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Chamba : The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, under the Ministry of External Affairs

has organized an international students camp at Youth Hostel Dalhouise. As part of this programme
the students were taken on a visit to Kathlog village one of the oldest village near Dalhousie.

On behalf of the village Ratan Sharma, Jaishi Ram Sharma, Paras Ram, Bahadur Chand, Amit,
Manohar La, Vijay, Sapna, Ashwini Sharma and others received the Students at the entrance of the
village with a traditional tilak and harr. The students played games with the village children and
enjoyed Himachalli pakodi.

Thereafter a function was held at Ratan Sharma’s residence. Satpal Sharma, President of Himoth
Kursh Parishad was the chief guest. He said that it was a rare opportunity for the villagers to host
students from so many different countries and for the students to have a feel of the rural culture of
Himachal. These sort of programmes will help in promoting universal brother hood and better
understanding among the people of various countries.

Jagdeep Kaur and Chetan Batnagar Secretary and Treasurer of Himoth Kursh Parishad also
welcomed the Students.Kalashji presented Himachalli songs and instrumental music.
Poonam presented a Bangladeshi song. Affa Noori presented an Iraqi song.
Kanha, Mayuong and Singham of Laos presented their country song. Assel and Zhanar presented a
Kazakisthan song. The Afghan students and the Mauritius students presented their folk dances.
The foreign students were then served Himachalli food, Dhaam. Mr Ratan Lal, liaison Officer of the
ICCR said the students enjoyed the taste of the food very much. The students returned to Youth Hostel
on a night trek.
The International Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), which is under the Ministry of External
Affairs of Government of India, has organized a 8 day camp at Youth Hostel Dalhousie. This camp is
aimed at giving the foreign students an exposure to the diversified culture of India.
Forty-five students, 18 girls and 27 boys, from 14 different countries have arrived at Youth Hostel.
Ratan Lal from ICCR Delhi is the liaison Officer of this programme.

The students are from Kazakhistan, Yemen, Laos, Fiji Islands, Mangolia, Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, Libya,
Palestine, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Mauritius.

During the camp the students will be visiting the tourist spots like Pancpulla, Kalatop, Khajjiar,
Dainkund and Chamba. They will also visit the NHPC Power project. They will visit Kathlag village and
participate in a cultural programme. Dham will be served to them in the village to give them a taste of
Himachali food. The foreign students will also play a friendly football and basket ball match with the
local school students. Youth Hostel has also arranged for a visit by these students to Koladi village
where they will be able to see the Chakki grinding maize, using the power of flowing water and to
interact with the rural Himachali folk.

Asheeh Chaddha inaugurated the camp at Youth Hostel. He said that this sort of Camps help in
promoting Dalhousie as an International Tourist destination. Since the Students are visiting Kathalog
and Kohladi villages, it promotes village tourism and will also help these students from different parts
of the world to have a feel of culture of the people of Himachal.