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President: Wilfredo R. Santos, MD Vice-President: Carina C. Quimbo, MD Secretary: Josie N. Kho, MD Asst. Secretary: Maria Conchitina T. Bandong, MD Treasurer: Ma. Lourdes C. Martinez, MD Asst. Treasurer: Alma M. Dela Merced, MD Immediate Past President: Dolores B. Sy, MD Founding President: Emilio A. Hernandez Jr., MD Board of Trustees Melissa M. Juico, MD Jacinto Blas V. Mantaring III, MD Sheila Ann D. Masangkay, MD Jose B. Salazar, MD Ma. Cristina VC. Woo, MD Specialty Board Wilfredo. R. Santos, MD Josie N. Kho, MD Pura Flor D. Isleta, MD Ma. Luiza DV. Manlapaz, MD Carina C. Quimbo, MD Mary Christine Alice D. Tumale, MD Belen Amparo E. Velasco, MD

Over-all Chair: Emilio A. Hernandez Jr., MD Over-all Co -Chair: Josie N. Kho, MD Convention Secretary: Maria Conchitina T. Bandong, MD National Treasurer: Ma. Lourdes C. Martinez, MD Convention Treasurer: Alma M. Dela Merced, MD Awards Chair: Aurea Alicia D. Matias, MD Co-Chair: Susana L. Lopez, MD Commercial Exhibits Chair: Belen Amparo E. Velasco, MD Co-Chair: Carlos T. Nuňez Jr., MD Co-Chair: Marian G. Colasito, MD Documentation/Souvenir Program Chair: Luis Emmanuel O. Esguerra, MD Co-Chair: Glenn A. Tolentino, MD Invitations and Program Chair: Ma. Luisa DV. Manlapaz, MD Co-Chair: Ma. Imelda V. Bautista, MD Physical Arrangements Chair: Marlon V. Murallon, MD Co-Chair: Janet Marianne R. Go, MD Pre-Convention Chair: Charito D. Corpuz, MD Co-Chair: Melissa M. Juico, MD Publicity Chair: Dolores B. Sy, MD Co-Chair: Ma. Esterlita V. Uy, MD Registration Chair: Alma M. Dela Merced, MD Co-Chair: Christopher J. Grageda, MD Research/Poster Exhibits Chair: Socorro DL. Mendoza, MD Co-Chair: Maria Theresa G. Cacas, MD Scientific Chair: Emilio A. Hernandez Jr, MD Co-Chair: Jose B. Salazar, MD Socials, Hospitality and Tours Chair: Sheila Ann D. Masangkay, MD Co-Chair: Melissa M. Juico, MD Ways and Means Chair: Carina C. Quimbo, MD Co-Chair: Josie N. Kho, MD Co-Chair: Belen Amparo E. Velasco, MD

Greetings! In behalf of the officers and members of the Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine, I would like to invite all of you to our 7th Annual Meeting and First International Conference in Neonatology which will discuss latest “TRENDS IN NEWBORN CARE,” . We are inviting you, as well as our international colleagues to participate in this scientific endeavor. The topics to be discussed are relevant to your practice as neonatologists, pediatricians and nurses caring for the special and intensive care of neonates. Thru the efforts of the indefatigable Over -all Chair of the Conference, Dr. Emilio A. Hernandez, Jr. and the members of the Organizing Committee, top-notch international faculty of neonatologists will share their expertise in the field. We assure you that the new issues and concerns which will be discussed in the Plenary Sessions and the Simultaneous Sessions will greatly benefit your practice in neonatal care. See you all in Manila on February 6 -8, 2013! Yours truly,

(A Subspecialty Society of the Philippine Pediatric Society ) in celebration of its 7th Annual Meeting cordially invites you to the

1st International Conference


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PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: January 15, 2013 Local Delegates Foreign Delegates Php 1,000 USD 50


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*ALL PRE-CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BE PRE-REGISTERED. NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION. LIMITED TO 150 SLOTS PER SYMPOSIUM. Local Delegates Foreign Delegates CONFERENCE PROPER Nurse/Midwife/Trainee Consultant On-site: Php 2,500 Php 3,000 Php 3,500 USD 150 USD 200 USD 250

WILFREDO R. SANTOS, MD, FPPS, FPSNbM President, 2011-2013

February 6 - 8, 2013 Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Mandaluyong City, Philippines Jacob V. Aranda, MD Professor of Pediatrics and Director of Neonatology SUNY Downstate, New York Jatinder J. Bhatia, MBBS Professor of Pediatrics and Chief Section of Neonatology Georgia Health Sciences University Augusta, Georgia Rowena G. Cayabyab, MD Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Keck School of Medicine University of Southern California Los Angeles Winston M. Manimtim, MD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Kansas City School of Medicine University of Missouri Enrique M. Ostrea Jr., MD Professor of Pediatrics Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan Krishnamurthy C. Sekar, MD Professor of Pediatrics University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Ekhard E. Ziegler, MD Professor of Pediatrics University of Iowa
PMA: 80 units PAFP: 39 units PPS:25 units PSNbM: 40 units (Conference) 10 (Pre-Conference)

Pre-registration Payments may be made thru: Convention Secretariat Office or thru Account Name: Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine Bank of the Philippine Islands San Lorenzo Branch Peso Account: 1811000694 Dollar Account: 1814002418 SWIFT Code: BOPIPHMM Please email deposit slip with your name and registration form to: Bring original deposit slip or official receipt to the convention. For inquiries: PSNbM Secretariat: (632)9645228 +639175925566 UST Hospital: (632) 7313001 loc 2292 and 2435 Look for: Dr. Dianne Gonzales or Dr. Brian Carillo

REGISTRATION: Registration starts at 1:00 PM on February 6, 2013 and 7:30 AM on February 7, 2013. Fill up the registration form and submit to the Registration Counter (with the original Deposit Slip/ Official Receipt for pre-registered participants). Meal stubs and kits are limited for the first 800 participants on a first come, first served basis. SESSIONS: All sessions will start on time. Non-registered accompanying persons including children 12 years and below are not allowed in all sessions.

The Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine takes pride in coming up with its 1st International Neonatology Conference coinciding with the celebration of its 7th Annual Meeting. It is with distinct honor and immense pleasure, as the overall chair, that I invite you to this event entitled “Trends in Newborn Care” to be held on February 6 - 8, 2013 at EDSA Shangri -La Hotel, Philippines. The organizing committee has meticulously prepared a wide array of interesting topics, both innovative and opportune, related to the everyday care of the newborn which will be discussed thru didactic lectures, inter-active sessions and workshops with neonatology experts, both local and international. Indeed, this will truly be an interesting learning experience for us all. Sincerely,

EMILIO A. HERNANDEZ JR., MD, FPPS, FPSNbM Chair, Organizing Committee

MD Preventive Approaches in BPD Winston M.3:30 3:30 . Masilungan. MD Primer on Neonatal Seizures Ignacio V. MD 9:45 .2:30 2:30 . Luisa DV.3:00 2:30 . Cuarte. MD Neonatal Skin Care: Evidence-Based Updates Ma. MD Superdrugs for the Superbugs: New Antibiotics in the NICU Benjamin G.3:30 3:00 . Manimtim. MD Epidemic of Metabolic Syndrome: Decline in Cognition? Belen Amparo E. MD 2:00 . MBBS 9:45 . Mantaring III. MD Weaning Neonates from Mechanical Ventilation: When Enough is Enough? Ma.Friday (Day 3) 8:00 .3:30 3:00 . MD Simultaneous Symposium III: NEUROLOGY. MD Neonatal seizures: Video EEG Ana Berroya.4:30 SYMPOSIUM B: NICU DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES Moderator: Cesar Jeffrey G. Velasco.4:00 PLENARY II: Moderator: Carina C. Cristina VC. MD Cured by the Blood: Transfusion Guidelines in the NICU Godfrey Chi Fung Chan. MD 11:15 – 12:00 Enteral Feedings in the Premature Neonate: How.8:45 8:45 . MD Simultaneous Symposium VI: SPECIAL CONCERNS IN THE NICU Moderator: Susanna Lim-Lopez. Mendoza. MD Professor of Pediatrics Wayne State University 2:30 . Bhatia. MD 10:45 . Carlos.. Matias. Masangkay. ENDOCRINE AND METABOLIC Moderator: Melissa M. Bautista. Woo. 2013 . 2013 .3:30 3:00 . MD Acute Kidney Injury: What Do We Need to Learn? Maria Rosario S. M. MD 2:00 .Thursday (Day 2) February 8.3:00 Overview of Neonatal-Perinatal Care in the Asia Oceania Region: Towards 2015 Socorro DL. MD Antifungal Strategies in the NICU Josefina C. Kho.10:00 PM KEYNOTE ADDRESS “The Adventures and Misadventures in Newborn Care” Enrique M.4:30 4:00—4:30 2:30 . MD The Science and Art Behind the New NRP Rowena G.8:10 Conference Overview Emilio A.10:30 WHO Treatment Guidelines on Newborn Sepsis Wilfredo R.10:30 Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy: Cooling and Beyond Winston M.11:30 Oxygen Therapy in the Preterm Infant: Hitting the Target Krishnamurthy C.4:00 4:00 . MD 11:30 . Lourdes C.10:45 BREAK PLENARY IV: Moderator: Dolores Belmonte-Sy. Uy. Manimtim.12:15 Defining Neonatal Hypoglycemia: Continuing Debate Jacob V. MD 2:00 . MD Cranial MRI in Vascular and Metabolic Conditions Anthony Cheng.9:30 2:30 . Ostrea Jr. Bhatia.5:00 3:00 .10:00 FELLOWSHIP NIGHT AND INDUCTION DINNER (By Invitation Only) 3:30 . Cayabyab. RN Keeping the NICU Infection Free: Care of the Airway and Vascular Lines Dominga C. MD Simultaneous Symposium II: NUTRITION. Manlapaz. MD PLENARY I: Moderator: Josie N. Rivera. MD 2:00.3:30 3:30 . MD 12:30 – 1:45 INDUSTRY SPONSORED SYMPOSIUM Simultaneous Symposium IV: RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS AND VENTILATORY MANAGEMENT Moderator: Ma. Martinez.3:00 3:00 . MD Current Status in the Management of Hyperbilirubinemia in the Neonates Ma. Sekar.3:00 3:00 . MD 10:30 . Imelda V. MD Management Strategies in Apnea of Prematurity Resti Ma. Bandong.MD 2:00 . MD 3:30 .2:30 2:30 .. MD 8:00 . Bautista.3:30 3:30 . Mendoza. How Much? Ekhard E.Wednesday (Day 1) 9:00— 1:00 Annual Business Meeting & Election of Officers Isla Ballroom I (Exclusively for PSNbM Members) PRECONVENTION SYMPOSIUM SYMPOSIUM A: THE NICU NURSE AT THE FRONTLINE Moderator: Eleanor D.3:00 Neonatal ECG Made Easy Jonas del Rosario.3:00 3:00 .3:00 3:00 . MD Strategies in Optimizing Conventional Ventilation Krishnamurthy C. MD Transitioning the Preemie to Home Breastfeeding Christine Bernardo.3:30 9:30 .4:00 4:30 . Quimbo. Esterlita V. MD New Discoveries in Breastmilk Sheila Ann D. High Flow Nasal Cannula or CPAP? Krishnamurthy C.2:30 When Things Go Wrong : How and When to Disclose? Charito D. Robles. MD Practical Principles of Parenteral Nutrition in the NICU Ma. Santos. MD When to Consider a "Metabolic Problem” in a Newborn Infant? Eva Marie Cutiongco-Dela Paz. Ziegler.9:45 2:30 . MD Future Directions in the Evaluation and Management of Neonatal Sepsis Jaime A.4:00 . MD Radiologic imaging in Common Respiratory and Abdominal Disorders Bernie Laya. 2013 .4:00 4:00 . MD Fluid & Electrolytes in a Preterm Neonate Ma.9:00 Research Forum PLENARY III: Moderator: Socorro DL.Thursday (Day 2) February 7.3:30 Current Management of PPHN Josie N. MD Last Chance with the Experts Moderator: Maria Conchitina T. Juico. Sekar. MD CLOSING CEREMONIES 8:10 .Friday (Day 3) February 8. Hernandez Jr. MD February 7. Aranda. Teresa G. RN Pain Assessment and Management in the NICU Teresita Batanes.2:30 PREbiotics and PRObiotics in the Preterm Jatinder J.2:30 Neonatal Cranial Ultrasonography: A Call for Established Protocols Jose A. MD 12:00 – 1:45 INDUSTRY SPONSORED SYMPOSIUM Simultaneous Symposium I : INFECTIONS IN THE NICU Moderator: Jose B. MD Autologous Cord Blood Transfusion & Perinatal Asphyxia Godfrey Chi Fung Chan. Santos. MD Diagnosis and Management of Critical Congenital Heart Disease: From Birth to NICU Discharge Rowena G. MD 10:30 . Cruz.2:30 Simultaneous Symposium V: RENAL. Sekar. MD 2:30 . When. MD 2:00 . Dizon. CARDIOLOGY AND HEMATOLOGY Moderator: Ma. Cayabyab. Cacas. RN IV therapy: Transfusion and Parenteral Nutrition Procedures in the NICU Mercy del Rosario.4:00 3:30 . Victoria C. Salazar. MD Bedside Echocardiography in Neonatal Emergencies Dexter Cheng.2:30 Storage and Handling of Breastmilk : From the Milk Bank to the NICU Remedios Salonga. MD OPENING CEREMONIES (By Invitation Only) ISLA BALLROOM 1 6:00 . Co. Corpuz.February 6. MD 2:00 . MD 2:00 . MD BREAK OPENING OF COMMERCIAL EXHIBITS 9:00 . 2013 .11:15 RDS: Surfactant. 2013 .3:00 6:00 . GASTROENTEROLOGY AND JAUNDICE Moderator: Aurea Alicia D.2:30 Neonatal Bacteremia: Patterns of Antibiotic Resistance Jacinto Blas V.9:45 Nutrition of the Growing Premature Neonates Jatinder J.4:00 3:30 .4:00 3:30 . Gomez. Kho.