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Abubakar Muhammad


Software Marketer
Convince customers to buy our software.
Convince Customers to come to us for design

of a software of their needs. Convince customers to engage our service for analysis of their manual systems and designing a computerised equivalence of it.

Software Vendor
Collect our software product and deliver it to the relevant user.
Buy and sell our software products in order to

make profit. Dedicate himself to updating our software users in regard to a software product and attend to their requests and complains on that matter.

As a Marketer
Know our Software Tariffs Ability to categories software projects Know how to generate bill for software project

Ability to select the right project for the right customer

As a Vendor
Operate a website if

possible Conduct market survey Select software product Follow the updates on the software product Market the software product Recommend base on inputs from customers

Software Project Categories

Small Website (<20 MB And < 20 pages) Medium Website (< 1 GB And <100 Pages) Large Website (>1 GB And > 100 pages) Application Package System Software System Analysis & Design Intranet Design on clients server Intranet Design on our server

Website Implementation
Registration of Domain

EULA license on most of

our software. Vendor Agreement License 10-25% Discount on License to Vendor Large Volume Licensing (Pay After You Sell). Branding Licensing (Carry the Vendor banner)

Subsidiary rights Sale of Source Code

Software Release
Freeware Demo Trial Version

Software Dimension

Platform Dependency Web or Application Local, Distributed or online System or Application Automatic or user intervention Real System or Digital Critical or non-critical system Military or civil type AI or conventional

Customer of Software Project

Student Research)


Individual (Not a Student and not corporate) Corporate


Means of Delivering Software

Your Download Site,
Our Download Site, Submit to Download Engines e.g. Softpedia,

sourceforge, etc. Package in plates and send via delivery agents e.g. DHL, Courier, UPS etc. Mail as attachment via e-mail Hand to Hand

Software Setups
Single setup file
Cabinet files Compress files e.g. zip, rar etc Downloader file Upgrade files fragments Manual Installation

Signup as Software Vendor

Start as marketer to know the trade first.
Logon to ml Fill the form and wait for confirmation as Vendor. Once confirmed that is it!

Is software a marketable Biz?

Anywhere computer is used there should be software To align trade and computing a software is needed. All institution need website or web content Politicians and influential individuals need website or web content Most software fails the user creating need for software that will do the work. Most software are general purpose and cannot suit the demand of customised client. Foreign software are very expensive and difficult to operate.

Software Product on shelf

SHAMDI Dues Wizard
Police Payroll Management

Gigal (Retired) Gidan Gwabro (Retired) Malam Na Bakin Kogi

System SUBEB Payroll Management System AKTH Chat SUWASA Survey NAAC RO (under design)

(Retired) Gwani DOS GEREKS (Review) BANK (Review) Deed Registration Gwani Depreciation School Port(under design) Biz Radar (under design)

Websites Designed
Website www.babayogarbagamaw

Muhammad Idris Danbaba
Salisu Abdullahi Nasiru Abubakar (Website

discontinued) Dr. Audu Dangana Danlami BIC

24% of Net Profit Example

Software Project cost N350,000 Transport N23,000 Staff welfare N7,800 Remuneration N125,000 Total = N155, 800 Net Profit = N194, 200 TPF = N46, 608

Paid to your account.

Common qualities of good software

User friendliness Fault tolerance Meet Estimates Deepness Safety Routines Ability to Integrate with the environment First or second contact for troubleshooting GUI Security

Why Our Software Products

More than a decade of engagement.
Many trials Many resource persons Knowledge of the terrain Technical support Transparency Total commitment

Thank you