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Paper 1 SPM 2006 BAHASA INGGERIS K1 One hour :rnd forty-fivt: ntir.


/his queslirttt poptr ronsitls of / tto,vrz'lrozr,s'.Section A azrrl Section lf.,ln.;t,trt-brtth set,,-)oti
rn' odt'ist'd lo spettd qhou/ li ntlnrtle,s ott Scction A ond ottt: hour ott Sectiort B.

Section A: Dilected Wr.iting
|.1:r n/t tr/i.rl

t our lricnd. who lives rn another town. witnts to kno\a, $.hctheI
he/she shoultl run 1i)r the pclst ol.
flcad Prefcct. Writc n lettet to Iour lriend gi,,-ing Leasorrsrvhv
hc/she u,ould rnr,rkea good Head
rcc to

- s e t h c Dotes given l)elow to $,1'ite !our letter.

Personal Qualities:
Co-curricular Involvement:
' Illue Ilouse (lapt:rin
' secrctitrl of English Language
' school dt,bater.
Academic Per.formance;
' intclligcnt student
Other points:
' lives near st:hool ablc
'hard-workirg to sacrifice time
. good studv habits acildcmir,
' problcm solvt'r lter-formancewill
not be allectcd
' popular with studcnts
and tcachers

'-hcn writing
l o u r l c t t e r . YOLI s h o u l d r c m e m b c l t o i n c l u d e t h c t b l l o w i n g :
o address
. salutation/gl.eeting
. closc
r all the notes givcn
'ir.clion B: ( ont inuous
W r . i ti n g
[5O mor/tr]
''.rtar a coorposrtion
ofabout BbO words on one of the follou,.irrgtopics.

I)cscribe an enjol'ablc weekcncl
1-ou havc expcrienccd.
Write a storl cnding with:
" lf only I had hat'n tnort,
L,e).4 1. t/1.1/ tt ouldn ,l /tatv, hopTx.ttecl..,
\\rhat changcs would vou likr: to s.e in r.our liftr in thc n.xt
rcn \.oarsl
How can tclcvision hclp studcnts in thcir. sturlics?