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The terminal automation system

It is endeavor of this brochure to highlight the features. VLnet This real-time system-control bus connects CENTUM CS 1000 stations such as PFCS and HIS. lets you take command of plant operations and monitoring. Yokogawa's Terminal Automation Solution aims at the following objectives: Tank Inventory Monitoring Automatic Truck/Wagon Movement & Loading Control Automatic Marine / Barge Loading. other interface and devices Terminal operation procedures and Operator training Multi Owner Management And above all Minimized TCO (total cost of ownership)! TAS-MS (Windows NT Server) ERP Application (eg. functionality. Rail cars (popularly known as Tank-car or Wagon). The distribution is carried out using Trucks. Field Control Station (PFCS) The FCS is the heart of the CENTUM CS 1000 and its advanced control function. SAP) System Architecture for Exatas TAS-MS Client Human Interface Station (Windows NT) Field Control Station TAS-CS (Redundant) VLnet (Dual Redundant) Ethernet Tank Gauging System Card Reader Weigh Scale Ship(OIL) Loading-Unloading Process Control Ship(LPG )Loading MOV Pump Control Human Interface Station (HIS) The HIS. Truck Loading(OIL/LPG) Wagon Loading(OIL/LPG) . hardware and conceptual requirements for realizing and implementing Terminal Automation demands and needs.The Objectives The ideal response to user needs The Terminal/Large Depot (hereinafter termed as Terminal) is a storage area where petroleum products are received through cross-country pipeline and/or large vessels/ships and are stored in tank farms. Pipeline Receipt / Dispatch Integrated Operation with ERP Applications such as SAP R/3 Improved Loading Efficiency and Increased Safety using Reliable and Proven DCS Easy Engineering Automatic BOL preparation Native Language Support Strong Local Support & Logistic Services Total system supply including field instruments. barges and similar means. The terminal may be owned by one company but stores several company products. with its engineering and supervisory computer communication functions. Yokogawa has acquired rich experience over the years and supplied Terminal Automation Systems to suit varied needs of the customers.

loading arm allocation etc. Once the execution information is downloaded into TAS-CS. The management function module. Truck / Wagon Loading Control Functions Traffic Control and Management Product Loading Control Weigh Scale Monitoring and Control (LPG Loading) Security Considerations and Applications Ship Loading / Unloading Control Functions In-line Blend Ratio Control Function Human Interface Functions HIS (Human Interface Station) is an important module in the Exatas configuration. traffic control of trucks and rail cars(wagon). as envisaged in Exatas is to provide a gateway ensemble to ERP system to properly execute orders downloaded from there. The downloaded order data is analyzed and managed at TAS-MS to produce a sequence of events and information packets that can be understood by TAS-CS module for controlling the instruments and data collection functions in the Terminal. The functionality includes all necessary monitoring & control functions. HIS is the only operator interface that provides window capability to TAS-MS and TAS-CS functional modules. The close monitoring yields accurate control on the quantity transferred and annunciating alarms in case of inadvertent operation or equipment malfunction. preset batch volume. TAS-CS(Control Functions) The TAS-CS handles the loading and unloading of Oil products. control of weigh bridges and other oil movement functions as detailed in the functional structure of Exatas. The display hierarchy is achieved and realized over years of experience in the field. The definition ensemble uses templates for easy data preparation. operation and control TAS-MS (Management Functions) The main objective of installing Exatas in a terminal environment is to optimally utilize the resources.The Functions Engineered for optimum management. the responsibility of TAS-MS is to observe and collect relevant data for the preparation of BOL and assemble other data packets that can be processed at upper level systems. the Tank Inventory Module and Transfer Control Module. TAS-CS continuously monitors the tank inventory. the TAS-CS executes the movement control function with ease and efficiency. a market-available product that has futuristic enhancements in terms of versatility and simplicity. pipeline receipt / dispatch and truck loading operations. In addition. Sample Displays on CS 1000 HIS . LPG Petrochemical and Asphalt. While executing the movement control. The control property definition is prepared individually for ship loading / unloading. flow meter readings (including custody transfer meter readings) and other instruments. The operation and control function displays are realized graphically using built-in tools of CS 1000. an independent TAS-MS client can be realized as a display station for monitoring and data management of TAS-MS. loading data. card reader information. The TAS-MS downloads the control property definition into TAS-CS for execution. The control property definition as prepared by TAS-MS includes the bay nomination. With the help of versatile software control modules built in CS 1000 hardware. pump running status. The displays of TAS-MS are built with Visual Basic. just-in-time loading and unloading operations and to do the terminal management which owned by several owners by properly monitoring and controlling product movement operations.

processes and uploads the data to the upper level system to issue BOL.Security Control . TAS-CS manages operation of ship loading/unloading control.Destination Tank Swing . Ship .Custody Meter Monitoring Ship Loading/Unloading Control Tank to Tank Transfer Blend Direct Loading Pipeline Receipt/Dispatch Field instruments.g.Additive Control .TAS-MS itself can issue BOL.Pump Control .Valve .Weigh Scale .ESD System .Preset .Flow Meter . Exatas is configured using two sub-systems (TAS-MS and TASCS) using CS 1000 as a standard hardware platform.Structured Functional Overview of Exatas TAS-MS ERP Application Interface Function (e.Pump . Alternatively.Tank Gauge System .BOG Compressor & Blower Control Template for Control Component Model .MOV Control System Sample Displays on CS 1000 HIS . Rail Car. LPG & Asphalt Control Function Template for Loading Control Model .In-line Blend Control .Product Tank Swing . SAP) Data Management Order Management • Manual Order Input at reception • Multi-Owner Transaction Management • Traffic Management • Security Management Operation Data Management • Issue of BOL and Report • Ineventry Management with Loss/Gain Calculation Movement Order Management • Ship Loading / Unloading Management • In-line Blend Typical System Architecture TAS-MS downloads control information to TAS-CS based on the order data.Loading Control Function .Pump Control .Card Reader .Fire & Gas System Subsystem Communication Interfaces . Then. truck/wagon entrance/exit control and loading control.Weigh Scale Control .Traffic Control Function . ESD and Subsystem Communications Truck. Human Interface Function Control Room • Terminal Operation • Tank Inventory Monitoring • Ship Loading / Unloading Operation • Truck / Wagon Loading Status Monitoring • In-line Blend Operation Configuration Setting Gate House • Truck Loading Operation Monitoring • Entrance / Exit Management Jetty Office • Ship Loading / Unloading Operation Management • Issue of Ship Loading Instruction TAS-CS Truck / Wagon Loading Control OIL. TAS-MS collects operation data after loading/unloading is completed.

USA. Germany. ・Other trademarks of trademark of respective companies. Oracle and others.Oracle. the human interface (HMI) function that acts as window to the terminal operations and the upper level system interface function that interacts with ERP enterprise data management model. USA. The control function. Modular I/O boards. control racks. the HMI function and the ERP interface function are amalgamated to form the core of the Exatas concept and integrity. The proposed system configuration also enables the user engineers to augment the capacity online without any major shutdown. HMI stations and modular software resembles the system building a child's play. Visual Basic are registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Futuristic Yokogawa has chosen the leading marketavailable products to build Exatas in order to keep in track with excellent emerging ERP technologies such as SAP R/3 and to sustain in the market by adopting Windows NT. ・ORACLE is registered trademark of ORACLE corporation. Three major divisions of work are envisaged in a terminal. Flexible Exatas has enormous flexibility as the system is built with modular architecture. Yokogawa is committed to upgrade the components of Exatas suite whenever constituent upgrades are made available by respective software vendors such as Microsoft. The control properties and interface information can be configured to suit varied user needs. ・SAP R/3 is registered trademark of SAP AG. Yokogawa's standard system architecture at the control level provides immense flexibility to start building the system from a lower end to the needs as it grows in time. . ・Windows NT. Flexible and Futuristic Functional Exatas is functional as it circumscribes the needs of the terminal operation and management. The control function that collects data from field devices. The functions are realized and distributed to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of the system in service.The Concepts Exatas is built around three strong concepts Functional.

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