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No wrappers; stitched. 793.Charles Dickens. Some Personal Recollections Priced in ink throughout with names of pur- and Opinions.

By Thomas Hardy M. E. Brad- chasers. don [et al.].... In The Bookman, Vol. 41, No. 245, Feb. 1912, 788.Copy 2. Dickens Centenary Number. London: HodA few lots have been priced in pencil. der & Stoughton. 789.Chapman & Hall. Pages 246255. Illus. 33 cm. The Chimes! The Chimes. A Goblin Story. The White illustrated wrappers, printed in light Chimes! A Goblin Story of Some Bells That brown. Rang an Old Year Out and A New Year In. Laid in the issue, as a Supplement to The By Charles Dickens. Chapman & Hall. 186, Bookman February 1912, is a mounted porStrand. 1845. trait of Dickens dated 1861, From a photo by Broadside. 24 by 19.5 cm. John Watkins. 790.Chapman & Hall. New Christmas Book by Charles Dickens. Just Published, Price Five Shillings, Illustrated by Daniel Maclise, R.A.; Clarkson Stanfield, R.A.; John Leech; and Richard Doyle. The Chimes! A Goblin Story of Some Bells That Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year In. By Charles Dickens. London: Chapman & Hall, 186, Strand. And Sold by All Booksellers. Broadside. 27.5 by 38 cm. 791.Chapman & Hall. To be completed in Twenty Monthly Numbers, price One Shilling each, The Life & Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit.... Edited by Boz. With Illustrations by Phiz. London: Chapman & Hall, 1843. Broadside. 36.5 by 26 cm. Printed in blue and red, with an elaborate illus trated border. 794.Choice Stories from Dickens Household Words. Auburn & Buffalo: John E. Beardsley [c1854]. iv, [5]351 p. 18.5 cm. The Publishers Notice, p. [iii]iv, calls for a portrait of Dickens which does not appear in this copy. The contents of this volume are the same as those of Pearl-Fishing. Choice Stories, from Dickens Household Words, First Series, Auburn and Rochester, 1854 (See No. 817). The portrait appears as frontispiece in that edition. None of the contributions are by Dickens. Deep yellowish brown diagonal wave cloth, blocked in blind. 795.Comitatus, Zedekiah, m.p.e.c. [pseud.] An Epistle to Boz alias Charles Dickens.... Skaggaddahunk [New York?]: Scantlewood, Timberlake & Co., Printers to the North River Society, 1867. 11 p. 19.5 cm. An abusive poem. No wrappers; stitched.

792.Charles Dickens.... Born, February 7, 1812, at Landport, near Portsmouth. Died, June 9, 1870, at Gads Hill, near Clockham. [London: 796.Dexter, John Furber. Andrus & Andrus], [n.d.] Dickens Memento. With Introduction by Fran16 p. Illus. 21.5 cm. cis Phillimore and Hints to Dickens ColPages 1416, adverts. for Hemaboloids-Arseni lectors by John F. Dexter. Catalogue With ated (with Strychnia), Lecithoids, and Formo- Purchasers Names & Prices Realised of the lyptol, sold by Andrus & Andrus, RepresentPictures, Drawings and Objects of Art of the ing The Palisade Mfg. Co. Yonkers, N.Y. Late Charles Dickens Sold by Auction in LonLight brown illustrated wrappers, printed in don By Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods black and light green (badly imposed). on July 9th, 1870. London: Field & Tuer, The