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moves and suggest the future moves for Samsung 1 Oldcomputers. Post advent of laptops the industry took a leap to new era and then began an era of technology. change in consumer preference and industry attractiveness brought in other players like Samsung. Data monitor (2012) forecast that global PC industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10-13% in market value during 2012-13. tablets and mobile internet starting to compete with laptops due to features such as gaming. Dell. Being a Brand manager of Samsung mobile. is continuously reinventing on all market fronts thereby trying to retain their market position.html . Today the industry is highly competitive with competition internally as well as externally. my responsibility is to analyze existing marketing communication mix used by apple inc. The internal threat is majorly from apple computers that are technology leaders as well as sharp in their market move. HCL. Through this report I have made an attempt to identify apple inc.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A laptop is something that is portable and small enough to sit on a person‟s lap (webopedia. Amidst tough competition. sharp communication and top of mind positioning. Personal computer industry dates back 1970‟s. 2008). the first commercial portable computer – obsorne 1 was available in 1981 and the advent of laptops dates back 1995 after which Microsoft and Intel became the standard software to be used in laptops1. and enterprise application. apple inc. and recommend specific strategies Samsung can adopt to increase market competitiveness. At the beginning of laptop era we could notice limited players like Lenovo. however invention of technology. IBM to name a few. Apple. What matters in the current competitive scenario is how we as a Samsung could gain advantage in the marketplace by clear differentiation. internet access. external competition is from introduction of smart phones. AUSUS and Acer.

2% market share in 2012 followed by Acer. Lenovo and ASUS2 ( . whereby apple products function as digital devices. Recently apple is offering harmonized and synchronized and integrated solution using I-cloud as a hub. including I-pod. general manager. in US markets draws an example of Samsung capability and ability to penetrate as well as head the market. passion hopes. innovation. World-wide market share for Macs stood at 4. today is the manufacturer of the finest laptops. It is about creating simplicity in people‟s life and removal of complexity driven by product design and being a real humanistic company with heartfelt connection with customers. dreams. and has broad presence all over the globe.4 million devices in 20124 (Statista. As quoted by Seongwoo Nam. Apple quoted that the retina display Macbook has good tremendous response and have seen company taken the number one position in laptop share in the US”. Mac systems are being considered best for viewing color because they show the same result during prints.INTRODUCTION Apple Inc. I-pods and I-phone. Samsung „the netbooks and notebooks PC are growth 2 3 http://www. playing a key role in the process.mactech. I-pads and I-phones. Apple uses branding strategy based on emotions.appleoutsider. Samsung Samsung is most diversified conglomerates in the world wherein Samsung notebook is ranked the No. The strategy is about lifestyle. this is in developing country like India. Also the recent stiff between Samsung and Apple inc. Apple inc. aspiration and power to people through technology. The company enjoys huge brand loyalty and has created a brand that carries huge brand equity.3 MacBook air shipments are expected to total 8. apple maintains „monolithic‟ brand identity – everything being associated with the apple name. The report indicates that HP is the market leader with total 17.5% wherein apple laptops have 27% market share in the US market. Tim Cook. imagination.1 in South Korea. Dell. Samsung is world‟s leader in memory chip maker. Linux being the operating system is the safe from virus attack because majority of the virus programmes are made for windows. Mac laptop is the finest creation and is separate from the world of window & Intel. The technology used is considered of a world class stature and is the leader in designing and developing technology across globe. 2012) For several years apple product strategy involved creating innovative products and services aligned with a digital hub strategy. CEO. Recently has intensified its move across all categories wherein it has become market leader in mobile segment by beating Nokia. From brand architecture viewpoint. The core competency of apple is delivering exceptional experience through superb user interface. I-pads. 2012). This strategy is based around all apple 4 http://www.

For any new 6 http://news. by intensive campaign and unique product offerings with unique functions (Ramaswamy.shtml . Samsung series 9 laptops surprised everyone with its thin form factor and sleek curves.e. there are two ways to stimulate growth i.e. This is made possible because Samsung owns everything into the supply chain that gave more control of supply chain and allowed them to be faster and responsive with product launches. Innovation is at the heart of the Samsung wherein there is continuous new product launches in the market place. while entering into new market.softpedia. Samsung shipped a total of 14 million notebooks in 2011. According to Yonhap news. introduced its leading innovation on continuous basis as well as strengthen the This is through their commitment to innovative customer focused marketing 5 http://www.engine for our IT business‟5. Samsung as a brand today resembles to premium brand that elicits exceptional pride for owing the products.6 Samsung strategy is primarily price focused and largely concentrated on affordable notebooks with superior design. 2008). Samsung always pays to reduce lead time in the market place because it believes that being late in the business means business is over. The series was first in line to Apple MacBook and an ultrabook before Intel even invented them. Samsung have explore both i.

consistency and maximum communication impact” Thus integrated marketing communication is integration of marketing tools. economically and effectively influence transactions between organization and potential customer. approaches and resources which maximizes impact on consumer mind and which results into maximum profit at minimum cost. implementation and control of all elements of marketing communications which efficiently. It‟s an on-going process made up of many discrete but valuable steps. 1999) American association of advertising defines IMC as “concept that recognize the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic role of a variety of communication disciplines. each contributing to the greater cause” (Eldridge. Integrated marketing communication is carried out by company using following 6 modes of communication: Advertising: Sales promotion: Paid communication through mass media Short term incentive to encourage trial purchase Events & experience: Sponsored events or activities . choice. and combines these disciplines to provide clarity. “strategic coordination of all messages and media used by an organization to influence perceived value” IMC is the combined total effort by the company to inform. As a concept it integrates all marketing related aspects so that they work in harmony and then trigger so that it has powerful impact on the audience. Duncan and Everett defines IMC as. The concept of integrated marketing communication is one powerful tool that helps to make impact in the market place. 2007) “The need to strive for a greater integration is considered inevitable by many.LITERATURE REVIEW Today‟s ever changing culture combines with social networks. empowered customers and intense competition. Integrated marketing communication is a new way of looking at the whole. The concept of IMC become well known during 1990s and is largely used in recent years. “Integration is not a dreamland of endless possibilities with revolutionary marketing results. With increase in global competition and technological advances. where once we saw parts such as advertising. employee communications and so forth. although the means by which such integration may be achieved is uncertain” (Eldrige. 1999) IMC is the strategic analysis. companies need to be prepared for holistic thinking and marketing communication strategy. It is realigning communication to look at it the way the customer sees it – as a flow of information from indistinguishable sources. sales promotion. it has become very critical for business to make long lasting impact on target audience and in the market. public relations. persuade or remind customers directly or indirectly about the brands. According to Don Schultz. (Smith. products of the company. purchasing.

one to one distance communication by mail. Its premise is that everything a company does.4% Two basic marketing elements added to stand alone direct mail campaign. internet Face-to face interaction with one or more prospective customer Personal selling: There are two critical factors. Department of commerce. and sometimes what it doesn‟t do. . response rate increases to 6. response rate increases to 5. The research compiled by U.7% Three basic marketing elements added to stand alone direct mail campaign. and the Direct Marketing association reiterates following facts:     Average stand alone direct mail campaign generates 3. the American Management Association.3% response rate One basic marketing element added to stand alone direct mail campaign. telephone. strategic combination or „mix‟ of the basic elements and second factor is consistency of the theme across all elements in the campaign.S. response rate increases to 6. send a message.Public relation: Direct marketing: Designed to protect image and reputation communicating individual customer. first.9% Thus Integrated Marketing communication is a process that manages all of company‟s or brand interaction with customer and key stakeholder‟s.

MacBook Pro. OS X Mountain Lion. Mac mini. value for money range Price: The price ranges from $500 . Apple uses two methods of promotional strategies towards its target audience. They are as below:      Essential: these are reliable.e. Its logo has become most recognizable symbol. Place: Apple heavily depends on the network of its Apple stores which sells all range of MacBooks  Samsung: Product: Samsung has categorically segregated its laptop range based on its features. images etc Business: these laptops are designed for specially business purpose Net-book: low priced. Price: the price ranges from $999 . Apple store‟s are home to many young sales representative that are trained in product information and customer service.CRITICAL ANALYSIS & DISCUSSION Marketing mix is the mixture of several ideas and plans followed by a marketing representative to promote a particular product or brand is called marketing mix (Neil Borden. The second promotional tool apple uses is personal selling. iMac. Mac Pro. 1953) Following are the elements of marketing mix:     Product Price Place Promotion Let us evaluate Apple laptops & Samsung laptops on the basis of their marketing mix: Apple:    Product: Apple Laptop product range include MacBook Air. videos.$2499 Promotion: Apple is highly active in its promotional endeavors. sturdy & powerful notebooks Ultra portable: these are the thinnest laptops from Samsung High performance: these are designed for ultimate processing i. The first one is by heavily advertising on television network. technology magazine and internet.$1800 .

Place: Samsung has recently focused on developing „Samsung stores‟ thereby selling only Samsung products. however. Way same size.Promotion: Samsung promotion strategy is the create push as well as pull. Its impressive by any measure” Slogans & marketing message used by Apple Mac: Double celebration: Buy a Samsung Laptop and get 2 Assured offers (Oct 15 – Dec 31. Now up to twice as fast” “The lightweight notebook that‟s anything but a light weight” “Over 4 million pixels. Pull is created by advertising laptop range on television and internet whereas push is created by discount offers and trade scheme. 12) . major focus remains on dealer based distribution strategy The above analysis of marketing mix concludes that Apple majorly focuses on technology driven strategy whereas Samsung focuses on price driven strategy Slogans & marketing message used by Apple Mac:     “Performance and design taken right to the edge” “Way more power. Under 1.7 Kilos.