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Sanjaya said
O King! When Krsna, killer of Madhu Demon,
God incarnate on the earth; saw Arjuna,
The fighter full of sorrow and compassion,
With tearful eyes in a helpless situation,
Set aside his bow in a hopeless condition;
Krsna told him, GITA the poetic affirmation.

Lord Sri Krsna said:
Whence these impurities entered thee, O Partha?
Thou art the mightiest warrior on the earth.
Does it befit thee? O knowledgeable one!
Infamy grips us due to such degradation.

2/2 Gita My Mother Ch. 2

Yield not to such degrading impotence,
Shun the weakness of thy heart at once!
Arise and get ready and this war fight,
O mighty ksatriya, the brightest of bright.

Arjuna said
O Keshava, how do I pierce such noble men?
Guru Drone made me bowman of bowmen,
Grandpa Pitamaha Bhisma Grandsire lovable,
Brought me up as a lad so lofty and able.

Prefer I to beg rather than to kill them,
May it even bring me misery and shame.
For the joy tainted with their blood!
Should I kill for fame in the world!

I don’t know, for us what’s better?
Whether to get conquered or to conquer?
For the sake of joy they want to kill us.
Should we too kill them and be joyous?

Weak and confused I am, O my friend.
This war, to us all, will bring an end.
Tell me now, what’s best and beneficial,
As, I am Thy true devotee and disciple.
Ch.2 Summary of Gita 2/3
Show me true path and drive away grief,
That’s dragging and drying my senses deep.
Even the kingdom of heaven and earth,
May not dispel it and bring me mirth.
Sanjaya said
O king of kurus! Having spoken thus,
Arjuna told to Krsna without fuss.
O Govind! Wrong or right,
This war, I won’t fight.

O King! When Krsna saw poor Arjuna in a mess,
He spake these divine words with a smiling face.

Lord Krsna said
Like a great, learned man you talk, O dear,
But to thee, dost not befit thy behavior.
Wise lament not, neither living nor dead,
These Kurus are not worthy even a shred.
Tears in thy eyes out of grief and fear!
What’s wrong with thee? O great warrior!
Wake up now and fight with cheer,
On this holy land, not a battle field mere,
And weed out irreligion out from here.
Arise, O mighty and throw away thy fear,
You are My true devotee, disciple and dear.
2/4 Gita My Mother Ch.2

Was there a time when we were not here?
Why then in future we will not be here?
These kings, you and I ever existed and will exist.
This eternal old wisdom, know, is life’s gist.
Lament not for them or for any one.
And act like true ksatriya, O Pandu’s son.

You are not this body, but the soul eternal.
Forget not this truth, O! Else it’s thy funeral.
This body ever changes and finally perishes,
Never but this soul, never! He self nourishes,
And migrates to new body when old one dies.
Know this secret, O Arjuna, the wise.

Don’t be disturbed by happiness and sorrow
Today they are here, may be not tomorrow
Like summer and winter, they come and go
Perform thy duties and don’t never say no

Happiness and distress, equally treat
Steady in both, never you retreat
O ksatriya, thy duty is to bravely fight
Don’t worry now what’s wrong and right

Thou wilt be freed from love and bondage,
And then be a liberated like a great sage. \\16\\
Ch.2 Summary of Gita 2/5

The Soul pervades all entities living
Filling them with spirit, life and feeling.
Never He can be destroyed or created
And like sun’s rays from Me emitted.

Living body, one day, is bound to die,
But deathless is spirit soul, then why cry?
Get up thou, O Arjuna, now and fight,
As I am thy eternal true life light.

Only this body slays or is slain.
But the Spirit Soul does ever remain.
How can then you slay any one?
Or be slain by any one?

Soul always was and will be here!
Birth and death He has had never!
Unborn, eternal, primeval, young is He,
When body dies He sets Himself free.

The one possessing self knowledge,
Never is disturbed by any bondage,
And treats equally dead and living,
And is no killer even after killing.
2/6 Gita My Mother Ch. 2

As a person wears new clothes,
Throwing away old and soiled ones;
Spirit soul too enters new body,
Doing away the old one and shoddy.
Lament not, O Partha, for nears and dears.
Fight, kill them and cleanse without tears.

No weapon can cut, no fire destroy.
No flood can drench, no wind dry.
Nothing, nothing ever can kill the soul.
The infinite, the eternal, the infinitesimal!

The unbreakable, the unburnable!
The insoluble, the unreachable
The all pervading, the unchangeable!
The Spirit Soul! The Spirit Soul!

The invisible, the inconceivable!
The inaudible, the invincible!
Never worn, never torn He is not new
Deathless, birthless, does ever continue

No eye can see, no ear hear!
No nose can smell, no sense feel!
Such is the soul, O My dear dear.
Grieve not for body, have no fear.
Ch.2 Summary of Gita 2/7

Soul too has birth and death if think you,
Even then there’s no reason to grieve.
Your behavior makes irreligion to rise,
O Partha, get up now, think and realize.

Like sun rises to set and sets to rise,
Birth and death know, behave likewise.
Death for the right cause is veer gati (martyrdom)
Fighting irreligion, Partha, is sacred duty.

Soul or no soul, O Arjuna, do be not infest,
From unmanifest state only all manifest.
Unmanifest to manifest to unmanifest!
Mourn not for dress and yourself waste.

Soul is mystical and amazing,
Without which can exist nothing.
Soul, know, is part of My Supersoul,
That supports universe as a whole.

Immortal soul dwells in mortal body.
Never can He be slain by nobody.
So get up and fight without fear.
Care not for result, O My dear.
2/8 Summary of Gita Ch.2

O ksatriya, great opportunity awaits thee.
Thou art My friend and true devotee.
Don’t thou forget thy svadharma.
Fighting irreligion is thy true karma.

Blessed is he who gets such opportunity.
For a true ksatriya, war is divine duty.
For uplifting dharma let blood freely flow.
My abode awaits thee with a divine glow.

If you refrain from swadharma here,
Thou art committing a great blunder
Inactive you will be branded and sinner.
Fame of upright Pandavas will lower
Hence get up and fight and win.
And, O great fighter, show thy sheen.

People will call you names and a coward,
And tell stories that are never before heard.
What can be worse than this for you?
It’s better to die here, in my view.
Death is better for you than infamy.
Kill the Kauravas and be thou free.
Ch.2 Summary of Gita 2/9

Your name and fame will run down.
Thy ancestors, at you, will frown.
Your leaving war will be the talk of town.
Thou wilt be slighted and unsung, O Arjuna

Worse, your enemies may call you impotent.
What can be more painful, O brave saint?
Shun thy compassion for friends and kinsmen,
And fight fiercely, O bowman of bowmen

O Partha, martyrs get kingdom of heaven.
Why dost thou hesitate to fight then?
Or, if you conquer your enemy,
This earthly kingdom yours will be.

O Arjuna, surrender unto Me and fight,
Pleasure or pain, loss or gain, victory or defeat!
Leave every thing to Me, O My favorite.
Giving life or killing is My sole right.
\\ 38 \\

Sankhyayoga, or Jnanayoga here I told you,
Now, karmayoga or Buddhiyoga, listen thou.
Both paths lead to perfection and liberation.
One’s ability and attitude decides right option
2/10 Gita My Mother Ch. 2

With body, material activities too vanish,
But in devotion they ever flourish.
Safer, easier and direct is this path,
That never suffers any loss, O Partha.

Only firm minds with faith in Me,
Can on this path progress, fear free.
But those without, belief and resolve,
Are wasted and in desires do dissolve.

Those with poor knowledge and ignorance,
Easily fall prey to false flowery fragrance,
To worldly desires as women, wealth and wine,
And are whisked away by karmas not divine.

They who ponder over worldly things,
The faithless irresolute poor earthlinks,
That only think of sense gratification,
Never attain samadhi or renunciation.

Teachings of Vedas, is truth ultimate,
For one to rise to a transcendental state,
And make one tolerant to dualities in life,
And free him from all anxieties and strife.
Ch.2 Summary of Gita 2/11

As a big reservoir serves easily small wells,
In chanting Hari’s name vedic wisdom dwells.
Vedas, the divine scriptures, are like an ocean,
But true devotion alone leads to liberation.

Right you have only to your duty,
But entitled not to fruits of activity.
Hence, Arjuna, without desire you fight,
Then I assure thee, salvation, thy right.
Never do you run away from thy duty.
Rare chance is here to show real beauty!

About the results don’t you worry,
Fight equipoised, defeat or victory.
Act as per My directions and for Me,
And then, O yogi, truly liberated be.

Misers are they who only enjoy;
So keep off from ills, O Dhananjay.
Surrender unto Me with devotion full,
You certainly in life will be successful.

From good and bad action is freed,
One yielding unto Me without greed.
2/12 Gita My Mother Ch. 2

Action and reaction sets in a chain,
Only be broken by fixing in Me a brain.
Victory or defeat this war you fight,
With no expectation, show thy might.

Work in true love and devotion,
Frees one from action and reaction,
And from cycles of birth and death,
And from miseries of worldly wealth.

One enlightened with truth ultimate,
From primary rituals may deviate,
Never but must stop his duty,
To ever enjoy spiritual beauty

One that always situated in Brahma,
And realized self with Para-Brahma,
Never is perturbed by words flowery;
He is My true friend and visionary.

Arjuna said
O Krsna! My Guru, lord and philosopher,
What is Sthitapradnya? To know I am eager.
What’s his language? How he talks?
How he sits? How he walks?
Ch.2 Summary of Gita 2/13

Lord Krsna said
O Arjuna, free of desires of senses,
With mind body and soul consensus,
No emotions! No passions! Fixed in Me,
Sthitapradnya, purest self realized is he.

Agitates not even if hell falls,
Elates not if paradise enthralls,
Is free from attachment anger and fear,
Know him Sthitapradnya, O My dear.
Calm as ocean, tranquil as Himalaya,
Fearless unmoved even there’s pralaya

Unaffected by both good and evil,
Never disturbed by worldly upheaval,
Neither praises nor loathes none,
He is Sthitapradnya, the only one.

One to withdraw his senses is able,
As does tortoise his limbs in the shell,
And engages them in My service only,
Know him Sthitapradnya, the holy
Ch.2 Summary of Gita 2/14

Taming desires is not so easy,
They are very tasty and spicy.
But, one in true love of My beauty,
Succumbs not to them, the nasty.

Agile like cheetah, turbulent like wind,
Desires harass even the stable mind.

One who serves Lord with all his senses
Easily wins over them and their offences.

While pondering over subjects,
One gets attached to sense objects.
Thru attachment lust develops,
Due to lust anger envelops. \\62\\

Anger deludes the person,
Bewildering the memory, O son.
Then the intelligence is lost,
And one falls down fast.

One who controls one’s senses ably,
Performs well, good and bad equally,
Surrenders the senses unto Me totally,
Is fit to obtain divine mercy really.
2/15 Gita My Mother Ch. 2

A person blessed with My mercy,
From material miseries is free,
Established always in My wisdom,
Enjoys happiness, bliss and freedom.

One unconnected with Me,
Is never steady nor ever free.
His mind and senses run hay-wire
Distracting him with passion and desire.
How can he be happy really,
And progress in life easily?

As a boat is swept away by strong wind,
A strong sense can astray strong mind.

Thus, one who wins over all senses,
By employing them in my services,
Is fit for mukti, the liberation,
A true yogi without emotion!

When people are asleep, yogi is awake
When they are awake, he does meditate.
Day or night yogi is a winner.
Self realized soul never a sinner!
Ch.2 Summary of Gita 2/16

Rivers entering ocean disturb not his calm.
Desires entering yogi perturb not his realm.

Those who realize self and Me,
And are totally from desires free,
With equanimity towards dualities,
Are ever happy and blissful entities.

Arjuna, be yogi and lead godly life,
Free from fear, anger and strife.
Surrender all thy actions unto Me,
And from all reactions be thou free.
When you become one with Me,
From death and birth be thou free.