August 21, 2013

IV. RESPONSE TO SPEAKERS FROM SUPERINTENDENT V. ACTION ON MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETINGS July 10, 2013 July 18, 2013 VI. COMMITTEE REPORTS VII. REPORTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT A. Personnel Affairs 1. Personnel Changes a. Instructional b. Civil Service Miscellaneous c. Administrative 2. Miscellaneous Personnel a. Amendment to the Regulations – Human Resources Manager (Remove from Table) 3. Report: Negotiations Update Report: Reorganization Update B. Educational Affairs 4. District Plan a. BPS 2013 – 2018 Strategic Plan b. Approval of District Comprehensive Improvement Plan c. Approval of School Comprehensive Education Plan 5. Consultant Contract a. Catapult Learning, LLC – Title I Services - Third Party Provider b. Title I Non-Public Math & Reading – Non-Public Schools c. Title I Non-Public Math & Reading – Non-Public Schools 6. Contract Services

Board Agenda August 21, 2013 a. WNY Media Network – Production of Various Meetings 7. Non-Employee Travel a. Yamilette Williams – Interview - Chief of Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction 8. Professional Development a. Aligning Classroom Lessons to the Common Core Learning Standards 9. Miscellaneous Educational – No Items C. Business Affairs 10. Award of Contract a. CIR Electrical Construction – School # 12 & Service Ctr. – Electrical Work b. Hoot Mechanical & Electrical - School # 12 & Service Ctr. – Plumbing Work c. Quackenbush Co, Inc. – School12 & Service Center - HVAC Work 11. Award of Purchase a. Integrity Schools – Annual Renewal of SIF Software b. Midstate Bakery Distributors – 2013-14 School Year - Bread & Bread Products c. US Foods – 2013 Summer Child Nutrition Program d. US Foods – 2013-14 School Year - Child Nutrition Program e. Synrevoice Technologies, Inc. – Community Notification System 12. Lease Payments a. WNY Public Broadcasting Corp. 13. Payment for Legal Services a. Goldberg Segalla, LLP b. Hiscock & Barclay, LLP c. Hodgson Russ, LLP d. Hodgson Russ, LLP 14. Miscellaneous Business a. Report: School # 70 Closing D. Financial Affairs 15. Miscellaneous Financial a. Report: New Grant Awards E. Board Policies VIII. UNFINISHED BUSINESS IX. ADJOURNMENT

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