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Lord Krsna Said
Fearless, self realized, true devotees,
Away from vices, ever busy in duties,
Self controlled masters of Vedic scripture,
Do posses austere and goodly behavior.

True to nonviolence and truth,
Sincere to work ,wish no fruit,
Renounced souls never envy none,
With pure mind love every one

Tranquil, see no fault with none
Good souls, see in all only one


16/2 Gita My Mother Ch.16

Virtuous as cow, clean as water,
Steady like rock, gentle like butter,
Free from desires, untouched as lotus,
Lustless, greedless, selfless, vigorous,
Away from pride, ego, illusion and passion,
Such are Godmen, know, O Bharata’s son

Wicked, harsh, deceitful and arrogant,
Demons are egoistic, fanatic, ignorant.

O Partha, two kinds of beings are born,
Demonic are a painful horrible thorn,
That degrades fast and to pieces torn,
But divine! A pious, pure, serene morn.

Demoniacs know not good and bad,
Unclean, untrue with mindset sad.

They believe not in Me or My way,
Sex is the cause of cosmos, they say,
Religion they call irreligion,
Blind, deaf, fools lack reason.
Engage in mean and wicked acts,
Forget and neglect the truth and facts.

Ch.16 Divine And Demon 16/3

Woman, wine and wealth they chase,
Adopting dirty cruel methods and ways,
Ever trapped in illusion and delusion,
Opt to heinous and criminal action.
Insane and sadist turn they, the liars,
Spoil the peace on earth, the vultures.

More and more wealth and power,
Multiply their greed and desire.
In a vicious loop of more and more,
Turn they horrific, mad and sour.
To grow more and more and more,
They even get rid of near and dear.

I am the richest and the perfect,
I am the powerful and the wisest,
Obsessed egoist! The louse, the insect!
Treats others as slaves with disrespect,
Thinks himself as the only lord
Deluded in ignorance, the fraud!

They, on the earth, bring hell
And in that they happily dwell.

16/4 Gita My Mother ch-16

Perform they Yajna only for name,
And give away charity for fame.
Crooks, rude and shameful,
Follow no regulation and rule

‘I am God, I am lord’, they declare,
‘Worship me, worship me’, they flare.
Those that disobey are brutally slain,
Irreligion is thus spread as fire then.

Such men, O Partha, to misery I subject,
Again and again are born as an insect.
Down and down such men sink,
Can’t even dare, at Me wink.

Lust, greed, anger are three gates to hell,
Sane, ye shall never in them dwell!
He who escapes those gates, O son,
Comes to Me, supreme destination.

One that follows not rules of Vedas,
But acts as per one’s own accords,
Him as a demon n devil, must thou treat
Who never, never can near My feet

Ch.16 Divine And Demon 16/5

Bad and good, one should reason,
And on true path, focus the vision,
And the demonic ways, must one throw,
And slowly, steadily, must one grow. \\24\\