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Arjuna asked
Stick not to regulations strictly,
Yet in faith, worship dutifully!
What mode are they situated in?
O Lord Krsna ! Before Thee I lean.

Lord Krsna said
Arjuna, three modes already I told,
No embodied soul is free of its fold,
Obviously they overpower every one,
And evolve the true faith of a person.

In goodness one worships godmen,
In passion, demons or evil men,

17/2 Gita My Mother Ch-17

In ignorance, ghosts and fiends,
Know are men with three trends.

Impelled by lust, ego and pride,
Their true face always they hide,
Practice severities and penance,
Hypocrites false image enhance.

Three kinds: Food, penances and charities,
Three kinds: Sacrifices and austerities,
Learn from Me now their analysis.

The food that’s juicy, fruity, not too hot
Balanced, pleasing, brings health to heart,
Taken fresh with devotion and faith
Is known food in goodness, O Partha.

Too hot, too sour, bitter and dry,
Unpleasing, unhealthy makes one cry,
In passion mode know this food,
Brings distress, disease, and no good!

Putrid, decomposed, untouchable
Food not fit to be eaten and stale,

Ch.17 The Three Faiths 17/3

Animal flesh by ruthless violence,
Food in darkness rots humans,
Affecting even future generations.

Sacrifices as per Vedic wisdom,
That brings prosperity to the kingdom,
With selfless motto and detachment,
Are known in goodness, O saint.

Sacrifices, attracting material benefit,
With motto exterior, bring self defeat,
Enhance pride, ego and desire
Are in passion mode, O warrior.

Sacrifices, insulting, violent and vain
That causes much harm and pain,
In bad taste and foul fragrance,
Are known in mode ignorance,

Clean, simple worship of superior
Teacher, Mother and father
Is bodily penance My dear
Is known of an austere behavior,

17/4 Gita My Mother Ch-17

Sweet n true speech pleasing others,
With purpose none he bothers.
Never utters harsh words, never!
Penance of speech this, O dear.

Mind cool, cheerful, detached and free
Controlled, pure, meditates on Me,
Thinks always Me and My nature
Is penance of mind, O dear.

Threefold austerity, with faith and purity,
Arjuna, is called in goodness with surety.

Penance in passion,
Is a mere selfish fashion,
temporary and unjustifiable,
Know it as vulnerable.

Fools n perverts do perform, penance
To cause others injury and nuisance
Is known in mode of ignorance

Charity professed with purity,
Without pride and sense of duty,

CH-17 The Three Faiths 17/5

At right time and place to a needy,
In goodness is assumed truly.

Charity in passion
Expects some kind of return,
Given with much show n fun,
Coercion of mind and heart burn.

Charity to a greedy and unworthy
With total disrespect and apathy,
Given untimely and unduly,
Is in ignorance mode fully.

OM, Tat, Sat are not three words mere,
But symbolize supreme truth, O very dear.
Chant them always, listen them always,
For liberation these are easy ways.
During sacrifice, charity and penance,
Chant them, chant them in trance,
During devotional pure romance.
When busy, chant them,
When free, chant them,
Chant them, to welcome someone,
Chant them to say bye to everyone,
Chant them for His satisfaction,
Chant them for self purification

17/6 Gita My Mother Ch-17

Worship, sacrifice, penance and charity,
Without faith are untrue and unworthy,
Wasting time and effort and money,
Which bring not fruit here or there any.