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144 Square

I’m new to the group, I will post some information we can share with each other, about the master charts, how they interelate, and what they are based on.

For instance the 144 square shows and defines every market move, from the smallest move to the largest swing, the ratios that dominate all market movements are the ones every one is familiar with, sacred geo, fib, 144 and its multiples, 144 is based on the 12 months, but more importantly, Jupiter’s synodic cycle, and also the 1440 minutes in the day, the reason why nobody can use the 144 square is they cannot put it in time correctly, Gann told everybody to put it on a major high or low, that is the biggest line of bullshit he ever wrote. All markets, you cannot find the starting point if you cannot fit every minute of the day into the square, when you have the repeat of a time price configuration at the same minute, then you know the cycle that is operating.

.25. go easy on me. around the 1066 level. this shows three days exactly so many . so he created the 144 square which puts a multidimensional thing like a market into a lattice structure that would define more correctly a two dimensional awareness.54. If the market perhaps blows thru 1080. The old circle of three times itself. When you understand what is happening in the market the master charts take on new meaning. people with tremendous left brain logic. The true forty five degree angle. I assure the things he spoke of are true. Rest assured. meaning that theoretically the market tomorrow morning should be off to a price level near 1080 to realign itself with the time period. the harmonic ratio was 2. so let put that old dude to the test. they are all different days. once you understand what the circle really is. Let’s see what happens.. the reciprocal 1 divided by 71. the times and the prices are cut off to prevent reverse enginering. or three over the second square of 144. Gann knew the market was only a geometric solid rotating in front of you. this means price and time are balanced whenever your time price configurations come on the end of the square. 360 degrees has in itself the key to the 144 square. because they are designed to work with each other and they do.. I only ask if what I say is totally wrong and lame.91.I will post seven different days that the market had its origin in the same time price configuration..79 equals 139 in time balancing the clock time. Let’s take a look at time and price and see if we can balance it the way old Gann did. 1064 today I believe it closed near. notice the similar pattern from the opening each day.. then it will go to the next gravity center of 1086. and a connection with the universal mind is also needed. thus bringing the time and price in alignment with the forty five degree angle.. apart.. I write this not for recognition. atheists or agnostics will never figure Gann’s methods out.. the next day the time was also at the same ratio but . Smart mofo wasn’t he? The circle defines market movements. Time is seriously ahead of price at this conjunction. this happened because the first day. it’s just your own mind that probably prevents you from full understanding.. the time was 49 and the price was 14. the clock time balanced out at 139 at 109 pm and the longer term time frame came in at 71. and if hits 1080 and reacts down it should settle near the lower gravity center of 1076. the price is on a 45 degree price line that is now old. they are incredibly related. shall we ???????????? Hi you folks I uploaded a file called time price returns. The emini today is sitting on a price level that was balanced some time ago.. im here to share with you guys !!! gann said that EVERYTHING seeks its gravity center. but he also knew our senses would not allow us to "see" it. then you understand what the geometric solid is that is behind the market movements. the middle of the square. Basically. follow the pattersn and swings.. The time angles are in relation to the price are way out of balance. but I know lots of Gann students work hard at this stuff. you need a tremendous amount of right brain awareness and cold logic combined.79 time angle.. All you need is written in Gann’s books and courses.

and we noticed that the seasonal time periods are so close the gann square that we cannot ignore these time periods. then he says i put the square and the triangle inside the cirlce to get important point for resistance for either time. ponder this goofy story well When the fellows in the movie quest for fire. and we both agree that it is six thirty pm. we adopted a time system. and I say thanks. the time on the chart is an illusion. eight. but we are still talking and im turning the corner now. "what time is it" and you say its 630 pm. and time goes by some more and now i have moved 90 degrees away from gazoo. while im here on earth. at some point in time. and the sixteen minutes elapse and im moving and rotating right along. so the pattern must repeat . when i get to where gazoo is. i have not quite completed my cycle yet. while he remains fixed at the starting point. the third day also came in on a 2. it is only 630 pm because we have a point of reference that we agree on. The drooling fellow checked his Rolex and responded. isnt that what gann screams at you with the square of nine. let say we had a square of nine. and say that it doesnt exist. now I am approaching him again. but behind and back of the chart is the geometric solid that price and time are working off. but ol gazoo remains fixed at the origin point. I feel that the market you look at. lets suspend our belief in time for a moment. but this time system is based on astro cycles. then it is likely to repeat a pattern. I am Fred Flinstone.different time price configurations. I am sitting on my porch. the reason a person cannot see this with their eyes. When I say to you. same with the market. but is it really six thirty pm ?. but the same ratio at the same time. price. you need a fixed point to get points of mathematical force to determine when they happen again. so he could go pick up his new issue of gentlemens quarterly. space. These fellows would have surely have been aware and watched the environment for constant feedback on how to cope and surive and learn something of the the situation. wanted to know what time it is. volume. twelve. he is not subject to the laws that i am. or do you think it just a square root . not likely. but he is still talking with me. time. and hovering out in front of me is the great gazoo. also different positions in the square. all time is based in some origin of an astro cycle. i keep on moving around approaching the 270 degree position and we are still talking well enough.when this happens. one of the drooling low foreheads asked his partner what time is it. any market you look at is an illusion. as i am completing my revolution. now we began talking at lets say 630 am. this is harmonic analysis. the price you look at is an illusion. price. Geometry says that any circle no matter how small or large contains 360 degrees. I am at zero aries or 360 pisces. so were talking and four. whatever you want. that we have been taught. so continue past gazoo and stop some point further along the zodiac. its like walking down a five mile road and being asked to describe five things that repeated.that our body senses it is six thirty pm. how come none of you see or talk about. space or anything i want. its 1:44 pm.88 harmonic. Ponder this. is because you have no origin point to define time price configurations. 12 hours later im now 180 degrees from gazoo. or figure on the earthly year of 365 days to the circle in geometry. gann always said i measure everything with the circle.

lol. I belive the musicians term for this is.81. the building is still under construction. that is your second circle. Harmonic Discordance. the emini in price was sitting on a . yesterday at 1130 am time was sitting on the middle of the square. Gann said everything has four sides. they all do. you guys and ladies have much more math abilitiy than myself. the SEASONS are the time periods. It appears as you stack the 144 squares on top of each other. where they strike two different strings. my math skills are eighth grade level. When i was small. Dorian. On page 169 of the master charts section Gann says. might be considered modal players because when you see him live. Mixolydian and Aeolian. it might be possible to build the 144 squares according to a diatonic scale. the vibration of that particular square would change. Music theory refers to different modes. but i dont need all that stuff.calculator. the higer the prices go the faster the swings. this is a very pleasing and interesting sound to the ear. i can set any market in time and price correctly inside the master charts. thats what the MASTER CHARTS are built on and designed upon. and its the fifth square of 144. This would be applicable to time angles. like a marriage of sound. it appears it also has its origin in the way a band will comp his playing. melancholy. its funny how want to make things so complicated. These are measured in hours of longtitude which are basic geometric angles and determine the change of trend" Why do the time angles of 36. you would need to run out 864 or the six square of 144. Guitar players like George Benson and Wes Montgomery made a living playing octaves.5. Some players like Carlos Santana. he says this is because the forty five degree angles are further apart. if you put 144 cells on each side. "Prices are governed by time and time causes prices to change and the time angles are the resistance to price. a ceiling and a floor. This rotating geometric solid you all wonder about.84. he can easily manipulate a crowd of people with tension. such as Lydian. ie the same notes simultaneously. and the steps and intervals between might be a way to define vibration to particular numbers in the square. A deaf person could easily feel the music at a live show on the same basis. as numbers are numbers. that would lend itself to music theory. release. Locrian. its because these time . the kind with the turntable inside and the lifting top. Phrygian. A number of years ago it was common to find those large wooden stereos in people houses.54. 45. is your own earth.720 time price relation with the time angle. I have read other stories from people who described other kids doing the same. Find a all time low or high in a market. and take the 22. I used to clamp my teeth on the edge of that cabinet and then my bones would act as a conduit for the musical vibration. this lends itself to the fact that vibratory nature of something changes as it gets older.108.72. 90 points and you will see some vibrational laws at work. depending on the position of the price and what square its in. if one vibrates. the notes have sympathetic resonance it seems. brightness.90.45. this ability has something to do with a mode of playing. much the same as notes having their own vibration. In the master charts section of Ganns course. the swings are rapid and wide.126 causes markets intraday to change trend. to complete the building. do any of you understand the ratio that the square of nine is built and designed on ?. this would lend itself to gann statement. Ionian. he speaks of how older stocks when price gets high.

Now visualize reaching down to the middle of the circle where all the lines intersect and pick it up. now the object looks different as it it standing up. our hero supreme was born on june ninth 1906. this is exactly 1913 days from her stage . Lets get on the track to some serious Do Re Mi. then the angles above and below the forty five can be the angles for the bullish and bearish side of the square. I have had in my possession a time period that governs when the wheel returns to its origin. an octave. did Gann operate on this same time factor. So then eyem thinking thinking thinking. or perhaps Fa So La Ti Do. for the clever folks. they all are forty five degree points. monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturnsday sunsday and the repetition of the octave returning to the Do or monday. you get eight of them. These price levels that the time angle creates can define whether the market under observation is in the bullish side of the square or in the bearish side. young Bobbie discovered his master time factor on june 19 1927. I refer you to A. an octave. read the first page and you see that the wheel returns to its position.S. this apex point that you picked up is your fifty percent point or the middle of the eights. 360 and divide it by 45 degree angles. this is exactly 7680 days from his birth. When you measure time from the seasons. but thats another story Below is a response…I have not included it. I acquired this from the akashic records. THE time factor. when twenty four of these octaves run out. there was bitter discussion about copyright violations over some tired ass wheel of twenty four. If you visualize this octagon on the ground with it eight even sections. The last time eye was in here. In looking back from 1940. but when does this happen ? Gann made two statements that are the key to his trading application. You can do lots of interesting things when you know what time angle is operating. or for murrey math students. this can be your forty five degree point. ie. the wheel returns to its position. eye look at it like this. arent you measuring hours of longtitude ? and arent the basic geometric angles he speaks of the time angle that i speak of ? They arent if you describe the theory that a Gann angle must be a diagonal.angles are like brick walls to price when it gets there. For some time now. your eight square. the law of seven and the law of three. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. as its not Pure Prof… Thats a intersting way to look at it yes. everybody sees things differently in their own mind. this is like the octagon that the martial artists use to throw and skeletal freeze someone. this line of thinking can tell you where to put your gann fans intraday. these are the one eights gann spoke of. but this is the true gravity center of them. Raleigh's book. the first one is. turn to page forty and read how gann describes the WHEEL. when you know a point in space and time that is correctly defining the forty five degree angle. if you take your circle. Occult Geometry and Hermetic Science of Motion and Number. and the second one "Everything seeks a gravity center" The two laws that govern all matter are the law of heptaparaparshinokh and the triamazikanmo. 7680 is forty octaves of 192 calendar days. Young Hero Gordon girlfriend Marie left him on june 5 1927 and returned August 30 1932. "time angles govern price". This is 192 calendar days.

He teaches you the fib spiral first with 619. go check that out. Do you think these numbers were arbitrarily used ? ten octaves of 192 calendar days are 1920 days. then finally teaches you the law of seven. August 30 1932. 192 is four octaves of 48. if you want the minute movment. between any two vibrations are inner octaves and inner octaves and inner octaves and inner octaves and inner octaves. Learn that book and you have the Gann dillemna solved. the difference is 48 units. The earth year 365. Supreme commander gave the world fifteen days to respond. Our young hero discovered his time factor on 6 19 1927. it sits at exactly 23 degrees aries. I recommend you to the book Cosmic Secrets by Russell Smith. 48 days times 24 hours in a day is 1152 hours. ie the law of vibration. Uranus sits 19. but Gann returned her exactly seven days early. 48 hours times 60 minutes is 2880 the fifteenth octave of 192. times 60 is 69120 seconds. Gann sent his hero to Paris to keep him from losing his brain for thirty one days. hours. disguises the master time factor right in front of your EYE ballz. George Bayer knew the 192 day cycle. 31 divided by the master time factor is 1618. learn the octaves and inner octaves. At any moment in a markets action. check the position of Uranus on last date of the book. the law of seven. and the 192 day cycle times 36 cycles is that moons node return.924024 days. a diatonic octave. I refer you to Brydlovan theory of numbers. you can use the 144 square within the 192 CD octave. the first diatonic octave. again the master repeating time factor. Bayer says the THING that moves the wheel is engraved on every violin made. eight days at 24 hours is 192 hours. days. calculate the minute octave. this would be 360 plus 23. and shock price levels. on page 238 Gann discusses the law of three. consolidate. Let the hate mail Begin . with his positive. proving up the relationship between 144 and 192. notice his description of Uranus. which deny. He chose the ten octaves because the number ten is the alpha and the omega. and the second octave of the master time factor is 384. his gas seven. a Week. then he teaches you the master time factor of 192 CD. negative. which by the way is governed by the law of octaves in pascals triangle. Read professor OBJOYFUL analysis of the reason Marie left. if you want the hourly movements caculate the hourly octaves and if you want the general direction of the market calculate the day time angles. and see it is the moons node. Knowing this time factor is only half of the gordion knot. and twenty four of these diatonic octaves is 192 calendar days. is is simply wheels within wheels. and then apply your time factor to get your gravity points where the price happily runs to every day without fail. the eight square of 144 or the sixth octave of 192. His tunnel kept pilot sleeping for seven days. one over. 383 degrees. The cycle of 192. LA vibration. when the wheel is reset.19 astronomical units from the Sun. it is simply moving to a gravity center between to stopinders on the diatonic scale. Here Gann being at his cleverest. or 360 hours. he again is teaching you the fib spiral. neutral principles. and this is the 360 octave of the master time factor 192.902. and notice how Gann is again speaking of the WHEEL. I also refer you to page seven and ten. the law of vibration to show you the law. the best ever writtin on trading. FA. the Do. and if you use the circle.left exit.25 divided by the time factor 192 is 1. 48 days times 24 hours is 1152. and this one is the ending and the beginning of the next cycle. I prefer octaves within octaves. Now. Our other master guru. Check the relationship of the 144 square to this 192. the retro guy who goes backward 360 degrees every 18.

2 / 686. A builder of what ?. . the winged messenger. and overcame the laws of something we know nothing. Poor Hero Gordon.01 Adams(9) 1846 (0) Pluto IX Sun 5913520 90550 17. the root of this number is 1. proves up a lot things.Mercury I Sun 57910 87. When you add the Son.85 0. Fa. this ratio is sared as it describes the diagonal of a golden rectangle.98 / 4332. saturn. the south furthest south angle from the top to the base.618. Also there is 18 days slippage of a perfect harmonic from 192 calendar days. try to figure out how this one hundred pound man moved over 31 tons of Coral. it appears there is some significane with Uranus. are you a Mason ?.904 proving the cycle validity. giving to the law of vibration. Me. the moon cycle.618. What is a Mason ?.(0) Saturn VI Sun 1429400 10759. . Gravity. perhaps Sol.05 -.09 .00 0.(0) Venus II Sun 108200 224.7 / 365. Notice that nine ojbects have EIGHT ratios between.(0) Jupiter V Sun 778330 4332. Osirus and Isis. It proves up the circle. In George Bayers four hundred years of astrology on page 142 and 182 he makes a couple interesting statements about what activates the agency in nature. i mean sun. A temple to what ?.531. the guys.71 / 10759.158. If you read the very old books on Freemasonry. .25 plus 21 days for leap give you 30702. his precious Marie giving the greasy eye to another fellow. mars. it is the seventh planet. sits so close to parents.97 7. venus. starting with mercury. uranus.350.98 1.50 2.402. square root 1. Our universe makes the wildest science fiction look like a Dr Suess book.618 you get 2763957 Now divide that by the time factor 192. . eighteen days off a perfect octave of 160. Speaking of Masons. also it is synodic period is seven octaves of 12 signs. a young farmer asked the strange older guy. 87. Re.77 0. add these numbers for 3. Get the ratios between each two planets.00 1. pluto. 2. months.25 Tombaugh 1930 (0) Here is some proof the 192 cycle is valid. neptune.31 0.626. 1 / 3. yes I am.509.39 0.. A temple. Osirus. also it describes the side of the pyramid of Giza. 84 times 365. Using the planetary data up above. So.05 Herschel 1781 (0) Neptune VIII Sun 4504300 60190. the square of 12. go figure that. causing Bobbie much of a troubled heart.97 / 224. Mr Gann certainly was in possession of very occult and esoteric knowledge.77 0. and you get 144.5 / 30685 / 60190 / 90550 .391. you will read paragraph after paragraph in the Tunnel. I recommend everybody read some of the builder of the CORAL CASTLE in Florida.667. Ti. If you take the reciprocal of 3.02 . the earth year.(0) Earth III Sun 149600 365. La.. making him punish the only one he wants. . once again the Diatonic Octave.00 0. earth.01 -. Do.618.70 3. this lends itself even more to the idea that Mr Gann . in one very old book. 192 times 160 gives 30720. although no one denies his mind was brilliant. The knowledge of the ancients is beyond comprehension.00 0. Do mercury.21 -.26 0.618 plus 1 gives 3. .jupiter. notice how Horus.49 0. with laws we also know nothing about. the way Mr Gann obtained much of this knowledge was not of his own intellect.06 -. written word for word from these older books.(0) Mars IV Sun 227940 686.(0) Uranus VII Sun 2870990 30685. Ganns master time and price chart. A builder.902.15 0.71 1. .

When you can do this correctly. when ONCE the market under observation is SET in TIME correctly. you use hours. Somethings are endemic to the race. The master charts are a a very cool thing when used right. the angles are now wrapped all around this ball. depth. and transparency. stop doing this. We seek everything everywhere outside of ourselves. We seek the source from another individuals experience with it. you can easily use ANY square. when you are day trading. when that 144 time runs out. very thin now. and when that runs out. but keep the lines on this ball. do this in your mind with every master chart you have. this is the fourth dimension of trading. This way you are advancing the market every twenty four hours along EACH face of the pyramid. use your 144 square within this count. In your mind STEP inside this holographic sphere. constantly wrapping the Time as it passes thru each section of the pyramid. which is what Gann developed these things. then EVERYTHING we put our hands to. this makes it a revolving sphere. the source if you will. out most people talk of returning the time back to zero. square of 144. for example. always running the TIME around and around the square. when 144 hours runs. I dont like to name it. pulling it out in opposite directions. you will know what those circles are for that are within the 144 square. Use your 192 calendar count. Example. dimension. must be a spiral. it does not matter what square you use. Here now is the missing element that I have never heard discussed before. run the market up from the bottom right corner to the top right corner. Here is one idea. First off the idea to get out of your head is to stop looking at those charts. now you have a ball. then back down. spirals charts as flat things.obtained his knowledge from the web of creation. sphere. length. run it down the fourth side from the top left to the bottom left or beginning. The information that I impart to you and write about. "If we live in gigantic spiral. To quote from the movie. But this source is within your own yard. looking at the plastic chart from its edge. We seek the source in a building with a cross on it. run the market from the top right corner to the top left corner. cause its the truth. When your trying to use these charts. from the bottom. up to the top. you need the use the master time factor that I wrote about previously. you calcuate the price the same way. and rotate the time count just like described above. let it hang from the ceiling. so I wont. grid by grid. starting all over again. if not drink deep. plastic overlays. is not of my own intellect either. walk to the side of it. math is math. in your mind pick each one of them up with your thumb and forefinger at the very center. Lift them up like pyramids. when this is done. width. now imagine the price action running around this holographic square of 144 converted into a global sphere. rotating yourself like a spinning vector. such as the need to seek outside guidance from yourself. If this offends you. and look around as your standing inside the center. I get it from the web of creation. The more you live in your vehicle body and the more ego you . calculating the price and time squarings from the different SIDES of the square. and you will be delighted at what you see. Give them Height. on the bottom left of the square. from the right top the to the left top. I apologize. and LIFT it up. and we are blueprinted from a sprial. We seek the source in others writings. and look out thru every angle. and grab it in the middle. with your hands reach out to either side of it. tape the master square of 144 up on your ceiling.

have any of you ever read a book besides the above cosmologists that have ever laid out the law of vibration for you ?. ie the time angle. recover it. So. Re. Seek the silence within yourself. Fi. Now in his brain I see Faradays magnetic lines. I doubt it. It would be quite easy for Mr Gann to have in his head the law of octaves. La. is take the day time angle. "a time factor that repeats". the courses. Mi. and from this is the Do. I have uploaded a file demonstrating this for the emini today. gain it. sine waves oscillating back and forth around a gravity center for bullish and bearish sentiment. prices get below it. so lets put some white light on that. I imagine Gann holding a Tesla coil in his hand. ie the prices that the market will bounce off of. lots of books use the word vibration. Ti. "an entirely different law works on the ascension as from the descension". change this dial and behold whats behind the looking glass. Archimedes geometric solids rotating in three dimension inside his coconut.. the hand drawn charts. for the market to get strong its a good sign to see it shock the . this is what is meant by time or price being ahead of one another. Which is the way the architect desinged it. but hardly a thorough course on what this is and how the model is laid out. Have you ever notice that NOWHERE does Gann talk in his courses and books like he speaks in his ticker digest interview ? These two different pieces of literature are as diametrically opposed as can be. he did this with a math model based on comsology of Ouspensky and Gurdjieff based on time angles. a Wilhem Reich orgone generator attached to his a. All I do. and calculate the all to nothing octave. Why ? Because what is in those courses is shortcuts designed by him for him. A Annunuki mother ship in a holding pattern 618 miles above him downloading the exact planetary relationships. "the forces behind this motion are also under a law or state of vibration" "stocks are like gravity centers" "they are like electrons jumping orbits" "each stock has its own vibratory characteristic". Leaving us in the dark. Electrons have movement to a phenomena called spin up and spin down. and a pyramid on his head. Pythagoras had the law and taught it. Do. Find out where the market is.generate the more separated you are from IT. When Gann beat up the market in his thirties. Its music that most closely models this law. Remember these statements. "periodic undulation". A lot of folks will vehemently deny this statement. encapsulate the price between two vibrations. a particular wavelenth. its a file called spookygravitycenters. then simply encapsulate the market price in between two vibrations. giving us something in common. Your senses pick up only a small portion of the available octave for its vibrational spectrum. On to the GAnn Meister.. Prices simply oscillate around a rotating vector. the overlays. the books. Here is my take on how Gann traded under observation and in the market pits perhaps. all kinds of misc stuff along the periphery. This celestial stuff came later in life with more experience and research. complex regression analysis. and if trading he only need to know what time angle is operating. fourier transforms. The idea that certain vibrations need to be shocked for the ascension. then recalculate the octaves and there is the vibration. and certain ones need to be shocked for descension is the different rule Gann spoke of. I have much of the Gann material. The more you rely on your senses the more the illusion becomes. then calculate the two inner octaves from this. and notice the price behavior at it. Between the FA SO vibrations is the exact gravity center of the octave. "thus I affirm that all classes of phenomena fall under this law of vibration" I ask you.

but its the earths own cyclic behavior that we are psychology wired up with. the theory is this. the the idea of using trading hours needs to be abandoned. and there is some truth to using trading hours. and we adjust our cycles to this divisions of night and day over a twenty four revolution of the earth. but for those who are trying to get this. but were here. the number 192 is really not as important as the understanding of where it comes from. here is the time portion of what I do. damn. and this divided by 24 is 192 calendar days. and this is the earths cycle that we adjust ourselves with. incredible communication . a lot of gann students are obsessed with the other planets. and the diatonic scale is completed with the return of the eight position. This we call One octave of time. Which gives us 192 calendar days. not there. and this gives us 4608 hours. Just riding the rock and rotating the time forward is all thats needed. I can make it work to a certain extent. sure there configurations combined with solar wind and magnetic force affects us. Let the rock roll and the conversations spin. But with todays global economy. im sure some dont care either. in theory if you want to apply natural science to a market. I can calculate these prices in three minutes. the communication of the world was rather slow as today. this sets up a good time structure as it moves with the calendar.SO vibration. that we are here on this earth. and you will say. and so the market participants were somewhat regular and predictable. since there are 24 hours in the day. and then twenty four octaves on top of this base freqeuncy of 192 hours for our base diatonic octave of the weekday. the days of the week being seven. since there seven days of the week. now gann counted calendar and trading time on his charts. however it is not even remotely close to the power of following the calendar. "The master key" by Mr Charles Chuck Hannell. and also with the 24 hour revolving of the earth. and "Trading in the stillness" by Ricky Harris. eye dont think some people are following the foundation of what i am talking about. I know all of you think my antenna is bent. Count out squares of 192 days from the markets first trading day and encapsulate the current time and apply the law of octaves as described in Cosmic Secrets and you will have all the tops and bottoms at your command. So you ask why do you stack 24 octaves on this one beginning octave. the hours of the day. hes right. and we have the above octave which has 192 hours in it. we take the eight position at 24 hours per day. for the simple reason. Here is the spooky book of the week. being 24. "Torque Analysis" by Chucky Garrett. so this is the theory behind the 192 cycle. so then after we have run out 192 calendar days we have run out 24 octaves of this base day of the week octave. in theory and application. this lends itself to the law of seven. do moonsday re tuesday mi wednesday fa thursday so friday la saturday ti sunday do monday most of the world conforms to this week. but ONE of you sometime will follow my steps. also when gann was trading the markets. and even a golden but oldie. I stack 24 of these octaves on that one octave.

add 192 more and follow this up till your current. you can do two things.880. the clever person should also see that PRICES give the time when something to occure in a market. its enormously powerful. this is the theory and the application of what i have been talking about. DO TI LA SO FA MI RE DO 1760 1540 1173.. which is very accurate.. and take the day after this day and add 192 days to that and take the next day after that day and add 192 again and again until your time is currently encapsulated inside the square of 192. or you can use the date of the emini start time. timeanddate. for the emini. But I think a good study of that book will give you the method. your time is ascertained like this. it also gives very accurate price projections.. as i have given some examples of doing this. separate the squares and rotate them forward. all nothing octaves. and a good thoughful application further from what im describing can by made by anybody.. SO VIBRATIONS BECOME DO VIBRATIONS . use the time count from the parent market. day today is day 110 the emini is somewhere up around 1144...capability and the ability to trade from any househould with internet capablility makes the stange attractors very chaotic and the only i know how to tame that is thru the law of octaves as applied from time angles. but let it be known.. do not overlap the number 192 with the number one. one chart for any day from 1 to 192 can be made permanent. you want to keep the squares of 192 separate from one another. time and price.. add 192 days to this date. most of you should be able to figure this out own your own.1760 just encapsulate your price from this base frequency. if your really interested i will teach you privately over a couple of days.3 THE ALL TO NOTHING OCTAVE.6 440 220 0 NOW. page 39 in that book is basically the whole ball of wax. they are intimitely connected. consider this. ie. find the first trading day for your market in question. FOREVER.. and as long as your market is trading inside the numbers for that chart you have. the practical application of that is obtained by using the first trading day of your market and then add forward 192 days which we assume is the return of the octave to its beginning again. it does everything. and from the NEXT DAY. The prices are generated from the time number. and the balancing centers of the octaves draw prices to them. i use this website. or use them both in combination to get very strong price projections... one by one. example. 110. the theory holds that time positions give prices. the time angle according to the law of octaves at taught in cosmic constantly rotating time forward when your time is correct.220. I have only scratched the surface of how to apply this.440. 880 586. you have a permanent accurate grid of prices for ALL TIME FOR ANY DAY OF ANY MARKET .

6 1210 THE INNER INNER SCALE 1173. I mean crocodile. the more wide the octave is between do vibrations.2 TODAYS FREQUENCIES. Gann even tells you to chant and sing the diatonic octave notes.5 HINT.5 1246. BETWEEN ANY TWO VIBRATIONS NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE. lets bring some energy on. and there is no such thing . smoke the markets.5 1100 NOTICE HOW THE MARKET IS TRADING BETWEEN MI AND RE TODAY. and this leads us to Billy Williams and his Crocodile.9 1127. its right there that his spooky law of vibration is now known to be the comsmological laws of the universe.6 1320 THE INNER SCALE 1173. chant. THE GRAVITY 1136. and notice in ganns magic word.3 1130. ie strange attractors.8 1141. By the way Gann was a master metaphysician as indicated by the way he writes in that book.6 CENTERS 1134. because that is where they are. BUT LIKE I SAID. on page thirty eight while he is telling everybody to sing. and VIBRATE THE YOD HE VAU HE. SO HERE IS HOW WE GOT TODAYS VIBRATIONS DO TI LA SO FA MI RE DO 1155 1151. he says that the markets are at least a seven dimensional animal. Since you folks are dominating the conversation. Williams says that new information is what causes market trends.DO TI LA SO FA MI RE DO 1760 1650 1466. the law of the enneagram.3 1100 990 880 NOW MI AND SO VIBRATIONS IN THIS SCALE BECOMES DO VIBRATIONS DO TI LA SO FA MI RE DO 1320 1292. not the rock. Gann speaks about light. the smaller octaves indicate congestion trading !!! let the spinning rock do the work for you. He says that markets are where they are. ARE DIATONIC OCTAVES. and meditation.3 1155 1127.5 1145. the more movement you get. divine science he knew.

and set up the psychic energy. now once they laid tracks. Chucky Drummond says that his point and line charting method shows were energy termination points. but there is cyclic rotation of our earth we can take advantage of this new energy by following the behavior of our earth. This 192 calendar day cycle has 4608 hours of rotation in it. the laws of music theory. is to use the law of vibration. he also says that markets are framed by higher time periods. why do you think he said a market has to work out the cells of uncharted territory. this lends us to this question. now imagine trying to track just the major ones. which is the law of vibration. and finally why he said "everything seeks a balancing center". and these hours of rotation have also very precise gravity centers for something "to happen" within a market trading session. Mr Gann was one of the first to say that old bottoms will become future tops. since there is no such thing as time. he knew it was energy spaces that needed to be worked out by the traders. He states that the bars themselves contain energy and thus have forecasting value when certain higher time frame configurations occur. People who have lost limbs. our awareness needs to be. how can this be ?. whether the elapsed time be a couple hours or twenty years. what a complex grid of energy. This energy is precisely the same thing that is happening in the markets. Interesting for sure. for the rest of time spins out cycles of the same length in time. why is that you think ?. ie. they eliminate that factor from there analysis. the way to tame this energy. Preordained gravity centers from time angles might have something to say about that. depending on how we filter and process the enviroment. and then the time passes very differently for all of us. and "these are measure in degrees of longtitude". have to work out the cells before they can advance. he also said the fourth time a market trid to break thru a grid of energy. you know they were constantly taking feedback from the terrain and making constant adjustment and decisions from the environment. NOw Mr Gann spoke about markets who are moving into uncharted territory. how can a point of energy in price. also Gann used the word. Time seems to be mostly a function of our perception. The word "everything" means . this energy must be not only be present. but it remains polarized at that time in space where it manifested originally. a task that makes no sense to try. from the past make future traders behave in a certain way when the same cells are worked over ?. and old tops will become future bottoms. now imagine for a moment every price pivot for any market spinning out time factors forever. this is a wonderful concept and it appears to have much truth. lower periods being dominated by the energy termination points of higher time frames. How can this be ?. ie. until it was a worn path. was the time it made it. technical analysis. for time to be observed. Imagine Lewis and Clark going into uncharted territory. the rotating rock. You can see what a major complex lattice structure each market is. which is the law of octaves. and the time angles are the resistance to price". tops and bottoms will occur before they occur by using certain lines drawn from the price bars themselves. Gann theory states that a price level that acted as a pivot. report they still feel and see outlines of subtle energy where the limb used to be. that idea lends us to Kirlian photography that has shown sublte energy around the body for many years now. Think about why Gann said "time angles govern price. the next guy and the next were easily able to duplicate the journey. Chucky Drummond says that there is no such thing as time.

Eye used to crack up watching Hannibal and his crew bust the nutcase Murdock out of the mental hospital so they could go on a mission. I have meditated for a long time now. that his knowledge of the law of vibration as applied to the markets is HIS. and I dont like it for this discussion. Now that we have that picture. does he seem like a good time Charlie to you ?. it has lots of green timing angles. and then I was taught how to employ white vibrational light. He states that since he was in a position to help others with his master time factor and vibrational laws he offered a service to help people make sound investments. now imagine yourself sitting in front of this rotating sphere with all the grid lines on it. and would not be divulged. Take a look at Mr Gann. studying with professional traders. I can use the square of nine. they did this and that. once you can establish one way. the only one I have ever seen that is any good are made by Bill Mclaren. I came to the conclusion. For anybody who is interested I want to explain what I mean about "the grid". the grid is now wrapped up in perfect symetry around the sphere. but nobody had the basis of what is.everything. spending all my money on courses. I dont have any lock on this stuff so I share it with you. try this. you become immersed in what is a very cool. let me say this. with the year 1955 on it. imagine this globe being solid in front of you. ever. In his books he flat out states. you just exploit that until your wealthy. the price inside this square according to where its at the time of the market session.75 hours of space on this grid. there are many ways to beat the market. I just told the universe to download into my brain every bit of market knowledge and information that has ever been in WD Ganns brain. Now make the the sphere holographic and transparent. After studying Gann for fifteen years. your awareness of your body is completely gone. does he seem like the kind of guy who liked everybody he met. they could use the master time charts in a couple of specific ways. what it was. he looks to me like the kind of guy who didnt take shit from anybody. you are a ball of pulsating energy. now we are going to watch a market session unfold on this ball. I learned how to access the delta level. and probably didnt like to be around people all the time. What I explain to you is the principle of the gann squares. I am going to set up in your mind a model so you can envision what is happening with those squares. magnetic. what its based on. what I will say next will not do anything to ease your situation. and make it have depth. namely the one called the master 144 price and time chart. you are deep in the void of yourself. and not only that but all information that has ever been about the law of vibration as applied to the markets. when you reach this level of meditation. Speaking of bent antennas. This is the FACE OF THE GRID that is in operation for that market duration. but that is a bit different. Gann called that square his master time and price chart. Anyway one day in this state. rotating like the earth does. reading everything available. Imagine a globe. now heat shrink the plastic 144 overylay completely around that globe. the bell rings and out opens up section of 6. holographic. The lines and angles only on that particular grid session dominate and control that sessions price . when you can visualize and allow yourself to become a sponge of white vibrational light. and electric vibrational white light. treated everybody great. so Gann said that everything that is a thing. seeks a balancing center. that everybody had parts of what Gann did. to where this is a perfect fit and no slack.

The market closes. It would rotate at one degree every four minutes. Just a sweeping pass of that very busy and complex grid. constantly in front of you. so here is what Im saying. the sacred lines of geometry. and immediately a new section of the grid appears. so you constantly see the face of the grid that is ACTIVE for the session under consideration will have in their possession the most sophisticated and accurate trading model for time and price analysis that has every come down the pike from the spiritual realm.75 trading session. each side at one time being the BOTTOM according to which square your in. This time period of 4608 hours has time gravity centers in it. according to the 192 master time factor. When you have two or three good shocks of time vibrations WITHIN THE TRADING SESSION. I have a square of 192. So the market got going for a while but the energy was gone. liquid. and the ball returns to normall with no windows open. and the price would fall and rise according to the angles in operation for the specified period. the octaves frequencies . This way your just using a conical slice or section of the grid as it passes over and over and around the ball. so you can follow what im saying. and Gann was progressive. 6. and fluid. when the TIME VIBRATIONS DO NOT FALL WITH THE TRADING SESSION the market gets flat. this would all be done with the 192 calendar period. the price frequencies are generated from the time angles. or you can use that 144 square. the enneagram. 24 hours elapsed of earth rotation. this is what makes the moves good and fast.75 hours of unique angle configuration with the price encapsulated in it. and the 4608 time gravity centers would be on the grid. the TIME VIBRATIONS ENERGIZE the trading participants. the final frontier. but the time vibrations themselves are the gas for the traders. will not make a success. and the market opens up again. THIS IS TRUE FOR TIME AND PRICE. you advance 24 hours across the grid every day. as he said the man who does not continue to learn and study and try new things. because the market opens up on a new face of the structure. The way to mimick four dimensional price time trading is to rotate your market around and around the gann grid. passing away from you and going round and round. all days. as you see he made four dimensional model of a plastic chart. like today. and the market meandered around the gravity center. This is the face of this new session. like today the first hour was a time gravity point. we mimick this four dimensional rotating ball describe above by doing what I just described. The computer programmer who can perform this miracle of a three dimensional holographic sphere. rotating. so being progressive is good. the gann grid. gann was a proponent of being progressive. now what is happening is this. Every day a new piece of the grid opens up for that market session. and these angles dominate the price action. Now perhaps you understand why the strange attractors are so wild. revolving in and in front of you. Here is what Gann would have developed if he was born in the age of the integrated circuit. or whatevery time speed you wanted it at. because he refuses to admit he does not know all there is to know. Again. with all the master time and price times lines on it. and the next gravity point fell out past the 6. its a unique roller coaster.activity. which are ALL encapsulated on the master time and price chart. the face of the grid closes up. the earth moves forward and the ball moves around. ONLY A SECTION OF THE GRID PASSES THRU EACH TRADING SESSION. an this is what happens. This leads me talk about this emini market today. but because our Gann square is flat. only a SWEEPING piece of grid dis-covers the market action for the duration of trading time.

where is IT. and he says it on page twenty four. this way you would know instantly which TIME VIBRATIONS AND WHICH PRICE VIBRATIONS ARE ACTIVE FOR THE SWEEP OF THE GRID FOR THE MARKET SESSION. because you will never have to chase it. the Gannster says "nature balances everything". and all tops and bottoms are in relation to some PREVIOUS HIGH OR LOW. the heavenly passing of the sun shocking the seasons. Dividing a range by the number eight is the most ridiculous thing.realize that indeed I am showing you how Mr Gann made 286 trades with 264 trades being profitable. GAnn made a mockery of his true law of vibration and gave his readers a very poor cheap imitation of the LAW. the man who does not change his mind. This post should gain me even some more unpopularity. Everything is going this time and price grid. you will know when the press the market and when to leave it alone. Read page 34 and see how Gann tells you about Faradys mathematical points of force. but Gann was not going to give it up. LOL. On . that the rotating rock and its 24 hour repititive cycle is the KEY to it all. This is the first time that the law of vibration has been demonstrated in print and in real time as exactly Mr Gann employed and deployed it. but its the difference in the time position that makes it appear different. Profits are kind of crazy with a spooky little price like you !! Try to get this inside of your mind. On page 34 under the title of Range of Fluctuations. on page twenty four. The entire Murrey Math system is primarily based on the paragraph right there. and the reason is because what Im showing you is anticlimactic in a sense. you will never see this work duplicated anywhere. how history repeats on a grid of permanent resistance points for time and price.would be lit up. taking a perfect fractal and making octave shift changes as it moves thru its harmonic intervals. will soon have no change to mind. this is not exactly true. what the true forty five degree angles really are. in the procession. it does not apply and take into consideration the retardation within the diatonic scale that occurs between the Mi Fa and Ti DO vibrations. Screaming at you. on page 30 the Gannster makes a comment about the square of nine and how our earth year falls along the circle of geometry. the law of vibration is now exposed for what it really is. On page 36 mr Gann speak of the whole ball of wax right there. I have shown you in real time how the market absolutely goes to predetermined mathematical points of force even before the traders take it there. he alludes to the Masonic royal cross. Remember Gann said. Cause that is exactly what Im showing you. In that book HOw to make profits. The book how to make profits on commodities should have been named. but truthfull madness. How i use the law of octaves in combination with time angles to get very accurate buy and sells. and he also makes reference of the 2/3 or . Although it is when you do not ride the rock and turn the wheel. the only thing that makes them seem different is the TIME position. because the search is over. and of course they do not have the 192 day calendar cycle. giving up the FA SO vibrations the true gravity center.666666666666 being the position between vibrations that takes it to the next vibration. Madness I tell you. unless of course you do it yourself. however with one HUGE mistake. You could be in a position over the market with such power. The time and price grids are PERMANENT. but it hides itself because of the TIME factor. this is repetition in perfection. I have showed you how to square price and time with the master charts. Eye suspect some of you who follow my posts and work.

and mostly the law of correspondence. By doing this you automatically dis-cover the price levels that must be shocked again as the wheel moves past the same point it has in the past. he said you "must". billions of years. in the words of Russell Smith. in your mind your saying to yourselves "can this 192 day calendar cycle be the master factor or is this guys antenna just seriously bent ?" How bout we bend the space time continuum and turn to page 192 in how to make profits. there is not such thing as time. which is true. Gann being schooled in the Kabbalistic. and what is all about. and contains "seven" letters. In Ganns magic word he is teaching you about sympathetic resonance as he speaks about your voice sending its wants and desires throughout the universe when you ring the sacred word "Jehovah". He speaks of illusions. He speaks much of RADIO and how is it possible to send stuff thru air without being able to see it. "what time you got buddy". Go to page 32 and read the sentence by Gann. MI. there is only rock rotation in longtitude and revolution. The very laws you are learning in Cosmic Secrets. Take a good look at the book. talk kinda crazy. and resistance levels. cause he might be doing the same thing". where he tells you use the notes DO. "shocking isnt it". you the man. but perhaps not clever enough for the trained eye ball. most clever indeed. and I say why its 1:44 pm. ie "as above so below". and he says. On page 42 and 43 mr Gann talks about the Law of the Trines. he also gave up the key in the magic word on page 38. and gravity centers. say to yourselves "this harmonic guy kind of weird. Hermetic. pranic breathing. But then he didnt tell you how to do that did he ?. He tells you that this word rings "three" sylablles. Like I said before. and looks my way and says. RE. Now I know lots of you who read what eye right. billions of galaxies in his I M A G E ination. You the man Russell. all passing in his mind like a blink our eyes. Take care you all Or Commander Cody says "never argue with a fool. but its not so vague when you consider the half point between six and seven months is very close . LA. Do. "yeah right". "You must apply time cycles and time rules" he didnt you should. but he tells you that you have to keep a record of all the activity to keep informed about levels from the past. nothing but Time angles. say goofy things". lol. Then he reminds you to not rely on your own EYE BALLZ so much. FA. Imagine the grand architect holding billions of worlds. the Forces of the Diatonic scale. because that sensory organ is quite deceptive at times as to the truth of our universe. on page 38 he makes a tremendous statement about the gravity center and he also uses the ROCK as his example. We look at Gann telling us to watch for the six and seven months for a change of trend. The ever cryptic Gannster. the positive negative and neutral principles of the Universe. he fails to tell you that you only need to use the master time factor and apply the laws of vibration as you ride the rock and spin the wheel forward. or it helps. and Rosy Cross philosophy adopted the code and smybolic writing style of the priest craft throughout history. LOL. as they are going to repeat. now this is kinda vague. billions of life forms. Here he is trying to teach you the law of vibration with law of seven and three. and read under time cycles. especially because he knew that price levels were 37 mr Gann gives up one of the most Fantastic and failsafe ways to nail price levels.

192. we want to ride the rock forward. knowing full well his team has no chance to win. When that market started. lol. He says that the gypsies used the tarot to divine the future with these cards. 96. 144. 1928 WHEN IT SOLD AT 192 3/4. squares. these grids are a combination of sacred geometry. Papus wrote a book called "the tarot of the bohemians" he says its the absolute key to occult science. 120. a vibration was set up that forever puts out a frequency that is based on 24 hour harmonics from that base vibration. CURTISS MADE EXTREME LOW IN AUGUST 1921 WHEN IT SOLD AT 1 1/8. and so into 192 days. For whatever market you like and whatever exchange it resides at is irrelavant. Gann was in love with this stock called "radio". or you can use the 192 grid which is the master repeating time factor. Yes we have the law of octaves which is the price frequencies I show on the chart. 168. 48. who was these brothers who had eagles in there heart ?. Yes there are lines of force that are active during the market session. this is what Gann said when these angles are "active". triangles. This stock accurately describes the law of vibration. LATER IT WAS CONSOLIDATED WITH WRIGHT AEROPLANE COMPANY. a reference on page 192 with a stock that went from 1 to 192. they cannnot set them in time correctly. they are a conglomaration of all these ideas and mathematical lines of force. traders psyche for a given point in space and time. So Gann is very sympathetic with it. In my earlier post I spoke of how to use them in the fourth dimension of trading. This is why nobody can use them correctly is for that reason. You can use the 144 grid as it is alignment with the 24 hour frequency. Let me digress for a moment and tell you why the grids are as they are. the reasoning behind these cards is they contain everything that is in the collective unconscious of mankind. at that point in time a mathematical signature was created. Now back to those gann grids you asked about. they contain circles. Hmmmmmmmmm. because that would throw off our price frequencies. ie squares. The reasoning behind this is that we want to be dynamic and we want real time calculations. he talks about it with great affection saying it will be a leader again. THE WRIGHT BROTHERS BUILT THE FIRST AIRPLANE IN THE UNITED STATES AND MADE THE FIRST SUCCESSFUL FLIGHT" #$%$&*$@#! $$##@#^&%*^$#@##$%&&^^%%. THEN ADVANCED TO EXTREME HIGH IN MAY. he speaks about it the way a sports better bets with his heart. he was a very learned initiate. THE TWO LEADING COMPANIES IN THE BUSINESS WERE WRIGHT AND CURTISS. we only stack 24. Now the charts are so busy. and you could draw them on the chart. I use the square of 192. the gann grids show the active lines. but its mostly hit and miss. They are archetypal symbology of the nature of everything. we never would use a fraction of a day. are you friggin kiddin me. however the 144 is also valid. Now back to these gann grids. that you can put one on a high or low and you see it square it out. These are gotten from the Gann Grids. Every day for the market session a section of the grid is active. but of course they was one of the first "tunnelers thru the air". So to answer your question. In essence they are archetypal symbology of trading patterns. how to mimick that idea. Now the Gann mann wrote a book called the wall street stock selector. now turn to page 192 in that book and I will quote the gannster here "CURTISS WRIGHT. The reasoning why they are valid is because we base everything on 24 hours of revolution. they contain the enneagram. You folks are going to make so much snap buying and selling these gravity centers your going to be surrounded with cement ponds and movie starz. I .

the one i demonstrated was one where the price and time were in equilibrium. in essence all that I know. On to your time question. this is just done with the law of octaves.just look at the section that is active and get an idea as to what lines are dominating. Well now all this good vibrational talk gears me up for a listen to the beach boys classic rock tune. how to get the time balancing centers and more. this happens in a number of different ways. as there are relationships between points of squarings.. the more advanced theory and application will only be imparted on a one to one basis. how to use the master charts. I use mathematical sequencing. yes the times of when the highs and lows can be gotten also.. but it also reverse the trend on other numbers and configurations. this is what Gann said when he said. this happens often. I have laid down the basic idead as to how to apply the law of vibration to a market. Light speed everybody . ist just a companion to the law of octaves... NOw on to your question about time and price squaring. I have given hints as to how this id done in my charts and posts. yes price and time square up all the time. The time when something is going to happen is just another balancing act or center that is calculated from .. they were the same number. Reread my post and more will come to you. where I can show you over many hours and charts how the price and time squares up..