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Colouring pigment for cementitious systems
Description Coverage: FEBOXIDE’s are powdered colouring pigments for cementitious systems. FEBOXIDE complies to BS 1014. Fields of application Curing / after treatment: For the colouring of concrete, sand/cement renderings, mortars for decorative or identification purposes. FEBOXIDE’s are available in the following colours: Red, Yellow, Black, Brown and Marigold. Green: Special orders only. Features and benefits • • • • • • • • No special mixing techniques, no special moulds. Steam curing of precast units has no effect. Colours throughout the whole of a concrete mix. Maintenance costs reduced. Dosing by hand or automatically. Not affected by other admixtures. No adverse affect on setting times, compressive or tensile strengths or freeze/thaw resistance. Based on metallic oxides. Cure using conventional method such as properly secured plastic sheeting, hessian, ponding, etc. or use suitable curing compound from within the MASTERKURE® range. Cleaning: Treat as normal concrete, clean all tools and equipment with water immediately after use. Packaging Available in 25kg containers. N.B. Green is available only against special orders in 50kg containers. Storage Store in cool, dry conditions. Shelf life Minimum one year when stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations in unopened containers. Watchpoints To avoid variations in shade the type and source of aggregate and cement should be kept constant for the same project. Trial mixes before start-up will show the colour shade to be expected. Allow samples to dry out for 2-3 days before assessing the finished colour. 1-2kg per 50kg of grey cement depending upon the shade required. With white cement, pastel shades can be obtained with an addition of as little as 0.5% by weight of cement.

Technical data / Typical properties*
Appearance Chloride Content Fine free flowing powder of appropriate colour. <0.1% (w/w) by admixture (Nil).

Application procedure Mixing: When gauging by hand: dry measure out the aggregate and cement and sprinkle the FEBOXIDE on the heap. The ingredients should be turned over dry and then water added and mixed in the normal manner. When mixing by machine: place the aggregates and cement in the mixing drum, add the FEBOXIDE and mix dry for at least 30 seconds. Add gauging water and mix as normal.

Adding Value to Concrete

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