Bunji Garlin & The Asylum Band.

#23Woodland Villas, Winnie Mohammed Road, Diego Martin, Trinidad. W.I. Phone: 868.682.5939 ● FAX: 868.633.3547

Press Release 20/08/2013 From: Ian Pantin Manager & Executive Producer Bunji Garlin Another Major deal for Bunji Garlin, this time it’s for Europe.
Once again Bunji Garlin has secured new avenues to showcase his talent internationally. Coming on the heels of the Signing with VP Records, we are proud to announce that Bunji Garlin has also signed with French Independent Label - PlayOn, a major shareholder to Warner Music in Europe excluding the United Kingdom. With the culture of sound being diametrically different between the US and Europe, the alignment strategy here is to have a different label service each territory - PlayOn for Europe and VP Records for the rest of the world. ‘Differentology’ will be the initial release with a follow up Album and other single releases. PlayOn’s co-founder Sebastien Duclos had this to say: “I’m Sebastien Duclos co-founder of the French Independent Label PlayOn. We are extremely proud to announce the famous Trinidadian artist Bunji for Signing in Europe excluding the UK. This is a huge priority for us and we have great expectancies for the end of 2013 and in 2014. Music is about passion, and we are truly passionate about Bunji’s music and extremely optimistic about our ability to touch a broad audience in the territories we handle. Just a few words on PlayOn: Ian Pantin & Jean Michel Gibert a music consultant spearheaded the team responsible for arranging the signing with PlayOn. PlayOn was founded in 2006 and has become in just a few years one of the leading French Independent Labels, for three consecutive years its market share is amongst the highest of all labels (in albums sales, and media visibility: TV/radio/clubs). PlayOn has activities in music production, publishing, touring, and DVD editors.”

Lead Vocalists Bunji Garlin Fay- Ann Lyons Manager Ian Pantin Assistant Manager Dexter Thomas Musicians Hollister Halls Gregory Pegus Clyde Headley Franklin Lambert Keston Patrick Detmetrius Fraser Oral Rodriquez Engineers Lawrence Brewster Kevin St.Cyr Lyndon Forde

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