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174-B Loreto St. Sampaloc, Manila
Phone no. 780-2276
Mobile no. 09194053179


To work in an environment which offers personal and professional
growth and to contribute to the attainment of company’s missions and


Can able to create harmonious relationship with the client, highly
motivated, hardworking, quick learner, responsible and caring to different
kinds of people. Has the ability to work under pressure, ability to focus and
ability to prioritize things.


Nickname : Gie
Birthday : August 30, 1986
Birth place : Roxas, Isabela
Age : 22
Status : Single
Religion : Methodist
Language spoken/written : English, Filipino
Interests : Reading informative books and articles,
Watching movies, Listening Christian music


2003-2007 : Southeast Asian College Incorporated
Mabuhay Rotonda Quezon City (TERTIARY)
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

1999-2003 : Roxas National High School
Bantug, Roxas, Isabela (SECONDARY)
Award: 4th Honorable Mention
Model Youth of the Year
GSP of the Year

1993-1999 : Roxas East Central School
Rizal, Roxas, Isabela (PRIMARY)
Award: 1st Honorable Mention
La Salette of Roxas Awardee

Registered Nurse in the Philippines PRC License
♦ Registration no.: 0448094
♦ Registration date: Nov. 07,
♦ Expiration date: Aug. 30, 2010

Philippine Nurses Association Inc. (PNA) PNA Card
♦ Serial no.: 57447
♦ Date: September 06, 2007

Association of Nursing Service IV Therapy Card
Administrators of the Philippines Inc.
♦ Card no.: 08-005673
♦ Date issued: March 22, 2008
♦ Valid until: March 22, 2011

Medical Mission Team Member
(United Methodist Church, Roxas, Isabela)


Two years training to the following hospitals:

• East Avenue Medical Center
• Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center
• National Center for Mental Health
• Philippine Orthopedic Center
• San Lazaro Hospital
• St. Agnes Hospital
• United Doctors Medical Center
• Valenzuela General Hospital
• Quezon Institute
• Dr. Montano G. Ramos Hospital
• San Juan Health Department
• Sta. Monica Hospital
• Pasay City General Hospital
• Quezon City Health Department


June 2008 Training Center, Miguelin, Sampaloc, Manila
♦ English Proficiency Course

November 27-29, 2007 Martinez Memorial Hospital Caloocan City
♦ Basic IV Therapy Training

March 8, 2007 SACI Multipurpose Hall Mabuhay Rotonda
Quezon City
♦ Nursing today: Transitions and Trends

♦ PNA: Today and the Future

February 23, 2007 UDMC Audio-Visual Room Mabuhay Rotonda
Quezon City
♦ Ethico-Morale Issues and Dilemmas in
Clinical Practice

February 22, 2007 UDMC Audio-Visual Room Mabuhay Rotonda
Quezon City
♦ The Nurse Behind the Mask

February 15, 2007 SACI Multipurpose Hall Mabuhay Rotonda Quezon
♦ Transcultural Nursing

UDMC Audio-Visual Room Mabuhay Rotonda
Quezon City
♦ Nursing Laws in the Philippines

January 11, 2007 SACI Room 302 Mabuhay Rotonda Quezon City
♦ Total Quality Management

December 7, 2006 SACI Room 301 Mabuhay Rotonda Quezon City
♦ Management Functions

February 22, 2006 UDMC Audio-Visual Room Mabuhay Rotonda
Quezon City

♦ Motivational Leadership: Path for a
Productive and Effective Nurse Leader


Position: Volunteer Nurse Trainee
Perpetual Succor Hospital and Maternity Inc. (PSHMI) Cayco St. Sampaloc,
Date: March 03, 2009 up to present
Special Area: NICU
Description of functions:

1. To receive endorsement from outgoing nurse
2. To assess every patient and to obtain vital signs as basis for their care
3. To assist midwife on duty in bathing babies
4. To properly carry out all Doctor’s order
5. To disseminate information regarding newborn care, newborn
screening test and breastfeeding to parents and other relatives
6. To obtain specimen for newborn screening test and other laboratories
7. To follow the SOP’s of the area wholeheartedly and sincerely
8. TO properly document all substantial activities and findings in the area
through charting
9. To prepare and administer medications/injections/vaccines by using the
10R’s as a guideline
10.To provide discharge teachings to parents regarding newborn care,
breastfeeding and follow-up check ups.
11.To assist and support the head nurse and Doctors in any activity
provided for the betterment of the area
12. To do feeding and burping to babies
13.To do perineal wash and changing diaper
14. To admit patient from DR/OR and render admission care such as
vitamin K injection, kept baby warm, assist in gastric lavage, check
patent anus, getting weight, height, head circumference, chest
circumference and abdominal circumference.
15.To regulate and insert IV/ heplock
16.To sterilize feeding bottles
17.To measure I&O
18. To make endorsement

Area: General Ward (Pedia, OB, Medical, Surgical)
Description of functions:

1. Give direct nursing care
2. Identify nursing needs of patients
3. Plan, give and evaluate nursing care
4. Admit patients
5. Perform such nursing activities such as bathing and oral hygiene
6. Assist patients in moving, maintaining proper alignment of patient’s
body and utilizing and good body mechanics
7. Take and records vital signs
8. Observe medical asepsis
9. Observe signs and symptoms, institutes remedial action when
appropriate and records these in the chart
10.Report observations to the physician
11. Observe and respond to patient’s emotional spiritual needs
12.Act as liaison between patients and hospital personnel
13.Interpret to the patient and his family their roles in promoting
successful therapy and rehabilitation
14.Prepare patients for, and assists physician with diagnostic and
therapeutic procedures
15.Carry out doctor’s legal orders
16.Assist physician when examining patients
17.Perform irrigation, catheterizations and gives enemas
18.Administer and chart medications and patient’s reactions to
19.Instruct patients and families
20.See to it that equipment receive proper care and maintenance
21.Discharge patients
22.Teach and direct non professional nursing personnel

Position: Staff Nurse Trainee
United Doctors Medical Center (UDMC) Quezon City
Date: Sept.01, 2008- Oct.01, 2008
Area: Surgical Ward
Description of functions:

Admitting patient HGT monitoring
Assessing/ observation IV insertion& removal
Assisting Physician Measuring I&O
Bed making Monitoring untoward S/Sx
Bedside care Nurses rounds
Blood Transfusion & observing reaction Oral care
Carrying out Doctor’s order Perineal care
Catheter insertion& removal Provide patients comfort
Charting/ Documentation Refer patients status to ROD
Counseling/ Health teaching Rendering TSB
Discharging patient Skin testing& evaluation
Endorsing Suctioning
Enema Taking Vital Signs
Giving medication/ injections

Position: Volunteer Nurse Trainee
Mary Chiles General Hospital (MCGH) Dalupan St. Sampaloc, Manila
Date: January 14, 2008- May 14, 2008
Area: General Ward/ ICU
Description of functions:

Admitting patient HGT monitoring
Assessing/ observation IV insertion& removal
Assisting Physician Measuring I&O
Bed making Monitoring untoward S/Sx
Bedside care NGT lavage
Blood Transfusion & observing reactionNGT feeding
Carrying out Doctor’s order Nurses rounds
Catheter insertion& removal Oral care
Charting/ Documentation Perineal care
Counseling/ Health teaching Provide patients comfort
Discharging patient Refer patients status to
ECG Rendering TSB
Endorsing Skin testing& evaluation
Enema Suctioning
Giving medication/ injections Taking Vital Signs
Check cardiac monitor, pulse oximeter
and mechanical ventilator


• Cardiac monitor
• Central venous monitor
• Doppler
• ECG machine
• Incubator/ Isolette
• Infusion pump
• Mechanical ventilator
• Pulse oximeter
• Suction machine


• IV therapist
• Trained in Nursing practice, management and procedures
• Caring to elderly and children
• Computer literate
• Keyboarding


Dr. Asuncion V. Enriquez RN, MAN, PhD Rev. Estrelita M. Eusebio
Dean College of Nursing Administrative Pastor

Southeast Asian College Inc. United Methodist Church
Contact no. 712-3640 Contact no. 09067701860

Mr. Manny L. Mamaril RN, MAN Ms. Gemma S. Garcia
Clinical Coordinator Sped Teacher
Southeast Asian College Inc. Imus, Cavite
Contact no. 09175269079 Contact no. 09194555043
I hereby certify that the above information are true and
correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Margie E. Obungen