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MATERI MELENGKAPI KALIMAT/PARAGRAF 1. My mother ______ some cakes last night. A.

make JAWAB: C PEMBAHASAN: Di soal ada keterangan waktu ‘last night’. Berarti kalimat dengan struktur simple past (lampau), dengan pola Subj + Verb 2. Maka pilihan yang menunjukkan Verb 2 adalah ’made’. 2. All the journalists should give their writing before the ______ at 01.00 a.m. A. headline D. limit line JAWAB: B PEMBAHASAN: Soal berhubungan dengan kosakata di bidang ‘mass media’. Istilah yang tepat untuk batas waktu terakhir adalah ’deadline’. 3. Diana : What’s wrong with you, Wulan? You look so sad. Wulan : My father is sick. He is in hospital now. Diana : Oh, ______ I hope he will get well soon. Wulan : Thank you. A. my God, it is wonderful D. I’m okay JAWAB: C PEMBAHASAN: Soal berhubungan dengan ungkapan ‘sympathy’. ungkapan yang tepat untuk ikut bersimpati karena ayahnya Wulan sakit adalah ‘I’m sorry to hear that’. For no. 4 and 5, choose the correct word to complete the paragraph. Four days ago, my father and I ___4___ our picnic planning. We decided to go to Bali. We will stay there for 1 week. I like our planning very much. What a good planning it is! I think it will be a nice vocation. My father has prepared everything for it. Last night he called up one of the hotels to reserve a double room for ___5___. 4. A. Discuss discussing B. Discussed C. to discuss D. B. never mind C. I’m sorry to hear that B. deadline C. printed line B. Makes C. Made D. Making

What a pity JAWAB: D PEMBAHASAN: Lia berkata bahwa dompetnya telah dicuri. I believe that it will satisfy you. Kamar hotel merupakan ’accommodation’ (akomodasi/ hunian) . menggunakan Verb 2. JAWAB: B PEMBAHASAN Soal berhubungan B. How did it happen? Lia : Maybe a pickpocket took it when I was on the bus. but ______. That would be nice C. are you going to buy this gas stove? Customer : Yes. Kemudian Shopkeeper berkata “Jangan khawatir”.5. Kalimat menyatakan pemesanan kamar hotel. Maka ungkapan Customer adalah ungkapan merasa tidak yakin (uncertainty). A. Uti : ______. I’m certain the quality is good C. That’s a good idea D. yaitu ‘What a pity’ (oh kasihan / sayang sekali). tapi masih ragu. Shopkeeper : So. Shopkeeper : Please don’t worry about it. Karena Kalimat diawali dengan keterangan waktu ’four days ago’ (empat hari yang lalu). dengan ‘struktur’ kalimat. Picnic equipment 4. It has a three year guarantee. 7. B. berati kalimat bertenses simple past. yaitu: “I’m not sure about the quality” (Saya tidak yakin terhadap kualitasnya). JAWAB: C PEMBAHASAN Soal berhubungan MATERI:EXPRESSIONS 6. That’s great B. there ‘s no doubt about the quality D. A. Recreation C. Lia : Oh. my wallet has been stolen. Maka ungkapan yang tepat adalah ‘sympathy’. A. I’m not sure about the quality JAWAB: C PEMBAHASAN: Customer jadi membeli kompor gas (gas stove). 5. yaitu: ’discussed’. Accommodation D. I can’t decide if it is dengan ‘kosakata’.

9. can you help me? C. it’s none of your business JAWAB: B PEMBAHASAN: Siswa menawarkan bantuan. Here it is’ (Tentu saja. please?’ (Bisakah kamu mengambilkan saya aspirin?). Maka ungkapan yang diucapkan oleh Ayah adalah ‘asking’. I’m not certain C. please? please? C. Let me help you. yaitu: ‘that’s very kind of you’ (Anda sangat baik). Father : I’ve got a headache.). B. 10. perhatikan jawaban Ibu: ‘Certainly. yaitu: ‘Can you get me an aspirin. Can you get me an aspirin. Here it is. Student : It seems to me that you are having trouble taking those books. Berarti Ibu mengambilkan Ayah sesuatu. Teacher : Oh. Sir. I absolutely believe D. Ini. that’s very kind of you D. A. Will you take me to a doctor. Will you help me hold my head? me? JAWAB: A PEMBAHASAN: Situasi dialog adalah Ayah sedang sakit kepala. MATERI : TENSES B. I D. Maka ungkapan yang tepat dari Guru adalah ungkapan ‘gratitude/appreciation’. Maka kalimat Rudi yang pertama ialah‘uncertainty’: ‘I’m not certain’. Jane : When will you go back to Indonesia? Rudi : ______. why don’t you bring these books .8. It depends on my study. Do you have time to help B. ______ Mother : Certainly. A. I’m sure don’t understand JAWAB: B PEMBAHASAN: Perhatikan kalimat Rudi yang kedua: ‘It depends on my study’ (tergantung pada studiku). Untuk menentukan kalimat Ayah yang kedua. Berarti Rudi merasa tidak yakin atau merasa tidak pasti . ______ A. Father : Thanks.

the price is Rp.. 50. doesn’t it JAWAB: A PEMBAHASAN: Kalimat Utama positif.Dasnil : Where will we stay if we go to Bali next holiday? Irwan : At an inn. maka ‘tag’-nya Negatif dengan Aux.000. has won C. MATERI : TAG QUESTIONS 13. isn’t it D. won yang tepat adalah ‘has won’ (telah memenangkan) MATERI: CONJUNCTIONS 12. ______? A.Dian Basuki is a piano player.Andi : We can spend the night at a hotel. A. but also (tidak hanya…. Dasnil : The price includes breakfast. wins JAWAB: B PEMBAHASAN: Untuk melengkapi kalimat terakhir dari soal di atas. You will ______ get information from it ______ you will ______ get a member card for hiking. He plays the piano very well. He ______ many competitions in Indonesia since he was a primary school student. Right over there. 14. A. ______? B. menggunakan V1(s).Bogi : Could you tell me how to get to the National Park Information Center? Koke : Sure.V= do/does. but – not only – also . but – also – not only D. Bakri : Yeah. kalimat tersebut Subj ber-tenses ‘Present + have/has Perfect’ Pola ‘Present Perfect’: + V3. Dasnil : Have you checked the price? Irwan : Yes.per night. does it C. also – but – not only JAWAB: A PEMBAHASAN: Pasangan / urutan Conjunction yang tepat adalah not only …. Berarti (telah/sudah). maka menggunakan does. lengkapnya adalah: “You will not only get information from it but you will also get a member card for hiking”. not only – but – also C. Karena Kata ganti Subject “the price” adalah “it”.tetapi juga) Kalimat tersebut.11. will won D. Maka pilihan B. is it B. but to stay at a hotel needs much money. perhatikan keterangan waktu ‘since’ (sejak).

Predikat-nya Verb1(s) / needs. it rains JAWAB: B PEMBAHASAN: Menanyakan Klausa-if. Susi : Will you come to my party next week? Dony : Maybe. but I am not sure. I have time C. doesn’t it C. you are not there B.Andi : That’s right. will increase B. Analisa berikutnya. . B. Bakri : And we don’t have enough for it. MATERI: CONDITIONAL SENTENCES 15. Dony. don’t you isn’t it JAWAB: B PEMBAHASAN: Kalimat Utama positif. Susi : Please. 16. Pilihan yang kemungkinan besar membuat Doni bisa datang adalah ”jika saya punya waktu”(if I have time). If I win the election. Klausa –if menggunakan tenses ”present”: Verb 1 (win). maka kata kerja bantu-nya = do/does. Subjectnya: to stay at a hotel. A. menggunakan does. MATERI: READING TEXT 1. Dari segi struktur Kalimat. I ______ the salaries of the workers and hire more women in the government offices. sama dengan “it”. Increased C. semua pilihan sudah menggunakan tenses ”simple present”. A. have increased JAWAB: C PEMBAHASAN: Kalimat Pengandaian. Subject ”it”. dari segi makna. Dony : Ok. A. I will come if ______. won’t it D. increase D. maka pada Klausa Akibat menggunakan tenses ”present future”: will + V1 (will increse). I am busy D.

18. Bicycles do not cause any to find a place to park. Many people use bicycles for exercise. 19. Mr. many people like bicycles better than cars. Last year my mother married Mr. Andi and Siska. Famous D. TEXT 2. They are also easy and cheap to fix. wonderful B. Daud. What is the main idea of the paragraph? A. we are waiting for the birth of my mother’s baby. 17. By bicycles. Andi and Siska become my step brother and step sister. Arti yang paling dekat (synonym) dengan “popular” adalah “famous” (terkenal). Pikiran Utama tersebut terdapat di kalimat utama yang berada di awal paragraph. Bicycles are not expensive to buy. Comfortable C. They also do not have pollution. they never have to wait in traffic. My father died of cancer five years ago when I was three years old. In cities. He left my mother and me. The writer is Andi and Siska’s children B.Bicycles are very popular today. bicycles do not cause any . Many people like bicycles pollution JAWAB: A PEMBAHASAN: Pertanyaan menemukan Pikiran Utama (main Idea). Andi and Siska? A. merupakan kalimat-kalimat penjelas atau pendukung kalimat utama. Bicycles are very popular today C. interesting JAWAB: C PEMBAHASAN: Pertanyaan menafsirkan makna kata. A. Yang menjadi pikiran utama adalah pilihan A (bicycles are very popular today). Both of them are older than me. their only boy. We live happily in my step father’s house. Pilihan yang lain. The closest meaning of the underlined word is ______. Finally. What is the relationship between the writer. Daud now becomes my step father. Now. They do not need gas to make them go. Another reason is money. Bicycles are not expensive D. “Bicycles are very popular today” (line 1). He was a widower and he had got two children. But exercise is only one of the reasons why bicycles are popular.

Informasi tersebut tidak tertera jelas dalam teks. The only boy C. Mr.B. B. The writer Daud JAWAB: D PEMBAHASAN: Pertanyaan menentukan Rujukan Kata. Andi and Siska are the writer’s brother and sister D. Kata “he” merujuk atau menggantikan Mr. 20. Daud. Andi and Siska are the writer’s cousins JAWAB: B PEMBAHASAN: Pertanyaan Informasi Rinci. . The writer’s father D. baca secara rinci (baris 4 & 5). “He was a widower…” (line 3) What does “he” in the sentence refer to? A. Untuk menemukannya. The writer is Andi and Siska’s step brother C.