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Teaching Philosophy Van A.

Baum II April 2013

Introduction I believe that teaching is a gift and that it takes a lot more than most realize to be a teach and then it takes a lot more than that to be a good teacher. I come from a long line of teachers. My Great grandmother paved the way for the later generations by being the first in our family’s history to earn a degree and teach for a living. Coming from this long line of amazing and inspiring teachers made me even more confident in the idea of becoming an educator myself. With all of that said you would think that my family and family friends would be entirely ecstatic with possibility of having another educator joining the folds. Well I must tell you that the reaction I received was entirely less enthusiastic than I had expected. While extremely proud of my decision I was cautioned by many. I was first cautioned that teaching should not be a cop out, as I agree. My mother told that to teach is a calling and only few do it well. However, more than that I was cautioned of the state of education and the state of education today. They told stories of an education system that teaches to the test and only seeks to have learners regurgitate facts. My elders informed me of a system that has seemed to lose the path of teaching so that students my gain knowledge while fostering an environment where students are excited to learn. I was told that we live with an education system that has started to treat each child as a number and seeks to make each learner a carbon copy of the next. I don’t say this

he steers the boat but the energy that propels it must come from those who are learning” (Dewey . I believe the teacher has to be able to be multiple people and do multiple things. Students first begin their path of education wide eyed and bushytailed ready to absorbed as much information as they can handle. To help deter the negative view of education and learning it is imperative that educators in the student’s life guide them through their path of education. which leads to educations. The teacher is a guide and director. I believe it is the teacher’s job to enrich the lives of students as well as they can. I believe that teachers can accomplish this task of enriching lives by treating every learner as an imply that I’ll change the world. but the most important of these is that a teacher should inspire and create memories. Teacher as the Role Model The desire to learn. But even after all of this information I was not deterred from my desire to be an educator. More often than not as we continue to progress through our education it is evident that students lose more and more interest in learning. and create are traits that we are born with. Exploration leads to creation. I believe that it is the teacher’s job to encourage students and to plant the desire to learn in students. The information that was presented me and the experience that I have had as a student. and now studying to be an educator have helped me form opinions and ideas for what makes a good teacher. discover. I believe that all students deserve a teacher who is looking to bring out the best and them and will do whatever that can to help guide the student. “Since learning is something that the pupil has to do himself and for himself the initiative lies with the learner.

This positive learning experience is hard to achieve because it is mostly up to the learner but it is much easier with the help of a positive educator as a model. including their schools.21) Creating a Welcoming Environment and Fostering Community It is a natural instinct to gravitate towards a place that is more welcoming and friendly. It is the teacher’s job to make sure that the education and wisdom of their learners moves doesn’t remain in the classroom but also moves into the community in which they live. Students may never see or reach their full potential as a learner. This is easily proven by the fact that if given the choice between a brightly . nation. If that is not the case the argument for educators to help foster the best in students is even stronger. nor should we. and world” (Simpson p. we’ve all experienced an educator that wants us at our best. An educator that was always supportive and tough. The baby bird would not fly if it were not coaxed out of the nest. Dewey brings up a good point. Hopefully many of us choose education because of the positive influence and educator had on our life at one point. Let us think of the learner as the baby bird. “Students need to develop a view of life that helps them get beyond personal interests and consider the interests of others. that we as educators cannot make the student learn. If through out your entire educator you did not have a teacher that wanted only the best from and for you then as a past learner and current educator you see the importance of students having a positive learning experience. communities. unless it is brought out of them by someone who sees them at their best even when they may not be there yet.8:140). as an artist. But as educators we must do our best to encourage students to learn. as a discoverer.

nine times out of ten. Students will have a more of a willingness to learn and will most likely be more active and involved helping create a deeper understanding of concepts that are taught in the classroom. This concept directly applies to the way that a teacher needs to act and interact with the learners that they encounter. Building community and having a welcoming environment for students goes hand in hand. When there is a sense of community established in a classroom the environment is directly affected. the responsiveness. When reading about the classroom teacher in John Dewey and the Art of Teacher it mentions “Anything in the atmosphere and conduct of the school that reacts in any way upon the curiosity. the book turned movie. that follows the story of educator Erin Gruwell and how she turned a classroom into a family. inquiries ruse. “We find the child learning through the social converse and constitution of the family.light plaza full of store with smiling employees and a run down dark and dingy strip mall we would. It is part of our nature to want to be apart of and interact with people that are welcoming and kind. There are certain points of interest and value to him in the conversation carried on: statements are made. Another example of the positive impact developing community has is Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit. and the child continually learns” (Dewey 1:2324). Thanks to recent adaptations of certain educators work we can see the evidence of the positive reaction building community has.195). choose the plaza. topics are discussed. It is known that teachers that have created a very welcoming environment and have fostered a great sense of community in the classroom have had amazing results. and the older activity of student” (Simpson p. This is not to say that the mood in the classroom or . The Freedom Writers Diary. For example.

McCarthy has somewhat conceptualized different styles off learning. 144). Jessica. As educators it is easy to teach the way we learn. While all of the information McCarthy presents is true it is important to remember that the information cannot categorize individuals. “The last step in understanding the complete 4MAT model is the overlay of rightand left-mode processing in each of the four quadrants” (McCarthy p. The greatest factor that stems from building community is the opportunity and likelihood of creating memories. A well-neutered community will thrive on its own and will help encourage those involved and inspire those that see it. While it most likely will not happen in every lesson it is important to try and appeal to each learning type in a lesson therefore treating all students equally. McCarthy has condensed the different type of learners down to four different types of learn and called it the 4MAT model. the drama departments leading man who loves math but can’t seem to wrap his head around history. Teaching All Learners Just as we know that no two educators are alike we know the same theory applies to learners. though when we do this we do not realize that we most likely ostracize other students that do not learn the way we learn. With this information it is much easier for educators to teach to the different learning types. “If .the relationship between student or student and teacher will always be perfect. the captain of the cheer team that excels in literature but seems to fall short in biology does not learn anywhere near the same was as Mark. But with environment and community as a foundation it gives the educator the opportunity to hold the student accountable and let their peers hold them accountable.

With the teacher as a figurehead we have a clear guidance for the classroom. learn. When this occurs we can ensure that the learner understand the concepts and ideas we are trying to teach them. An educator that stops learning is a one sided educator which is no fair to the learner. Just like an athlete continues to train as educator we must continue to learn and be better for our learners. Then with an educator who seeks to make sure that the learner is understood we have created the ideal situation for the student. But the most . This requires educators to step outside of the box and their comfort zone to appeal to the multiple learners that are encountered in the classroom. A teacher has to be many things. and the list goes on. you will have accomplished something very real” (McCarthy p. a leader. Conclusion My intent is to incorporate these ideas in the classroom. a friend. But I feel the most important is remembering that at teacher must be Human.137). A teacher must be an educator. I feel they are the most imperative to a student’s development and growth. The teacher is there to push the learners to be the best that they can be but this will not happen if the learner does not feel appreciated. We can make sure the learner is appreciated by first making sure the learner feels welcome. These are all great concepts and are noble to try and implement in the classroom. a positive role model. It is the duty of an educator to do what they preach to their students. an executer. a successfully guide your learners through this cycle. In a classroom that is warm and welcoming and feels like home as opposed to an obligation will cause the learner to be more open and susceptible to learning. This begs the difficult question of how to incorporate other learning styles in the classroom.

As educators we have the opportunity to help model and inspire children more than we know. The students we teach will go out and on from our classrooms to make an impact on the world.important is providing a human element in the classroom. If we remember that we are doing more than teaching a subject but encouraging and inspiring our teaching shall reflect that and the learning will follow suit. . We have the opportunity to shape the future leaders of the world and directly affect the community we live in. We see students usually five days out of the week for at least an hour a day that is a lot of time to impart wisdom and help strengthen students in more than just the subjects we teach.

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