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that they have been numbered by hand 1st and 2d.

The two setts have been bound together in blue plain wrappers. 729.Higgie, Thomas Henry. Martin Chuzzlewit; or, His Wills and His Ways, What He Did, and What He Didnt. A Domestic Drama, in Three Acts, Founded on Charles Dickenss Popular Story. By Thomas Higgie and Thomas Hailes Lacy. London: Theatrical Publisher [n.d.]. 54 p. 18 cm. Light brown wrappers. On outside front wrap per: 330. Frenchs Acting Edition (Late Lacys). Adverts. on outside and inside front and inside and outside back wrappers. Pasted to outside front wrapper is a printed label of Dick & Fitzgerald, Publishers, New York, stating that they will fill Orders for this book or any other advertised therein.... 730.Jullien, Louis Antoine. The Chimes. Julliens Chimes Quadrilles. London: Jullien [1845]. 1 prel. leaf, 7 p. 35 cm. Page [1] is blank. A scene of dancers (a chromolithograph in color by J. Brandard), based very loosely on John Leechs The New Years Dance, appears below the title on the t.p. The title itself is in blue and gold, with the words The Chimes in a design closely reproducing the design on the front cover of the first English edition of the story (1845). Disbound. 731.Jullien, Louis Antoine. The Cricket Polka.... By Jullien, Dedicated to Monsr. E. Coulon. London: Jullien & Co. [circa 1850]. 1 prel. leaf, 9 p. 34 cm. Julliens celebrated Polkas No. 11 entitled (by permission) The Cricket on the Hearth Polka.p. 2. A scene of crickets dancing on the hearth

(drawn by A. Crowquill, lithographed by J. Brandard), in gray, black, and red, occupies most of the t.p. Disbound. 732.Jullien, Louis Antoine. The Cricket Polka, Founded on the New Work by C. Dickens, Esqre. The Cricket on the Hearth. Nightly Received with the Most Enthusiastic Applause at the Authors Concerts, Theatre Royal Covent Garden. Composed Expressly for His Annual Bal Masque, by Jullien.... London: Jullien & Co. [1846?]. 1 prel. leaf, 9 p. 33.5 cm. At head of title: Julliens Celebrated Polkas. No. 11. Disbound. 733.Kelly, Katharine. When the Wicked ManA sequel to The Mys tery of Edwin Drood, by Charles Dickens.... [n.p., n.d.] [1], iii, 227, [1] leaves. 26.5 cm. Typescript (carbon), with a few manuscript changes and additions. Light brown boards. Dark green smooth cloth spine. Handwritten label on front cover. 734.Lacy, Fanny Eliza. Lillian, The Spirit of the Child Is Gone, from Bozs celebrated work, The Chimes of some Bells, that rang an old year out, & a new year in. Ballad, Sung by Mr. Hime, The Poetry by Fanny E. Lacy, The Music Composed & Dedicated to Miss Dinah Benjamin, (Brunswick House, Hammersmith) by Edward L. Hime.... London: Leoni Lee & Coxhead, Music Sellers to Her Majesty Queen Victoria [1845]. 1 prel. leaf, 5 p. 34 cm. Words and music. Disbound. Spine backed by a paper strip. 735.Lancelott, F. The Cricket on the Hearth.... Respectfully Inscribed to Charles Dickens Esqr. [London: J. Bingley & W. Strange], [1846.] Pages [33]36. Illus. 33 cm.

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