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Release notes for the Patternz.exe program. (See Instruction Manual.txt for additional help with the program).

My Website is at By Thomas N. Bulkowski, email: Copyright (c) 2005 - 2009 by Thomas N. Bulkowski. All rights reserved. *************************************************************** ***FOR EXISTING INSTALLATIONS ONLY *************************************************************** If you have already installed Patternz once, then download the new version from the website. The zip file should be called (notice it is named diffe rently than -- the z is missing). Expand (decompress) the files in and copy them over the existing fi les on your hard drive. In other words, the new Patternz.exe file replaces the old o ne. Changes to the program are listed on the website, on the Patternz page. See the link "Release notes" near the top of the patternz.html page. Usually existing settings will not be changed but check the release notes on the website to be sure. *************************************************************** ***FOR NEW INSTALLATIONS *** ***For users with older operating systems, be sure to read ALL of this file .*** *************************************************************** The compressed folder should contain the following files only. PATTERNZ.EXE -- This is the patternz chart pattern recognition program. MMM.csv -- this is a sample comma delimited stock file: 3M. Instruction Manual.txt -- This is the instruction manual. Readme.txt -- this text file. The following files are related to running the installation program. SU1.EXE -- this sets up the patternz files in the windows\system directory. SETUP.EXE -- this is the setup program you run to start the installation process . SETUP.LST -- a list of files for the setup.exe program. SETUPKIT.DLL -- used to install files. VBRUN300.DLL -- the Visual Basic runtime program. This is placed in the \windows \system directory. VER.DL_ -- used to detect the correct file version. Is a renamed file of ver.dl l. The following files are custom controls used by the patternz program. These are placed in the \windows\system directory. CHART2FX.VBX -- draws the charts. MSMASKED.VBX -- handles user input.

SS3D2.VBX -- handles list boxes, combo boxes, file, folder and drive list boxes. SS3D3.VBX -- handles enhanced menus. SSDOCKTB.VBX -- handles toolbars. THREED.VBX -- draws 3d looking controls. MSAFINX.DLL -- allows the Visual Basic forms to load properly. ============================ Installation ============================ Installation is easier than this file makes it seem. Here's the overview. 1. 2. ). 3. OT Download the file from the website. Extract all of the files into a folder (let's call it the installation folder

Run the setup program, setup.exe, to install the program. Make sure you are N inside the compressed folder or you will get an error! 4. When installation completes, run Patternz.exe 5. I recommend that you reboot and then remove the *.dll and *.vbx files from th e installation folder (but leave them in the \windows\system folder where they belong) If the setup program hangs or you run into other installation errors, then you c an move the files yourself. See the Detailed Installation Steps below. --------------------------Detailed Installation Steps --------------------------Backup your computer system just in case... Extract the files from the file and place them in a folder of your choice. Make sure you are NOT still inside the file. You should be in the i nstallation folder before you take the next step. Run SETUP.EXE. Choose the default path to the files unless you have a good reason to place them elsewhere. If you want to place them elsewhere, I suggest you exit the installation program , use Windows to create the folder, move ALL Patternz files to that folder and then install Pa tternz from there. That way, you won't have to worry about the 8 character limit on file pat hs. If the path to the files is too long, the installion may crash and you'll have t o move the files yourself. If that happens, continue reading and I'll tell you how to move the files. The installation program will move the *.dll and *.vbx files to the \windows\sys tem folder and place the patternz and MMM data files in the path you specified. It w ill also create a folder that will contain a shortcut to the patternz program. You can mo

ve the shortcut to the quick launch toolbar to the right of the Start button at the bottom of yo ur screen or you can just delete it. Close the short cut window and you should see an install ation complete message. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS DURING INSTALLATION, then just move the files yourself. Cop y all .vbx files to the \windows\system folder, copy masfinx.dll and vbrun300.dll there, to o. If a file already exists on your machine, DO NOT OVERWRITE IT. Chances are, your file is m ore recent than mine. Place the patternz.exe and MMM.csv files in a patternz folder. Instal lation on most machines takes about a second, so you may not realize the installation is c omplete. If a window appears with the patternz icon shortcut in it, then the program has com pleted installation. Behind the window is a message saying the installation is done. Once installed, you don't need many of the files you extracted from the zip file . Keep the MMM.CSV, PATTERNZ.EXE, Instruction Manual.txt, and this README.TXT file, but remove the rest. If installation worked, then the install removed most of the files for you. NOTE: I 'm NOT talking about removing the *.VBX or *.DLL files from the \windows\system folder, but from the installat ion folder you extracted the files to. When you're finished, you should have patternz.exe, MMM.csv, instr uction manual.txt, readme.txt in the installation folder and the *.vbx and *.dll files in the \windows\system fol der. ============================ Removal: If you ever need to remove patternz ============================ Since the patternz program is a Windows 3.11 compatible program, you will not fi nd it in the control panel 'Add or remove programs' applet. You have to remove it manually. T o remove patternz, go to the \windows\system folder and remove the above files (the ones listed abo ve Installation. Also, in the \windows folder you will find a patternz.ini, PatrnLst.ini, and Wat chLst.ini files. Remove them. ============================ Running Patternz.exe ============================ A Tour is on the website, accessed from the patternz.html page. It contains a he lpful list of controls and screen captures, explaining Patternz's features. I suggest you read it. When you run the patternz.exe program, a license will appear. Read it and accept or reject the terms. If you accept, the program will run and should find the MMM data file (See the next section on the data file if your country does not use th e default mm/dd/yyyy date format). If the MMM file does not appear, then use the d

rive and directory list boxes to locate the file. Be aware that the program uses Win 3.11 conventions when the file names were limited to 8 characters. For example, the folder "docum ents and settings" will appear something like "docume~1". Yes, I know. This makes it miserable to f ind your files, but once you do, that may be the last time you dork with it. Once you locate the MMM file, then the program will remember the path and you won't have to set it again. Place all of your stock da ta files in this folder (the folder that contains the MMM file). That way, the patternz program w ill find them automatically. If you want, you can build a watch list and locate your files in many directories (folders). The patternz instruction manual explains how to do this (see the Watc h List in the manual). If the program finds the MMM file, then click the Chart or List buttons to draw a chart or list chart patterns. For help, consult the manual or view the black help wind ow at the top of each form as you tab around each control in the program. ============================ Data ============================ I highly recommend that you name your data files after the associated security s ymbol. The name will be unique and less than 8 characters long so the program won't cut the name to 8. The instruction manual tells you how to find free data at the website. Some programs have an export op tion that will build .CSV or .TXT files that Patternz requires. Other programs, such as ML Downloader, will also build compatible files. Consult my website (see the top of this form f or the path) for more information. A free quote downloader is available to make updating your stocks easy. See the patternz.html page. ============================ Date (not data) Problems ============================ The MMM.csv file is in the United States date format: mm/dd/yyyy. If your countr y has a different format, such as dd/mm/yyyy, then DON'T use the MMM file. Try one of the following options. 0) Load the MMM file into Excel and format the date column for your country and then save it. Be sure to check that the date format actually changed. You can do this by runni ng Patternz, clicking on File Format and then clicking on MMM in the files list box. A few lines of the file will appear and

the date should appear in the changed format. Or 1) Download a historical ASCII stock file (.csv or .txt) containing quote data i n the correct date format for your country and delete the MMM file. Or 2) In the control panel, run Regional and Language Options. Select English (United States in the tab "Regional Options," and in the box "Standards and Formats." In the "Location" list box, select United States. This will change the default date fo rmat to the mm/dd/yyyy format (or see step 3 below). Click OK to save the changes. The MMM file should load properly. 2a) For older versions of Windows, such as 3.11, look for International in the con trol panel (the icon with the globe). Set the country to United States. In the "Date Format," click "Change." Set "Order" to "MDY." Check Century (1990 vs 90) to get a four digit year. Click OK a few times save the changes. 3) Patternz will not run properly with computer system configured for 2 digit ye ars (06 versus 2006). Exit the Patternz program. In the Windows Control Panel, run the applet title d, "Regional and Language Options." That's the one with a globe for older Windows operating systems. Click the Cu stomize button. Click the Date tab. In the 'Short date format' select one of the options that shows a four digit year, such as M/d/yyyy. Click Apply then OK until you exit the applet. Patternz should n ow work with the MMM file. ============================ Older Windows Installations ============================ For users with older versions of Windows, be sure to set the date format to a fo ur digit year as described in step 2a or 3 above. You need not set the country to United States but the date format must have a four digit year or you will have problems charting. ============================ Other ============================ For U.S. users, use the MMM file as a template for your other stock files. In ot her words, the files should appear similar to the MMM file, including column header and dat e format. To change the file format, use the File Format menu option on the main menu of P atternz.

============================ Contact ============================ Please read the instruction manual, check the website, and read this file before contacting me with problems. If you do need help, send me the error message (if any), a screen capture if pos sible (press Print Screen then paste the image into a drawing program or Word document and save it), and the data fil e you were running. Include the country where you were running the program. I'll try to help solve your problem. My contact information is on the ThePattern website, from the Home page, find "Contact" listed on the upper left of the page. There you will find m y email address.