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2307 Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN 37214
Non-Profit Org
US Postal Paid
Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN
Permit 2464
Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Current Resident or Volume 57, No.23 June 7, 2009

Is Your Calendar Too Full? Adam Faughn
Johny Baker
We are busy folks! Series and other youth VBS will only be a success 758-7654
events (except trips to if you are present and
I have my calendar on my
ball games), they are too have prayed for it. Wayne Davidson
computer set to email me
busy! 758-2705
when something is just one Are you praying for those
day away. At times, it seems When we look at our who will be teaching your
as though I get dozens of calendars and see only children? Are you pray- Earl Flynn
emails every day reminding things associated with ing for our adult speak- 889-1659
Worship With Us of things to do tomorrow. work and play scheduled, ers? Are you praying for
Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM Ted Fox
Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM we cannot claim to be some to visit who have
We all feel at times as if our 754-7607
seeking God never come before,
lives are overwhelming, and
first! Seek or who may not have
we are told by “experts” to
Him first, been here in some Charles Myers
A.D. 33 Tours “simplify” our lives. That’s
even in your time? 883-6837
not always easy to do.
Walking Where Jesus Walked daily calendar!
Our VBS will be a
However, there is a way to Jim Schroeder
look at our calendar and ∞ success, and you can
June 14-17 help make it such.
know if we are far too busy. Our VBS is
6:30 PM Each Night It is simply to compare our
Let’s all join in the
Cliff Wilson
NEXT effort and make
plans with Matthew 6:33: WEEK (June 889-6477
Classes for ALL Ages “Seek first the kingdom of 14-17)! Don’t
Nursery-Adults God and His righteous- forget that we VBS 2009: Pulpit Minister
ness.” How do we do that? will begin at Walking Where Adam Faughn
Adult Speakers If your calendar is so full 6:30 every 973-4483
Sunday— Dewayne Bryant, Brentwood that Wednesday night Bible night (including Sunday
classes have to be left off, and Wednesday). Outreach Minister
Monday— John Dale, Murray, KY
you are too busy! If our VBS is a time where we Harry Middleton
Tuesday—Jason Moon, Huntsville, AL
young people continually can grow tremendously 292-3164
Wednesday—Marlin Connelly, Bellevue have to miss Summer Youth in a spiritual way, but our
Refreshments following class! Youth Minister
JD Buckner
Homemade Ice Cream on Wednesday Night Sunday Sermon Preview (731) 336-4768
AM: Christianity: A Daily Religion
All are Welcome to Attend!
PM: Why Did Uzzah Die?
The Sick Worship Leaders by Harry Middleton Chris’ Summer Column
Jimmy Owen is recovering at home. Sunday Morning (Contact: Carlos 889-3185) Finally the summer has really started. Our first meet-
Gene Pittman is at home recovering from back sur- Opening Prayer: Johny Baker MEASURES OF THE SPIRIT ings of Monday night Madness and Clandestine
gery. Closing Prayer: Bob Butler The late Franklin Camp wrote an arti- were last week; I think pretty much everyone had
Read Scripture: Mark Pugh cle several years ago that I wanted to share fun. We had a really good turn out for Monday, and
Sermon: Adam Faughn with you as follows: a few good kids on Tuesday as well but we’d love to
Elders, Deacons & Ministers Song Leader: Richard Roberson Measures of the Spirit are not varying see more of y’all come out for both. Remember that
there will be a Monday night Madness and a Clan-
Elders, Deacons & Ministers Meeting Serving Lord’s Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) amounts of the Spirit Himself, but greater or destine every week throughout the summer except
Monday, June 8th B.J. Turner 1 less portions of power which the Holy Spirit the weeks of VBS, Camp, and Mission trip. JD and I
Jack Vannatta 2 exercised through people. Miraculous pow- have worked up a schedule for all these events, if
7PM Ron Bacon 3 ers, such as those which were to follow the you need any info don’t hesitate to contact us.
Roger Reaves 4
Congratulations believers of Mark 16:16-18, and the gift of
Ralph Brewer 5 the Holy Spirit identified Acts 10:45, as VBS preparation is going into high gear this week.
Jay Baker 6 Don’t forget to invite people to come and don’t for-
To enabling one to speak in tongues were meas- get to come yourself. If you have some spare time
Blake Biggs 7
ures peculiar to the apostolic age, and thus I’m sure that there’s always something that needs to
Daniel & Kristy Skelton Joseph Barefoot 8
no longer available. Today the Holy Spirit be done: something cut out, etc., where you may
Sunday Evening (Contact: Richard 885-3110)
Baby Jason was born on leads (Romans 8:14), and produces fruit in help serve.
Opening Prayer: Gary Schow
Tuesday, June 2nd Closing Prayer: Bill Ross our lives (Galatians 5: 16-24), by means of
the Word of Truth which the Holy Spirit There’s a devotional tonight at the building hosted
Read Scripture: Bryan Schow by the Hills. Brother Al Cravens will be presenting
He weighed a little over 4lbs. provided through the pens of inspired men
Sermon: Adam Faughn some thoughts, I’ve spoken to him some on what
And 16 inches long Song Leader: Richard Roberson (1 Corinthians 2:13). He does so in no he’s going to talk about and I’m sure it’s going to be
Serving Lord’s Supper (Room) other way. The all-sufficiency of the Word, a good message.
Jason is in NICU at Baptist, Earl Flynn 1 in every good work (are there others???) is
but is breathing well and healthy. Cliff Wilson 2 by the Holy Spirit Himself affirmed (2 JD and I have gone to the green way several times in
Timothy 3:16-17). the past couple weeks. God is so amazing; He has
blessed us with so much beauty all around us. I
Vacation Bible School Requests Wednesday, June 10th (Contact: Tim 885-2009)
would encourage you to take a minute sometime
 Clear 16 oz. bottles are needed.
Read Scripture: Gene Duke VISITATION TEAM #1 WILL during this week and just appreciate the beauty God
Opening Prayer: Steve Ledbetter
Please give to Jennifer Clay.
Speaker: JD Buckner
MEET SUNDAY EVENING has put all around you in nature.
Have a blessed week,
 2 old telephones are needed. They Song Leader: Song Service FOLLOWING SERVICES. Chris
will be returned after VBS. Announcements:
Harry Middleton - Jim Schroeder Mark Your Calendar...
 Lots of cookies and snacks nightly.
 June 7th: Sycamores Terrace at 2:00—Adam Faughn, Tim Mullican & Daniel Hargrove
Nursery Attendants
 Homemade Ice Cream on Wednesday night. Samantha Denny & Audree Keele  June 7th: VBS Committee meeting at 5:30
 June 12: Diana Singing—See Tommy Moore if you would like to attend.
SYS—Summer Youth Series The Record
 June 14-17: VBS 2009 - 6:30PM each night!!!
Lebanon Road will host on Sunday Morning Worship: 334
 June 18: Lebanon Road host Summer Youth Series
Sunday Evening Worship: 242
Thursday, June 18th  July 1: Special Prayer Service—More details to follow
Sunday Bible Study: 232
Please help us supply the meal for 200 youth  July 5-10: Summer Camp at Valley View
Wednesday Night: 208
Sign up sheets are on the tables.  July 20-26: Mission Trip to Beech Island, SC—See JD for more details
Contribution: $12, 754.50

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