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Masa:2 -l hours

ian B. J :tions: zhs questionpaper cetnststs
,cttt hend
ol 2 "-e.llons.section A ond section B. Ansroerall
: . i rr Section A n nd fo'or questionsit Section B. Writeyou.ranswersin the space
di :... stlort._paperWorking steps must be written clearly. Non_progro^^Lbb '""i"";;i;,
: h dibena :. ' ts allorued.

Section A
Ansrcer all cluestiortsin. this section.

S:-r'e the quadratic equation 2h2 5 - Bk.
3 14 marhsl
-r-:.:t cf.

:rikut: ---'"culatelht: value ofp and ofq that satisfy the fblowing srmurtaneous
li.ear equatio's:
2p-Jq = 73
[4 m(l 4p+q = 5
14 nrcrrltsj

On the graph in the answer space, shade the region which satisfres the three i n e q u a l i t i e s
r > -2r + 10,.r< 5 andy < 10.
I marhah 13 nrarl:.

ih kerata:
Diagram 1 shows a right prism. Right angled triangle PQR is the uniform crosssection of
the prism.

? 1 2c m

Diagram I

f-'alculate the angle between the plane 8?U and the plane PQZLI. [3 mcr'&.sl


..rletak p D:1q"- 2, O is the origin, point g lies on thc,
.clariden I: r_axis and point p lies on the
line Pl" is parallel to the r-axis and straight line pI? 1,,axis.Straishr
is pa..liJl io straight li ne s?.. Thc equatru.
oi straight line PB is )i + 2y = 7q.

Diagram 2

a) State the equation of the straight line
garis l -: b) Find the cquation of the straight line
SZ and hence.state its jr-intercept.
:) Dlara [5 nnrlts]


f.l:=:r'arn 3 shows a solid cone rvith radius
9 cm a n d h e i g h r l 4 c r r r .A c ) l i n r l , , r\ \ i r l j r : r d ,
3 ::: antl height Z cm is taken out of r.
the solid.

Diagrarn 3
Ca.:ulate the volumc, in cmrr, of the rcmaining
f r..n=
1 4m a 7/
@ marhsl

.r berpusa: D:=ram 4 shows two sectorsORS? and OLfV
with the same centre O. RWO isa semicircle
)LiZ ialah r:::: drar.nelcr.EOand RO = 2OV. ROV and
OLIT are straisht lines.

= 7 cm and -L|OV = 60 .
t':.rg n = ??, calculate

ri rhc perimeter, in cnr, of the wholc diagram,

[6 ma rL the area, in cmr, of the shaded region.
[6 nrarAs]

L LI tcntan:
9 A group of 5 boys and 4 girls takc part in a study on
r :llg mun: the type ol plgnts founclin a reser\r.r:l
1b1"1, Each da1'.two pupils arc chosenat random lo wrrte a report.
(a) Calculate the probability
:rvediaka: that both pupils chosento rvrite lhe report on the first
i d.r. arr

tb) t\vo boys do write thc report on the
I , iua orar-: first da1,.Thev are then exemptedfrom writing the
reporl on the second day.

c-alculatethe probability that both pupils chosento rvrite
1 nvediaka: the report on the secondday are
of thc same gender.
marha..) I5 rrrurh'l



l0 Diagram 5 shows thc speed-time gtaph of a particle
for a periocl of I seconds.

Speed m s r)

T r m et s t

Diagyam 5

State the length of time, in s, that the particle moves with
unilbrm speed.
bl Calculate the rate ol change ol spced,in m s 2, in the
.rerrama. firsl 5 seconds.
calculate the value of r, if the total distance travelled
r 148 met for the period of 1 secondsis
148 metrcs.
16 marhc
[6 lrarA.s]



r keada IIlr IS siventhat matrixp = (? a n d m a t r i xa = u (f *.rl 1,"t
PQ (; ?)
a, Find the value of A and of ft.

b t Using matrices,find the varue ofr and ofy that satisfy the following

2x 5y = -t7
l7 mark- ,r+3,y=8 l7 nto rh sl


Section B
\48 ntarhs)
Ansruer four questions fiom this section.

13 rrI Complete Table 1 in the answer space for the equation = 2r, - r _
J 3.
l2 marL: 12 ntarhsl
. \ n.str'er.

r -2 l - 0.5 I 2 3 4 4.5 5
v 7 -2 -2 J t2 .la

Table I

Graph for Question 12
: n 1 1 0 .A n c = lt: F-ctrtlti" port of tht,quastirn, us( t lu,gtvph paper prot'iclt,clon page
111.\itu //?.r\ &sr .r -', i

Lir unrt pac Bv using a scalc o12 cnr to I unit 0n thc.\ axis ancl 2 ( ln L, ; Ulttl. n \'-at\t-.,l'i,.\ .
graph of .r' - 2rr r ;l f b r - 2 , : . . r . : 5 .
[4 marha:
l+ /l?arr.l:.

. \rrstt,er':

b) R(li'r gt(1plt ott pugt, 111.

c From yonr graph. find
(i ) the value ol I $'hen .r 3.ti.
12markc iii ) the ,,aluc o1 .r. u hcn y 37. [ 2 r n or h s ]

nilai r r Drarv a suitable straight line on vour grilph to find all thc values ol r
nhich satisl-v thc
ecluation2-t: 3r = 10 fbr -2 ::..r .:: 5.
[4 mark, Statc these valuc-qo1.r.
[4 ntarlts]

.{ r-

.i) l)iagTant 6 shorvs trvo points, M and on a (--artesial plane

Diagram 6

an,sflpnl3lien T is thc translatinn i ;j ).
\. 1,,

R i s a n a n t i c l o c k r v i s cr,o t a t i o r r o f 9 0 , ' a b o i r t t h e c c n t r e r 0 . 2 .
(i) Statc the coordinltcs ofthe imrlgc
ofpoini M un(lel tlanslormation R
( i i ) s t a t ( ' t h e c r r c r r l i n . t e so l t h c i n r i r g c
o f p o i n t N r r n d c r t r r e { i r l o r v i n g r . r n : 1 i , r n . , r i i i. .
ra) T!,
L5 tnori b' 'r'R.


1 a ) ( i)

(i i ) ( a )


r D l Diagrlm 7 shols three quadrilaterals,ABCD, EFGH and P@RSon a Cartesian piane.



EFGH is the imagc of ABCD under transformation V.
PQRS is thc image ttf EFCH under translbrmation W.

(i) Describein full the translormation:
(a) Y
(ii) Given that quadrilateral PQRS represents a region ol area,15.6 cm,
ruoyai I , calculate thU irre it.
Lr berloreL in cm', of the region represented by the shaded region.
17 markc [7 uior-lrsI


'b) (i) (a)


( i i)

, )fang n1ua H The data in Diagram 8 shows the marks for an English Langrrage monthly tcst for 42 pupil.

ltl 20 31 26 ,10 30
25 32 37 47 21- 36 38
38 28 it1 39 23 39
33 35 12 29 38 31 2:l
34 26 35 1:) 28 22
25 17 3l 48 11 :14 lr4

Diagram 8

l en g k a p k et Llsing data in Diagram 8 and a classinterval ofb marks, conplete Table 2 in the ansrver
l mart a spacc.
14 tnorhsl

-{l sruer:


Table 2

bt Based on your tablc in (a),
(i) state the modal class,
rn anda be: (iil calculate the mean mark Ibr the Engtish Language monthly
test and give your ans\\ (.:
I1 ntorka, correct to dccin.ral places. 11 nort:,


b) (i)

' tt n 1 1 8 . c) For this part of tlu: cluestion, use th.e graph paper prouided otr poge llg.
2 cm kepa By using a scale of2 cm to 5 marks on the horizontal axis and 2 cnt to 1 pupil on rht r trljcr.,
itu. axis, draw a histogram for the data.
i4 morkc '.
(iraph for

- ttefir graph on pago 119.

ri!k segler- , D i a g r a n r g r i r s h o w s a s o l i d l i g h t prism l'itlr recl.irrrgular birsc PI,'IN
on il horiz(rr::,.-
!'ratan Ier-: table. Thc surface 1'IFGHJ is the unilirnl cross,-sectionot tllr prism.
r I,HGM t rs an inclint_'clplant'and r.cctanglc LHCIl ts a horizontal plane. .lE
antI CF- are vertt(rt.

Diagram 9(i)

,g yang s€ I)rrru full -scalc.t h c e l c v a t i o n o f t h e s o l i d o n a leltic[] plane palrllcl to _EF as vicrved
1iom X.
l3 m.ari.: l i l r i r a il i s l
1 / ts r u c f .

A s o l i d . i g t r t p r i s n r w i t h r r n i { b . n rc r o s s - s c c t i o rLrr ! , 1 1 . {i s r c r r o v c c ll i . ' n r
Rajah 9':: I)iagranr 9rir. Th. rcmaining soiid is as sho*.n i. Ditrgram g(iil. Rccl.anglo\,.(/li
- vs=3 horizontrrlplanc. a.ll'and,Yitr' cdges.l.'S = jl crl ancl ,>-C- 2 t,nr

Diagrarn 9(ii)

Draw full scale,
'+ tnerkc (i) the plan of the rernaining solid. 14 narhsl
clengan f (ii) the elevation of the remaining solid on a vertical plane parallel to P1,l as vicu'ed
liom Y.
i mqrl:c
15 tnrtrhs)

b ) ( i ) .( i i )

kaan bu Tirble 3 shorvs thc latitudes dan longitudes offour poinls J, K, L ztndXI, on the surfncc ol the eartlr.

Point Latitude Longitude

J 20"LJ 25"T
K 25"T
L 20"u .v"B
M 30"s r"B

Table 3

P is a point on the surfirce of the earth such that JP is the diameter of thc t,arth.
State the position of P. l2 nrcrli.r I

(b) Calculate
: t lu nilu (i) the value ofr, if thc distancefrom J to K measuredalongthe nleridian is 1200 n:..::rc----
i t u d sepur- miles,
i nl Qrl?a: (ii) the value ofy, if the distancefrom J due west to -Lmcasuredalong the commonparalie-
of latitude is 3 270 nautical miles. Ii nrcrl:,
r r l r ls e p uI :
(c) An aeroplanctook off from J ar.rdflcw due rvestto 1- along the commonparallel of latirude
ingltan ni: and then due south lo M.
il ntorl:c II the averagespeedfor the whole flight is 600 knots, caiculatcthc timc taken for the rvhole
flight. 13rnarAsl


:6 (a)

(b) (i)