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-The creation of decent jobs must be the top priority for governments and the basic element.

-Mentorship and internship programmes for underprivileged children, free tutoring services, venues and food sponsorships, and hiring people with special needs as among "more-thanmoney" ways of contributing to poverty alleviation.The government should give out incentives to companies that contribute to the community. -Better education,training the unemployment,in order to get a professional qualification,at least at a minimum level in order to get a job; There are three major categories of the poor: a.Women-are considered the poorest of the poor, being an exclusive group.Most of the nonproffesional jobs are offered to men,because these imply a physical strength.On the other hand,women are the vulnerable group to many diseases. b.Children, the elderly, sick and disabled, whose vulnerability is evident; c.Indigenous and rural poor, who depend on nature for their livelihood; So basically it is needed to focuse on programs that would offer free medical support in order to keep these groups healthy,reducing the mortality at birth and mortality in children younger than 5 years,reducing maternal mortality,stopping and reversing the spread increase in cases of HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases; -Ensuring an ecological environment in such areas of living; -Develop a global partnership for development; -Promoting a strong social investment; Another idea would be to use the rich society in order to help the poorest one. -Taxing billionaires of the world to get these tens of billions of dollars that can be used to support programs regarding poor society.This 'millionaires tax' that would come in the form of an annual tax. On the other hand,the situation in Hong Kong regarding poor people can be seen in this way:there are people that live do not want to change their conditions of civilization,people who catch fish, sell it, and eat it also. They seemed to be frozen in time. And they never go into a different civilization, because this transition will cause them to strain to learn, to adapt, to live a more intense life. In fact, they have made their choice - to stay in the 20th century, while the whole of Hong Kong is already living in the middle of the 21st century. They are doomed to poverty because the village has no prospects provide employment to such a mass of people, there are no prospects for production to take the people living around the mines and rusting factories. They also live in another civilization, to be replaced by already reached civilization of cities and city life. In Hong Kong there is no production, agriculture! They refuse even to fish because it is not profitable! The best quality of food are brought there from all over the world. In Hong Kong, you realize that a person makes in a wealthy part of modern civilization. And the poor are the same everywhere - they just do not want to switch to a different level of development. All the poor want the same - to stay in the same place, to perform the same job, collect the usual harvest and sell fish, plant beets. But in order to get rich, to any person to make the transition to a different, more modern civilization.

They don’t know whats best for them. .If he is a convince him it could be his hobby.promoting trainings and programs regarding the idea and the concept of how helpful it is to change the methality and the thinking of how theit life should be.that deserve a better future.but not a way to get through life.where people just go on the other side.That they should think about their children.they need to have a guide and a good 'menthor'.Its like brainwashing.So basically.