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.1U.UU~1. ~U~~"I.UI.I. C i1IJ'~I.SECTION· A Reading skills. Grammar. Summary and Note.· making.

1 ) Read the following extract and answer the questions given below. (11) Dell 1?new that IBM required its dealers to take a monthly quota of PCs, in most cases more than ~y could sell. He also knew that holding excess inventory was costly. So he bought dealers' surplus ck at cost. Back in his dormitory room, he added features to improve performance. The improved ,dels -found eager buyers. Seeing the hungry market, Dell placed local advertisements offering his ~tomized computers at 15 percent off retail price. Soon he was selling to businesses, doctors, offices d law firms. The trunk of his car was his store; his room took on the appearance of a small factory. During a holiday break, Dell's parents told him they were concerned about his grades. "If '.I, want to start a business, do it after you get your degree," his father pleaded. Dell agreed, but back in college he felt the opportunity of a lifetime was passing him by. "I '.lldn't bear to miss this chance," he says. After one month he started selling computers again - with 'Jengeance. " The quarter he shared with two roommates was in chaos - boxes piled high, computer boards d tools scattered around. One day his roommates heaped all his equipment into a pile, preventing U from entering his room. It was time to come to grips with the magnitude of what he had created. ~e business was now grossing more than $ 50,000 a month. lestions : Describe Dell's business in your own words. (1) Why couldn't .Dell listen to his father's pleading? (2) What was the problems of Dell's roommates? (2). What quality of Dell do you find in this extract? . (2) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed: (i) He bought dealers' surplus stock at cost. (Begin the sentence with "Dealers' surplus stock ..... " and rewrite) (1) (ii) The improved models found eager buyers. (use a modal auxiliary showing "ability") (iii) Seeing the hungry market, Dell placed local advertisements. (Use "No sooner .... than" and rewrite) (1) Give noun forms of.: (i) hungry (ii) excess (1) Grammar: (4) Do as directed : The best way to learn musical instrument is to find enthusiastic teacher. (1) (Insert the appropriate articles wherever necessary) He wanted to look _ the beautiful girl __ the platform. (1) (Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions) l) ''What do you want?" he said to her. "Give me a glass of water," said she. (2) (Change it into indirect speech) . sh 2 (A) Read the following extract and answer the questions given below. (11) After an hour or so he saw her -she was alone. Sheku's face fell: 'The woman took a wager, :t she was not able to procure a bullock. There will be no sowing now. A bullock might become ailable after others have done their sowing.

What good will that do? The crop will be poor in any se...I shall push at the other!' Sheku shuddered at (253) . not as usual and if the crop does not yield enough grain for a full year we must starve. ' Sheku had made himself utterly miserable by this brooding ten his strapping spouse reached his side. 'Couldn't you get the bullock?' .. or roam lm place to place in search of work . so? Get the plough ready.' 'But-where is the bullock?' 'It is all right: Yoke" the bullock at one end . Who says.