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Complete the sentences like in the example. Use the long form of the auxiliary.

Example: Jane ___________ a book. (not/to read) Answer: Jane (does not read) a book. 1) Tom 2) You 3) Julie 4) I 5) Tina and Kate 6) Adam 7) His sister 8) We 9) My father 10) Johnny and Danny stamps. (not/to collect) songs in the bathroom. (not/to sing) in the garden. (not/to work) at home. (not/to sit) the windows. (not/to open) French. (not/to speak) lemonade. (not/to like) to music. (not/to listen) the car every Saturday. (not/to clean) in the lake. (not/to swim)

Negate the first sentence in each task. Write the negation of the verbs in bold into the correct gaps. You can use long or short/contracted forms of the auxiliary. Example: Tom wrote a letter. - Tom ______________ a letter. Answer: Tom wrote a letter. - Tom did not write a letter. or Tom didn't write a letter. 1) He played handball. - He handball. in the kitchen.

2) Susan waited in the kitchen. - Susan 3) I made the beds. - I the beds.

4) They cleaned the classroom. - They 5) She asked a lot of questions. - She 6) The friends got new computers. - The friends 7) I was in Sofia last weekend. - I 8) You built a house. - You

the classroom. a lot of questions. new computers.

in Sofia last weekend. a house. a new guitar.

9) Christian bought a new guitar. - Christian 10) We went shopping. - We shopping.

nice pictures.You 7) They speak English.They 8) He watches TV.John nice. . volleyball every week. .Tom ______________ a letter. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions. from Greece. . TV.Tom does not write a letter. from Spain. (to play) e-mails. Example: Tom writes a letter. . You can use long or short/contracted forms of the auxiliary. .They 2) John is nice. or Tom doesn't write a letter. . 3) This car makes a lot of noise.I 10) Steve draws nice pictures. Write the negation of the verbs in bold into the correct gaps. . . . a lot of noise.Steve Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Example: ____ she ____ books? (to read) Answer: Does she read books? 1) They 2) She 3) 4) My parents 5) 6) Andy's brother 7) Leroy 8) Anne you hockey at school. (to work) very fast. . pullovers. (can/not/to read) Jim and Joe the flowers every week? (to water) a motorbike. (not/to write) English? (to speak) fish.This car 4) I like computer games.He 9) I am from Spain. . 1) They play volleyball every week. (not/to like) any hobbies? (to have) in an office. Answer: Tom writes a letter.Negate the first sentence in each task.I 5) We are from Greece.We 6) You wear pullovers. (not/to ride) Elisabeth cola? (to drink) 9) Yvonne's mother 10) . Use the Simple Present. . English. computer games.

Example: He ___________ books (not/to read) Answer: He does not read books. (not/to answer) tomatoes in this shop? (to sell) trousers at school. (not/to hang) for the tickets? (you/to pay) stones. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions. (not/to crash) the mudguards of their bicycles. Use the Simple Present. (not/to drink) 4) Jenny and Peggy 5) The children 6) When 7) My mother 8) The boys 9) 10) He . or He doesn't read books. Example: ____ she ____ the Internet? (to surf) Answer: Did she surf the Internet? 1) I 2) 3) They my Maths homework yesterday. (to do) Susan to England by plane? (to go) a farm twoo weeks ago. Use the Simple Past. (not/to throw) the bells of your church still ? (to ring) 5) The guinea pigs 6) 7) The poster 8) 9) The boys 10) Ken often Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. (to visit) their brother.Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. (to take off) you your aunt last week? (to phone) milk at school. 1) Anne 2) 3) This girl 4) they my questions. (not/to wear) Mr Barker Physics? (to teach) under the desk. (not/to help) at home last weekend. (not/to hide) the school bus? (to miss) on the wall anymore. (not/to be) you this wonderful skirt? (to design) into the van. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions.

my cats. on the floor. a new car in 2005. Now they can watch the film. the game of chess? their lunch yet. 6) My green pencil 7) Emma and Betty 8) 9) His sister 10) We you from Scotland? seven years old. my homework. . my friend two days ago.Choose the correct words or phrases. in the cage. 1) I 2) My father 3) Trixi and Susi 4) The hamster 5) I a painter. but I 9) 10) The girls football yesterday. a girl. Example: He __ a boy. 1) Peter 2) They 3) Last year we 4) John and Peggy 5) I 6) We 7) She 8) I'm sorry. children. another country before. to Italy. good friends. are. It looks new again. Answer: He is a boy. at work. Choose the correct form of be (am. is). the book. the car.

Put in the following forms of be (am. 1) My mother 2) The pupils in the kitchen. Answer: He is a boy. from Brazil. happy. at home yesterday. not at school today. 10) Hey John! We Put in was or were into the gaps. 7) His pencil case 8) 9) I at home. Garry's friends. here. in South Africa last month. Example: He __ a boy. in front of the supermarket. 3) Maria's grandmother 4) I 5) It 6) They a football fan. at school last Saturday. 5) Robert and Stan 6) You 7) They 8) I 9) She very busy on Friday. you from Sheffield? not your friend. Sunday today. Do not use short/contracted forms. are. in the museum. 1) I 2) We 3) Tina 4) He in Canberra last spring. 10) Jessica and Kimberly . in the car. late for school. is) into the gaps.