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Planning Permission Home Office Legal requisition Change of Use Street and Building Name

Planning Permission
Planning permission from URA is required if you want to carry out any building works or change the building use of your properties, such as: • • • • constructing a new structure, building or extension making changes or alterations to an existing structure or building changing the use of a building or property unit demolishing any existing buildings or carrying out earth works

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(Planning Decisions) Services

• Development C ontrol e• Planning Permission Fees
Schedule (2007) (PDF)

Some minor building works do not require planning permission, such as: • • • • minor temporary structures painting the exterior of any building replacing or changing any false ceiling with lightweight material perimeter fence and access road works

Development application fees

• EDA Operation Manual

Check Planning Permission – Exemption List for the full list of exempted developments.

Status of your development application Status of your ePayment Development Register (Planning Decisions) Approved Use of Premises

Planning Permission e-Services 1. Development Application via CORENET eSS Submit your building project application, plan drawings and other supporting documents to all relevant authorities (e.g. Building and Construction Authority, Fire Safety and Shelter Department) for approval. 2. Outline Application Check if your broad proposal for a development site will be allowed. This covers its land use, plot ratio, building height and building form. 3. Minor Development Application Submit this application if you want to renovate an existing landed house or building, carry out earthworks or demolish a building. 4. Change of Use Application via OBLS Submit your application to change the use of a building or register your private residential house or apartment as a Home Office. 5. Extension of Provisional Permission or Written Permission Extend your Provisional or Written Permission before it expires.

Development Handbook Circulars Development Control Quick Guides Guide on Minor Development Application

Guide on Revised Baseline Definition Maps and Plans Consultation on DC Matters Other Information

Other Planning Permission Information Planning Permission Exemption List Check if your building works is exempt from planning permission. Fees & Payment Online calculators for processing fees for planning permission and step-by-step guides on making payment online or by cheque. Check Submission Status After application, you may wish to check on the status of your submission on the website or using our SMS service.

Planning application forms EDAForm Online Fee Calculator Fees Schedule (2007)

Forms, Manuals & Guides Download the forms, manuals and guides for the different types of planning permission.

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