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legislative compliance and monitoring

The law places a vast range of requirements on organizations in both the private and public sectors. Furthermore there is no indication that the amount or complexity of these requirements is about to weaken. Compliance with the law is a matter to be taken seriously. The consequences often go far beyond the clear downsides of breaking the law fines and penalties to more intangible side effects. Conversely, significant benefits can ensue to those organizations who manage their compliance responsibilities and can demonstrate they are good corporate citizens. Ensuring compliance, however, doesnt come without a cost. Organizations need to plan and manage their compliance obligations and this process must be able to withstand external scrutiny.

legislative compliance and monitoring

The action or fact of complying with a wish or command. The state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards. This policy provides guidance for staff about their legislative obligations and how compliance can be assessed. According to my limited intellect and knowledge legislative compliance is the legal, which comprises basic rights of every individual concern with the organization and which should be followed by the organization as an obligation. by adopting such policies, employees in the organization know their limits and respect the organizational culture. few main policies which I think every organization practice can be, Discrimination & Harassment Policy Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Sexual Harassment Policy Occupational Health & Safety Policy Code of Ethics Privacy Policy

Mostly in the developing or even the developed countries many organizations forgot or even ignored these basic policies to follow, in return it leads to employee dissatisfaction

with the organization and its job, such situations leads to inefficiencies in the organization. on the other many organizations have adopt these policies and consider those as important laws of their organizations but in practice those laws are still exploited. this is because there is check and balance on such things almost in every organization, we can get thousands of contemporary examples of employees being exploited in their particular organizations, specially working women. As we all know that to check the performance of an organization, either its going on the right direction or not, is it progressing in a positive way or not, organizations conduct audits to check their financial positions or to overcome their weakness, the main idea to discuss these things is that if an organization is that much concern about its profit maximization, then there should be such a legal body which should investigate either the labor rights are being followed by the organization or not. without an effective monitoring team legislative compliances could not be implemented.