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TMSJ 11/2 (Fall 2000) 229-238

Compiled by Dennis M. Swanson
Seminary Librarian

Earlier page s of this issue of The Master’s Seminary Journal contain
articles on Christian ethics. The following bibliography represents the collected
research of the authors and some additional sources that were consulted, but not
cited in the articles. Its four sections are (1) General, Reference Works and Biblical
Comm entaries, (2) Mo nographs and M ulti-Author W orks, (3) Journal and Periodical
Articles, and (4) Unpublished M aterials. This listing is not exhaustive, but will serve
as a found ation for readers desiring to pursue the study further.

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230 The Ma ster’s Seminary Journal

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Bibliography 231

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Monographs and M ulti-Author Works

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232 The Ma ster’s Seminary Journal

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Bibliography 233

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234 The Ma ster’s Seminary Journal

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236 The Ma ster’s Seminary Journal

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238 The Ma ster’s Seminary Journal

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