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Lord Krsna said,
Shuns the fire and obligatory duty!
Arjuna, What kind of a mystic is he?
Cares never for fruits, the true mystic,
Renounces sense desires with power yogic.
Both yogas are like two sides,
True yogi takes them in positive strides.

For the beginners of eight fold yoga, O Partha,
Work is worship, a means to glorious path,
But, those who have mastered yoga,
It is detachment and cessation of bhoga.

Yogi, detached from sense objects,
Never does fall for worldly subjects,
6/2 Gita My Mother Ch.6

Neither work nor fruit does he desire,
Such yogi is of the highest order.

Mind is thy friend or an enemy as well,
And can take you to the heaven or hell.
Controlled self is thy best friend,
Else an enemy difficult to bend,
That, like wind, may go haywire
And may cause havoc and horror.

Conquered self, pure and tranquil,
Free of desires, nothing does will;
Heat or cold, pleasure or distress,
Honor or dishonor: equally faces.

Truly perfected yogi, My form gets,
And by his deeds lofty norms sets;
Pebbles, stones, iron, or gold,
To them all equally he is sold.

Friend and foe, pious and sinner,
Black and white, rich and poor,
Honest and dishonest, mediator and neutral,
Men and animals: to yogi are equal.
Ch.6 Dhyana-Yoga 6/3

Must yogi practice in seclusion,
And unite mind, body and vision,
And to Me, The Brahma, come slowly,
And thus free from desires worldly. \\10\\

On a seat arranged neatly, not high or low,
Covered with soft cloth and grass below,
In a place lovely, that’s neat and clean,
Must one be seated straight and not lean,
With relaxed body, mind, and soul,
And meditate on Me, the ultimate goal.

Body, neck and head held high and straight,
Devoid of fear desire stress must one concentrate.
Fixing mind, body, soul and vision at a point,
To get a glimpse of Me or My glorious tint.

By sincere and consistent practice thus,
Yogi controls body, mind, and sense functions.
He then is freed from material existence,
And attains to My kingdom for all and ones.

One that eats too much or too little,
For mere joy flesh of an animal,
Sleeps too much or too little,
Can he become a sage mystical? \\16\\
6/4 Gita My Mother Ch.6

Must one regulate food and habits,
By simple living and good deeds,
That purify mind, body and soul
That helps yogi achieve the goal.

Purify mind, body and soul,
Always think Me as the only goal,
By engaging senses in My services,
Shunning worldly desires and vices.

As a lamp flickers not when no wind,
Likewise is stable, yogi with cool mind.

Thus yogi reaches state of trance,
By practice and not a mere chance,
Rejoices he then the bliss eternal.
Ever happy know him immortal.

Having enjoyed infinite truth,
Yogi achieves the divine fruit,
Never is perturbed and shaken,
When difficulties strike all of a sudden.
Everlasting sweetness of yogic trance,
Only true yogi enjoys divine romance.
Ch.6 Dhyana-Yoga 6/5

With firmness, faith and fervor,
One that follows yogic endeavor
And Controls senses, greed, and anger,
Comes to Me and is very very dear.

Thus step by step he gets in trance,
By pure self and devine romance,
Holding fickle mind that wanders,
A true yogi only unto Me surrenders.
\\ 25\\

Here and there, agile mind runs.
Violent, crook, passionate it turns.
Hold him back and steady in Me.
Yogi then will be perfected easily.

When thus you stabilize the mind,
Sin and infatuation are left behind.
Yogi then enjoys bliss supreme,
And thinks of Me even in dream.

Self controlled yogi in deep meditation
Freed from faults and emotion
Attains to state of samadhi.
He always is fixed in Me,
6/6 Gita My Mother Ch.6

In every entity and everywhere,
Yogi always finds Me there.
Man or woman, dog or deer,
Cow or crow, king or seer,
Earth or sky, mountain or river:
Such yogi to Me is so very dear.

He worships only Me, the all pervading,
The super soul, that’s never fading.
Although one, I am many, many,
This secret knows only the great yogi.

Yogi identifies self with every entity,
And loves them all with great affinity.
Cares he for all living beings,
And acts for Me and for Me sings.

Arjuna said,
O Keshava! This yoga prescribed by You,
Sounds tough to practice in my view.
Agile as cheetah and turbulent as wind,
How to subdue restless, strong and fickle mind?

Lord Krsna said,
Undoubtedly, its difficult to curb mind fickle,
By devotion and practice it’s not impossible.
Ch.6 Dhyana-Yoga 6/7

Push away thy mind from subjects,
Concentrate on Me but no other objects.

One unable to pin down the mind
How can he the spiritual path find?
One practicing yoga in true devotion
Is bound to succeed; in My opinion.

Arjuna asked,
O Krsna, yogi who half way thru has gone,
But, due to desires, sees not the dawn,
What be the fate of such a person?
Kindly tell me, O Dear Arisudan!

Will he, as a torn cloud, perish?
Or hang in between matter and spirit?
But for you, who, my vision, could clear,
And dispel away darkness, O Krsna Dear.

Lord of Lords said,
Arjuna, never is spiritual progress negated,
By no material evil it be degraded,
Either here or in the next life,
Never is wasted a spiritual strife.
6/8 Gita My Mother Ch.6

Yogi, who deviates from true path,
Is born in a spiritual family, O Partha,
Or in a family of rich and learned,
Thence he marches further ahead.

His past consciousness culminates
In bhakti-yoga and finally he liberates.
By ever engaging in sincere endeavor,
To My abode reaches he forever.
Yogi, know is superior to ascetic,
Without temptation he ever is hectic.
O Arjuna, hence be a true yogi.
Chant My name and surrender unto Me