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Product Data Sheet


Product Description
The Magnaflux MAG 20 is a light/medium duty machine designed for the inspection of ferrous components up to 550 mm in length. As such it is ideal for machine shops, tool rooms, foundries and similar plants where the low volume testing of ferrous components is required. The MAG 20 is a basic, self contained, low cost unit which provides the perfect answer to locating fatigue cracks or processing defects using the ‘wet continuous’ method of magnetic particle inspection. As a standard unit it develops 1000 Amps AC current and features a fixed headstock, insulated 150 mm coil, sliding tailstock with clamping mechanism, footswitch to initiate the current and a complete bath circulation system comprising a pump, agitator, hose and nozzle.

Product Features
Laboratory/small workshop unit Up to 1000 Amp AC Infinitely variable Stainless steel tank Clamping 150 mm Coil Manual Contact Clamp

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5 seconds ‘ON’. 15 seconds ‘OFF’ 220 or 240 Volts. 1 Ph 30 Amps 20 Amps 2 4 mm 18 litres 760 mm x 915 mm m (with GD hood) h 760 mm x 600 mm (without hood) √ 007E045 Optional Features Part Number: 011H004 Part Number: 026T001 Part Number: 026T002 Part Number: 008M002 GD 20 Magnaglo hood complete with ZB-100F ZB UV (A) black light Test piece current flow 0-1000 0 Amps (BS6072 & RPS 700) Test piece magnetic flow/coil flow/c (RPS 700) Calibrated field indicator ndicator Magnaflux (A Division of ITW Ltd).com Issue 2 10/01/2012 Product Data Sheet MAG 20 Series Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment page 2 .eu. South Dorcan Industrial Estate. SN3 5HE.Product Data Sheet Specification and Operating Data Model Magnetising current output Coil output Coil size Maximum component length Current control Typical duty cycle Main electrical supply requirements Line current draw for duration of maximum current shot Recommended external fuse size Mains input cable size (15 metre maximum length) Tank capacity Floor area Units carry the CE mark and conform to the appropriate EU directives Part number MAG 20 1000 Amps AC RMS 4500 Ampere turns maximum AC RMS 150 mm internal diameter 550 mm Infinitely variable non sinusoidal 1. 50 Hz. Wiltshire.magnaflux. Swindon. Tel: +44 (0)1793 524566 Fax: +44 (0)1793 (0 490459 Email: sales@magnaflux. Faraday www.