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PaperL Time: t hour 15minutes
Instructionz This questionpaper consistsof 50 questions.Answer all questions.

I The following statements are about an A The cucumber cell wall prevents it
.organelle of a cell. from shrinking
B The cell sap is hypotonic towards the
Exist freely in the cytoplasm or sucrose solution
attached to the rough endoplasmic
_p The high concentration of the cell sap
in the vacuole causes water to diffirse
Site of the protein synthesis. in
D The cucumber cell wall allows the'
What is the organelle? sucrose molecules to diffuse into the
A Vacuole cell
B Nucleus
.A Ribosome. Which of the following onion cells
D Golgi body immersed in a hypotgnic Solution?
Diagram 1 shows the structure of a plant
cell. iir#'

lli'ffi rffi


Diagram I

Whieh of the following is true about X?
A Semipermeable
B Elastic D
",€" Fully permeable
D Risid
@ @
3 Cucumber slices are immersed in O . L V o @ @
sucrose solution. After B hours, the slices
are found to be turgid and hard. ' Dia g ra m 2 s h o ws
e x p e rim e n t t o
Which of the following statements explains investigate the movement of substances
this phenomenon? through a visking tube.

Distilled water Which ofthe followingis true about enzvmes
R and S?
solution Enzyme R Enz5rme S

A Secreted in the Secreted into the
Visking tube stomach duodenum
Beginning of End of
experiment experiment B The active site The active site
Diagram 2 changes at pH changes at pH
more than 4 more than 7
What is the process that takes place in
C R is trypsin S is lipase
Diagram 2?
A Osmosis D Synthe'sizeld in Synthesized in the
"'P Active
transport the rough the smooth
C Facilitated diffusion endoplasmic endoplasmic
D Facilitated transportation reticulum reticulum
6 A plant cell is immersed in distilled water. Diagram 4 shows the phases in the cell
Which of the following is true about the cycle.
movement of water molecules in the early
A The rate of water molecules Prophase-- Anaphase----*
.exiting E* E
the cell is higher than enterirrg th"
.B The rate of water molecules entering ""ll
Diagrarn 4
the cell is higher than exiting the cell
C No water molecules are entering or Which of the following statements is
exiting the cell true about the chromosomes at stages
D The rate of water molecules entering X and Y?
and exiting the cell is the same
Stage X Stage Y
The vitamin that functions as a coenzvme
<- - -
in cell respiration is A The chromo- The chromosomes
A A somes start to form chromatids
vitamin B shorten and. which move to the
C vitamin C thicken opposite poles of
D vitamin K the cell

8 Diagram 3 shows the rate of enzyme B The chromo- The chromosomes
hyd.rolysis reactions, R and S, in the somes have start to elongate
human body. replicated and not clearly
Rate of visible
reaction ar.. r:a
The chromo- The chromosomes
optimum pH 8.5 somes are at the are at the opposite
equator plane poles in the eell

D The chromo- The homologous
somes form twin chromosomes are
chromatids paired

45 6 7 8 9 10L172
Diagrarn 3

10 Which of the following diagrams is 13 Diagram 6 shows how gl'ucose changes to
true about.a stage in mitosis? glycogen in the human bodv.
High glucose level

Normal glucose level

1 1 Diagram 5 shows a diploid cell. This cell
undergoes cell division through meiosis.

-)0-1-\ Diagram 6
O0)rl \
Which of the following represent hormones
P and Q?
-:,b': -z
Hormone P Hormone Q
Diagram b
A Insulin Glucagon
Which of the following shows the btage
where the number of chromosomes starts B Glucagon Insulin

to,reduce to half?
C Adrenaline
D Thyroxine


ru#/ \$gu 14 Diagram 7 show a type of plant tissue.

Thickening of cell wall
by substance X

L2 Which of the following is a c-o4qg-q!ive
A I Diagram Z

IF"! is the importance of the thickening
of cell wall by substanceX?
4 Tb transfer photosynthesisproducts
B To grve turgidity to the tissue
C Tb transfer water and mineral salts .
fo give suppor t and m echani c al
/ ./ strength

15 Diagram 8 shows a child suffering from
A carbohydrate
B fibre

EI &
}4\ 1 6 Which of the.following is true about
enzyrne and its function?

Enz5rme Function

Diagram 8

Clots milk

Emulsifies milk
Digests fat
The child suffers the disease because of D Erepsin Hydrolyses fat
lack of

17 Table 1 shows the nutrient content of R, s, T and
u in milk and butter.

Nutrient content (Vo\
R s T U
Milk 3.0 89.0 4.5 3.6
Butter o.5 16.5 0.0 83.0
What is represented by R, S, T and U?

Protein Water Carbohydrate Fat
B Water Protein Fat Carbohydrate
C Carbohydiate Fat Protein Water
D Protein Carbohydrate Water Fat
18 Diagram 9 shows the graph of the volume of
carbon dioxide taken in or released by a plant
in a forest at different light intensities

carbon dioxide

Intake of
carbon dioxide

Release of Intensity of light .
carbon dioxide

Diagram g
Which of the following is true about the 2't Diagram 11 shows a longitudinal section of
information obtained from the graph?
a human heart.
A At point W, the quantity of carbon
dioxide released is zero
.-- TT
point X, the quantity of the intake
Pz tt
,,'' and the release of carbon dioxide are
C At point Y; the quantity of carbon
dioxide released is maximum
D At point Z,the quantity of the intake and
the release of carbon dioxide are equal
Diagrom 11
19 Diagram 10 shows an experiment of, yeast
The blood vessel U is the
respiration. A aorta
B pulmonar5rvein
C pulmonary artery
Paraffin oil D posterior vena cava

22 Which of the following descriptions is true
yeast and 20 mI about blood cells?
of l0o/o glucose

Diagram 10 Biconcave in shape to
enable the exchange of
Which of the following mixtures can shape while passing.the
increase the rate of respiration of yeast? blood capillary
A 1 g of yeast and 2b ml of 5% glucose
solution Without nucleus and
B 1 g of yeast and, 2E ml of Z% glucose involved in the blood
solution clotting mechanism
C 1 g of yeast and 2E ml of 10% glucose
solution Produced in the bone
D 1 g of yeast and 2b ml of 1b% glucose marrow and produce
solution " antibodies to destrov
20 The followinginformation shows the results
Without granules and
of an experiment to determine the oxygen
destroy pathogens by
content in exhaled air using J-tube.
Length of exhaled air column = 10.0 cm
23 Thrombin, fibrin, prothrombin and fibrinogen
Length of exhaled air column are four types of proteins.
after treatment with Which of the following sequencesis true for
potassium hydroxide = 9.6 cm the involvement of th'ese proteins during
Length of exhaled air column blood clotting?
after treatment with A Thr ombin, fibr in, pr othr ombi n,
potassium pyrogallate = g.b cm fibrinogen
B Fibr in, pr othr om bin, fibr inogen,
The percentage of oxygen content in the thrombin
exhaled air is C Prothrombin, thrombin, fibrinogen,
A 4.2% c Ll.O% fibrin
B 8.5% D 2L.Oo/o D Fibr inogen, fibr in,.pr othr ombi n,
24 Diagram L2 shows a condition of a stoma.

Sternum Minor pectoralis

Major pectoralis

Bird P

' Diagram 12

Which.of the following factors cause the Major pectoralis
stoma to be in the condition as in Diagram muscles
Bird Q
I High intensity of light. Diagram 13
U High air humidity
ru High concentration of the What is the effect of the abnormality on
atmosphere bird Q?
IV High concentration of carbon dioxide A It can fly higher \-
in the atmosphere B The upward movement of the wings is
A I and III weaker
B I and IV. C The downward movement of the wings
C II and III is weaker
D II and tV D The upward and downward movements
of the wings are more rapid while flyrng
25 A student steps on a rustSriron nail while
playrng football in a field. 28 Diagram L4 shows a sJrnapse at the nerve
What tieatment Should be given to the ending.
A Polio vaccine iniection
B Tlphoid vaccine injection Mitochondrion
C Diphtheria serum injection Vesicle
D Antitetanus serum injection Synaptic bulb

26 Which of the following help to support an SubstanceP
aquatic plant?
I Aerenchyma tissues
II " Air bladder
ilI Guard cells Diagram 14
ry Buoyancy force
A I, II and III What is substance P?
B I, IIandW A Acetycholine ' .. C Adrenaline
' B O x y t o c in DP ro la c t in
C I I , n l a n d f V"
D I, III and fV
29 How can goitre be prevented?
27 Diagram 13'showsa pair of breast muscles Eat more seafood
zn' -,A
of two birds. The major pectoralis muscle of B Reduce the intake of food which is
bird P is normal while the major pectoralis high in fat
muscle of bird Q is abnormal. C Get an immunisation by injection of
D Reduce the. long exposure .to direct

30 A farmer wants to sell the bananas from Which of the following statements is true
his farm. To ensure that all the bananas about the information on the graph?
ripen at the same time, the farmer shouJd A Body length increases at eS because
spray the bananas with of the soft exoskeleton
A ethylene hormone ,: .
B Body length increases at eS because
B auxin hormone body mass increases
C gibberellin hormone C Body length does not increases at pe
D cytokinin hormone because there is no development in
body tissue
31 Which of the following is not an effect of a D Body length does not increase at pe
hormone imbalance? because body mass does not increase
A Premenstrual s5mdrome (pMS) .
B Foetus miscarriage 35 Diagram 17 shows'a method of producing
C Menopause fruits from flowering plants using auxin
. D Pregnancy horrnone.

32 Which of the following hormones repairs
the endometrium of the uterus after
menstruation occurs? Auxin
A Oestrogen horurone . hormone
B Progestrone hormone
C Luteinizing hormone
D Follicle stimulating hormone

33 Diagram 15 shows a cell that is involved in
human reproduction.

Diagram lZ
Diagram 15
How is the fruit produced by this
Which of the following is not an important method different from the fruit produced
characteristic of the cell in the reprobuction naturally?
process? A The fruit is sweeter
A T'he presence of a nucleuS B The fruit is more succulent
B T'he presence of c;rtoplasm C The fruit has more fibre
C It has a tail D The fruit does not have seeds
D Contains a lot of mitochondria

34 Diagram l-6 is a graph which shows the growth of a grasshopper.
Body length / mm


Egg stage
Time / days
Di4grarn 16
36 Which of the following is not true about the formation
of identical twins and fraternal

Identical twins Fraterrral twins
A Produced from a single sperm cell Produced from two sperm cells which
whieh fertilised one ovum fertilised two different ovums
B Produce two different zygotes Produce two similar zygotes
C Share the same placenta Have two seperate placentas
D Produce two identical individuals Produce two different individuals

37 Which of the following terms defines the 40 A manied couple has different rhesus
physical characteristics of an organism? Rh factors. Their first child is a Rh+. All
A GenotSrye the subsequent pregnancies end with
B Phenogpe miscarriage.
C Homozygote Determine the rhesus factors for the parents,
D Heterozygote and the miscarriage foetus.
38 What is the technique used to transfer Father Mother Miscaniage foetus
genes from the DNA of one speciesto the
DNA of another species? A Rh+ Rh- Rh-
A Cloning B Rh+ Rh- Rh+
B Dihybrid cross
C Genetic engineering. c Rh- Rh+ Rh+
D Monohybrid cross D Rh- Rh+ Rh-
39 Diagram 18 shows the karyotype of an 4L The following information shows the alleles
individual. belonging to a pair of married couple.

Il| (r lr fifiillr B-
Dominant allele for normal eyesight
Recessiveallele for colour blindness

ttf 4l4nr!xpir{r
o'tl qn
XbY x
?ra {rx itx -Tl' C XbY X Xry(B
Xl rxx *x rr Ir., D XBy x XbXb "
.le 20 21 22 xi.
42 Which of the following is a discontinuous
Diagram 18 variation?
I Able to roll the tongue
Which of the following showsthe number of il Ear lobe shapd'
chromosomesin a gamete producedby the III Have cheek dimple
individual? . IV Blood group
A 22+Y " A I and II only
B 2 2 + YY B III and fV only
C 44 +Y C I, III and IV only
D 44+X D .I, U, UI and fV :..

43 Diagram 19 shows the variation of a trait 45 Diagram 2t shows part of the nitrogen
P in humans. cycle.
Number of
Plant protein - Animal protein


Ammonium compound

\ ,/ Bactena
Tlait P
Diagram 19 Diagram 21
Which of the following is true about the Name bacteria X.
variation of trait P? A Rhizobium C Nitrobacter
A Involves bnly a pair of genes B Lactobacillus D Nitrosomonas
B Involves clear differences in the traits
between individuals 46 Diagram 22 shows a crab with barnacles
C Influenced by environmental factors on its sheU.
D Influenced by genetic and environmental
44 Diagram 20 is a chart which shows the
distribution of a characteristic in human
Diagram 22
Number of
individuals What is the interaction between the crab
and the barnacles?
A Parasitism
B Mutualism
C Saprophytism
D Commensalism

47 TLrefollowing information is about a habitat.

Habitat : Bushes
Size :..50m x 100 m
Characteristic Tlpe of plant : Wpody, dwarf and
creeping plants
Diagram 20
Which of the following is the most suitable
Which of the following characteristics is method to use to estimate the population
shown by the chart? of woody plants in the habitat?
A Height A Q u a d ra t o f s iz e lmX lm
B Body size B Q u a d ra t o f s iz e b mX b m
C Skin colour C Line transect
D Blood group D Belt transect

48 The following information is related to a 50 Table 2 showsthe result of an experiment
process occurring in an ecosystem. to comparethe qualities of water from two
areas,R and S.
o The pioneer species is replaced by a
new species which is more adapted to Time taken for
the habitat T[ater
methylene blue to be
o The process occurs gradually over a sarnple
decolourised / minutes
long period of time
o The process ends with a climax Area R 45
Area S 22
The processis
A colonisation Table 2
B competition
Which of the following statements explain
.C succession-.
D evolution the result of the experiment?
I Water sample from area R is more
polluted than area S
49 The following information shows steps in
the reactions during the destructiqn of the II Water sample from area R has lower
ozonelayer. B.O.D value than area S
m Wabr sample from area R has les.*-,
P - Chlorine atom reacts with ozone to microorganisms than area S
IV Water sample with higher B.O.D
1- produce chlorine monoxide and
oxygen molecules value causes slow decolourisation of
Free methylene blue
Q . oxygen atom will break the
' chlorine monoxide bond A I and III
R - Ultra violet ray breaks the chlorine B II and III "
C II and IV
. : chemical bond in CFC to produce D III and IV
free chlorine atom
S - Free chlorine atom repeats the chain
-i. reaction

Which of the following sequencesof stepsis
correct during ozonedestruction?
C R , R Q , S.

Paper 1
1C 2C 3C 4A 5A 68
7B 8A 9C lOD 11A t2 C
13AL4D15C16A t7A18B
19D 20 C 2r B 22 B 23 C 24 B
25 D 26 B 27 C 28 A 29 A 30A
31D 32 A 338 34 A 35D 36B
37 B 38C 39A 40 B 4t D 42D
43D 44 D 45 D 46 D 47 A 48C
49 C 508