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New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program TM

• Applicant must be a customer of one of the following electric or
gas utilities: Atlantic City Electric, Jersey Central Power & Light,
PSE&G Electric, Rockland Electric Company, New Jersey
Natural Gas, Elizabethtown Gas, PSE&G Gas, South Jersey Gas.
• In addition to having a minimum MEF of 2.2, all select clothes
$75 Rebate on Select
washers must be listed by the EPA as ENERGY STAR® qualified
on ENERGY STAR Qualified
• Valid for select ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers
purchased between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009. Clothes Washers
• Completed rebate requests must be postmarked no later than
January 31, 2010. With a Modified Energy Factor
• Rebate request must be accompanied by proof of purchase. (MEF) of 2.2 or Higher
(Legible copy of a dated and itemized sales receipt. Purchased
item must be listed on sales receipt.)
• Rebate request must include manufacturer, ENERGY STAR model
number, serial number, store name, store location, purchase date
and purchase price.
• Limit one rebate per customer for purchases under this program.
• Unit must be installed in New Jersey.
• Offer limited to new products only.
• Rebates are subject to available funds.
• Customers of municipal electric utilities do not qualify for a rebate.

The ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer Rebate

is one of many offerings from
New Jersey's Clean Energy Program.
To learn more about other energy saving Save Money, Reduce Energy,
programs and incentives, please visit: Protect the Environment!

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program is brought to you by

the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.
©2009, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. All rights reserved. 661-0309
New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program TM ENERGY STAR®
Qualified Clothes Washer
Purchase a Select ENERGY STAR®
Qualified Clothes Washer
$75 Rebate
With a Modified Energy Factor (MEF)
Application Form
of 2.2 or Higher and Receive a Please complete the form below in its entirety as all information is required.
Be sure to read program guidelines on reverse side. You may also apply for your
$75 Rebate !
* rebate online at Please print.
Name: __________________________________________________
YOU can Save Money, Reduce Energy and Street Address: __________________________________________
Protect the Environment by Purchasing
P.O. Box: ___________________ Apt./Unit #: ___________________
an ENERGY STAR Qualified Clothes Washer
City: ___________________________ State: _____ Zip: __________
New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program is rewarding customers who
purchase the most efficient ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers Home Phone: (_________) __________________________________
with a mail-in rebate. This offer only applies to select ENERGY STAR
qualified models as listed on Work Phone: (_________) __________________________________

Manufacturer: ___________________________________________
For a limited time only, get $75 back from New Jersey's Clean Energy
Program on the purchase of eligible ENERGY STAR qualified clothes ENERGY STAR Model #: ____________________________________
washers with a Modified Energy Factor (MEF) of 2.2 or higher. The (May be found on the unit.)
MEF measures energy consumption of the total laundry cycle (wash- Serial #: _________________________________________________
ing and drying). It indicates how many cubic feet of laundry can be (May be found on the unit.)

washed and dried with one kWh of electricity; the higher the number, Store Name: _____________________________________________
(May be found on the unit.)
the greater the efficiency.
Store Location: ___________________________________________
These washers use on average 43% less energy and
Purchase Date: _______________ Purchase Price: ______________
75% less water than a conventional model.
Electric Utility Company: Gas Utility Company:
High-efficiency Specifications for Clothes Washers
 Atlantic City Electric  New Jersey Natural Gas
Level MEF  Jersey Central Power & Light  Elizabethtown Gas
Federal Standard 1.26  PSE&G Electric  PSE&G Gas
ENERGY STAR 1.72  Rockland Electric Company  South Jersey Gas
GOOD Tier 1** 1.80
 Other __________________  Other __________________
BETTER Tier 2 2.00
BEST Tier 3 2.20 How did you find out about us?
**Tier 1, 2, and 3 clothes washers are all ENERGY STAR qualified, however, only Tier 3  Direct Mail  Event  Print  Radio  Contractor
qualifies for a rebate from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.
 Friend  Other _____________________________________
Take the next step and call 1-866-NJSMART to schedule a Home
Performance with ENERGY STAR Assessment for your home  Sign me up to receive New Jersey’s Clean Energy ProgramTM
to help identify other ways you can save energy. e-newsletter for energy-saving tips and promotions.
Email: __________________________________________________
For additional information about this offer, contact:
1-866-NJSMART or visit
Please send application form along with proof of purchase to:
*Limit one $75 rebate per customer.
See Program Guidelines on back for additional requirements. New Jersey's Clean Energy Program
ENERGY STAR Qualified Clothes Washers

Qualified Clothes Washer must be listed on 145 Route 46 West • Wayne, NJ 07470
or ask your retailer for more information.