors source data; it may be tainted prejudicial research, that sort of thing.
Could you find a way to do this and do a presentation to the strategy group?
There was pause, for Ejaz a very long pause, he nodded his assent and left.

Ejaz‘s thought processes were a mystery to everyone who worked with him.
He seemed to have seven league boots that strode across the terrain of a problem in
leaps of logic that left everyone bewildered but eventually, usually much later,
they saw his conclusion to be incontrovertable. To argue with Ejaz was pointless
he was so far ahead he had to wait for you to realise it before going on to the next
In this case he had already determined knowing the exact number of Indigo
children was a pointless exercise, bean counting! The significant factor was the
proportionality of their influence in weighted terms. He needed this information
before he could start.

Ejaz asked Ali if he might question the strategy group.
Ali introduced Ejaz. He explained he was the youngest Fellow the College
of Theoretical Physics had ever appointed and a remarkable savant.
Ejaz quickly made his point that to discover the number of these Indigo
children was a pointless exercise. It was their proportional influence they needed
to discover.
Andrew as a one time Emeritus Professor of his College accepted the point.
They all turned to Galan for an answer.
Galan said, “It would depend on the communication network, because they
would develop a telepathic network once they realised there were others and it
would be inaccessible to blocking by counter postulates. Their knowledge would
flow between them in the manner of Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance.
They would hold a common reality, an Indigo reality”
Andrew said he was familiar with Sheldrake’s work and fully understood
the implication.
“Before they reached that stage, which would take some years” Galan said,
“their local effect could influence a hundred people for each child in spite of a
media black out”.
“So their power ratio is 1 to 100”, said Ejaz, “But as a critical mass this
would increase by an order of magnitude. What would be the critical mass
required to flip reality at this bifurcation point?”
“I would say about 150 children said Galan because their interaction would
have a multiplier effect”.
“At what age would these powers become apparent” asked Ejaz”?
“I would say between ten and twelve years old”, said Galan, “assuming
Toby is representative of this incoming wave and he is now five, we have perhaps
five years to the flip point on the planet when the Indigo reality cuts in”.
Ejaz said, “I think you should allow for future shock in that estimate, a
change agent accelerates a change as it takes effect. I would suggest 3 years to the
flip point.”
Galan said. “I have difficulty with your time system. We work with
contiguous events and the interval between them. An interval is the duration of an
event before a change occurs. But everything stays in the present,all the past is in
the present which is a fluid reality always being up dated, also our time runs
backwards to you, not forward. It is historical, not predictive. I would predict six
significant events between inception and the final cause mock up (the flip point)
with a diminishing interval between them. We are currently in the second
significant event. Acceleration in your time is measured as a rate of change by
one of your clocks. This is meaningless to me but I see it has meaning for you”.
Ejaz said. “Is it possible to translate one of your intervals into our time by
working backwards through events?”
“It should be”, said Galan “but it will only bring you to the present, it is not
predictive. Our time is variable; we are accustomed to living only in the present
with patience and waiting for an event to occur in alignment with a final cause.
Patience is a dimension for us. It is the quantum potential from which
events arise, just as we are the quantum potential for those beings on the planet.
There are said to be seven of these layers of formative potential and we are the
lowest, as I understand it”.
“We use time in theoretical physics” said Ejaz, “but I can see, to
accommodate the Indigo project, system analysis must be revised to express
potential events in present time and wait for them to occur. I think I like this
approach but of course there would be an outcry from those who spend their time
predicting events. They try to predict the future by extrapolating from present time
data, whereas you say the future is a potential event created by the final cause
mock up Yes I like it. The future is constantly being created in present time but
the final cause effect is unpredictable”
“From what you have said Galan”, said Gerald “it would seem the task for
Ejaz , essentially a predictive task, is impossible”.
“It is” said Galan, “but we do need to know more about the present, we do
not have all the facts at hand”.
Ejaz said, “My task is simple, I need to define the parameters for an Indigo
child and then search all the data bases for these parameters to establish how many
of the children between 5 and 7 are present now, and then calculate their impact.
An analysis of the birth records and the circumstances of their birth should
establish that. Thank you I will do that”.

When Ejaz had left Gerald said, “Do I take it these children will only be
concerned with the present and not try to alter the future?”
“Yes” said Galan, “But their actions will only be concerned to correct
disequilibria in the present. However, this would affect the future because they are

heading for a different final cause than their fellows. Their final cause is the
oneness of humankind.”

Ejaz made his report.
“The reality Auditors have been giving more attention to the Double
Postulate ploy and have now identified five such beings, one yesterday. From the
analysis of the birth data and circumstances, these five are associated with 5 single
mothers. However, examination of the records of birth with the search parameters,
suggest there are potentially 250 Indigo children present but only 80 in the ten to
twelve age range”.
Ejaz nodded and left.

“That is close to a critical mass”, said Gerald, “I think we are approaching
the point at which we should consider triggering the crisis. This must go to the
higher planes”

Chapter 8 – The Little Bang

Back on the planet, Diana and Toby were having a great time. Their run of
luck seemed to be inexhaustible. Toby now had his bicycle and Diana had been
given a rise in salary as now the manager of the Curio Shop. The owner had
opened a second shop and was looking to expand his business. A new carpet, the
window repaired and the walls repainted, had transformed the flat. Diana now had
three new pairs of shoes but kept in mind Galan’s warning about not giving in to
the genetic entity’s demand for mass. Minimalism was her watchword
Toby had started to show signs of telepathy and would answer or reply to an
unspoken query or comment by her. He was also becoming slightly embarrassing
to her on shopping trips, commenting on other shoppers thoughts in the innocent
way of a child, unaware of the social implications of his remarks.
Diana had told Galan that as they were passing the school on one occasion
when the children were leaving, Toby seemed to stop Josie in mid-skip. She
turned and looked at him with some sort of recognition and smiled. Diana said she
thought Josie may have some of Toby’s abilities and might she be another of these
special children?
When Diana told Galan at their next meeting Galan said:
“Would you ask her to play with Toby after school one day, you now know
what to look for; I trust your judgement on that. In the meantime see if you can
find out about her home circumstances, it seems these children are all of single
mothers. I think this has something to do with the circumstances of their
Diana pondered on Galan’s last comment long into the night and reflected
on the circumstances of Toby’s conception
When she called to ask if Josie could come to play after school, not
completely to her surprise she discovered Josie’ was also the child of a single
mother. Her mother was delighted because it was a problem at times getting home
from work in time for Josie’s return from school.
After two such visits Diana was certain, listening to them play that they
were playing on a higher plane as well as with Toby’s toys. There was a unison
she had not seen in other children. An almost graceful accord, like a dance in
which each knew the others next move and played along with it.
Diana described it to Galan as a harmony of thought and was almost certain
Josie was one of these Indigo children Galan had spoken of.
“In that case there is another Indigo operative in the area; I will try to locate
him. Jacob, Toby’s guide, had spoken of seeing an Indigo person in the area”.
It turned out to be a lady in the bakers shop.
When Galan contacted her she acknowledged her role with Josie but had not
been briefed as Galan had been. She thought she was a lone operative working to
a single intuitive hunch. That she was part of a larger project was a source of
satisfaction. Galan gave her a large part of the information about numbers and
objectives but did not disclose the strategy group work. He needed to know more.
When Galan visited Indigo to report progress he enquired about this
newcomer and how should he handle the situation.
He was told that although he had been briefed for Toby he was in fact to be
the entire planetary coordinator and in due course would be given access to the
other operatives. He knew it would be a waste of time to ask how many. He
would just get a diplospeak answer.
However, having explained it was possible the higher planes in Rainbow
were considering triggering a reality crisis, what should be his response.
Don’t concern yourself about that, he was told. We are aware of that and
when it happens there will be a natural closing of ranks among the operatives.
They will seek out a leader. You are that leader and you must act in the best
interests of these children.
The meeting ended leaving Galan intuitively aware they were about to move
into the next event.
* * *
It happened suddenly. A child was declared to be a witch..
Galan moved quickly to the scene, met the mother, again a single mother,
reassured her and the child that they were not alone, there were others like her.
He advised the child to use her telepathic ability when people came to
interview her, (as they did) and to answer their questions before they were asked.
“You have to take complete charge of any meeting to avoid media hyperbole or
mendacity. Some will be there to ride on the answers to the senior reporters
questions, don’t be afraid to cut the antagonistic questioners down to size. Use
your telepathic powers”.
As her eyes swept the audience of some 50 media people at the next
press conference, she would settle on a member and answer their unspoken
question, or rebuke another for some trite observation they were about to make; the
cleverly fashioned question that would leave an opening for a riposte was
disclosed for what it was and also the riposte was speculated on with amusement.
The Indigo deductive and telepathic powers were greatly enhanced in the minds of
the reporters by this demonstration .
The media interviewers were stymied; the answers were often treated with
questioning amusement. They came to disprove her abilities because they were
seen as a threat but instead were unable to avoid the proof of their existence. The
more they attempted to disprove her abilities, the more she derided them for their
lack of perspicacity in failing to see the evidence before them. Those that came to
mock her were mocked and those who came to support her were vindicated. The
bantering questions gradually subsided and she left them with a problem for which
their news editors and the media were unprepared. The Tactical Teams on the
other hand were confidently waiting the first disclosure. The media event was a
rout but winning a battle was not winning a war. It was only the first shot in an
impending conflict of realities, would it be disclosed or glossed over with spurious

In the College the Chancellor had created what he liked to call his Reality
Conflict War Room to accommodate the strategy group, the tactical teams, an
office for diplomatic channels with Indigo, the two representatives from higher
planes which had been appointed by the Speaker - very august gentlemen with
great diplomatic skills, and finally a separate communications room for Galan to
work with his field operatives should a reality flip occur.
They were all ready for the flip point but had no idea whether it would
The tactical teams fed their papers into the media stream through well-
established intuitive channels. Altogether the planetary programme was going
Outside the war room, where quiet confidence reigned, not everything was
going so well.
Gerald’s picture of the Auditors as “A bunch of guys getting used to a new
idea” was not working in the College of Reality Auditors, to give it its full title.
The Auditors were in turmoil; some older staff were in shock and sat with their
head in their hands contemplating the destruction of years of work. This child was
using abilities no one had seen before. She could alter an accepted reality in days
that should normally take years. And another thing, she might show the hoi polloi
it was possible, a sea change in values could take place. Instead of the gentle ebb
and flow of the tides of change, this could be a tsunami. It was this oneness thing
that was the trouble. Oneness cannot be manipulated, and she appeared to be
connected to others. Oneness did not have halves to be played off one against the
other to maintain equilibrium, the Auditors raison d`etre. It was of itself a unity,
indivisible. The Auditors role was under threat.

James of Auditors asked for an urgent meeting with Harold. What am I to
do he said wringing his hands. He was unaware that Harold and those on higher
planes had approved this whole action, knowing full well how this would impact
on the Auditors. Harold’s response was to ask the two august representatives of
The Speaker to join him. He thought why should I have to deal with poor James, it
was surely their job to sort this out.
They took James aside and with consummate skill explained that though the
Auditors had previously had to handle reality discord their function would now be
to prepare for the unity that the event suggested was emerging. There was much to
be done and they felt James was just the man for the job.
Amid the hubbub of activity the strategy group had little to do; the planning
had been well done. Occasionally a tactical team asked for approval to execute
another of their proposed plans. They sat in satisfied silence as a new agreed
reality emerged from the chaos of opinions. This child has performed an
important role in opening the first Indigo pathway said Galan. Now she has done
so we have “a picture of a bunch of guys getting used to a new idea”, to use
Gerald’s phrase. We may have won the first battle but there is a long way to go.
Our preparations have stood up to the test and have been valuable experience for
the Big One when it comes.

Chapter 9 – Upside Down Reality

Gerald had been deep in thought whilst the others reviewed the success of
the first transition battle. At last he roused himself to observe that as Galan had
said, this was just the beginning. Surely the next step was to brief the guides of
these children so that they should know what to expect? Outside the strategy
group, the existence of the other children was not widely known, we must prepare
for other similar reality battles.
“A good point” said Ali, “what do you think Galan?”
“A very good point, I don’t think I have mentioned this before, the Indigo
people want me to head up this whole project, but I can’t see myself rushing hither
and thither to tutor the guides of these children. I would like to conduct a briefing
seminar, Andrew might I borrow your lecture hall and Ali would you be willing to
take charge of this group of guides? If Ejaz is right, there could be as many as 250
of these children with their guides. The Indigo incomers would be used as
confidants for the children’s mothers”.
Ali thought about this and speculated that he could divide his team into
planetary sectors to oversee these guides, leaving him to back up where needed,
but he would use Ejaz for some of this work.
“Yes”, he said, “That could be done but he would need more briefing from
They decided the project should be cleared by the Chancellor, but in
principle should be the necessary next step and Andrew said he would be delighted
to lend Galan the lecture theatre.
As expected, the Chancellor supported the proposal. He had been waiting
for their realisation that this was necessary. Ali also asked if he might use the War
Room as his communication centre for his team, which was agreed to. A date was
set for the guides briefing, Gerald and Andrew also planned to attend.

In the lecture theatre, Ali first outlined the proposed role for the guides.
They were to be a crack force that would be guiding the introduction of the Indigo
powers into the planetary consciousness, an onerous task that he expected they
would perform brilliantly, but there was plenty of back up if they needed it.
He then introduced Galan as the Indigo coordinator who would brief them
on the expected changes and the emerging powers they were to be alert for.

Having surveyed the assembled guides and noticed the eager anticipation
Galan spoke.
“What I am going to describe is an event that happened hundreds of
thousands of years ago when the human race were still hominids. There was at
one time a pretty little planet in this solar system that is now no more, it was called
Daath. It lay slightly outside our orbit and was colonised by incomers from
another planet outside our solar system. They were a clever lot and thought rather
highly of themselves. They decided to use the planet’s thermal heat to generate a
continuous source of power. However, the silly beggars were not as smart as they
thought themselves. They reasoned that the internal pressure and temperature
would be sufficient to fuse hydrogen and helium from which a continuous reaction
could be generated. They drilled into the thermal core then at high pressure
pumped in hydrogen and helium. It worked all right, they blew the planet apart
and bits of it are roaming round the asteroid belt today – which is why
astrophysicists are still puzzled by the presence of silicone and titanium and other
evolved minerals in meteorites. Anyway, the point of telling you this is that many
of the beings from Daath formed colonys on Earth, the next best planet. “The
Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean”, which have been translated, contain
much of the folklore about the event.
The residual information left by these colonies and implanted in the hominid
population has concerned Indigo for many generations; these beings may be stupid
enough to try another of these hair brained schemes, one might call them stupid
smart, a dangerous combination. Many other planetary civilisations have avoided
us because, frankly, they think Earth a dangerous planet. The Indigo project is
designed to bootstrap these colonies into a greater awareness of their
responsibilities. At present, it appears to be heading for another of these disasters.
The scientific community is acting irresponsibly, they also think the material
Cosmos is the power source of creation, not realising that it is the end product of a
purposeful creation, which is widely known in these other civilisations. Access to
the creative processes leading to the material planet is the role of science, not
pulling the planet apart in their hunt for it’s cause.
From this introduction, you can see why Indigo is concerned and why this
project is so important. Are there any questions? When the hubbub had died
down and the salient questions answered. Galan explained that what he had told
them he had himself learned from the Indigo archives. These incomers from the
destroyed planet Daath had brought with them considerable powers that had
become lost. However we reason the potential of these powers has remained with
the human race, which is why these Indigo children may develop powers that
cannot be forecast. We do know they will develop strong telepathic links and may
revive these dormant powers by an interactive effect. You must be prepared for
them to be able to detect your presence and in due course converse with you. Your
role is to befriend them as they emerge from the darkness of their lower awareness
level they are a precious asset.
Ali thanked Galan for his briefing, reiterated the importance of the project
for the planet, and closed the meeting.

Afterwards as the four strolled back to the Club they expressed surprise that
the gravity of the whole project had not been brought to their attention. The
Speaker and the Conclave know it said Galan but it was considered wise not to
disclose it to us. I have only recently been advised of this myself. I believe it was
thought that to burden us with the knowledge might have inhibited us. But it does
not alter the project, only gives it more gravitas.
Galan said “Very soon now we must also brief the mother’s of these
children so that they may be prepared for these changes. I shall have to give Diana
a greatly expanded understanding, because she appears willing to lead these
mothers. It is not going to be easy, she has an insatiable curiosity and will drag me
into aspects I may find difficult”.
“In connection with that” said Ali, “for some time I have been glimpsing
aspects of what may be a very big game plan that I could not recognise as part of
Diana’s present role. I am now beginning to see where she might fit in with the
project and possibly be another sleeper”.
“With your new very wide responsibilities”, Galan enquired, “would you
like me to take over as Diana’s guide?”
Ali was reluctant but had to admit he would not be able to give her his
usual attention.
“I think that might be a good idea in view of the intensive briefing she will
need, but I would prefer you did not mention that I am no longer her guide, we
have been together a long time”.
Galan said he understood.

Chapter 10 – Diana’s World

Diana and Toby’s luck continued to improve to the point where their needs
were being comfortably met. They recognised that the excessive consumerism of
their neighbours instead of being a source of pleasure was a distraction taking
much of their attention away from the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life.
Diana observed it looked as though they were in thrall to the demands for
mass by their genetic entities.
Having seen their neighbours attention latgely occupied with their
possessions, they decided to look very carefully at their own mock-ups,
minimalism was their watchword. Galan had said you do not need to be very
precise because your goal is always moving away from you, as you approach it
you will find it is not exactly what you want and will revise it arising from the
contrast between what is and what could be improved.
Diana had learned to respect Toby’s ability to distinguish between the merits
and disadvantages of a course of action, he appeared able to take a proposition
apart and weigh the merits of the parts. They set about the task of a final cause
mock-up with a certainty they had come to respect for the power it came to have
on their everyday life style. Diana always heeded Galan’s advice “Be careful what
you hold closest to your heart, for surely it will happen”. Their first conclusion
was that if their attention was confined to their immediate needs they would be
working on a very small canvas, they should look beyond that, but at the same
time if they were unable to play a significant part in the final cause activity it was
not much of a game. The first thing to decide was what was within their means
and what were their game goals.
Ever since the days of the marigold Toby had become interested in plant life
and wanted to know more. Diana agreed to help him get an allotment, a small plot
with the local gardening society. They set about it in the usual way and in due

course, an offer of help was made to Diana by the local gardening society who had
heard of Toby’s interest and would like to take him under their wing.
For Diana the account Galan had given of the carver imbuing the carved
object with his power had intrigued her and she wondered if this applied to
everything a person created; would it apply to a cake or a knitted garment, did it
give the object a special quality as distinct from its thingness. Could you put
intention in it as it was made? Toby said he thought it could because he did it with
his plants and that seemed to work. They grew vigorously once planted. Diana
decided to ask ‘her Bill’, really Galan as she knew, but she liked to call him “her
Bill” partly in a teasing way but also because ‘he was hers’.
When next he called, Galan said he was concerned she was becoming too
dependent on his advice, but yes, it could be done. The intention invested in
anything she created would affect its final attributes, you fashion it with your
desire, and the amount of that intention was a factor. Half-hearted intention
produced a ‘half-hearted object’, more thingness than isness, a ‘near enough is
good enough’ sort of dictum that lay at the root of mediocrity. But from her
question Galan assumed it was the quality of ‘intention’ that was the real question,
so he waited and sure enough, Diana said, “So what exactly is intention?”
Galan said, “Come on we have wintered and summered together, you know
what intention is”
“No, I don’t” said Diana.
“You do” said Galan, “it is what you put into the mock-up. It is desire
charged with certainty. You use certainty to charge up the intent and Bingo you
have a working mock-up. The cake contains the intention you put into it. Two
cooks using the same recipe can produce quite different cakes.”
“But I still don’t know what intention is” said Diana, “you are very clever at
describing what it does, but I still don’t know what it is!!!”
“Ah! Ha!” said Galan, “you want to go into the deep end do you. Very well
hang on to your hat! Intention is a power that flows through you. It is like the
roof tank that fills the lavatory cistern, when you flush you are refilled. It is a
crude analogy but not far out, you are kept filled to your capacity If it
overflowed friends would say you were hyper-active, you would be whacking so
much intention into everything you would be overwhelmed with all the events
around you – life is a reach and withdraw thing, it’s cyclical, you should have
periods of withdrawal (inactivity). However, intention comes from a realm we
have not discussed, why I don’t know, it is the realm of consciousness. What you
don’t know is the power of this realm, or the amount of power you can exercise.
And the answer to that is, as much as you can visualise. You create the only
restrictions placed on its use. You decide how much, and this is how you create
your own beingness. You make your own beingness by this creative power. You
are a “self-differentiated vortex” in this realm of consciousness, to give it a fancy
name. And you create yourself by this unlimited power in the ‘roof tank’ used
with intention. This may be confusing for you but the roof tank is also you, it’s a
bigger you but in the implicate realm. What you think of as you was created by
this bigger you using the power of Source.
“Do you mean to say I could make myself into anything I wanted to be with
this power”, exclaimed Diana.
“Yes, you only have to look at some of the dictators to see it works; said
Galan, “for them it is a ‘Whoopee!’ discovery that is usually more than they can
handle, we all learn by experience”. Nowadays there are lots of dictators who
have been through the mill and know the dangers of handling power”.
“I should also explain by this very self-differentiation you limit what you
can be. In fact what you can be is affected by what you can have. If a young
student with a clapped out Mini was offered a Rolls Royce he would be unable to
own it, he could not have it because it was beyond the limit of the things he could
“And who said Diana feeling a rising tide of anger sets this limit on what I
can and can’t have! I am the one who says what I can and can’t have!”
“Absolutely right said Galan so be prepared to be angry when I tell you, it’s
“Me, I’m the one!”
“Yes, it’s you, down to the last tin-tack. You regulate the mock-up of
yourself to fit in with what you can have”.
“Why on earth should I do that”, said Diana in amazement, “that’s crazy!”
“When I said you were a self-differentiated vortex in this realm of
consciousness, you build in these limitations by the mock-up with which you make
yourself. This is called a postulate, or postulated beingness. You make yourself
from the power in the roof tank”.
“Why couldn’t I make myself a millionaire”, said Diana?
“You could, you could. Do you want to be one?
“No, I just want to be without the problems of not being one”
“Well that’s one way of looking at it, what about deciding what you do want
to be instead?”
“Oh. I see where you are coming from”, said Diana, “use the power
“That’s it and now I have told you there is an unlimited amount of this
power available, you can see the sky is the limit, if it fits with what you can be.
“What do you mean ‘be’? I thought we were talking about how much I can
“Same thing” said Galan “but on the next rung down the ladder below
‘having’ something. Take the example of the student with the clapped out Mini,
he could not have a Rolls Royce because he could not be a Rolls Royce owner, it
would conflict with his self-image. When he is in his 30’s and has made a pile, he
will have learned how to be a Rolls Royce owner – probably rehearsed it many
times as a mock-up with Porches’. There is a gradient scale of beingness. We all
have a starting position usually created by our parents, they both do it with
postulates, and both have a perfect right to do that, it is what loving parents spend
hours doing, vicariously creating your future by their encouragement. Generally
speaking, we start small and diffident and gradually grow big and confident with
the help of our parents (provided no one slams you down with negative postulates
such as; ”you’ll never be ……whatever you apire to”).
Anyway, how about a quick cup of tea and then I must be off.

Chapter 11 – The Dark Realm

The Auditors had cheered up and James had instilled a new spirit of
curiosity and confidence to find oneness activities – even a little adventurous
thinking. James frequently asked Harold how he encouraged his people but
Harold said “adventurous thinking” he had no idea, it just happened, it was a
source of constant amazement.
. Since this was more pragmatic than their original theoretical work, some
of the younger auditors found themselves more attuned to the new aims. Many of
the older auditors still tended to be too prescriptive – the old dogs new tricks
syndrome, and were given back office jobs with grand titles. Some went freelance
in the Dark Realm where they were in demand. After three re-organisations, the
Dark Conclave decided they would have to get in consultants to sort the place out.
These auditors were given more than their just deserts, considerably more,
but they claimed it was the going rate for their experience and always managed to
find another aspect of the Dark realm that required their attention.
The agents viewed the auditor’s presence with great misgiving and when
asked by an auditor what they were doing would answer suspiciously, what have
you found out?
In one of their reports to the Conclave, they advised there should be
intensive staff training to motivate the workforce
The retraining of the staff of the Dark realm was a commitment the auditors,
or Consultants, as they preferred to be called, discovered was a larger task than
they had envisaged. Progress reports were missed almost routinely and the
measurable progress targets frequently revised. In fact it was becoming apparent,
even to the Conclave that their progress was slowly coming to a halt. The
Consultants met for regular progress meetings; lately progress reports had become
more fictitious and some were even re-worked versions of previous reports. They
concluded at one of their more depressed meetings that the problem lay with the
whole Dark realm culture (they still did not recognise the task was beyond their
abilities). Their terms of reference had to be revised but the trouble was the
culture ran from top to bottom of the realm. Altering the culture at the top was
more difficult than with the agents. They considered arranging a buy out from
Orange, but who would want a dysfunctioning realm. Mergers were equally
unattractive; in fact, the Dark realm had passed its sell by date. It had no assets of
any value that could be stripped and a redundant workforce would cost a bomb to
dispose of.
We could foment a strike, that might bring the Conclave to its senses was
one suggestion but that might put them all out of a very lucrative contract.
We need a completely revised business plan for the realm; cut out these
enormous bonuses, set new performance targets that changed the culture of the
realm and give them a mission statement with enough looseness to encompass
whatever the outcome of the programme happened to be. As one consultant was
about to say “ A picture of a bunch… but the words died on his lips as he recalled
the origin of the phrase.
Having lost sight of the original objective, the consultants re-doubled their
efforts. The new mission statement was a beautifully crafted piece of hyperbole.
However, with their usual short term and self-serving aims, the consultants
had overlooked the real function of the Dark realm and the effect changing its role
would have on their whole business environment. An essential part of the
consultants business was to have discord present for them to find work and without
discord they were jobless.
The confusion they created caused the realm to sink into apathy; they
suspected they had a catatonic corpse on their hands. Historical hindsight proved
this to be close to the truth. The project sank into apathy. There were the usual
sporadic attempt at revival with moments of optimism which it transpired was ‘a
dead cat bounce’.
One of the effects of this demise was that other realms found the climate of
negotiations much easier. Less fraught, diplomatic initiatives were received with
more interest and taken at face value rather than the previous, “What exactly did
they mean by …some carefully crafted phrase”. They were also spared the jeering
critical comments of the Dark realm agents.
The more relaxed negotiating atmosphere had been noted in the Green
Realm. They could be described as hovering in the wings for a suitable opportunity
to make an approach to Rainbow; Indigo’s success had been viewed with envy,
little realising the vast planning that had gone into the project.
The Speaker commented on this at one Conclave and suggested a group
should review what impact a Green merger might have. The Indigo experience had
been encouraging but the ramifications of a merger with the Green realm needed to
be thoroughly examined. The overriding consideration was the impact on the
planet. The Greens could be a bit wishy washy he said, they would need to be kept
an eye on and we need to know what they could bring to the table in a merger.

Chapter 12 – Diana’s World Expands

Diana was still intrigued by Galan’s description of the limitations she placed
on herself by her postulated beingness.
“Bill” she said, when he wandered into the shop on a quiet weekday
afternoon, “you know about creating yourself, why aren’t you a millionaire?”
“For what I do, I don’t need to be”.
.”But you could if you wanted to be”, she said.
“Yes but there comes a time when that sort of goal palls. In fact pursuing
my own goals no longer holds great interest for me. I prefer to ride with higher
causes, you become part of a bigger game”
“Is that to do with the roof tank power” said Diana with a grin?
“I didn’t think I would get away with the roof tank analogy for long” sighed
Galan with some amusement. “Yes, it is the roof tank power”..
“So tell me about it”, said Diana, “I want to know everything”.
“What you are asking for is immense” said Bill. “It is just not possible.
What I will do is put in some dots and you can join them up to make a picture,
you’ll also have to use your imagination OK?”
“If I spoke of your inner self, your conscious feeling and thinking self,
would you know what I mean? I am not thinking of your brain. OK?”
“Yes, that’s clear”, said Diana.
“Well are you doing any thinking or feeling in your left leg?”
“No., that’s silly Bill”
“Well check the rest of your body and see if you can find where you are
doing your thinking and feeling. I suggest if you check the whole of your body
and your head I am sure you won’t find the location.”
“Why not?”
“Just look at what you are doing. You are consciously looking for you in
your body, who is doing the looking?”
“And where are you doing it from?”
“Outside me – WOW!”
“Got it”, said Bill. “That’s your first dot, you are not in your body, your GE
runs that”
“Now the second dot. Have you heard of string theory? No, well it is a
rather convoluted theory that there are particles that vibrate like strings. They are
so small that they cannot be detected and the theory is that they must exist in
another dimension. Now hang on to your hat because we are going to jump”.
“Consciousness is a vibration like string theory, not in your head, but in the
next dimension to the material realm, it appears to be creative energy. Your
consciousness has the same time-space-reality coordinates as the material you but
in the next dimension – string theory suggests there may be as many as eleven of
these adjacent dimensions but one is enough for now. So, that is the next dot, the
you that was looking for you is creative energy in an adjacent dimension ok?”
“Now for the next. Have you heard of E=Mc2? Yes. Ok if we transpose the
equation into:

M = E to relate to matter, it gives a very small result. It is the c2 that
packs the punch not the mass This is the vibration of the implicate realm
and equates to the power that creates the explicate realm of matter; because of its
higher frequency it is superdense and therefore you get more bang for your buck.
This is why there is such enormous power in the atomic bomb. It is not the matter
that explodes it is the enormous power that holds those somewhat insignificant
particles of mass together.
“Is that ok so far? The implicate realm is the matrix that holds this material
world in place and your creative conscious energy can influence it, that’s your
third dot.
“It is now time for the Geronimo leap, you and the implicate realm employ
exactly the same creative power to manipulate the explicate realm which is why
your mock-ups work. When you know how to use your conscious power, you
actualise your desires”.

“Now for dot four. Where does all this formative power come from that we
use to create our mock-ups?”
“It is everywhere we live in the stuff but it also flows through us (hence the
roof tank analogy) I should add the self-differentiated you has taken millions of
years to form. We call the origin of this formative power The Source. It is a
vibration in the next dimension to the explicate realm – matter. It is like the sand
at the seaside. With our bucket and spade, we make castles but they originate in
our creative imagination, the Indigo realm, The Gateway of Consciousness. You
descend through that gateway to enter this explicate realm
We use this source energy to form our conscious beingness like a sandcastle.
In a fancy phrase, we are “self-differentiated vortices” of this vibration energy.
We fashion ourselves, our postulated beingness, using this source vibration. You
have been working on this creation since your beginning long, long ago”. .
“So, have you got dot four? You make yourself with and from the same
vibration energy that you use to make your mock-ups. I know it is a difficult
concept and your beingness comes from yet another dimension that empowers you
to make yourself”
“That is a big one to get hold of”, said Diana “but I think I am ok with that.
I have been given the authority and power to make myself which comes from an
even higher authority”.
“Right!” said Bill, “You have command of this creative power; it is yours as
a birthright. It is freely given as an act of love; you are supposed to use it as much
as possible because you are at the front edge of the expansion of the conscious
realm, you are expanding the cosmos which is why you are here”.
“Got it” said Dina.
“I am impressed; it usually takes years for people to grasp that one. I will
give you one more dot and I think that will be enough for now” said Bill. “Dot
five is about creation”.
“The act of creation using this immense formative energy is the actualisation
of the desire for the created object or event, which is why your mock-ups work.
Do you also see why your self-image is important, it determines what you can be”.

“Now join those dots up and you will see a new picture emerge, with your
beingness at its centre. However you have to discover for yourself the missing dot,
which is the nature of your beingness”.
“There is a great deal more to this picture that I have not told you. How
and why the cosmos hangs together, what is the nature of love, why do we feel
comfortable with some vibrations and not others, is there a colour correspondence
between colours and vibrations (yes), and on and on and on. But another time, in
the meantime how about another mug of tea?”
“Is that enough for you said Bill, the main thing is, when you join those dots
up you will have a picture of a new reality”.
“No Bill that is not enough”, said Diana, “you should know me well enough
to know that. What I am beginning to see is a sort of beauty in this conscious
realm. It is so simple in the way it persists yet so perfect in its simplicity: it is a
formless medium with a perfect structure that can be manipulated yet retain its
Diana, said Bill almost in awe; you have just made a balletic leap of
awareness to the very heart of the conscious realm. Yes its beauty is its simplicity
and perfect equilibrium, do you want to know how this equilibrium is
“Yes please” said Diana.
“Its elegance as I said is its simplicity”, said Bill. “This simplicity is awe
inspiring in itself. This realm of consciousness is like the sea; all creation exists in
this realm. It is made up of many things some creative some destructive some
downright earthy, some dreamy, some firm and severe, all the things we find in
ourselves, everything that was and is can be found in this timeless sea of
consciousness. And it’s not like a mug of tea in which the tea, milk, and sugar
have become one thing ‘a mug of tea’, all these things keep their isness separate
Left to themselves they would be like a boiling cauldron of conflicting attributes
and aims, there would be no peace, no stillness, but at the heart of this ocean of
consciousness is a single force that binds and holds its structure secure, it
reconciles these conflicting aims and forces and brings peace This force is more
powerful than any of them; orders of magnitude more powerful we call it love, or
if you prefer, creative well-being. It holds but does not restrict, it reconciles
without altering the nature of the conflicting elements, it can unify disparate parts
which is why you feel so comfortable living in this ocean of conscious well-being,
nothing conflicts. When you vibrate in harmony with it all, conflicting aims are
reconciled in peacefulness”.
“If you want to know how love works, I will tell you but surely isn’t that
“I thought it was but now you have set me off again, go on tell me how love
“Imagine love had thingness, we will call this a desire for the well-being of
an entity, inside it are three imperatives, or components, or qualities, call them
what you like, which make up its structure, its isness. They are equilibrium,
affinity, and creativity and they constantly interact like dancing to an unheard
joyful music”.
“But Bill those are exactly the same as the laws of Persistence that you said
came with the Bang”.
“Yes funny isn’t it that the laws of love are the same as the laws of
persistence I am sure you will arrive at the obvious conclusion as to why they are,
on second thoughts I will tell you. An actualisation hierarchy, which is what these
interlocking laws are called is a feedback system the presence of this love, this
sense of well being is important for your persistence, it is the secret of old age and
lies deep within you, those who recognise this persist”.
“They are the laws that control the whole of creation, three simple qualities
that hold this massive cosmos together, allow it to grow, give it freedom to become
what it is seeking, and give it a harmony within itself; just three simple qualities”.
“Is that what I do when I love Toby”?
“Yes, you have a bond of affinity that makes you want him to persist in
equilibrium and you give him creative freedom to adjust to any situation that is
disturbing his equilibrium – and that’s love, a deep desire for his well-being.”
“I thought love was screwing,” said Diana.
“No that’s your genetic entity saying screw me I want a baby, a different
thing altogether”, said Bill. “OK it is a legitimate request for a GE to make, it has
a duty imposed on it to keep humankind going, but that is not love. There is
another side to the act” said Bill “because it is also giving creative freedom to your
partner, which is an expression of love, so the two can be confused. It is like the
shoes thing; is it for its prettiness or is it for your GE’s satisfaction, just the sexual
urge. One can usually tell the difference”.
“Do you express love when you join with these larger final causes” said
“Yes, I do” said Bill, “I am making my own small gesture of love for the
whole human race and in doing so, the roof tank keeps me filled up. That’s the
interesting thing about love, it never runs out”.
“What if someone turns the valve off” said Diana?
“Yes, that is true” said Bill, “a sad thing to see someone who has cut
themselves off from Source, but the roof tank is still full when they turn it on
again. It is always there”.
“Bill”, said Diana wonderingly, “is The Source, the ‘roof tank’ what we call
“I thought you would ask me that in the end” said Bill. “Yes, that is
everyone’s God, they make this power into the thingness they feel most
comfortable with, an egregor, a man made ‘God’ not a bad idea to my mind. They
feel more at home with something of their own creation. “A poor thing but mine
own” as Shakespeare has put it. It works; they are all from the same conscious
ocean of well-being for everyone but in the case of an egregor it is like writing the
rules for a robot and gets blamed if it does not obey them. The only problem is
they all claim my egregor is better than yours”.
“Bill”, said Diana, “there is one last thing I want to ask you”.
Bill said “before we go any further, would you make us a mug of tea”
. They sat in contemplative silence, Diana turning over in her mind all Bill
had said. At last, she said, “may I ask you now?”
“Go ahead” said Bill feeling refreshed from his tea.
“There is just one last thing, and then I can let you rest. What is affinity?”
“Oh thank goodness, I thought you were going to ask, no I won’t say,” said
Bill thinking better of it.
“Affinity is simple; it is the sense of oneness”.
“Is that all” said Diana?
“Very well not quite all, affinity is the desire to be one with the object of
that affinity. It is a bond. You might think it is an emotion but that would be love.
Affinity is recognition by the parts of the existence of the bond between them. The
stronger the affinity, the stronger the bond. With maximum affinity, the bodies
could be described as inseparable as are the components of an atom. Have you
ever felt that with someone?”
“Oh yes”, said Diana, “I know exactly what you mean”.
Bill said, “Affinity is not a self-serving attraction, trying to draw the other
body to it like gravitation; it is simply the recognition of oneness. Like a particle
and its anti-matter particle, they have an affinity bond. That is how the implicate
realm creates the explicate realm. Scientists have given this bond a name, the
‘gluon field’. So, do you see the difference between a gravitational force and a
sense of oneness?”
“Yes one is a force that draws the parts together, the other a recognition that
the parts are ‘part of’ each other” said Diana.
“Two bodies can be thousands of miles apart and the affinity bond is
unaffected, whereas gravity obeys the inverse square law, diminishing with
distance and distorting space. The reason the Cosmos does not end up as a lump,
which it is said the force of gravity would create, is because it is the bond of
affinity not gravity that holds it together, and affinity gives creative freedom to all
the other parts, that is why the Cosmos is smooth and not restricted in its
expansion, it wants and needs to stay in equilibrium”.
“At last, Bill, you have taken me over my limit. I can’t follow you to the
outer limits of the Cosmos”, said Diana.
“The only reason for telling you about that” said Bill “was to show you that
what applies here between you and Toby applies to the whole Cosmos. What is
familiar to you, is familiar to all of creation, we are one. I don’t usually tell you
what to do, but this time I will, never forget, we are one with the Cosmos. Our
bigness or smallness doesn’t matter we are all one. And this oneness means the

little things of your life are part of the big things of the Cosmos. They cannot be
separated because we are one and love holds it together”.
“But Bill” said Diana, “there are billions of people living their lives like
Toby and I, each little sadness or joy must add up to something, what would that
“We, the billions of us, are the creative front edge of cosmic consciousness,
the sum of our desires is the evolution of cosmic consciousness. Also remember
the Cosmic consciousness is timeless, it does not have a time dimension,
everything exists in a cosmic present time, its thingness is the sum of what it was,
its “wasness”. For us present time is where the action is and only in present time
can there be any action and whatever that action might be is determined by our
final cause. However, as this is the product of the Source energy flowing through
us, in the end it is the travelling hopefully together to that final cause which is the
real joy of life. Each of us with our own final cause is part of that destination; in
fact, we are already part of that unknown destiny because we are timeless”.
“Would you believe it” said Diana “I really think I am beginning to
understand being part of the Cosmos as part of my life and part of my destiny”.
“Hang on to that” said Bill.
“Bill I know I keep pestering you with questions but really, you have only
yourself to blame because now there is something else I want to know”.
“Go on” said bill, “you say I am to blame but it is a delight to talk to
someone so interested. Most people I talk to would be yawning long ago. So, what
is the question?”
“Why do you go on about oneness so much” said Diana?
“Lord”, said Bill “the answer to that opens a completely new field. I am not
sure how to answer that because it involves giving you information I have not
given to the people who seek to protect you”.
“Who are they” said Diana?
“Just some beings in the lower realms of consciousness, your ‘Guardian
Angels’ people like to call them”.
“What real ones” exclaimed Diana?

“Oh yes, they are real all right. Do you remember I spoke about Indigo
children, well I come from the Indigo realm, and your guardians are Rainbow
people, a broader based realm. Indigo is a special realm; we are particularly
interested in oneness. This has not been fully disclosed to your guardians because
there is another aspect to the Indigo realm; it is the path to the super conscious for
all people. We are the gateway to the power and magic of the imagination through
which higher powers flow. However, this cannot be entered without the
recognition of oneness. Women are much better than men at this because they
learn about oneness with their children. Women are also more at home in the
Indigo realm. That is why they are more psychic than men and why dreams mean
more to them. It is also why priestesses were highly revered in past times, they
know things as part of their being which men can only grasp intellectually. Indigo
has a material form, which is the moon and why you hear of Moon goddesses but
never moon gods. The problem is your guardians are male and I do not know how
to bring this to their attention. It is the missing element in the Rainbow realm that
Indigo is trying to bring them as a gift. It will not be easy”.
“I know where you are coming from” said Diana bitterly. She was surprised
at the depth of her feelings. “Men have held us down because they fear our
“It is not fear” said Bill “it is lack of understanding. You can see this with
boys when they reach puberty, which I suppose causes fear, fear of the unknown,
or even the unknowable for them because girls awaken this knowingness. It is
their lack of trust in these feminine powers that is their weakness and until that
trust is established, it is scary”.
“In this Indigo realm are women in a stronger position than here” queried
“Oh yes, we have priestesses and of course Hecate and Diana and Lillith are
moon goddesses
“I really will have to call it a day,” said Bill. “I am whacked”.
“I am not whacked,” said Diana, “I am whirling”.

Chapter 13 – The Rainbow Sparkles

Galan flopped into a club chair - he had been sponsored for membership by
Gerald and Andrew and warmly supported by the members. Gerald spotting him
there asked how the day had gone.
“Demanding” said Galan, “Ali’s Diana asks some penetrating questions, the
last being the most difficult. It brought me to a point I have yet to address in our
discussions about the Indigo merger and I still don’t know how to approach the
“That sounds serious” said Gerald “I don’t think there has been an occasion
when I have heard you speak of being in a quandary about anything”.
“Well this is” said Galan, “it is much more than us, it is about the whole
Rainbow culture and indirectly about the planetary culture. I was asked to carry
this merger through by my Conclave but what I did not tell you is the Conclave is
headed by three priestesses who serve the Queen”.
Galan’s voice must have carried because there was a noticeable fall in the
level of conversation in the room.
Gerald said “that must be very charming for you. I am sure they must be
very worthy beings”.
“They are” said Galan “and very powerful as well as worthy. But the
oneness we hold so important is not achieved by ignoring distinctions between the
feminine and masculine attributes. We actively encourage the merger of these
attributes, like the Yin and Yang being part of a whole. If they are treated as being
separate, it is not possible to have a whole that is in equilibrium. Only together, as
one, do they make a whole”.
“I see”, said Gerald “so your quandary is how to show us we are
lopsided”. “Exactly”, said Galan “and I do not know how I can show you.
You have adapted so well as a masculine culture you cannot see what is

Galan knew it would be pointless trying to describe the problem to the
Indigo Conclave; the Rainbow masculine culture would be beyond their
understanding. The only resource he had was Diana.
He arrived on a wet midweek day with few customers in the shop. After
some small talk over a cup of tea Diana said,
“Bill you obviously have a problem on your mind, can I be of help?”
“You are right” said Bill and described his quandary. “How on earth do I
get the feminine aspects integrated in such a masculine culture?”
“It is a matter of merchandising” said Diana; “the customer must see
feminine attributes in the best light with the attractiveness of its qualities well
displayed. However, up till now, to quote you, it is the thingness of the feminine
presence, not their isness that has drawn the masculine attention and women have
aided and abetted men in this by using the very feminine attributes, their ‘psychic’
awareness, that you wish to incorporate in the wholeness. You need some Indigo
women in this new game plan. But there is only one place to start, which is with
your own crowd. Unless these guides take this onboard you will get nowhere.
It is very much like the song “There’s a hole in my bucket” said Bill “I still
do not know where to start, what is the feminine benefit these chaps don’t know
that I can merchandise”.
“I know” said Diana “but it would not surprise me if you did not, that’s your
problem. It is the inspiration that women create for men to act on, which they
seldom recognise. They think they thought of the idea themselves and women are
cunning enough not to let on. It is this that has to be a valued role, the priestess
role or Sybil, you were describing in Indigo. Whereas here it is covert, what you
are trying to achieve is recognition of its proper place in this masculine culture,
one hell of a tall order from what you have said. You can’t do something like that
in one hit”.
“No” said Bill “but I think I know where to start, thank you”.
* * *
When Galan returned to the Club he sought out the other three and outlined
Diana’s thinking. Introduce female tutors.

“What”, said Ali, “have female members of the Club, because that is what
will happen!” They were taken aback by the thought.
“Put like that”, said Galan “I suppose we must include the possibility in our
thinking, but how do we go about it?”
“We could start training female guides” said Gerald. “I think they would be
able to handle some of the more tricky problems that often have me baffled”.
“Exactly”, said Galan, “they would bring this other level of understanding”.
Ali was still ruminating; “you know we might even wind up with a woman
“Do I see a guy getting used to a new idea” said Andrew, which caused Ali
a rueful smile when he recognised what he had said.
* * *
After dinner that night, the Chancellor had stayed to have a nightcap with
the tutors and Galan tentatively introduced the subject of women guides. To their
surprise, the Chancellor said he had speculated on the possibility from time to time
when reading through some of the tutor’s reports. There was a missing dimension
in the thinking it was what he called Lego thinking, it lacked inspiration.
“But to go back to your point Galan one could not have two tutors to each
guide, they would be forever arguing”.
“To be frank Chancellor such discord would be inevitable if it lacked the
stamp of your authority”.
“So what are you suggesting? Are you implying, if I am following you
correctly, that I should set an example?”
“I see no other way”, said Galan.
“And should I then incorporate a woman in the senior ranks of this college,
a difficult role to recruit. Where would one find such a being I know of no such
person with the necessary qualifications and experience”
. There were nods of agreement.
“There may be a way” said Galan “that has just occurred to me. Just as I
have been so kindly accepted, would it also apply to a priestess from Indigo?”
“Good Lord”, said the Chancellor “that sounds pretty high powered. Would
she be able to fit in with our ways?” Galan smiled to himself at the thought. They
had no idea how powerful such a priestess could be. It would be a steep learning
“These people are well versed in the diplomacy of their role” said Galan “I
don’t think that would be a problem”.
“But how would she fit in with my position” said the Chancellor. “I am
accustomed to an unfettered use of my authority, of course ably supported by the
senior staff”.
“That would have to be arranged between you and this lady” said Galan
The Chancellor, although a little concerned about relinquishing some of his
authority, was at the same time intrigued. It did show some promise of relieving
him of some of the difficult decisions that he had occasionally to make involving
women. The idea was not without merit. The Speaker had made frequent
enquiries about the merger, which seemed to be slowing down (both knew it was
the masculinity problem).
The Chancellor decided he would sleep on the matter and discuss it again on
the following day, which happened to coincided with a lunch date with James’ of
the Auditors, which could be fortuitous.
* * *
James was all smiles and confidence these days now the Auditors role was
clear and would no doubt offer some sound views on the matter of sharing his role
with a woman and introducing women guides. They had reached the pudding
course when the Chancellor raised the subject. James’ immediate reaction was,
you would be on a hiding to nothing old chap. You would never be able to
complete a day’s work with all the chat involved. My advice would be, if in
doubt, don’t.
The Chancellor said he could understand James’ views but he was not in
doubt. And the more he thought about this change, the more inevitable it
appeared, with the Indigo merger in mind. This commitment to oneness was an
integral part of the deal.
“True”, said James, “and I take your point about unity, it does mean we have
to take a broader view these days. So how might this be brought about? I have no
doubt you have been giving it much thought. From my experience, you tend to
follow the adage ‘tell no man what you are going to do until after you have done
it’. What have you done”?
“I have invited an Indigo priestess to come here with a view to sharing the
office of Chancellor. It is going to take some getting used to but I am willing to
give it a try”.
“You will get terribly ribbed Harold but I do admire your courage. For all
we know this might be a farsighted decision. I wish you luck”.
* * *
When the day came for Galan to introduce the priestess to the Chancellor, it
was agreed he would first bring her to the club to introduce the members to her. A
little informality they thought might help to put her at ease.
When she came through the door the Head Porter, who doubled as Master of
Ceremonies on official dining nights said in his most stentorian voice,
“Pray silence Gentlemen and please welcome Princess Arula”
His pray silence was quite unnecessary, the members stood in stunned
Princess Arula was a priestess but also a member of the ruling family. Her
mother was Queen of Indigo.
Princess Arula was tall, elegant, and stunningly beautiful in a simple dress
of an iridescent material like moonlight on water. She had wonderful soft violet
eyes, which were showing traces of amusement at her reception by the members.
Gradually the stunned silence gave way to a crescendo of clapping,
The instant spell she had cast on the members by her arrival hung in the air,
transforming the room (probably it was never going to be the same again with the
old hands recounting how the change came aabout). The members formed an
informal line as Galan introduced them; Ali, to everyone’s surprise instead of
shaking her hand kissed it. With his immense stature in one of his grandest robes,
the action nevertheless seemed entirely appropriate. The Princess gently
acknowledged the gesture by leaving her hand in his grasp and with a grace that
suggested she was accustomed to it.
With introductions completed, Princess Arula and Galan moved between the
members giving him an opportunity to enlarge on their roles and functions.
To everyone’s relief when asked what she would like to drink said, a Bloody
Mary would be fine. The easy familiarity was reassuring.
By the end of the 40 minutes allowed for the meeting, the club members had
been utterly captivated by the Princess. Some of the younger more impressionable
tutors declared they would go to the ends of the earth for her. Other older
members slightly grudgingly admitted they were impressed by her ready wit in
conversation. One thing was certain; there was a wind of change blowing through
the club like a gale.

Galan escorted Princess Arula to the Chancellor’s house, where he had
already been briefed on her qualifications for the role.
The Chancellor greeted her with the slightly less formal “Delighted you
could come, please have a chair”
After a minute or two of polite enquiries, Galan asked to be excused.
* * *

“Princess may I ask how you wish to be addressed.
“I think first name terms should be our preferred choice between us
“Excellent, I am Harold and I take it Arula is your first name”.
“Yes but I think we should retain our titles in other meetings and public
events – I take it there will be Dining Nights at the club where I shall be invited to
attend, which raises the matter of my own quarters for entertaining. I shall need
my own quarters with accommodation for a small entourage I have asked to join
“Of course”, said the Chancellor, “I have given the matter much thought
The entire West Wing has been made free which I have had redecorated and
furnished for you. There is also an office complex part of which I have
temporarily designated the War Room which Ali a very senior tutor has asked if he
might share for the guides looking after the Indigo children”.
“Ali is he the charming Saracen I met at the club?”

“Yes that is he. You may well find him a useful contact although he tends
to be a little forthright in his opinions I am sure he will seek your advice”.
“I have arranged a small lunch party for the Chancellors from our sister
colleges which I would be pleased if you would share with us”.

“I should be delighted to attend Harold but first may I see these quarters you
have prepared for me”.
The Chancellor had sought advice from a wide range of experienced
opinions in the matter of décor and furnishings and altogether felt pleased with the
result – some fine oriental carpets, gold decorated chairs, some excellent landscape
and still life oils. In addition, he had commissioned the making of some fine
leather upholstered furniture. He thought the whole effect most pleasing; there
was warmth and friendliness in the quarters that had been repeated in the other

Arula’ s first reaction was Harold you have done well, very grand indeed.
The Chancellor for the first time in many years felt a slight blush of pride at
this approval.
Arula said there might be one or two details such as the curtains we may
review later but altogether, very grand, yes very grand indeed, thank you.
The Chancellor asked to be excused to meet the lunch guests and said how
much he was looking forward to the occasion
* * *
Lunch at the club was a very animated affair with the talk centred on the
Princess and speculation on what effect her arrival would have on their future.
The four had their own table; it had become an accepted practice for them to
lunch together. For once Ali was not in a talkative mood but the others warmly
congratulated Galan on his diplomatic skills in obtaining such a remarkable person
to spearhead this change in culture. They did not realise how important this
mission was considered by Indigo.

Such presence said Gerald and charm said Andrew. They looked at Ali who
was still deep in thought. Andrew nudged Gerald and whispered – picture of a
Ali at last returning from his reverie said, “I don’t know when I last
experienced such a confusion of thought and emotion, but I tell you chaps, we are
in for a rough ride. Galan for all our sakes I hope you will be proved right”.
“Take heart Ali”, said Galan “it is like that occasion when the Indigo child
was declared a witch, all hell broke loose but look at the situation now. Our
trouble is that these chaps, pointing to the diners, don’t know what they don’t
know. This is a growing realisation that cannot be hurried. As you have said, at
times this will be a rough ride, but in due course the benefit will be seen as an
overriding factor in accepting the feminine influence as an essential element, not a
thing apart”.
* * *
Arula’s entourage had arrived some days before her and had done their best
to prepare for her, but felt they were unable to take any action until she made her
wishes known.
Her staff comprised several maids, a cook with her kitchen staff and a rather
severe Chatelaine, Makina, one of the old school. Most of her life had been spent
in royal service, where the Queen’s authority was never questioned and by the
same terms nor was hers. From what she had observed so far, this male dominated
culture was going to have to be brought into line; though what she meant by that
she was not quite certain. But something had to be done; minding p’ s and q’s
came into it somewhere. In the four days she had been there she had exchanged
some pleasantries with Bailey and found some common ground in their views.
Bailey had also offered Peggy’s services to advise her staff on procuring the
essential foodstuffs and the best purveyors. Wines he dealt with himself and
would be happy to advise her on the best cellars – there were one or two she
should avoid but if he could be of help, he would be happy to do so. Makina felt
he was a man she could handle on equal terms. Bailey as usual kept his thoughts
to himself.

During the first week of Princess Arula’s attendance a controlled turmoil of
activity gradually transformed the West Wing into apartments that more accorded
with her tastes. New curtains were hung, replacing the heavy brocade, some fine
Hepplewhite furniture was found in a little used part of the wing, which was
restored. Much of the dark flocked wallpaper was replaced with an excellent
Japanese pattern.
Whilst this transformation was taking place, Arula and Harold had several
meetings to define their respective roles. They had gradually become familiar with
their differing viewpoint on a number of matters and by the end of the week were
ready to formulate strategies that might prove successful in establishing a feminine
presence in the male dominated culture of the College.
From having previously been willing to give the experiment ‘a try’, Harold
was now convinced of the benefit of Arula’s contribution to the decisions. She
had an intuitive quality in her views that expanded his thinking; they were
becoming a team and looking back, he was surprised to realise what they had
achieved in a week. He was also becoming slightly irritated by James’ occasional
ribbing about petticoat rule; Harold did rather frequently quote Arula’s opinion on
a number of subjects. James, for his part was becoming slightly envious of
Harold’s newfound resilience; there was an animated lightness about Harold that
lay at the heart of this envy.
The Speaker also noticed this change when he asked to be briefed on the
progress of the merger. The Chancellor thought it was going well and might he
respectfully suggest the Speaker should invite the Indigo Queen to an audience
with the Conclave. My word, hook line and sinker he thought, perhaps he should
take the feminine presence more seriously, but the Queen to address the Conclave?
That must be thought about. I will give the matter some thought Harold but in the
meantime I am delighted the merger is going so well, laying stress on the last three
words. Harold noted the stress and thought first James and now the Speaker, was
there something he was missing?

Chapter 14 – Winds of Change

Once Galan was assured the introduction of a feminine presence in the
College was on a safe footing he felt free to call on Diana.
“How is the merchandising going?” was her first question.
“As you would say”, said Galan, “she is being seen in a good light, but the
real power of the merger has yet to come through, the inspirational quality of the
feminine mind has yet to be recognised, there is a long way to go”.
Diana had news of her own to share that was disturbing her. Toby and Josie
were developing some strange powers, as though they were tuning into past life
memories of their own. She was beginning to feel left out of their development,
no longer able to share their experiences, which were foreign to her.
“We are moving into a new event that may be critical”, cautioned Galan. “I
think what the children are recalling is a power that has not been seen on this
planet for many, many millennia. They may be able to alter matter by thought and
I think it is this recollection that they are having. The last time this was done was
by incomers some 1,000,000 years ago. They were called Atlanteans and had
settlements all over the planet where they ruled our indigenous ancestors with
great success but they were nomadic, always on their way to the next planet. It
was a challenge that was the name of the game for them, but they left behind great
advances and powers, some of the population were able to use these powers and I
suspect this is what Toby and Josie are beginning to recall. I would like you to be
particularly alert for a phenomenon in which they appear to create a light from
their hands. This is one of the powers the Atlanteans brought. This Fire of Light
was given a symbol that can still be seen today. We call it the Prince of Wales
Feathers. It was originally called the Feu de Lie, or Feu de Lumiere, which the
French bowdlerised as Fleur de Lise. It was discovered by French archaeologists
and was a secret symbol of the ancient priests being the power to transmute anti-
matter by thought into material objects.

“This ability is legitimate in the sense that it is a potential ability for us all,
part of our inheritance our birthright, we are channels for this power which is
derived from our Source. You used it in another form to create your mock-up for
your new suite. However, once the children use their telepathic powers to form a
network, the power will increase exponentially. I think it is time we thought
seriously about forming the academy we discussed. Would you be willing to
create this?”
Diana recognised the gravity of Galan’s words and agreed what he had
described was a serious matter. How should this Academy be created? Galan said
he would have to confer with others but it could be done. He would return as soon
as possible.
* * *
Galan explained his forebodings at a hurriedly called meeting of the four.
He outlined the anticipated powers that might emerge and how Ali’s guides could
expect an exponential increase; that an academy for guiding these children was
essential and time was of the essence in putting the arrangements in place. Ali
thought in view of the potential speed of the change another briefing of the guides
seemed necessary and for Galan to explain the potential benefits and dangers of
the situation, “I suppose this was how they did for Daath”, Ali commented

After the meeting Ali sought out Makina, the Princess’s chatelaine and
asked if it was possible to have an audience with the Princess>
Makina was wary of Ali’s forthright manner and his somewhat brusque way
of requesting the audience. However, she recognised an authority in his request
that could not be denied. She said would you wait whilst she enquired of the
Princess. She returned more promptly than Ali had expected, suggesting his visit
was not unwelcome.
When shown into her presence Arula said how pleased she was to meet him
“My lady it is a matter of some urgency that brings me to you. I have been
charged with the duty of advising the cadre of guides attending the Indigo children.
It has been brought to my notice by Galan that there are formidable powers
developing among them that requires great guidance, a wisdom that may be
beyond the guides’ capabilities. He described Galan’s forebodings and the great
potential that existed in these emerging abilities, also the intention to create an
academy for this development.
Arula’s first reaction was surprise at the speed of the development. The
trouble had been that it was impossible to predict the full outcome of the merger.
Certainly, such an outcome was of great importance and, had Ali a specific request
for which he would like her help?
It was in Ali’s mind that Indigo assistance for the new academy was needed
and was there some way in which this could be provided? He wondered if there
were beings in the Indigo realm that were familiar with these powers.
“Oh we all are”, said Arula, “but because we are a unity there are very few
risks of misuse. However, I can see with your diversity it must be viewed with
concern. I think our best approach must be to recruit some of the teaching staff in
this new academy from our Indigo institutions and that I can arrange for you”.
Ali said how grateful he would be.
“Now before you go I should be pleased if you would join me in my
morning coffee when we can talk of other things”.
In the course of their chat, Ali asked who these teachers from Indigo might
Arula smiled”, Sir, or may I call you Ali, I suggest what you are really
asking is, will they be feminine? Am I right?”
Somewhat defensively, Ali said that had been in the back of his mind.
“You have nothing to fear and yes they will be” said Arula, “but they will
respect a person of such presence as yourself”. You will have them eating out of
your hand in no time she felt sure.
Ali breathed a small sigh of relief at this last remark. And who should direct
this academy enquired Ali? I can think of no better person than you the Princess
thought. But that must be your decision. Galan is obviously very familiar with the
phenomenon but it needs to be closely related to the Rainbow reality, which is
where you have an advantage. Perhaps you should discuss it with him.

When Ali left the Princess’s presence, he felt himself a bigger man, more in
command of events, altogether a person of some importance and braced his
shoulders into a more commanding stance. Not exactly walking on air, but
certainly with an authority in his step.
At lunch, the others noted the subtle change in his manner. He was slightly
too casual about his meeting with the Princess and used we when describing their
discussion. Andrew gave Gerald a knowing wink, as much as to say, who’d have
thought it! Ali of all people!

In the quiet of his library Gerald and Andrew were having a brandy with
their coffee and discussing the changes that were taking place, first the Chancellor
and now Ali, where was it to end.
Gerald sent for Bailey to ask if he had had any contact with the Princess’s
staff. As a matter of fact, I have Sir, with a lady, the Princess’s chatelaine. A
charming lady, who was most appreciative of my advice on procuring supplies for
the West Wing – the West Wing had become the generic description of the
Princess’s entourage. A most intelligent lady. She has a very good grasp of the
necessary disciplines required in running an establishment.
When he left, Gerald said he would not have believed it, but even Bailey
seemed to have thawed a degree or two.
* * *
In the course of one of their regular morning meetings Arula told Harold the
Queen requested that she should be allowed to appoint a chamberlain from one of
her staff to keep her informed of progress. Arula had little choice in the matter but
could see the merit of having such a person. Privately she thought the Queen was
growing a little uneasy about the way Arula was turning heads in Rainbow and
concerned it might not be in her, Arula’s, best interests. She shared this thought
with Harold who said he could understand the Queen’s concern because there was
little doubt about her impact. Would it turn your head he asked?
Arula admitted that with the warm welcome she had received it might.
“You for example, Harold have made me feel so at home that I could
conceive of this as home. Also the diversity of thought is so intriguing; I find
myself constantly wondering ‘What if?’ questions that would not have crossed my
mind in Indigo. There is an adventurousness here that is exciting. The sunny
uplands of adventurous ideas is exhilarating”
“So you don’t disagree with our diversity”, said Harold.
“Oh no, provided it is not destructive it must be good, I should think it must
be the front edge of the expansion of consciousness, a very exciting place”.
“Frankly, my only concern is that some of this adventerousness could be
irresponsible”, said Harold, “and could threaten the equilibrium of the planet,
which as you know is my principle concern”.
They went on to review the day’s reports and gently argue the merits and
disadvantages of proposed courses of action, only reports requiring their decision
passed across the Chancellor’s desk.
* * *
In the course of one of their morning meetings, the Chancellor happened to
mention the Speaker said he might call on Harold again to assist in another merger.
It seems the Green realm had made an approach.
“Harold”, said Arula in alarm, “that would be most unwise, I wonder if the
Speaker is aware of that”.
“Seemingly not” said Harold., “but why should it be unwise?”
“It would skew the planet’s culture disastrously” said Arula. “Let me
explain. The Greens form a part of a triad of realms of which we, Indigo are the
control point, the point of equilibrium. However, this point of equilibrium,
ourselves, would be profoundly disturbed if the third member of the triad, the
Orange realm, were not also included in the merger. Another aspect is that the
Green realm has another pathway to the planet that bypasses us, a back door so to
speak. They are highly emotional and have the power of rampant nature, the Earth
Mother, power. They do ‘orgy’ like you wouldn’t believe it. The Greens must not
be allowed to merge without the Orange realm present, nor the Orange allowed
without the Greens present both would be equally disastrous, the Orange realm
also have a back door entrance to the planet. The Orange realm is an enquiring,
intellectual realm but also given to hyperbole, common to the scientific
community, one cannot arrive at the truth by intellect alone but they believe you
can. This is dangerous territory Harold; you must bring this to the Speaker’s
. The serious note in Arula’s advice alarmed Harold because he was not
sure how far matters had progressed. He must ask for a meeting with the Speaker
as a matter of urgency.
The Speaker had noted the urgent tone in Harold’s memo and arranged an
immediate meeting.
“Harold you seem a troubled man, which is not like you, how can I help?”
The Chancellor described the disastrous scenario Arula had outlined and
asked if he might know how far negotiations had reached.
“Do you know Harold, I have had misgivings about this merger from the
start but have never been able to put my finger on my concerns. As things stand
most of the Conclave support the merger. I think we must ask the Princess to
address the Conclave. This must clearly alter our strategy and these back doors
you speak of are also of concern. They could account for the current Green culture
sweeping the planet. Yes, a serious matter as you say and I am grateful for the
Princess bringing it to our attention. Would you convey my request to Princess
Arula to address the Conclave”.

Arula felt great relief when Harold brought the request that she should
address the Conclave and that the Conclave were on the verge of approving the
merger, but had not yet made the decision.
Within a very short time a special meeting of the Conclave was arranged
and Arula’s invitation was delivered by a very august diplomat who explained the
protocols of the proceedings: how the Conclave was to be addressed and how she
should leave. The utmost formality was to be observed and any points she wished
to stress were to be included in the Speaker’s brief. After her address, the Speaker
would reiterate the salient points and should not be corrected if he appeared to
place a different emphasis on them. She would have no more than 30 minutes for
her address and as Clerk to the Conclave, he would give her a nod to indicate her
time had elapsed.
“Is there to be a vote on the matter” asked Arula.
“Oh yes said the august diplomat, but that will be after you have left”.
Arula felt a tiny bit put out by this meeting, it was rather like being
summoned to the Headmistress’s study, but the danger of the proposed merger
overrode her diffidence.
She described the instructions she had received to Harold with some giggles.
To which he replied it had been many generations since any outsider had
addressed the Conclave and never before by a woman. I believe the last time had
been at the signing of the Magna Carta, or the invasion of the Europe and the
Middle East by Genghis Khan, around that time. Astrologers said the aspects were
all over the place and were having a field day with their prophecies of doom and
After preparing her speech and the Speakers notes she asked Harold to run
an eye over it for any inconsistencies. He declared it excellent and asked what she
planned to wear. She said she had not given it much thought.
“Why not that lovely dress you wore when you arrived”?
“Did you like that”, said Arula?
“It was stunning”, said Harold, recalling the reactions of all who had met
her– and his own which would remain with him forever. If that did not lay them
in the aisles, nothing would. He relished the pride he felt at the thought of the
Conclave being bowled over by her.

In a strange way, her address was a non-event as a predictable outcome.
She received a standing ovation, the Speaker warmly congratulated her from the
Chair, a unanimous vote supported her views, and it was over. Harold received a
glowing report from the Clerk to the Conclave plus the number of records that had
been broken; the vote in her presence, the standing ovation to a woman, the
Speaker’s address from the Chair etc.
When Arula returned the Chancellor suggested that as it was a Dining Night
at the Club perhaps she might like to accompany him?
“What an excellent idea Harold, just what I need after the excitement of the

The news that the Princess was to be the Guest of Honour at dinner had the
staff and members in a tizzy. Valets were being given strict instructions about
dress suits, the kitchen staff was being harassed by ‘polite enquiries’, the waiters
were inspected in minute detail, and the Head Porter was to wear his Master of
Ceremonies Red jacket. However, when the time came for the Chancellor and
Guest of Honour to arrive everything was in order. The members sipped their
sherry and conversed in low tones, alert for the announcement.
At last, the Head Porter in his best stentorian voice and splendid in his red
jacket announced, “Please welcome the Chancellor and his guest Princess Arula”.
The burst of applause was thunderous.
Dinner was a merry affair, with the odd bread roll thrown by the younger
tutors. Arula found her attention in constant demand by senior members of other
faculties at the top table, leading to some sparkling and witty conversation.
Ali had once again been cajoled into the role of after dinner speaker, giving
rise to gales of laughter and the good-natured teasing of others foibles. To close
the occasion the Chancellor responded with expressions of thanks for the way the
Princess had been received and made an oblique but warm praise for the help
Princess Arula had been in a recent important policy change.
They left with cheerful Good Night’s ringing in their ears. Arula slipped her
arm through Harold’s as they strolled across the grass in the moonlight. The
distant hoot of an owl closed the day with a perfection neither could find the words
to describe and sensibly, remained silent. Arula kissed Harold lightly on the cheek
as she bade him Good Night with her thanks for an enjoyable evening.

Chapter 15 – The Blue School

The preparations for creating the Indigo academy were going ahead fast. An
old woollen mill with its original water wheel had been found.
Galan, (as Bill) by assiduous canvassing of Indigo parents and others who
recognised the children’s unusual abilities had raised a very large sum to refurbish
and equip the mill.
Diana by common consent had been appointed the Headmistress – her grasp
of the children’s’ potential had been agreed by all as being quite remarkable,
where or how she had come to such a depth of understanding was a mystery but
she spoke with such authority on the subject her position was unquestioned. Some
even wondered if she was not herself an Indigo being. Diana, as Galan had
advised, did nothing to dispel these speculations.
When it came to recruiting the staff, Galan outlined the offer Indigo had
made to provide some teaching staff. They would be discarnate beings for the
children but that would not be a problem, by level three most of the children’s
telepathic abilities would be ample to connect with these teachers and some might
be able to see them. Also a lot of these teachers had the skill to create visible
forms even if a little diaphanous. The teaching method for the younger children
would be by Chinese Chanting, similar to the way multiplication tables had been
taught in times past It had been found very effective in Indigo institutions
because of the amplification of the experience by their telepathy.
So far as the human staff was concerned, the recruitment would be by Diana
and Galan in the conventional way.
At this point Galan had to enlarge on the role of the guides and how each
child had his or her own guide, they would need a common room of their own to
be on hand if needed. The Indigo facilitators would remain with their families to
advise the mothers on any aspect of their children’s potential and to keep Galan
briefed on unexpected developments. Diana had already become familiar with this
aspect of the project. In recruiting the human staff some, like the Sports master
had already been identified. He would also cover Theoretical Physics. He was a
young postgraduate physics student, Alan by name, who was reading for a
doctorate. Galan was a matchmaker at heart and saw Alan as a partner for Diana
when the time was right.
When it came to recruiting the Indigo teachers the proceedings were at times
hilarious. Most of the Indigo teachers could produce a hazy form. One such, a
Miss Argenta, arrived in a dishevelled state and explained the school had acquired
some notoriety among the earthbound beings, so much so she had to fight her way
through the crowd, worse that an Oxford Street sale she declared. Miss Argenta
would teach Exteriorisation and Remote Viewing.
Another Indigo teacher Miss Bula, again with a hazy presence, was very
large with voluminous draperies of diaphanous material and a jolly manner. She
had a great command of her specialist subjects Galan had been informed, which
were healing and the use of herbs. Apparently, she was also very good on incense.
Her jolly chuckle immediately appealed to Diana.
The third interview was rather strange, because it comprised two beings
only one of whom was visible, but he very much so, he was substantial, bearded,
and wore a tall hat and a robe decorated with symbols. He announced himself as
the Warlock Adnam. He did this with a flourish of tiny sparks. Galan said he was
most impressed but that sort of thing should not be practiced in the presence of
school inspectors. Adnam explained he had brought his assistant with him who
was of great help when it came to guiding children on the various pathways of
power, they tended to wander off at times and rescuing them from some of the
pitfalls was very important, dragons and that sort of thing he explained..
By the end of the Indigo interviews they had recruited twenty indigo
teachers and had applications and suitable CV’s from another fifteen earth side
teachers, all expressing great enthusiasm for the project.
One task Galan had asked Adnam to perform on his way back to Indigo was
to clear away these earthbound beings that were milling around everywhere. They
had an insatiable curiosity and were doing their living vicariously through the
activities of the incarnate beings. It was a spectator sport to them; they even laid

bets on people. As Galan explained he could not have that going on when the
children arrived, so would he mind doing something about it.
Adnam said how about a couple of fire breathing dragons at the gate. But
Diana said that might in due course inhibit attendance, it was hard enough with
tummy ache excuses for not going to school, dragons would be many times worse,
even though one said they were friendly and could be patted. However, for the
little ones, an inadvertent belch of smoke and flame could take several days to
recover from. In the end, they settled for an invisibility shroud over the whole
school, provided the staff knew the coordinates. Adnam said he had a very
impressive black basalt obelisk with a silver crescent moon on the top. That would
solve the problem. He could place that as a marker for the entrance to the school.
Diana agreed that would be excellent and could even be included in the school tie.
In fact she said, all we lack is a school motto and a school song. Jolly Miss Bula
said she was sure she could compose a school song and Miss Argenta was very
good on Latin mottos, would Diana like to leave that with them? Diana said she
thought that most helpful and please to do so.

During the recruitment interviews Galan clearly recognised Diana had
become the Headmistress. The interviewees had automatically looked to her for
approval. When talking it over later, Galan said the one thing we lack is a name
for the school.
It will be called the Blue School said Diana and the uniform will be blue but
I will ask Adnam to create a special quality for this blue when the children join. It
will be part of their induction, which will help them to respect the uniform and
gain respect in the community. This is to be a landmark school.
There was one last task Galan had to perform for which he felt the time was
right. This was to explain Ali’s role as Guide director of the school. He said Ali
had been her guide for many lifetimes; he had been with her through thick and
thin. Diana said is he tall and bearded, I think I have sensed his presence when
things weren’t going well. That’s him said Galan, if there is any advice you need,
ask for him. Power you have in plenty but its use sometimes benefits from advice.

At lunch the next day, Galan told Ali he had disclosed Ali’s role as Diana’s
guide for many lifetimes and that he was also the Director Guide for the school.
Diana said she had sensed his presence when things were not going well.
Anyway, I have returned the guide role to you and have instructed her that if
she needs help she is to ask for you.
Ali was delighted to have his role restored and had missed being her guide
inspite of the obvious common sense of the switch to Galan.
Galan also told Ali about the fun they had with the recruiting Indigo
teachers. They had designed an extraordinary curriculum and the school was to be
a boarding school and named the Blue School. He was sure Ali would find the
higher reaches of some of the subjects to be taught of interest. Andrew said he
was glad to hear of the progress; the sooner we get these children into a safe
environment for these emerging powers the better.

As the school developed Ali became a frequent visitor and Diana grew
familiar with the sense of his presence. She would sometimes greet him out loud,
to the concern of her secretary. Diana’s grasp of the curriculum subjects was
causing her to become a celebrity in the area and she was often asked to speak at
meetings of the growing number of people interested in the Indigo children.
Ali particularly enjoyed watching the junior’s football matches and would
roar his support for the team with suitably encouraging advice – fortunately
inaudible to other watchers. For big matches he insisted Gerald, Galan, and
Andrew should attend. By ordinary standards the junior’s play was extraordinary
because the team virtually worked as one, knowing to whom to pass the ball.
There were even scouts from some of the major teams and the fun the team had
with the local village teams was legendary. So much so that Alan the sports
master and physics teacher said they should cool it with the village teams, give
them half a chance with a deliberately misdirected pass to one of their players.
The girls were more difficult to restrain. They had a competitive edge more
demanding than the boys and could be vituperative about a fumbled pass. Gerald
and Andrew, though not football fans would vicariously share Ali’s pride in his
teams success and did during critical matches tend to get a little carried away.
At one of the annual school assemblies for prize giving, there was great
excitement because Ali had asked Princess Arula to present the prizes. Even
Diana was a little overawed by the occasion but Galan said how charming she was
and Ali must have been very persuasive to get her agreement. For Diana the mix
of implicate and explicate beings was becoming second nature and she had
developed by much practice a keen sense of the nature and presence of the
implicate realm beings, the hazy presence of many was also of help. For the
children’s parents this only heightened their belief in her Indigo powers and for the
Indigo children it was ‘old hat’ surely everyone knew there were two dimensions,
one for us and one for them.
Galan passed on the Princess’s congratulations to Diana and said she would
like to be invited again and if she might make it an annual event it would give her
great pleasure.
The Indigo teachers were more overawed by the presence of a royal Princess
and curtsied and bowed to her with great deference. The Princess had also put the
school on the Indigo social map and there was talk of exchange scholarships for
the sixth form. On the planet the reputation of the Blue School was becoming
known not least by the activities of the sponsors raising funds. There were no fees
but it was known very few children were accepted and when they were the social
status of the parents went sky high. Other schools tried to coach for the entry
qualifications but never seemed to succeed, little knowing just what they were. On
the other hand, the demand for Blue School scholars had grown to such an extent
that seven year olds were made offers of ‘golden handcuffs’ that a City banker
would have grabbed. Diana put her foot down and said this was to stop. She
frequently addressed assemblies to explain their role was different they were being
groomed for very important roles when they grew up and would be appointed to
these roles when they were in sixth form, but in the meantime they should enjoy
their school days.

Chapter 16 – The Winds of Change Blow Harder

Back in the Rainbow realm the question of how to integrate the feminine
influence in the culture was still exercising the Chancellor. He and Arula spoke
about it frequently. By now he clearly knew its value in his relationship with
Arula but how to generate the recognition of this in the College was still unknown.
Eventually Arula said Harold why not ask Galan and his two friends to see if they
can devise a strategy? They did very well with the introduction of the initial
Indigo children.
Ali of course was tied up with his special guides cadre - and the school
football team she joked. Ali was on the verge of becoming a club bore with his
many accounts of the teams successes, but as was their way, he was always
forgiven with some gentle ribbing.
“I am reluctant to admit defeat”, said Harold “but I think you may be right
to ask the team to look at the problem. At least we can run a rule over their
proposals before we take any action”
. The Chancellor asked the three to attend a meeting with he and Arula as
soon as they were able to do so.
Andrew and Gerald noted the tone of the request.
“The old boy is mellowing”, said Andrew “but I wonder what is troubling
him I thought everything was going well and Galan’s advice about patiently
waiting for events to occur had been accepted, taking some of the stress out of the
day to day work”.
When they met the following day the Chancellor explained that Arula’s
chamberlain had had frequent enquiries from the Queen as to how the integration
of the feminine influence in the planetary culture was progressing and, although
they had given it a great deal of thought, no clear cut strategy was apparent even
for the College.

“What we need”, said Arula “is something akin to that which you devised
for the integration of the Indigo children, which was so successful. As I
understand my chamberlain’s advice, the Queen has said unless the feminine
influence is properly integrated we are not likely to achieve the oneness that was
part of the merger deal. We are dragging our heels in her view. She has not
spoken to the Speaker about it but the odd leak has occurred”
“We need a business plan we can present to the Speaker”, said the
Chancellor. “The last time I said to him that the matter was in hand, he said, “You
know as well as I Chancellor, in hand means nothing has been done about it”,
which is the sharpest ticking off I have had from him for some time. A most
uncomfortable experience”.
“In a nutshell”, said Arula “without feminine cultural integration between
the sexes, oneness between our realms is impossible. You will need to take the
problem apart and identify its cause”.
They left with a sinking feeling, this was going to be a tough one, but
somehow they had to get the Chancellor and now Princess Arula’s chestnuts out of
the fire. Their loyalty to the Chancellor, and Princess Arula, was a considerable
driving force.

“I think Arula’s last advice, take the problem apart, is a good starting point”
said Andrew.
“How do we do that”, asked Gerald?
“I think Venn mathematics might come in here to give the factors a clear
weighting” said Andrew.
“What are the factors in the problem”, said Galan. Although he was a
relatively old hand now, in the social structure of the Rainbow realm, it was not a
matter that had taken much of his attention, other than the advice Diana had given
him when the subject was first raised by him. But at that time, he had only been
concerned about the excessive masculinity of the tutors and adjusting their
viewpoint. This was a different order of magnitude and concerned the whole

Andrew said “let’s first analyse the male and female self-images separately
for their dominant attitudes”
“You know what will happen if we do that”, said Galan, “the genetic
entity’s objectives will be dominant as that chap Richard Dawkins has suggested,
“human beings are robot vehicles programmed to preserve their genes” and it is
the survival strategies of the GE that cause the confusion we are facing. Most
people have difficulty distinguishing between their own goals and the GE’s drive
to reproduce; they think the reproductive urge is their own volition. To my mind,
the GE is at the heart of the masculinity problem”.
“Well how do we unhook people from that”, said Gerald?
“One of the problems that comes with that” said Andrew “is religious
doctrine. I don’t fancy going head to head with all those religious doctrines about
women that stress their subservient reproductive responsibilities instead of their
immortal beingness. Every religion in the world seems concerned to control
“Well we can’t contradict religious doctrine without a fight on our hands”
said Gerald. “I have had some splendid Imams and bishops as pupils in the past.
Some only took the role to broaden their experience and were high orders of being,
but to put them in contradiction of their own reality would be very destructive”.
“As I see it”, said Andrew, “We have to find a way to discount the GE’s
objectives in this weighting”.
“What, like the bifurcation strategy, we mock-up alternative realities”, said
“I think you are getting warm”, said Andrew. “Instead of trying to counter
postulate the GE’s drive for reproduction, we give it loads of admiration then, like
Mogli’s minor woes in the face of inordinate sympathy, their importance will
diminish. There will be a reaction to all this admiration with such remarks as “is
that all there is to a woman’s life, boring!” but in this instance we take the
admiration to the ad nauseam point, and then introduce the alternative reality
mock-ups. The ‘immortal being’ one”.
“At least that should get the GE out of the equation”, said Gerald

“It might”, said Andrew “but we still have the religious doctrine problem
because we are then on a head to head with them over the immortal being.
Religions see rescuing the immortal soul as their perks. We are going to have to
get religious doctrine out of the equation as well; I can’t see we have a choice in
the matter”
“That is quite an ooops! to contemplate”, said Gerald. “I can’t see that
going over very well in some quarters. In the old days, the Auditors spent half
their time dealing with that one. Reality was such a simple matter in those days,
not that I would go back to them”.
“For sheer brass necked adventurous thinking cutting out the GE and
religion from the equation is one hell of a start. However, it does not get us any
nearer a solution, all we have done is identified some obstacles to the objective.
Let’s take the objective apart for its plus point and see if we can emphasise those
rather than the impediments, there must be some. First what is oneness, you know
about this Galan, can you describe it, or to put it another way, what would the
Indigo Queen see as oneness; we might as well include her in the equation”.
Galan thought for a while and said, “It is empathy, the holism thing and with
it comes respect for the holism it forms part of; it is a tenet of our culture, which
means it is respect for the culture itself. It is also not being divided by different
realities because the differences themselves are respected. This means there is
equality of status. Then of course there are customs and norms that have evolved
with this culture, such as disapproval of behaviour that does not accord with the
respect. It is a whole raft of things”.
“Is there a word that sums this up” said Andrew?
“You are asking for something so slippery it is going to evade us – there
may be occasions when a brief glimpse of understanding occurs, but at its heart”,
said Galan “I think the word is respect. This also includes respect for the GE’s
place in the order of things, and respect for religious views and racial differences
and respect for oneself. Anything seen as harming a person’s self-respect is
anathema,without that much of the others are worthless.
“So”, said Andrew, “respect for all things great and small leads to oneness,
is that it?”
“Dominant in that is respect for the difference between the sexes” said
“How do we define the differences” said Gerald “in order that we know
what it is we are to respect?”
“That takes us into the metaphysical deep end”, said Galan.
“To me the strategy is becoming clearer” said Andrew, “we over admire
both the GE function and the religious doctrine that are obstacles to the objective
and we then introduce the metaphysical quality that generates respect. That way
we don’t counter postulate the GE or religion just expose its limitations in the aim
to expand humankind’s awareness of its potential through unity, again a positive
not a negative goal”.
It is a pity Ali’s team are away on Foreign Service, we are going to have to
do a lot of leg work ourselves.
“Hey”, said Gerald “what about an Indigo team, we have them at the Blue
School and the Queen might be reassured by the request”.
“A brilliant idea”, said Galan. “I have access to both the House of Power
and the House of Perception. With a nod from the Queen, they would be a
pushover. Let’s do it, and we can outline the plan to the Chancellor, which will
get the Speaker off his back”.
“I should be interested to hear what these Indigo geeks identify as the
feminine metaphysical powers” said Andrew.
They all reckoned they had earned a good lunch and set to with relish and a
good bottle of wine.
* * *
The Chancellor was familiar with the admiration ploy but having never seen
it carried to such extremes he had doubts, however Andrew assured him it worked.
Having defused so to speak both the GE’s and the less well defined religious
obstacles, the Indigo geeks should produce a striking alternative reality, they were
the experts in this field because wasn’t Indigo a feminine realm. Arula would also
be pleased to have the Queen’s frequent polite enquiries out of the way. She could
also occupy the chamberlain running errands for the team rather than hovering. He
seemed to spend his day hovering rather pointlessly.
When Galan enquired about help with the project it seemed both the
Chancellor’s diplomatic channels and Arula’s chamberlain had wasted no time.
Both houses had evidently been given the nod and immediately offered the
assistance Galan requested. It was suggested that in order to expedite the project
two experts, one from each House would arrive shortly. Galan suspected they also
wanted to experience the diversity of the Rainbow culture, no doubt something
Princess Arula had reported.
Both representatives were much younger than Galan had expected but
perhaps they were savants in the mould of Ejaz. It was unlikely, with the Queen’s
backing they would have sent anyone less well informed.
The young woman from Perception was called Shegal and the young man
from Power, Khem. Galan having arranged quarters for them agreed they would
meet in the morning for a briefing on the proposed strategy and they could perhaps
summarise the essential feminine qualities, then later they could identify a lead in
path that might create the best opening for a full blown strategy.
Later that evening Galan strolled over to Gerald’s rooms; he had been given
rooms in the College and was now a respected Fellow – the rules had been bent
slightly in his favour but his tutoring in the remote past had been thought
sufficient. .
As hoped Gerald was at home and also Bailey informed him was Professor
Lovell, he would show him to the library and would he like him to mix a Harvey
Warbanger. That would hit the spot perfectly he told Bailey, who had become
familiar with Galan’s tastes. Bailey announced Galan’s presence and retired to his
pantry to mix the cocktail.
Gerald and Andrew had drawn their chairs up to the fire and were still
discussing the proposed strategy. Galan told them of the arrival of the two Indigo
whizz kids and said he had arranged a meeting for the morning. Anything new
asked Gerald. No, frankly I came over for one of Bailey’s Harvey Warbangers and
of course for the pleasure of your company, now doubled with you here Andrew..
The conversation ranged across many subjects but came to rest again on the
feminine influence. Galan enquired if the College was going to do anything about

women pupil guide Tutors because we are going to need many if the strategy is
approved. .
There had been considerable prevarication at the various meetings the
Chancellor had held on the subject. The Bursar was the most opposed to the
change because there would be all the women tutors needs to cope with.
Been to the school lately Andrew asked Galan, how is Diana faring. Very
well indeed, the place is nearly full; Diana is keeping a few places for latecomers.
It seems Ali’s guides have detected what may be a new wave starting. Ali is
pleased with the progress and frequently reports to the Princess It seems she is
excited about the whole project, which means, of course, that the Chancellor hears
all about it.
By the way, do you remember all those Dark realm agents we had at the
time of the switch? One never hears of them these days. Went down with the ship
I suppose said Andrew, funny you should mention that I was thinking about them
the other day. The Dark realm must have had a function, whatever that was it must
have been purposeful and therefore it will either re-emerge or be replaced by
something with a similar function.
“Perhaps they went down a Black Hole”, said Gerald “and are now being a
nuisance in some other dimension” (the Dark realm had not disappeared and was
in fact regrouping).
Galan thanked Gerald for his hospitality and made his way back to his
rooms, thanking Bailey for his usual skill with his favourite cocktail.
* * *
They decided to hold the meeting the following morning in Gerald’s library;
it had become associated with some of their wildest ideas and stimulated thought.
Galan introduced Shegal and Khem to the triumvirate, both of whom must have
been half their age.
Andrew summarised the purpose of the project which was to diminish the
role of the genetic entity and religion in society, both of which reified women as
objects rather than beings and was impeding the progress towards unifying the
sexes. However, they had been unable to define these feminine values. Working

from first principles it was considered a given that a state of equilibrium was
implicit in the role of the sexes but what was this?
Shegal said she would lead on perception and Khem on powers. They
considered the prelude should be an examination of the history of Earth. There
were long running trends that had shaped today’s culture that needed to be
Shegal opened.
“From archive research, which I believe Lord Galan has described; the
population of the planet are descended from incomers from the planet Daath, the
remains of which now form the Asteroid Belt. When we arrived, the planet had
evolved a number of life forms, some remains of which can still be found today.
Unfortunately, Daath’s destruction, whose orbit was slightly outside our own,
occurred at a time when there was a conjunction. Most of the land based life
forms were destroyed, partly by radiation and partly by debris. The planet was a
mess but inherited some remnants of Daath flora and fauna. By using their
implicate powers, which had become highly evolved, it was possible to restore
some order but starting from scratch after the elegance of Daath was daunting. We
were also shunned by other planets who had no sympathy for our position and still
today look down on us as barbaric – when one looks at the culture of the planet
today one must reluctantly agree we deserve the disapprobation, we are still the
same stiff necked self-serving beings we always were as Atlantean genetic
inheritors. The Indigo project is a realisation that at last we must address these
shortcomings if we wish to progress in the Cosmic order.
I know this may seem remote from the subject we are here to discuss but in
fact it is the point at which the history of the problem arose.
We were able by careful husbandry to accelerate the evolution of an early
hominid to create Neanderthal man. It was at this point we made another typically
self-serving mistake. We controlled Neanderthal creatures by blanketing them
with our thought processes they were our slaves. However, some of the more
wayward beings adopted them as pets and would identify with them so closely it
was possible to vicariously experience being a body, this evolved into competitive
sports. We might call them today tribal skirmishes in which they would take over
the losing competitors tribe. One of the highly prized captures was the female
Neanderthals because it meant you could increase the size of your team. In the
course of these games, some of the clever incomers installed self-repair
technology, which developed into the autoimmune system and eventually into a
full self-repairing entity.
Today we call these systems a ‘genetic entity’ because they have become so
highly evolved. Altogether, it was not unlike the evolution of motor racing today
in which the driver can give his whole attention to the behaviour of the competitors
rather than constantly having to think about the behaviour of the car. But back in
the neanderthal garage, to continue the analogy, these genetic entities were
evolving their own strategies for their survival. They were beginning to make
demands of their drivers. To cut a long story short, the drivers were told if they
wanted to retain their vehicle they had to give it some freedom to pursue its own
survival needs. It had become a tacit agreement about the survival of the
Neanderthal race. It is this atavistic agreement that is still apparent in the
behaviour of Homo sapiens today even though the Neanderthals died out when the
Atlanteans left. The role of women is seen as critical to the survival of humankind
(this stupid GE’s so called ‘reasoning’), which has given rise to the legal and
doctrinal imperatives we see today – marriage, property ownership and possessive
attitudes to women in general. For their part, a woman’s GE abets this behaviour
as enhancing her own survival. However, once they pass childbearing age this
high value diminishes and so other strategies are employed. Such as simulating by
devious means the appearance of being of childbearing age, maintaining by
various means the body shape of a younger person and so on.
This is the history we have to consider when addressing this problem of the
reification of women as objects by the genetic entities of both sexes, but for
different reasons.
Andrew thanked Shegal for her masterly command of her subject, but where
did she stand in terms of the feminine role. Her reply was brief;” if you can’t stand
a joke you should not be a woman but life is still a game worth playing”. But what
about this sense of oneness your Queen desires? It is still there said Shegal but

masked by the game rules, it is these rules you must alter, perhaps Khem should
tell you about those.
Khem when he stood to address the triumvirate said, “Like Shegal I have to
go back a long way, further in fact than she. We are immortal beings as old as the
Cosmos and part of the original creative desire that brought the Cosmos into being.
We go back to the very beginning of time. In fact, we are the front edge of the
evolution of consciousness; our beingness is part of the sum of the cosmic
beingness. So let’s get it straight, oneness exists whether we know it or not, it is
an isness. We can’t create oneness it is an isness beyond our ability to alter. What
we are therefore seeking is to create an awareness of this oneness, not its actuality.
This awareness can be intuitive, as Shegal has put it; it is still a game worth
playing. The intellectual view is the logical recognition that it must exist. Both
aspects find their resolution in Indigo.
The reference to find resolution struck Gerald with a realisation there was a
familiar ring to it.
“Just a moment” he said, ”You two are putting the case for the Earth Mother
role and the role of the Intellect, aren’t you. The Green and the Orange realms?”
Shegal and Khem both smiled, we wondered whether you would spot that.
Yes, we were instructed to do that. They had been instructed to act like sheep
dogs driving their sheep into a pen from which the only exit was to relinquish
some of their power. So far as your problem is concerned, we have come to a
view about the solution. It should be to actively encourage recognition of
women’s special status by opening planetary channels of awareness to your
Rainbow realm for them so that they may take part in a bigger game as well as
having a higher status on the planet, the priestessw access to power for
the favoured ones.
* * *
When the triumvirate presented their initial views to the Chancellor, they
had come to the opinion that the planetary game was very much a hole in the
corner affair and that what the Indigo Queen was seeking, was orders of magnitude
greater: that women should have an equal role in the affairs of the planet and that
they were ducking this responsibility.
“It was obvious”, said Arula “that as we are their next dimension they
should have these special channels opened to them? It is a holism thing but this
time it is holism with us in the equation. Do you know with all the Queen’s polite
enquiries about progress, I think she was waiting for this penny to drop. We have
tended to see ourselves as removed from their game but all the time we have been
part of it. When you think about it, these Indigo children are the front-runners in
this new game and surely, their mothers have a place in that. It is all beginning to
make sense, we play as one, they share our oneness, and we share theirs”.
The Chancellor shuddered at the thought of being involved in some of their
tawdry activities he knew to be going on and tried hard to close his mind to it,
Arula could be a little impetuous at times. He must talk it through with her but
eventually it must go to the Speaker, he could not just dismiss their proposal. The
thought had also come to him that she was leading him, was this the feminine role
they had been discussing all along, as leader not follower? The more he thought
about it the more the uncomfortable truth dawned on him. A role reversal was
taking place. This was dynamite!
He asked for a private meeting with the triumvirate after their discussion
had closed to discuss these thoughts.
Khem and Shegal had been asked to stay in Rainbow whilst the initial
findings were reviewed. Privately they had come to a view about the next steps
but were uncertain how long it would take for the Rainbow team to come to the
inevitable conclusion facing them.

Chapter 17 – The Storm Breaks

The Chancellors private meeting with the triumvirate was not going well.
They recounted the history described by Shegal and the cosmic deliberations of
Khem and had come to the view that Princess Arula’s analysis was both politically
and logically correct. The Indigo Queen required us to move up a gear and
somehow we had to integrate women with the planetary game.
The Chancellor added to the gloom by voicing his view that they were not
leading but following the feminine initiative. There was a role reversal taking
Andrew, always stalwart in his views when he had come to a conclusion,
said “really Chancellor this has gone far enough. There is an order in affairs of
importance that must be addressed in the time honoured way. The status quo must
be respected, any deviation from that cannot be contemplated”..
“Professor Lovell much as I respect your loyalty to the institution of which
we are only stewards, a time has come in which the status quo is being challenged.
How do we defend it from this challenge?”
“Andrew”, said Gerald as gently as their long friendship required, “we have
come to what Galan would call ‘an event’. The status quo is changing. I believe
we are caught up in a wind of change that cannot be deflected or sheltered from”.
Gerald could visualise how the old order was crashing about Andrew and
could only feel sorrow for the collapse of his world. Would we lose that acerbic
wit, the razor sharp riposte of an unruly students laboured polemic, I hope not
thought Gerald.
“Are we of the view that we must integrate with the lower orders”, asked the
Chancellor “and is it possible that the true feminine role is that of inspirational
leadership”. After a long delay even Andrew belatedly nodded his agreement.
Then I must approach the Speaker with these views

The Speaker’s reaction had to be faced with considerable fortitude. His
opening remarks did not bode well, “Chancellor that is a view, I suggest the
intelligent view is that 1500 years of experience says it is POPPYCOCK Have
you lost your head man, it is preposterous. Women as inspirational leaders and
integrating with the lower orders! Whatever brought you to such a view!”
Having joined in battle he decided to bring out the heavy guns. If the
Speaker was committed to the Indigo merger, he should seek an audience with the
Indigo Queen. Both knew it was unsafe ground for such an encounter.
“We have been presented with two clear scenarios by the Indigo experts and
can come to no other conclusion”. He did not want to involve Arula in this
confrontation, wanting to defend her from any disapprobation by the Conclave that
had so recently applauded her.
The Chancellor’s staunchly held views found the Speaker on the back foot.
He tried a different tack “Harold such a radical change would be destructive
for all our institutions, they would never survive the change and the idea of joining
the proletariat in common cause is unthinkable”
“Perhaps Speaker there is a way in which my views may be tested. Many of
the Blue School students are now on friendly terms with their guides and some are
well equipped by some excellent training, as I understand it, to exteriorise from
their bodies. They could be invited to some form of reception here and perhaps
you might grace the occasion with a visit to take a view as to the suitability of the
proposal. If it were also possible to persuade the Queen to attend I feel sure this
would encourage her final assent to the merger. I understand from her
chamberlain she has expressed the view that we are dragging our feet on this
“I recall exactly the same words to you Chancellor but I can hardly describe
this as progress. I will though give it some thought”.

When the Chancellor returned he felt as though he had been put though a
Later Arula looked in on him, and asked how matters had gone, was it hard
“Dreadful he said, I have never in all my years had to withstand such a
diatribe of criticism from the Speaker”.
“Poor darling” said Arula, “come and have some tea and tell me all about

When the Chancellor entered the West Wing, he was amazed by the
transformation. The Japanese wallpaper, the Mondrian and Chagall paintings, the
beautiful silk curtains, the restored Hepplewhite furniture had transformed the
quarters, together with a luxurious deep pile carpet of beige with pastel coloured
panels, it was delightful. Looking closely at one of the Mondrians, he said that
small red dot competely transforms the painting. He had never before
experienced such an attraction to a painting. Arula said perhaps she might suggest
some changes for his quarters. Harold said if she could do that, he would be
Arula served tea with some delicious small cakes and said can you tell me
how it all went.
Harold said, “Do you know, I don’t think I need to, my battle scars are
healing and with you I am at peace. With you beside me, all is right with the
world, and I believe we will win our battle”.
That evening Arula crept into Harold’s bed and said, “I missed your
company. Dear Harold, you are my alpha male, how does that sound to you”?.
“Just fine”, he said as he took her in his arms and the years slipped away to
the heady days of his youth.
* * *
The following day was, in its small way, a momentous one for Rainbow
The Chancellor asked the triumvirate to join him. He described the meeting
with the Speaker as bruising and said I never thought I would say this but if we are
to succeed, we must face the fact that we will be acting in conflict with the
Conclave. This would have been unthinkable only days ago, now my mind is
made up. “The strategy you proposed is to be carried forward”.

“There is one chink of light in the Speaker’s position, which is that he may
agree to a reception with some of the Indigo children who can exteriorise and I
have asked him to consider gracing the occasion with his presence. Should he do
so I think we can say we have won the battle, because the lucidity of the children
in an argument is formidable. I also hope to outflank him by asking Princess
Arula to persuade her mother the Queen to attend. Should she agree the Speaker
would have no choice but to attend himself – a pincer attack with the Queen on
one side and ourselves with the children on the other. The prize is the Indigo
Rainbow merger.
Now we must prepare the ground with great care for this reception, nothing
must go wrong. You must get Ali back in the team and I want him here at the
reception, he appears to be highly respected by Arula” – this was the first time he
had used her name without her title and did not go unnoticed by the triumvirate.

When later they met, now almost as a matter of course in Gerald’s library,
they decided they must select a venue that would not be out of place for the Queen.
They determined an order of precedence for the meeting of dignitaries but the high
point of the event was to be the entrance of the Indigo children. This must have
impact because it was not only the Queen’s support but also the Speaker’s that
must be achieved. How were the children’s abilities to be best displayed? The
Chancellor must also be closely associated with this.
However, first they must ask Ali to join them.
Because Ali had not been involved in the feminine oneness discussions,
Gerald spent some time bringing him up to speed. Ali had challenged a number of
the assumptions at first but in the end agreed the whole plan hung together well.
He was of course highly supportive of the plan to introduce the Blue School
children to the Queen and asked that he might have this role. In spite of all his
protestations in the past, all Ali’s geese were swans in his eyes, some even golden
swans. The others had always known this but also admitted he had a knack in
finding them.
Because both Shegal and Khem had lively minds, it was thought a good idea
to include them in the planning group. Also the addition of a feminine view might
be of help in understanding the Queen’s likely response as well as avoiding blatant
solecisms, like leaving her standing for too long but also to so arrange it that she
stood when the children’s entered and that the Chancellor was with her when she
Shegal and Khem proved lively contributors to the discussion. Shegal in
particular with her witty but succinct points could defuse potential sources of
disagreement. In an unobtrusive way she moved matters along faster than would
have been the case; as she observed on one occasion, you say women tend to talk
too much but you go round and round a subject before really stating your views.

In the end a programme was prepared. The reception was to be in The Great
Hall of the college – it had to be on the Chancellor’s territory. Shegal had taken
one look and declared there must be decorative hangings. There was to be a raised
dais for the Queen but not so high that she could not address the Speaker eye to
eye. The Chancellor should have a seat on the Queen’s right hand but lower than
hers to allow the Speaker a dominant standing position, and so it went on. The
Chancellor’s main role was to use the diplomatic channels that Arula had access
to, to ensure the Queen was present. As it transpired, the visit was easily arranged
because the Queen was anxious to hear of the progress on Rainbow and wanted an
opportunity to quiz the Speaker on the matter.

The day dawned bright and sunny. The Chancellor greeted the Queen at
her coach and said we have also been graced with the presence of the Speaker your
Majesty. Excellent I shall look forward to having an opportunity to talk with you
Sir. Such opportunity had been carefully planned into the day. The tone of the
Queen’s remark was not lost on the Speaker.
The high point of the reception came when the Indigo children literally
floated in from all quarters of the Great Hall and assembled in the centre. The
Queen then walked among them with Ali introducing each by name. The Queen
asked penetrating questions about their curriculum, the life in the school, their
hobbies, and what they hoped to do after their school days. She declared to Ali she
was utterly charmed by them and would be delighted to arrange holiday visits for
them to her summer palace. Ali in the course of the introductions also mentioned
the success of the school football team.

During lunch, the Chancellor summarised the plans and progress with the
oneness project for the Queen and how the feminine role was taking form.
Arula had privately agreed with the Queen that as this was a business
meeting and her presence might detract, she would arrange tea for her in the West
Wing after the formalities.
The critical meeting of the day was with the Speaker and the Chancellor in
his study. The Speaker found the Queen’s penetrating glance disconcerting when
asking him to enlarge on a point. It was at first a stilted review of the progress but
as they widened the discussion, it became apparent there was much they were in
accord with. The Speaker found himself surprised by how much of the
Chancellor’s proposed programme accorded with his own views. At the end of
the discussion the Queen complimented the Speaker on his thorough going
analysis of the merger project and how she could see he would have obstacles to
overcome but felt sure his wisdom was more than a match for them. Now I must
go and see my daughter and left them to resolve the small details that remained.

When she had left the Speaker said, “All right Harold you have won hands
down, I doff my cap to you, well done. We must get this programme moving I
would like weekly reports on the progress. And by the way, well done on the
children’s arrival, very spectacular, in its way quite charming, like a visitation of
fairies. Quite moving”

The Queen inspected Arula’s West Wing with interest, said she had some
Rothko’s she could not make up her mind about and would be happy to lend them.
She thoroughly approved of the Japanese print wallpaper and thought the pastel
coloured panels in the beige carpet quite novel, rather fun. In the course of the
inspection she noted the frequent references to “Harold”, but was not displeased.

At its end, the day was declared to be most enjoyable by the Queen, a tour
de force by the triumvirate and privately by the Speaker and the Chancellor a relief
to be on speaking terms again. I know it is not my way Harold but I think I must
listen more closely to your views.

The children returned to the school full of excitement about how grand
everything was, how big Ali was – it was the first time they had seen him but
Diana frequently mentioned his presence and interest in the school, how gracious
the Queen was and what a scrumptious lunch they had had, especially the
multicoloured ice cream pudding with the school obelisk. Some of the older
children asked why the Queen had been so interested in what they hoped to do
after their school days. You are all special children and the Queen is the ruler of
the realm from which you all come, so she is like an interested grandmother to you
all. She said we could come for holidays. Diana said she expected she would
probably ask to see you more as you grow up.

Chapter 18 – The Rise of the Matriarchs

Gerald had a mind that drew together disparate facts to arrive at a
conclusion that seemed unwarranted yet uncannily accurate. During lunch one
day, he said I think we shall have a Queen once this merger is complete. How
would that sit with you chaps? I could get used to it said Ali. Andrew was also
reappraising his position and agreed it would be possible. Galan had long thought
this part of the undisclosed aims of the merger and was happy to support Gerald.
Andrew said such a possibility would greatly aid the integration of women, should
we include this as part of the strategy the Chancellor asked us to consider? They
thought it seemed highly likely that the Queen and the Speaker had already
discussed this.
“I will tell you another conjecture”, said Ali “you know the Princess is
interested in the school, well the number of times she quotes the Chancellor,
Harold thinks this or that, the more certain I am those two are growing so close we
shall have a couple in the Chancellery soon. If the Queen does not object, that is
another iron in the fire that can be used to advantage”.
The others were surprised by Ali’s disclosure but reflecting on it, all had
detected similar instances. The possibility raised defacto integration of the College
as a foregone conclusion, which got the local problems neatly out of the way.
“I think we are part of a much larger mock-up and from the size of the
project it is well above our level” said Andrew.
“Talking of pay grades”, said Gerald, “why did Shegal refer to you as Lord
Galan”? “Well that is my title in Indigo” said Galan. “I am one of the
chamberlains to the Queen on Foreign Affairs. I did not wish to mention that in
case you should feel I was tying to pull rank on you, and I should prefer if we
dropped any reference to it. We are friends so far as I am concerned and would
wish it to stay that way”.

Having decided to switch from local problems, women guides and tutors,
changes to the constitution, Club rules for dining night etiquette, accommodation,
and a raft of other matters, they could now concentrate on the planet. How were
women to be fully and equally enfranchised in order that a sense of oneness could
“We are going to have to ask Shegal and Khem to return”, said Andrew; he
liked Khem‘s analytical approach and was more at home with it.
Shegal and Khem had had a private audience with the Queen during her visit
and had received some advice from her that would become of value later but was
not to be disclosed now.
“I still think the admiration campaign is the right approach”, said Andrew,
who had proposed it in the first place.
Khem disagreed, “You are concentrating on obstacles to success why not
strengthen the feminine plus points”.
“Which are” said Ali with a raised eyebrow?
Shegal said, “The ‘her indoors’ power, which rules the family. This has
always been a woman’s fiefdom. Just as men have physical power women
have spiritual power. It is the matriarchal power, define it, and then support it in
“But Shegal what is this power” Gerald asked, “is this the Earth Mother
“It is more than you chaps understand”, said Shegal. “For centuries men
have got it wrong and even now don’t know this. The request by the Princess and
the Queen defines the problem all that is needed to restore the balance of power is
the recognition of womens spiritual power, nothing more”.
Khem said, “Experience tells me Shegal is usually right but I have no idea
why, so I am in”.
Andrew said, “The weight of opinion is enough for me so I am in”.
Gerald said”I cannot refute your argument so I am in”
Ali admitted when he had difficulty he tended to follow Gerald’s lead so
count him in, and Galan knew the strategy had been planned beforehand during the
Queen’s visit, so nodded his assent.
Having identified their goal, the rest fell into place like pieces of a jigsaw
puzzle. In no time, they were able to present a full plan of action to the
Chancellor. He asked Arula for her agreement, which she gave without hesitation
and in remarkably short time the Speaker had obtained Conclave approval.

The execution of the plan was smooth, fast and centred on Courts giving
extra-judicial powers to the mothers of miscreants still within their influence. As
a result, their word carried the weight of the law plus the perspicacity provided by
access to their Rainbow realm Guide’s advice. Direct access by the matriarchs
to their guides had been the way in which the dispute between the Chancellor and
the Speaker over contact with the proletariat had been resolved.
After a few highly publicised cases it became apparent there was a very
powerful force moving through society and it was growing stronger but
interestingly, becoming respected. You did not mess with a matriarch’s authority
if you knew what was good for you. Banishment from the family for a specified
period was the most severe punishment but at the same time, matriarchal justice
was tempered with mercy and more just than the crude justice of the Law, it
included reconciliation with the victim adding further to the respect it received.
Parental control of society returned.

A woman had to be head of a family group and over 40 before she could
receive these powers but once granted the authority extended down through her
daughters line to her grand children. The authority was jealously guarded and
curbed the excesses of patriarchal religious doctrine. There were women who
having reached their majority felt ill prepared to exercise this authority and
attached themselves to other clans from which women of great stature and
authority emerged
The disruptive behaviour of parts of society gradually diminished to the
extent that the police often found it more appropriate to bring a miscreant’s
offence to the attention of the dominant matriarch.

In due course the practice spread and matriarchal authority flourished. It
became a moderating influence on the male, often knee jerk, reactions that
influenced law making.
Another aspect of the peace that reigned (Matriarchal Law spread around the
planet) was that genetic entities did not have to frantically re-produce to
compensate for the loss of life in the multitudes of small wars arising from the
acquisitive behaviour of local criminals. In fact, humankind was at last living in
peace and plenty.
There were very occasional attempted coups but these were quickly and
firmly handled by having all energy supplies barred. This was the only power the
International Conclave of Matriarchs had, but avoided the need for armed force.
As the lights went out in the offending nation and services crawled to a halt they
realised they had shot themselves in the foot and sought reinstatement in the
International Energy Conclave. The ICM ruled that this was the way world order
would be maintained. It had the merit of being shrewdly variable enabling a
punishment to fit the offence.
* * *
Back in the Rainbow realm, the Indigo merger having been brought
successfully into existence, the New Order as it became known was working well,
women guides had shown themselves to be equally competent when compared
with their male counterparts and were consulted for their views on tricky cases
such as impending suicides.
Arula and Harold had become established celebrities, largely because Arula
was in such demand to attend prize giving’s and ceremonial events. They also had
a wide group of friends and invitations to their dinner parties, were highly prized
marks of social status. Even those not in their social orbit vicariously enjoyed the
success of those who were, because there was an acknowledged meritocracy in
these matters. Arula’s radiant presence at public events also brought adoring

Diana’s status as Headmistress of the Blue School had become firmly
established. The Warlock Adnam had become a minor celebrity himself because
of the unpredictable way in which he might arrive to open a village fete and with
some magical flourish in declaring it open. He was a figure of fun because he
brought a sense of fun to the event.
The Blue School sixth form students were also much admired. Their debates
were renowned for their lucidity and feared by poseurs. Through Diana’s firm
dictates about recruitment; when it came to leaving ceremonies their future
appointments were announced as a foregone decision, any institution sufficiently
advanced to be included in the appointments list considered themselves fortunate.
An aura of contentment reigned across the whole realm.

Chapter 19 – Darkness at Noon

The Dark realm had fallen into a torpor of apathy with little more than a
Conclave of placemen to maintain the semblance of authority. Such was the
climate of distrust within the Conclave they had to appoint progressively weaker
Speakers to lead them – Speakers who would not upset the various alliances.
Among the members of the Conclave was one Lord Mordred who had been
assiduously gathering support from disaffected members and when the day came
to make his bid for power, he addressed an apathetic Conclave with a stirring
speech about the greatness of the Dark realms past and the need to restore their
self-respect, to re-enliven the aims of the realm, to give it new impetus and goals.
In other words, to take their rightful place in the order of things and correct the
supine and debilitating slide into happiness that was evident on every hand. Where
was the conflict of yesteryear when a little pocket of discord could be blown up
into a full-scale war? “I say to arms gentlemen, let slip the dogs of war”.
Lord Mordred wrested the reins of power from the limp grasp of the
incumbent Speaker with an ease that was almost unnoticed and set about his
undisclosed aims with vigour and a brutality that alarmed some members of the
Conclave. Lord Mordred’s aim was first, dominance of the lower orders of
Rainbow, to enslave them, and then he would move on to the triad of the Indigo,
Green and Orange realms. From that position, he would challenge the Sun King

Where other realms had planetary bodies in the Solar System, the Dark
realm had a Black Hole, which was an undetected presence because even light was
trapped within it. The realm was also impregnable because of the immense
gravitational power within their horizon that no force could contend with – the
ephemeral Dark realm beings were unaffected by the gravity. There was one
exception to the Dark realm’s impregnability. This knowledge was confined to a
select few within the realm. The only power that could vanquish them was the
release of the power of the anti-matter material drawn into them. If this power was
released there would be instant cataclysmic destruction simply because the power
of the anti-matter was vastly greater than the gravity that held the Black Hole

One of Lord Mordred’s first decrees had been that, whereas in the past their
actions had been covert, they were now to be overt. The agents would be supplied
with suitably intimidating armour so their presence could be used to frighten –
they were the same relatively powerless ephemeral beings within their armour but
their power was now to intimidate by their visible presence. It was of course the
same old trick of using their quarry’s own fear against themselves, but instead of
being provocateurs they presented themselves as adversaries, even though a
resolute force could have routed them with one hand tied behind their back.
‘Intimidation is the name of the game the agents chanted’ during their training
The agents with their new intimidating armour began to swagger about in it.
Gone were the days of big bonuses but this was better, a chap felt he was a
presence to be reckoned with now and soon they were asking for display flashes
that indicated they were members of an elite corps or had stripes to indicate their
position of authority. This caught on and the grander commanders asked for gold
epaulets and trimmings for their helmets.
Lord Mordred viewed this with disdain at first but recognised there were
some commanders who were beginning to believe in their own self-importance.
He decreed that the decorative decals could be used on ceremonial occasions but
were to be removed on operations. All were to look alike in combat; that will cut
the smug so and so’s down to size. He also introduced arduous physical training,
which sorted the men from the overweight office staff.

When the re-organisation and training was complete, he felt he was ready to
begin the assault on Rainbow. In the past the infiltration and creation of discord
had been covert and random, this time it was to be overt and directed at a specific
target. He searched carefully for Rainbow’s Achilles Heel and after careful
reconnaissance decided his objective must be to capture and hold to ransom
Princess Arula. With her in deadly peril of the Black Hole he could demand
whatever he wished, provided he did not overplay his hand.
They took Rainbow completely by surprise as they penetrated the West
Wing and by intimidation overcame the staff with threats to kill the Princess if
they resisted. They made off with the Princess before the alarm could be raised.
This masterstroke, as all in the Dark realm acknowledged, completely
changed the balance of power. The Chancellor was desperate with worry about
Arula’s safety; the Speaker was unable to mount a rescue since he had no weapons
and no tactical staff to devise one. He spoke at length to the Queen and with
effusive apologies for Arula’s abduction and asked if she could be of help, but she
like he, was ill equipped to devise a rescue. We must see what terms are
demanded for her return was her only counsel.
In due course, when Lord Mordred had decided they were in sufficient
turmoil and realised they had no answer to his masterstroke he gave his demands:-
All guides were to be withdrawn from their activities on the planet
His men were to have a free hand on the planet
Rainbow would allow Dark agents to supervise the withdrawal of guides
Any attempt to rescue the Princess would mean her instant death in the
Black Hole
When all arrangements had been fully implemented, the Princess would be

The Chancellor in searching for a solution to what seemed a hopeless
position sent for the four to instruct them on the demands Lord Mordred had made.
Ali was aghast at the report of the Princess’s capture. I could get my team
together and deal with them. He had in mind going into battle with his enormous
scimitar and leading his team into the heart of the Dark realm to rescue her.
Andrew said, Ali we all recognise your courage but you would be destroyed
the instant you crossed the horizon of the Black Hole.
In his usual way Gerald had been casting about in his mind for an intuitive
idea that came out of the blue he said, ”Ali you remember you said Ejaz was a
Fellow of the College of Theoretical Physics, might he have some ideas on how to
deal with a black hole? If we could neutralise it Mordred’s threats would be
worthless and furthermore they would have lost their operational base. Without a
base, they would become wanderers in the Cosmos, homeless and dispersed to the
four quarters, probably reviled by all once we revealed what they had attempted”.
Ali said,” I don’t know anything about theoretical physics, never was my
subject but what is your view Andrew?
Andrew admitted he was not strong on the subject but did think if Ejaz was
the savant Ali had described him as and he had never failed an assignment perhaps
we should put the problem to him.
The Chancellor said he wanted to be constantly informed of any progress
and under no circumstances would he approve any action that might endanger the

Ejaz listened carefully to Gerald’s thoughts on how it would counter
Mordred’s threat if it were possible to neutralise the Black Hole. He asked if the
exact coordinates of the Black Hole were known.
Andrew said he could get them.
Ejaz said, “In that case I will need all the laboratory facilities of the college
of Theoretical Physics and a team of at least twelve senior physicists”.
“What do you propose to do said Ali anxiously, still very agitated at the
possible harm that might come to the Princess?
“Some very fast development research on a theoretical paper I proposed
some time ago. It may work”.
“How long will that take”, asked the Chancellor?
“I don’t know Sir but I will work as fast as I can”.

No time was lost; the twelve physicists were briefed and started building the
equipment Ejaz specified. Lights burned all night long and three days later Ejaz
said he was ready to report on his work.
The group and Chancellor went directly to Ejaz’ laboratory where, looking a
little haggard, he explained his plan.
“We have by cascade centrifuges produced what is the anti-matter version of
“How on earth did you do that”, asked Andrew?
“Well I realised something we had all forgotten until I wrote my paper. As
an implicate realm we are made of anti-matter and by refining certain minerals and
gasses I produced a simulation of plutonium. If we can dislocate some of the anti-
matter bond that is compressed in the material of the black hole, it may be enough
to cause an implosion. The trouble is we have only been able to create a very
small amount. Placed on the horizon of the Black Hole it will be drawn in by
gravity. If luck is on our side this may be sufficient to partially close the entrance
to the Black Hole.
What I suggest is that we bluff Mordred by releasing this anti-matter
plutonium implosion and then say there is more where that came from and if he
did not want us to destroy him he must release the Princess, call in his men and
abdicate his position in the Dark realm. Nothing less will be acceptable. All
depends on how effective this tiny quantity is and whether my calculations about
its effect are correct”.
Ali said, “Give it to me I will deliver it”.
Ali had to be equipped with ultra sensitive positioning equipment to locate
the horizon field of the Black Hole, a fraction too far and he would be drawn into
the implosion not far enough and the material would be loose in the solar system
with potential to damage the planets.
Andrew had obtained the coordinates of the Black Hole and Ali left with the
sincere good wishes of his friends.
Ejaz explained that because of the gravitational force of the Black Hole no
light could escape however an implosion of anti-matter would produce a cascade
of matter beyond the means of the Black Hole to compress.
“What I hope is that it will be like dumping a vast quantity of rubble
blocking the entrance. This reaction should be capable of being measured as an x-
ray signal and I have prepared telescopes for this measurement.”
* * *

Ali had been gone for some time and they were growing anxious about his
safety but an excited call from one of the physicists brought them all to the
monitors. The Black Hole was imploding but what Ejaz had not calculated was
that a chain reaction was taking place; the matter previously drawn in was also
releasing anti-matter particles. He had started something that could not be
stopped. The power of the implicate creative realm was reclaiming its
concomitant positive particles and effectively the Black Hole was evaporating into
the quantum vacuum.
Ali’s return was hailed with relief but he had even better news. He had
stayed in the vicinity of the Black Hole to see the effect and as he watched streams
of Dark agents emerged in panic. A quick slash of his scimitar reduced a number
of them to scrap metal and revealed the tawdry inhabitants who cowered before his
fury. With a few well directed prods they sang like birds was his description, to
disclose that Mordred was holding the Princess within the invisibility shroud of the
Blue School. It seemed his next demand instead of releasing the princess was to
enslave the Blue School pupils and use their powers to his ends.
Ali and Galan set off immediately to the school. However, their fears that
Mordred might have harmed the Princess were unfounded. Adnam had Mordred
cornered and was amusing himself with fire breathing dragons whilst the Princess
was safely in Diana’s quarters.
When Mordred was told the Black Hole had been evaporated he knew the
game was up.
Mordred’s exploits and his vanquish became written into (and embellished)
in folklore. No one knew exactly what happened to him except that he had been
banished from the Solar System, never to return.

Chapter 20 – Life in the Sixth

Adnam always enjoyed P&P (Pathways and Power) with the sixth form.
They had a sense of fun like him. He suspected Alan in Theoretical Physics aided
and abetted them at times with some of their practical jokes. This sense of fun ran
throughout the school. There were times when Diana put on a straight face at
assembly and said she thought it was getting a little out of hand, but all knew she
was delighted with the way pupils were exercising their creativity. It was after all
part of the school motto “To Creatively Make the Future”.
As Adnam walked into the classroom he ducked under the force beam
intended to knock his tall hat off amid groans of disappointment from the class.
“Good morning you terrible tykes”, he greeted them. “So, whose idea was that”?
Wilkinson’s they chorused with some pride in his grasp of vibrational
“Not bad, not bad” said Adnam, “In fact it is a good introduction to this your
last term’s curriculum”.
“So far, in discussing creativity, we have been addressing the structure of
mock-ups. This term I propose to go into the power source and how to use it.
It ties in with what Alan has been teaching you about “string theory”, which
suggests there is a need for the existence of other dimensions and the existence of
vibrating particles. For our purposes, Alan’s idea of a string function as having
infinte potential is fine and vibrating particles as potential energy is exactly what
we need, also the need for other dimensions is perfect. String theory vibration as
the power source and the concept of the adjacent dimension of the implicate realm
fit together seamlessly – they were made for each other. The important feature of
string theory is that the vibration is formless energy until it is given, either a
purposeful activity or an explicate physical actuality by the matrix forming desire
of the implicate realm. (E=Mc2 applies)
You would think purposeful energy would be a force, but it isn’t.
Everything in this explicate realm is created by the actualisation of a desire from
the implicate realm. It is the formless nature of vibrating particles that respond
to these creative desires.
Now we need an answer to the question, how is this emotional energy of
desire managed?
Anyone? Right Alice, by pictures; emotions are managed by pictures and
thoughts are managed by words. The skill we are seeking to develop this term,
is the ability to hold the mock up picture in a steady state as a present time isness,
charged with a creative emotion of desire for its actuality that is free from
intellectual activity.
Eloise interrupted Adman, “Manda when you get excited about something
you wave your arms about and scatter showers of coloured sparks about and they
land on my exerciuse books and make little singe marks, could you stand back a
bit when this happens”.
“I’ll try my chick but you know how excited I get.
“Farmer’ Williams said I will make you a roller blind to pull across your
desk when it happens”. Adnam gathered his notes together and continued:
“The implicate realm has a higher vibration and is therefore more dense? In
fact, it is super-dense and because it is denser, it has more energy, the explicate
realm is like candy floss. We covered this last term – which is why…what?
“We get such a bang from an atomic bomb”, said Wilkinson, “because it’s
the super dense implicate bond that is ruptured”
“Right”! So how are we doing so far, any questions”?
“Am I right, Alan’s string theory is a feature of the implicate realm, it is not
physical and therefore, does it belong in the realm of physics or power” said
“A good question which Alan and I have spent many hours arguinmg over,
what we are trying to do is bring the two fields closer together. At some time in
the future we expect to see the development of multi-dimensional physics covering
molecular architecture”.
“What you also have to achieve this term is the realisation that you are,
yourself, the creative actualisation of an implicate vibration. You make yourself

with this energy, you are a self-differentiated vortex in the implicate realm but it is
the potential power at your command that is awesome”.
“I know Alan encourages you to use analytical intelligence, but what I am
going to teach you is how to use your feelings; perhaps we should call it emotional
analysis. It is the difference between being one with something and “thinking
about” being one with something”.
Alice spoke up “In terms of emotional analysis could you create a mock-up
that was ugly could you desire its actualisation”? - this had been troubling Alice
for some days.
“Oh yes, fear, hatred, covert hostility, are all emotions created by pictures
and by actualisation of the associated picture you create ugliness in your own
being – remember as I have just mentioned, you create yourself. It’s the reason
why these emotions can be so damaging to you if you persist in pursuing them,
forgiveness is worth its weight in gold, make it a habit; these destructive mock ups
usually backfire on the user. But never mind your shortcomings, they’re the
things we don’t want so they get lost in the garbage”.
“But why are there so many ugly things around Manda”? Adnam’s class
nickname (his name reversed) had become so well known he had accepted it and
the girls preferred it, the boys preferred Adnam.
“There would be something missing from an ugly creation, what would that
be?” said Adnam? “The absence of a creative desire, in other words Lego
thinking, a knee jerk response”, the class agreed.
Take high rise blocks of flats as an example, they are ugly Lego thinking,
there was no creative desire for beauty in their design, only a problem to be solved,
getting lots of people housed in a small area for the lowest cost. So you can see,
when a creative desire for beauty is missing, you get ugliness.
Adnam said “Farmer” Williams, a nickname he acquired when declaring
agriculture was going to be his life task. “Does every emotion create an
“ Yes it does given sufficient intensity” said Adnam “and you raise an
important point. There is an old French saying,”Beware what you hold closet to
your heart for surely it will happen”. You create your own environment by your
emotions when hooked up to a mock-up. However, thinking will not bring it
about, it is the “being it” that gives it actualisation. This is why ‘nothing
succeeds like success’, self-belief is a powerful creative emotion”. But learn from
this, if you look at a person’s environment, you will see what they hold close to
their heart. If there are lots of intriguing objects, they are probably creative people
with enquiring minds. If everything is highly ordered, they probably have highly
ordered emotions. But also look at the objects themselves are they attractive or
ugly, ugliness reflects a person’s emotional state. These emotions not only
affect your environment but also the events in your life and therefore your future.
You create the future you are heading for.
The first thing you have to learn in your life is that the buck stops with you
for everything; your future is your own creation. Once you recognise that, you can
do something about those areas that do not please you. Write this on the front of
your notebooks, “The Buck Stops With Me And Always Will”.
OK let’s take a break and Wilkinson, for your nefarious ingenuity you can
bring me a cup of coffee.
When Wilkinson returned Adnam said, “You know this term we will be
appointing you your life task, what do you think you would like to do”?
“I am torn between yours and Alan’s subjects”.
“What on the planet could you change for the better” said Adnam?
“I think energy supply needs improving” said Wilkinson.
“And how would you do that”?
“I think it could be done by geostationary satellites beaming down
vibrational energy to ground receivers” said Wilkinson.
“I think you have described a very worthwhile endeavour, would you like
me to pass that on to the committee as your life task” said Adnam?
“I would like to talk it through with the rest of the class to see if there are
others who would like to join me, but yes it would be an exciting task” said
“Have you done any work on the idea already” asked Adnam?
“As a matter of fact, I have on a proton plasma beam and the fine focus
system. The satellites would probably not weigh more than three tons. I have also
spent some time on a maglev launch system using acceleration towers to achieve
the orbiting height of 56 miles before propelliung them into geostationary orbit”.
“It sounds as though you are well on the way, why do you want to improve
energy supply”?
“It is the one thing that would give equality to all” said Wilkinson “and
would also be the means by which unwanted behaviour could be restrained or
“That’s a pretty severe view” said Adnam
“It would only be needed as a threat” said Wilkinson “and probably never
“A good point” said Adnam, “I shall look forward to your success, I have a
feeling you are well on your way”.
Adnam said, “Now back to work We have said a mock up is a picture with
an emotional charge. But it has another feature that distinguishes it from a
picture, any ideas?
“I will tell you, they are both pictures but a mock-up has intention and this
intention is given power by an emotional quality we will call certainty. Certainty
comes from the knowledge that you possess the power to create. But where do
you think you got that knowledge? It is actually a chicken and egg thing. Like
the first person that discovered an egg would hatch; if you kept it warm and out
would pop a chick. At the moment of hatching the person acquired a knowledge
and the more he did it the more certain he was about eggs hatching, until he
reached a position where he never questioned his knowledge, his absolute certainty
meant his intention was never qualified by doubt.
That is what you have to achieve with your mock-ups, a confident certainty.
Now tell me why do people have problems with that”?
“Because they can’t believe or won’t believe they have this creative power”,
suggested Eloise, “It goes against everything they had to work for”.
“Yes said Adnam, yet they never look at their environment a say, I did this
Anything else”?

“They don’t want to believe it, because if they did the buck would stop with
them, so if they deny they have the power, they are off the hook, they blame ‘life’
or ‘Fate’”
“That’s a subtle one”, said Adnam “good point. Anything else?
“They actually use the power of certainty to say they can’t do it, which
ensures they can’t, because they can”.
“That’s a very good point I want to look more closely at that. If you knew
you could do it – mock-up your needs and have it happen, what would happen to
your game”?
“It would be a different game, you would be cheating in the old game”, said
Williams, “the one we have all been brought up in. You would have nothing to
play for; all your previous striving would have been pointless because your goals
could be achieved with a snap of your fingers”.
“Correct but it is a shortsighted view, you are thinking of a game as
personal, winning against some form of opposition or impediment. There are
bigger games to play and it is only a lack of imagination that limits what you can
do, it’s the big games you are destined for my chicks the expansion of the
conscious realm. But would you believe it we even mock-up the game rules that
say we must not exercise our comscious creative powers – striving is good for you
or something like that; gain without pain is not as good as with the pain, if you are
having a tough time you are winning, easy winning is bad for your health. There is
a whole publishing industry in this genre and you can subscribe to weekly part
works to keep you worrying if you are not having a bad time.
The game for you my chicks is a much bigger, it is cosmic expansion.
Once you can see that the postulate, ‘you can’t’, is the only thing from
stopping you having a WOW of a time, you are on your way, getting out of the
“Can’t” habit leads to the certainty “I can”. Now is “I can” a thought or a feeling?
Perhaps that is a little unfair because it is neither. It is“knowingness” that is part
of your “beingness”. It is something you were born with that has become hidden
from your awareness by negative mock-ups. You were born with I Can as part
of your nature; it will always be there. The choice is yours but first you have to

learn that living is for having fun. Whatever you are doing it should be fun, if it is
not you are in the wrong scenario.
That’s your lot for today but I expect to hear some interesting questions next

* * *
The Sixth form appointments committee was like a think tank for the future.
It comprised some of the most forward thinking members of universities around
the world. Membership invitations were considered the high point of a career.
However, membership was limited to three years.
The meeting this year was considering energy supplies, agriculture,
jurisprudence with particular relevance to Matriarchal Law and now, with the
Indigo merger, the access protocols to “The Gateway to higher consciousness”,
which is what the Indigo realm is also called.
The meeting was scheduled for three days of intense discussion and
seminars on the separate subjects. The students very detailed CV’s and
preferences had been circulated prior to the meeting and the members, those
members who were known, were lobbied intensely by institutions who felt they
were deserving cases for a Blue School student. The problem of matching the
students to institutions that accorded with the target areas for development often
led to heated discussion. Fortunately, Diana’s firm hand kept this to a minimum.
Also the presence of Ali and the Princess in the background were of great help to
Diana. Galan (as Bill) also sat as a permanent member of the committee.
At the end of the three days, a list was prepared and the students invited
individually to attend the committee to discuss their proposed role for creating the
future. A few requested small changes such as an alternative institution, but on the
whole, the task had been well carried out. For the committee it was like jury
service, fraught at times with doubt and at others with the relief of unanimous
It was draining but at the same time an uplifting experience.

As the term progressed Adnam gave the class progressively more difficult
mock-ups to achieve. They started with cans of Coke but he drew the line when
they started coming in by the case. They arrived from all over the place, “special
gifts offers”, “thank you gifts” “We are promoting a new flavour samples” and so
Lower forms were becoming used to the handouts from the Sixth for
running errands.
Wilkinson ambitiously mocked up a high speed lap top which duly arrived
from a Professor of an engineering faculty who had read his CV and thought, with
his best wishes, the gift might prove valuable to him.
They were all climbing the certainty ladder.
On one particular project, a forlorn Alice came to him and said, Manda mine
aren’t working, what am I doing wrong? Having checked her workings Adnam
said, are you keeping your mock up in present time? Yes, I want it for my
Ah, that’s it said Adnam the future always stays in the future. What you
have to realise is there is no time in the implicate cosmos. It only has a ‘now’ so
your mock-up has to be a ‘now’ mock-up. Making it is not your job; it is done as
soon as you have generated a clear image for it and given it the necessary
intention. All you have to do is attract it to you and you are trying to attract it to a
time that does not exist. That is the problem with calendars and clocks; time is an
intellectual construct, not real. Only now is real. Present time is where the action
is and cannot be anywhere else. You have to stop thinking of time as real. Take
all considerations of time out, attract it to you as now, and then be prepared for it.
You can do the same with the stable”.
“How did you know I want a horse” said Alice with surprise?
“Because I can see your mock-up, and a very pretty horse it is, so it is there
for you”.
“What you should do is make your mock up as ‘after the event’ as it would
be after you have achieved the desired object or outcome”.
Alice skipped out of the classroom at the end of the day with a gleeful smile
and looking forward to having her horse.
That should do the trick thought Adnam, joyful anticipation works every
The following day a radiant Alice came in with a grin from ear to ear.
“Guess where my horse is. He’s with a local farmer and he is beauuuuutiful”!
“The farmer offered it to my mother because his daughter had gone to
university and did not want the up keep costs”

* * *
During lunch Adnam leant towards Diana and said, “I have taught the Sixth
all they need to know, or to be more precise all I am empowered to teach, now
only experience will give them further knowledge. I suggest if Alan agrees, he
glanced down the table with a questioning gaze, they should go camping for a
week, get back in touch with the Earth. I think they need that sort of break, we
have been working in the upper reaches of power and they should not go forward
from there without re-connecting with the planet.
Diana said that sounds like inspired thinking. What do you think Alan, he
agreed. Diana said to Adnam I think you should go too, some tree climbing and
fire lighting would do you all good.
The next few days were spent pouring over maps and discussing equipment,
supplies and transport needs and in due course they returned ready to take on the

Chapter 21 -The Gateway of Consciousness

The presence of women tutors in the Club had become an accepted feature
and attracted membership from a number of faculties not previously aspiring to
membership. In fact, the Head Porter had had to introduce membership cards.
Previously he recognised members with a polite greeting by name, usually
acknowledged with a Good Morning Peter. Now some were not immediately
recognised and had to be politely asked for their membership number –“we like to
know when a member is present should there be an enquiry for you Madam”.

Gerald and Andrew were enjoying a prelunch glass of the Club’s own ale
when the Head Porter asked if Gerald could spare a moment. He explained there
was a rather agitated guide in the foyer who had asked to see him urgently.
Having excused himself, he found himself facing an elderly and distraught
guide pacing about in the foyer. He introduced himself as Arthur and explained he
was the guide to Alice, one of these rather too clever Indigos. Because she could
see him, she had become highly critical of his appearance with remarks such as,
“that is not a cool outfit Arthur, don’t you have anything better”. She also
frequently criticised his advice. Frankly, I am at the end of my tether he said and
today was the last straw when she told the guide of an old man she is looking after
to clear off. Henry and I have been good friends for years and when I complained
about her treatment of Henry, she told me to keep out of it or I could go too. I
really have to be asked to be relieved of my duties, in fact I am in need of a
sabbatical to recover from all the stress.
Having listened with the occasional sympathetic nod Gerald said he would
look into the matter that day and suggested perhaps he should take the rest of the
day off.

Alice had decided to become an “independent social worker” (she was not
entirely certain about the role) and had a small flock, as she liked to call them, of
individuals in need of help. She had developed her powers considerably since the
days of the “horse mock-up”. However, she frequently asked Manda for his
advice on matters of ethics and not infrequently was ticked off by him for getting
too deeply involved with others game plans. Alice was learning all the time and
often found Arthur’s advice an irrelevant distraction.

When Gerald returned he took a pull of his ale and said these Indigos have
become so creative that we shall have to seriously review our function.
Why do you say that asked Andrew?
I have just had an experienced guide, Arthur, who says he cannot contribute
anything in his role as guide to one of these Indigos and they are developing social
roles that virtually replace our function. Poor Arthur was so out of his depth I
suggested he should take a sabbatical.
Is there anyone who might be more with it?
That’s just what I have been turning over in my mind said Gerald. There is
one who might be more ‘with it’, young Jacob. For all my early criticism he has
turned out to be pretty smart – not of course like Ali’s Ejaz, he’s a one off, but still
a very creative thinker. I noticed Harold’s Arula spent some time talking with him
at a recent party and she is not easily pleased with small talk. I think I will discuss
this with him, he might be intrigued by the challenge this Indigo would present.
She is a girl called Alice not long out of the College and going like a train with a
cowcatcher scattering anyone trying to obstruct her. She virtually gave Arthur his

After lunch, Gerald asked Jacob to join him and explained what he had in
mind. Do you think you could cope; it will need some really creative thinking to
keep up with this Alice? What I hope is that from your experience with her, we
may learn how better to perform our guide duties. We still have an important role
in the persistence of the planetary equilibrium so you must think carefully and try
to devise a relationship that does not disrupt Alice’s FCM (final cause mock-up).
Do you want to give it a try? I will understand if you feel it is beyond you but
recently you have been making a pretty good fist of things.
Jacob was in fact keen to try, his recent assignments had been unchallenging
and he felt in need of a task in which he could apply some really creative thinking.
With a free hand this was just what he needed, he accepted with alacrity. “That’s a
right on offer Gerald, yes please where do I get to see her?
You’ll do more than see her Jacob, remember she’s an Indigo, it will be a
proper introduction and I should mention she sacked her last guide so it will be no
bed of roses, or if it is, watch out for the thorns!
Jacob realised this was going to be an active partnership, not an advisory
role, which would be a new experience and from what Gerald had said, he could
be cast in the “go for” role, a Mr. Fixit – in recent times it had become usual for
him to address Gerald by name.

Gerald asked Galan, who was a Board member, if they might meet at the
school? This was arranged and on the appointed day, Alice and Adnam met in
Diana’s study where Jacob was already in attendance. Alice had asked Manda to
join her partly because she valued his advice but also because she liked to hold his
hand, he had become a father figure for her, and she was still experiencing the
uncertainty of growing up without a father (all the Indigo children were born to
single mothers).

Jacob was a pretty sharp dresser and with his shades pushed up, his well cut
jeans, Italian shoes and stylish jacket the immediate impression was one of relaxed
Alice and Adnam took this in with one glance but this did not sway Alice’s
“Hi, so you are Jacob, what are you going to offer me that I shall find of
value”, was her first question.
“Nothing said Jacob, I’m not in the offering business, but what are you
looking for that I can contribute to? I understand you are some sort of freelance
social worker”.
“That’s right”, said Alice “and what I would find helpful would be for you
to stay out of the advice business that so many guides seem to think is their role”.
“That’s cool as far as I am concerned”, said Jacob, “I would not rate my
advice as much use anyway. I don’t do advice, I am more of an ideas man, and
problem solving is my game”.
“Such as”, enquired Alice?
“They come in all shapes from getting a cat out of a tree to getting separated
couples together again. There are technical ones as well but I usually ask for help
with those. Fixing motorbikes I am good at, I know my way around most
“That’s useful”, said Alice “I use a motorbike all the time. By the way, how
do you get a cat out of a tree”?
“That’s easy”, said Jacob “I mock-up a python. You should see the speed at
which they change their mind about luxuriating in all that attention”.
She glanced at Adnam for his opinion.
“How much do you know about the implicate modification of
circumstances”, asked Adnam, “we expect a high level of competence at the
college and Alice was one of the brightest. You would have to be pretty good to
keep up with her”.
“Are you thinking of the speed of change or the size of the undertaking”,
asked Jacob?
“Both”, said Adnam. He was beginning to see the possibility of a team
building exercise with the guides that might be incorporated in the Sixth Form
“retreat” period that was now a regular feature of their last term (Guides and pupils
around the camp fire would be good bonding stuff).
“I think we would have to compare notes on that”, said Jacob “but I have
been well tutored in my probationary roles, I think I could keep my end up in any
undertaking, it is a matter of the clarity of the FCM we are going for, there has to
be a strong intuitive connection for that to work and I think I might manage that
with you Alice if you want to give it a try”.
Alice had become interested in Jacob’s forthright manner; it matched her
own very direct approach.

“I think I would be interested in giving it a go but I warn you on the first
cock–up you are under notice, and if I address you as Buster you are right on the
edge ok”?
One could hardly describe the formation of the new partnership as
favourable. It could better be likened to the mixing of two explosive materials
with an unpredictable outcome.

Alice had grown into a very pretty girl, which was deceptive for the unwary.
Although she had a finely tuned perception of both sides of a dispute or the moral
strength of an argument, she was not above casting this judgement aside if she felt
this served a higher purpose – the main cause of Arthur’s discomfort.
Her flock delighted in the forthright nature of her opinions, although it often
meant revising their own. She had what could be described as a radiant
intelligence that illuminated aspects of their lives, which had been ‘overlooked’ -
often a rueful recognition of shortcomings, but never left to cope with on their
own, which was the redeeming feature of her bold observations.

Gerald asked Jacob how the meeting had gone.
“She is one tough cookie”, said Jacob. “I shall have to keep my wits about
me to hold on to this job. Also, I have a strange feeling that what she is setting out
to do masks a much bigger FCM. She has the mindset of a monarch. It’s
awesome in one way and scary as hell in another. She seems bigger than all of us
and there’s a latent power I don’t think even she is aware of. As Galan would say
I think we are in for an “event”.
“Do you think you can handle it”, said Gerald?
“I think it is going to take us by surprise whatever it is”, said Jacob “so don’t
be surprised if I come running to you with my pants on fire. But I am willing to
give it my best shot”.
“It might be useful to have a word with Galan in case he may know
something about this power she seems to have”.
“From the little research I have done”, said Jacob “her flock, as she likes to
call them, think she is a golden girl and can do no wrong, but what lies behind
that? There is something there. I don’t think this social work is her true FCM. I
think she is filling her days while she works it out”.
* * *

The College now had a number of important faculties. Miss Argenta was
Head of. Life Sciences, Miss Bula ran Vibrational Medicine and Alan had become
a very important contributor in the field of physics with his department of
Vibrational Physics. During his visits to the school, Galan and Adnam had taken
to the habit of strolling in the grounds after lunch. Their conversation was
usually concerned with the development of the Indigo children. Both were of the
opinion that a natural synergy was taking place and both knew there was potential
that had never been discussed, the re-emergence of the Atlantean powers. It was
this potential that only a few in Indigo knew was the final goal of the merger.
Galan commented that this was restricted information
From archival records of the Atlantean period, a few clues pointed to the
alteration of implicate structures and the strange reference to the fire of light, feu
de lie (or Lumiere) that had been bowdlerised to Fleur di Lise and eventually to
‘The Prince of Wales Feathers’. All the ruling families knew it was a symbol of
power but none knew what it was.
“Have you mentioned this to Alan”, Galan enquired?
“No in fact, in my briefing, I was told to restrict teaching to vibrational
manipulation of reality and not to go beyond that”.
“Have you seen any signs of this Atlantean fire of light developing”, said
“There is one lad, Wilkinson who seems to be probing the field. I think he
is looking for it but is not aware of what he is looking for. He talks about
‘beaming power’ as though there is a faint recollection of the phenomenon”.
“Frankly” said Galan “I think it is this power that has made other planetary
civilisations wary of us. What they did to Daath was at the cutting edge of the
formation of the cosmos so they must have been working in the realm above the
implicate. They might even have been from that realm”

. “It makes us look pretty small beer” said Adnam, “but just imagine if
Wilkinson discovered it. It would suggest the FCM of Source intended individuals
to evolve to the point where they could create cosmoses; to be equal to Source”.
“It is like bringing up children to be your equal and carry forward your
dreams. I wonder if we had a brief glimpse of this with the Atlanteans”?
“They certainly behaved like teenagers” said Galan.
“I have always said there seems to be a hand behind the whole project
taking us onward all the time, could that be part of the Source FCM? However, I
don’t think it is for the likes of us, our job is to bring up the Gods of the future and
that’s quite enough for me”

A few days later Alice called on Manda to say she was becoming disturbed
by some changes taking place in her feeling about reality. She said ever since our
meeting with Jacob and even during it, she felt she had immense power and was
becoming scared of it, as though she could make some form of gesture, like
pointing a finger and she would be able to change things. She took his hand and
said “What is happening to me Manda? I seem to be growing stronger every day
and I don’t know what to do with this power”.
Adnam said, “Let’s first try to discover what it might be. Is it physical”?
“No, it is not that, like being able to run faster or for longer”.
“Does it seem to be threatening”?
“No because it seems to be part of me, not outside me”.
“How does it scare you”?
“It is just the amount of it that scares me. It is like riding a 1500cc Yamaha
bike. There is so much power I am afraid to open up the throttle yet I know its
“So to follow your simile, you don’t know how to ride this amount of
power. In a live situation, how would you learn to handle the power”?
“I would track test it a lot before I could trust myself on the bike. I feel
there is a lot to learn”.
“That sounds a good idea”, said Adnam “why not come back to the college
and you and Jacob can set up a ‘test track’ to identify this power. He can be the
track marshal and we will set up some experiments. I will keep an eye on things in
case you should lose it in any of the experiments. Would you like to do that”?
“Yes, I would feel safer with you around but I must tell my flock that I shall
be away for awhile, they will miss me”.

Later Galan and Adnam were discussing Alice’s tests. “Got any ideas about
the sort of tests she might try”?
“I have a few”, said Adnam “but we will just have to build on our
experience. I wish we had a wind tunnel for this sort of work”.
“It sounds as though you need a firing range”, said Galan, “not a wind
“That’s an idea to pursue”, said Adnam, “light a match at 20 feet and
gradually increase to a mile! We will have to see what this power is by
experiment. The way Alice has described it, it is like sitting on a keg of
gunpowder. By the way, do you know anyone who might help with the design of
the experiments”?
“I was just thinking about that, there is a brilliant young physicist in
Rainbow who might be just the man for the job. I’ll ask Ali, he is one of his
Ali thought it a great idea Ejaz was kicking his heels at present and needed a
After a detailed review by the Board Galan persuaded them to build a
special test facility for Alice and, to keep the experiments out of sight Adnam cast
another invisibility shroud over it. Only a small team would know of its existence.
Diana agreed to the proposed experiments but said she would like Alan
involved because it might lead to developments for later research and she would
like him to be involved in the early stages.
The Facility, as it was to be known, was like an aircraft hanger to house the
various experiments with a small reception area to avoid inadvertent viewing of
the experiments.
Ejaz and Alan found themselves of like mind in many of their ideas - like
Diana Alan had developed an easy ability to work with Rainbow beings, mainly
because it was necessary to keep up with the children’s familiarity with both
Ejaz and Alan decided it could not be an implicate realm phenomenon -
Alice had already conducted simple psychokinetic force field experiments. She
had also ignited a methane test rig at 20 paces but none of Ejaz’ most sensitive
instruments could detect a vibrational frequency equivalent to the implicate realm.
However, he said that did not prove the absence of such a force, only that the
instruments lacked the frequency range to detect them.
Alan said, “I think we are barking up the wrong tree, we are looking at the
physical effects of this power as though it was a physical force. What we need to
know is what is the power behind the implicate matrix that gives matter its
coherence. I suspect there is a realm of consciousness we know nothing about. Yet
what we are looking for may be just that”.
Jacob commented he had seen some very brief flashes of light in some of
Alice’s experiments like a small lightening flash but it was not a light one would
associate with a photon, it was transparent, almost as though it was light from
another dimension that leaked into ours. This gave Ejaz a clue, he built a camera,
not unlike a cascade multiplier, which increased the amplification of the light
source, but in this case increased the vibrational frequency it was capable of
recording and sure enough in the next experiment to levitate a heavy object, it lit
up with an enormous halo around it, like a Kirlian photograph.

Alice was becoming not only relieved as the extent of her powers became
apparent, but also adventurous.
During one of the experiment sessions Alice said to Adnam, “Manda I have
a phrase constantly running in my mind during these experiments; “I am the alpha
and the omega and am with you constantly in present time” What does it mean”?
Adnam knew exactly what it meant but said “It sounds like reassurance I
would just accept it as that”.
During the intervals between experiments as Alan and Ejaz set them up,
Alice and Jacob played football with a screwed up ball of foil, at least Alice would
try to power flip it past him and was becoming quite good at directional control.
At one point Jacob objected because Alice was learning to swerve the ball in
At the end of one of these sessions, Ejaz asked to see the ball, there was
something odd about it because Ejaz saw it bounce. He felt it and passed it to Alan
for his comments,
“I think we should crush test this” said Alan.
When they reached 20 tons and there was still no change they deduced Alice
must have increased the strength of the implicate matrix with the power she put
into the flips.
Alan had been researching metallic structures and immediately left for his
lab, returning almost immediately with a thin sheet of metal barely a few
thousandths of an inch in thickness. He set it up on a stand and said have a go at
that. After a few seconds, Alice said I think that is done. They tested it for torsion
and tensile strength. Nothing would deform it. It was harder than a diamond - a
diamond drill glowed red-hot but could not penetrate it. Alan’s mind was whirling
with the possibilities of the discovery, but kept them to himself for the present.
“That must have been how the Atlanteans built their space ships”, said
“Interesting that you should mention Atlanteans”, said Alan, “have you
heard of the Ica stones in Peru? They are andesite, a microgranite of alkali
feldspar; they are exceptionally hard and hundreds of thousands of years old. They
are engraved with images, some of them of men riding dinosaurs. Apparently, lots
of them have been washed out of riverbanks. How they were engraved is the
puzzle, could this be a clue? Could they have been hardened after engraving or
could they have used a pointed tool that was indestructible”.
It had been a long day and they were only beginning to scratch the surface
of Alice’s powers.
* * *

When they met the following day Alan had a gleam in his eye which Alice
“I can see you have something in mind that is exciting you, what is it”?
Alan said, “I have been thinking about the way the metal changed. You
know I have a Red Label Bentley Tourer; do you think you could power charge
Alice said, “You probably know more than I about the effects of power
charging, but of course, if you wish I will try”.
Ejaz said, “Are you sure that is wise perhaps a trial with a bucket seat might
be safer”. Alan agreed and went to collect his car. When he drove in through the
sliding wall at the end of the Facility the Bentley looked superb. Alan had
cherished it for years. Even the leather gaiters covering the leaf springs had been
polished and the chrome plated exhaust pipes shone in the morning sun.
Alan removed a bucket seat, when they tried to distort it after Alice’s
powers charge it was utterly immovable. They even tried crush testing to 40 tons
without effecting the slightest change.
Ejaz said, “I am relieved I was concerned that it might have made the leather
upholstery like rock. It seems the power only applies to inorganic materials. This
also means the power is not, or appears not to be, harmful to us”.
Alice said, “Would you like me to go ahead with the car Alan”? She made
two purposeful looking gestures and said, “I think that’s it. I am beginning to get a
sort of feedback from the objects as they change state”. Sure enough when they
tried to distort one of the flying mudguards, nothing affected it.
“Well”, said Adnam “there is no need to worry about accidents ever again”.
The look of horror on Alan’s face at the very thought of an accident was
amusing until he realised Adnam was right. Alice teased him by asking if she
could I kick the door. No, no, no! Ejaz suggested they should test the paintwork,
and sure enough that too had become as hard as the metal.
“This car will go down in history”, said Jacob, “a thousand years from now
it will be the only one of it kind left in the world”
. Alan in a haze of pleasure gently ran his hand over the gleaming bonnet.
Although the others were amused by Alan’s idolatry in his behaviour towards the
car they had to admit it lived up to its description as a gleaming monster of a car.
Ejaz said, “By the way, Alice, does the use of the power take anything from
“No, it simply seems to flow through me, I am not generating it, but I can
direct it with my mind. In a way, it does my bidding without question”.
Ejaz said, “Do you think you could make a copy of something using the
“It sounds worth a try”, said Alice, “got anything in mind”?
“Yes I have”, said Ejaz “but it is dependent on Adnam’s agreement, it‘s
your wand, would you allow Alice to copy it”?
Adnam always kept his wand with him in a special pocket of his cloak. It
was at least a thousand years old and his constant companion. The wand was
made of jasper with topaz finials and about a foot long.
Adnam was very dubious about the experiment and asked Alice what she
“I am fairly certain I can do no harm to anything of yours she said, because
it vibrates with your frequency. But if I can make a copy, I would like to keep it
for my own comfort. It would be part of you”.
Adnam was touched by Alice’s trust in her own abilities that she could do
him no harm, which was the implication of her words.
“This must be a one off!, he said “and it must never pass from your
He removed the wand with its delicate carving and contrasting finials and
laid it on the bench.
Alice gently caressed it apparently visualising the copy then lifted it to
return it to Adnam. There lying on the bench was an exact copy. She picked it up
and stroking the strange symbols said she would treasure it forever.
* * *

One day during the programme, Alan had a telephone call from a man, who
seemed to have some knowledge of the programme and the existence of the
facility, which was puzzling. He asked if he might call on Alan.
When he arrived several days later he was immaculately dressed in contrast
to Alan’s jeans and pullover, he was tall and slightly grey haired with a noticeable

American accent and with American courtesy introduced himself as Preston
Stratton a second secretary at the London Embassy.
Without disclosing his source, Stratton said he had heard about the
fascinating work Alan was doing and wondered if he could be of help with funding
or technological assistance. In exchange, he wondered if it would be possible to
carry out a single experiment for a project he was involved with.
Alan said he would raise the proposal with the Head but they were in need
of some new lab equipment and did need to expand the physics department. When
asked how much he thought he would need Alan took a deep breath and said as
coolly as he could oh, around ten to fifteen.
Stratton said million? Oh yes said Alan. Stratton said, no problem, it’s a
Alan said if the Head gives her approval, I would like the funds lodged in
the College account before we undertake any experimental work.
Sure said Stratton I understand business is business. How long before you
could let me know the decision?
A couple of days should be sufficient said Alan
They parted leaving Alan still puzzling over why he should be willing to
offer such a sum and what was the value to him of the experiment.

In discussing this with Diana, he recalled he had exchanged e-mails with
Wilkinson now at MIT. In one of them, he had mentioned the Bentley experiment.
This man had access to the Echelon e-mail scanning information. It was the only
way he could have got hold of it.
The ease with which the sum had been accepted meant the experiments were
probably connected with some military objective.
Diana agreed but said they could do so much with fifteen million pounds -
they had already decided on the upper limit - that they had to accept the offer.
Alan described the offer to Alice and asked if it had her approval as a one
off experiment. She said that sounded reasonable and great for the College. Alan
said they could get a particle accelerator and extend the lab.

A day was set aside for the experiment. Stratton asked if his people could
prepare the Facility for the experiment, but would they mind if they did that by
themselves. No go ahead said Alan.
On the morning of the experiment, the whole team arrived to be met by
Stratton but before they went in, he explained the experiment was to power charge
a vehicle like Alan’s Bentley (that confirms his Echelon eavesdropping thought
We’ve done it once said Alice I don’t think that should be a problem.

As they went into the hanger in the middle of the floor stood a tank, ugly in
all its weaponary. Alan and Adnam were aghast and exchanged looks of concern.
Alice on the other hand stood stock-still taking in the object. Gradually she
seemed to draw power into herself and her eyes blazed with a cold fury. You want
me to power proof that thing? Stratton’s composure had left him in the face of
such fury, just a short test he said.
I will give you a short test said Alice and raising her hand she sent a bolt of
what looked like blue lightening straight through the tank leaving a gaping hole in
its side armour.
Holy smoke said Stratton that is our latest prototype, looking at the
splintered side armour and visible interior.
Oh, I haven’t finished said Alice and raising both hands, she reduced the
tank to a molten heap of metal some features of which were just discernable. Take
that back to a War Museum as a lesson in futility and walked out.
There was utter silence apart from the noise of the molten tank as it cooled.
My God whispered Adnam: “The Fire of Light”!
Stratton was in a state of trembling shock, ashen faced unable to move and
unable to take his eyes off a billion dollar heap of metal.
Adnam, Alan, and Ejaz left him in that state still unable to move, Jacob
stayed to ensure he would recover. Eventually Stratton started to mumble and in a
trance like state Jacob escorted him back to his car, explaining to the driver, he had
had a bit of a shock and would he drive carefully. Jacob’s appearance was a little
puzzling to the driver because for a moment he thought he could see through him
but dismissed it as an optical illusion. His boss certainly got mixed up in some
strange ventures.
When Jacob returned to the others Alice appeared to be her normal self. It
was the others who showed signs of shock. The implications of what they had
witnessed, a power of such intensity leaving Alice unscathed, they would have to
abandon the programme. This must go to the highest realms before they could

Their report had gone immediately to the Speaker, who summoned an
extraordinary meeting of the Conclave. As they gathered there were some who
said they knew no good would come of this merger, but were quickly silenced by
the Speaker, who said that what has happened was the start of a new epoch and
explained that in their private discussions the Queen and he had been anticipating
this result but …. his voice faltered as in the middle of the Conclave chamber an
apparition slowly took form.
“My Lord Sandalphon our homage to you”.
“Don’t bother with that, but thank you for the thought” he said.
“I am pleased with the way our Rainbow realm has merged with the Indigo
realm and the Logos has also expressed satisfaction. I have been observing your
deliberations on the re-discovery of some latent powers and have been asked by
Lord Raphael of the Sun King’s realm if he may address you”.
Beside Lord Sandalphon emerged another apparition in brilliant glowing
robes. Lord Raphael spoke with difficulty in a voice of authority but barely above
a whisper with long laboured pauses.
“The Fire of Light is from the dimension that regulates the implicate
structure of matter”
“Its origin is the Source”
“It can be used creatively or destructively”
“Today one of your number has passed through “The Gateway of
“Your Indigo children are well placed to follow this example”
“They are to seek the Jewel”
“Equilibrium is the whole Jewel”
“They have reached the Frontier of Creation, Morphogeneration. They are
about to experience the awesome ability of Creation, prepare them for it. It is their
appointed destiny of which they are already a part”.
As the two Archangels faded the Conclave was thrown into a turmoil of
argument about the best way to handle the problem of such power in the hands of
one so young. It was similar to when there was only one atomic power one
member commented.
At this point the Speaker, who had been deep in thought, called for order
and observed that the comment regarding the similarity with an atomic power was
most helpful.
He proposed the solution should be to bar morphogenesis until there were at
least two practitioners of the power. Also that there should be a new college
formed to research and teach the power, this will accelerate the development since
it is to be part of their destiny there was no point in delay.
The motion was carried unanimously .


Over the years, the Blue School became a University and grew into a
complex of lecture theatres, laboratories, and campuses. It became the world
centre for the study of morphogeneration. The Department of Vibrational
Physics was world renowned for the development of remarkable metals and
minerals by the modification of their molecular architecture, which was greatly
helped by the cooperation of visiting scientists from other planets, which now saw
Earth as a safe haven for these technologies.
Diana and Alan became partners, as Galan had hoped and were
affectionately known as Yin and Yang. They happily accepted they were part of a
higher cause.

Some long time later Andrew, Galan, and Gerald sat having a nightcap
reminiscing on events, the breakthrough of the first Indigo child, the battles with
the Dark realm, the struggles for change, the triumphs and near disasters.
“When you look back on the whole saga”, said Andrew “it was like a dream
in which what we used to call normal we now see as far below humankind’s
potential, we have a completely new reality.
“But what reality are we in now”, questioned Gerald?


There is a style of story telling called ‘magical realism’, they have taken
that to its limit as ‘magical reality’, however magical reality is myth but this
appears to be telling the myth of the future - yes it’s me again.
It seems to me this future myth is about alternative realities and even the
nature of reality itself is questioned. You were brought up with one, the one you
were taught at school, and this is another. Realities are fixed agreements
voluntarily accepted but not necessarily true. You are only supposed to have one,
the one everyone else agrees with. It is considered weakness of intellect to have
more than one (can’t make up your mind Huh!); there are lots of tyrannies built on
this – religious as well as imposed social realities.
However, because you have read this story you are at a bifurcation point,
you may have two or three realities and flip between them. The trouble with the
flip is sometimes you are riding high with your implicate beingness, its very big by
comparison with your physical beingness, seeing the cosmos as it really is,
standing shoulder to shoulder with your Source and filled with admiration for this
expanding universe and then your certainty falters. You flip into your physical
beingness and the glorious view fades into greyness. The sunny uplands of
adventurous reality are replaced by the humdrum existence of narrow minded
supermarket living. The sense of oneness with the rest of humankind is replaced
by stereotypical predjudices. This fading of the light is so sad. Am I getting you
where you live? So you’ve been there with millions of others and lost the route
map to those sunny uplands. Well don’t worry all that has happened is a certainty
wobble that can be repaired. I can assure you the alternative reality is still there as
bright and shiny as ever, no cause for sadness.
A belief is a thought you keep thinking so it becomes stronger and stronger.
Certainty is repaired in the same way, hold the sunny uplands adventurous reality
as a ten second thought and practice it in little bursts of feeling when you have the
time, (emotion not thought), gradually it will develop the muscle to hold its own
as the alternative reality. Don’t get compulsive about this, do it for the emotional
pleasure of being on those sunny uplands where you are your true powerful self.
I must be off so have a good time, don’t tease your genetic entity with
unnecessary fears, it can lead to terminal hypochrondria. If you have a problem
use your creative powers (you may have to re-learn how to do this) and remember
we are all one.
Look me up when you come to our side and good luck,

Just ask for Me