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Marathon electric ®

single-family existing market

water heating
Marathon Electric Water Heater Conversion Program

Existing Georgia Power single-family customers who Additional Program Information

currently use fossil fuel as the primary source for heat-
• The $525 rebate is paid after the installation.
ing water may be eligible for a $525 energy grant for
converting to a Marathon electric water heating system. • A duplex is considered “single family” in an electric
water heating conversion program.
Qualifying Conversion Guidelines • Owner occupied condominiums are considered “single
• Marathon water heating conversions qualifying for the family” in the Marathon electric water heating conver-
rebate must be rated with an Energy Factor (EF) that sion program.
meets the minimum efficiency requirements for the • 40-gallon minimum tank size.
state of Georgia.
• Advanced water heating systems such as heat pump Benefits of Marathon Electric Water Heating
water heaters, heat recovery units, and solar collectors
• Lifetime tank warranty
may be installed in conjunction with the Marathon
electric water storage tank that replaces the gas • Non-metallic – no rust tank
water heating system.
• One of the most energy-efficient water heaters on the
• The Marathon water heating incentive is available for
market today
multiple conversions within the same dwelling on a per
unit basis. • Lowest heat loss of any “tank type“ water heaters

• Energy grant is available only to existing Georgia • No gas piping or valves

Power customers who convert a fossil fuel primary
• Envirofoam® insulated – no CFCs or HCFCs
water heater to a Marathon electric water heater and
submit the rebate form. • Saves landfill waste

• Program cannot be used in conjunction with any other

Georgia Power water heating conversion program.

For detailed program information call 800-524-2421 ext. 100


Marathon Electric Water Heating

NOTE: Please send this form, along with invoice, only after the electric Marathon® water heater has been installed. Rebates will be paid
on conversions ONLY (electric water heating replacing gas) installed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009 in a single family dwelling
or commercial facility served by Georgia Power. Program cannot be used in conjunction with any other Georgia Power water heater conversion

All fields must be completed in order to process rebates.

Residential Commercial Owner Occupied Rental  (Check if different from Installation Address)
Installation Address (Required) Owner Information ALTERNATE MAILING ADDRESS
Name: (if applicable) Name:
Address: Name: Address:
City, Zip:________________ Address: City, Zip:________________
Phone Number: City, Zip:________________ Phone Number:
Phone Number:
SSN or Tax ID#:
Date Installed / / House Square Footage Number of Units Installed
(Square Footage for Residential Only)
Marathon Water Heater Model #
Unit Previous Water Heating Type Installation Invoice Attached
(Minimum 40 Gallon)
I certify the above information is true and correct and I agree with the Terms and Conditions below. I am requesting the Georgia Power $525
Marathon water heater rebate for replacing a gas water heater with an electric Marathon water heater.
Customer Signature: Date:

Print Name:

All Marathon water heaters installed under this program are subject to visual verification by the Georgia Power Corporate Compliance Organization. You will
be contacted to schedule an appointment if your Marathon water heater installation is selected for a field audit. If the field audit discovers the Marathon water
heater has not been installed, the customer may be billed for the repayment of the Marathon water heater rebate to Georgia Power.
Terms and Conditions: By signing this Rebate Request Form, applicant acknowledges and agrees that Georgia Power’s liability and responsibility in
connection with the Marathon® Rebate Program shall be strictly limited to the making of certain rebate payments to eligible applicants, and that Georgia
Power is not making, will not be providing and specifically disclaims any representations, warranties, covenants or guaranties whatsoever, expressed or
implied, in connection with the electric water heaters or the Program itself, including, without limitation, those regarding merchantability or fitness. Warranties
with respect to the water heaters are strictly manufacturer’s warranties, and applicant shall not make, nor have the right to make, any claims against Georgia
Power relating to any such warranty. Georgia Power shall in no way be liable or responsible for any equipment installed or any act or omission of any other
entity or individual, including, without limitation, Marathon®, any electrician, plumber, technician or other service provider.
Mail Form & Invoice to:

GPC Rep Name:___________________ or FAX to:_______________________

Georgia Power Marathon Rebate GPC Rep Name:_________________


City, Zip:________________________

Phone Number:___________________
For further information call your local Georgia Power Company Sales Representative or 1-800-524-2421.