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A- Language Functions 1- Respond to each of the following situations: 1- You’re asked to define the word “diplomat”.

2- You want to know your friend’s opinion of the new mobile phone. 3- You want to ask Ali the reason why he likes science. 4- Soha asks you about the first people who used paper money. 2- Say where these mini- dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. A: I come from England. B: Are you coming for work? A: Yes, I have some work near Siwa. B. 1 hope you enjoy your stay. Don’t forget to take dates back with you to England. Place:………….. Speaker A:………………… Speaker B:…………… 2. A: I’ll bring my tools and come to your house to fix the pump. B: Thanks a lot, I’ll be waiting. Place:………….. Speaker A:………………… Speaker B:…………… B- Vocabulary and Structure 3- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d: 1. A / An…….. is a doctor who is trained to perform a medical operation in a hospital. a- architect b- sergeant c- accountant d- surgeon 2. ……………. got his degree, he worked as an engineer. a- After b- Having c- Before d- No sooner 3. ……………….. is money we carry in our pockets. a- Cash b- Debt c- Debit d- Credit 4. No sooner…………. he stepped on my foot than apologized to me. a- did b- have c- will d- had 5. A / An……………. is a fully grown person. a- disabled b- adult c- child d- invalid 6. The police put handcuffs on the two men because they……… their neighbour’s house. a- rob b- robbed c- had robbed d- will rob 7. A…………….. is a person whose job is connected with politics. a- musician b- magician c- electrician d- politician 8. Before they……….. shopping, they had had their lunch. a-went b- go c- will go d- are going 9. Professor Magdi was part of team which did the first British……… transplant. a- kidney b- heart c- liver d- stomach l0-Jonathan Swift’s father was……………….. a- Irish b- English c- French d- Russian ii .Ali…………….as an engineer last year. a- beautified b- specified c- qualified d- burified 12.When I reached the platform, the train………………. a- leaves b- leave c- left d- had left 1 Mr.Gawad

13.People use computers for many different………….. a- processes b- surgical operations c- actions d- activities 14.Look! he……………. maths. a- studies b- is studying c- studied d- was studying 15.Louis Pasteur discovered ways of……… diseases from passing from person to person. a- saving b- preventing c- protecting d- healing 16.He has been learning English………… six years. a- for b- ago c-since d- just 4- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write them correctly: 1. It’s impossible to make without water. 2. Prof. Magdi Yacoub learnt to adopt to different situations. 3. Look! they read silently. 4. Hardly as she studies, she gets low marks. 5. People do online shopping and radio banking. 6. He doesn’t write the article until he had welcomed his visitors. C- Reading 5- Read the following passage, then answer the questions: Today I am a teacher. Many years ago, I used to have summer jobs. Once I worked in a factory for gloves. I liked the people who were working there .They used to treat me as if I were their son. They advised me. They also helped me with my work. I learned a lot of things from them. The summer after that one, 1 worked as a waiter in a restaurant. I’ used to carry heavy trays every now and then. That is why my back and feet used to hurt me at the end of the shift. However, tips enabled me to do many things I was unable to do before At last, I could join the swimming club without worrying about fees. I began to enjoy my spare time in a way or another. I had a lot of time to enjoy the outdoor sports. Today, I say to myself that I will never forget those days when I needed the others’ help and support. I will never forget my summer jobs and the different experiences they provided me with. A- Answer the following questions: 1. What is the second summer job that the writer have? 2. How was it difficult for him? 3. Did he benefit from it or not? B- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d: 4. The writer will never forget the summer jobs because of the he got. a- experiments b- experiences c- excursions d- exercises 5. People at the gloves factory were a- kind and friendly b- kind and unfriendly c- unkind but friendly d- rude 6- Read the following passage , then answer the questions: Dolphins are mammals not fish. They are warm blooded like man, and give birth to one baby called, a calf at a time. At birth, a bottle nose dolphin calf is about 90130cm long and will grow to approximately 4 meters, living up to 40 years. They are highly sociable animals; living in groups, called pods, which are fairly fluid. Dolphins from other pods interact with each other form time to time. Dolphins carry their young inside their womb for ibout 12 months. The baby is born tail first, and its mother will feed it for up to 2 years. However, the calf will stay with its mother for between 3-6 years during which it will learn all about feeding techniques, social interaction and group hunting. A- Answer the following questions: 1. What are the things in common between man and dolphins? 2 Mr.Gawad

2. How do you know that a dolphin is sociable? 3. What does the underlined pronoun (they) refer to’? B- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d: 4. The life span of a dolphin is about……………….. a- 40 years b- 90-130 cm c- 4 meters d- 12 months 5. A dolphin goes hunting…………………. a- in groups b- alone c- only with its father d- with its neighbours The Novel (The Spiders ) 7- a. Answer the following questions: 1. How does the GPR work? 2. Why did the helicopter fly over that place? b. Complete the following sentences: 1. The police drove the two land cruisers to 2. A team of archaeologists c. Read the following quotation, then answer the questions: ‘There aren't any deadly spiders in Egypt”. 1. Who said these words? To whom? 2. Why was he terribly wrong? D. Writing 8- Write an e-mail to your friend Omar Salem saying why online shoppinf is necessary these days. Your name is Alaa ragab. Translation 9- a. Translate into Arabic: Some people are optimistic while others are pessimistic Optimistic people believe that almost everything has changed for the better over the last twenty-five years and that is life on the Earth is a paradise. However, pessimistic people are desperate. They believe that nearly everything has changed for the worse and that life is unbearable nowadays
b. Translate into English:

1- ‫على رجال العمال المصريين استثمار أموالهم في مشروعات قومية تخدم المجتمع‬. .‫ تساعد الدول المتقدمة بعض الدول الفقيرة وتقرضها الموال اللمزمة لقامة مشروعات التنمية‬-2

A- Language Functions 1- Respond to each of the following situations: 1. You’re asked about the nationality of Marco Polo. 2. Torn asks you about your nationality. 3. You’re asked about your marital status. 4. Habib thanks you for helping him with his heavy bag. 2- Say where these mini- dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. A: I got to grips with instructions for the new video player. B: I’m sure; you would be very pleased as you use our products. A: Thanks a lot for your help. Place:………….. Speaker A:………………… Speaker B:…………… 2. A: Can I buy couples of coloured birds? B: Of course, after you fill in a form and pay the price. 3 Mr.Gawad

A: Where? B: At the zoo manager’s office on your left. Place:………….. Speaker A:………………… Speaker B:…………… B- Vocabulary and Structure 3- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d: 1. He runs as fast……….. a train. a-as b- just as c- such as d- like 2. It is……………… to believe in ghosts. a- great b- brilliant c- ridiculous d- fantastic 3. She needs to learn English…………..she wants to be a journalist. a- but b- while c- owing to d- because 4. ………….. do their best to prevail world peace. a- Astrologers b- Diplomats c- Archaeologists d- Astronomers 5. He made an interesting……….. by ship to England. a- voyage b- journey c- flight d- tour 6. It’s illegal to……………….. other’s properties. a- donate b- search c- steal d- investigate 7. He works hard………………… succeed. a- because b- so that c-so as not to d-so as to 8. Hoda doesn’t agree ……….Rania to postpone her homework. a-to b-an c- with d- that 9. By the time she went to bed, she ………….her parents. a- had fed b- fed c- will feed d- is feeding 10.A………. is a plastic card that can be used to take money directly form your bank account. a- bill b- credit card c- debit card d- receipt 11.After…………. his homework, he watched TV. a- had finished b- finishing c-finish d- finishes 12.People……………. at the age of sixty. a- retire b- retreat c- resign d- relax 13.She wasn’t presented the new mobile until she…….. the final exams. a- will pass c- passed b- passes d- had passed 14.The…………….. is the American currency. a- pound b- dollar c- yuan d- lira 15.He’ll welcome us as soon as……………………. a- arrived c- arriving b- 'll arrive d- have arrived 16.They click the left…………….. a- printer b- mouse c- keyboard d- scanner 4- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write them correctly: 1. I’d like you to make me a favour. 2. Professor Magdi Yacoub provided to be sociable by nature. 3. She always tells lies. She is reliable. 4. People have their food delivery by supermarkets. 5. Having had had his lunch, he went out for a walk. 6. No sooner had he known the good news, then he congratulated them. C- Reading 5- Read the following passage, then answer the questions: Centenarians are people who reach 100 or more years old. What are the reasons that enable a person to be 100 or more years old? There are a lot of reasons. Personal hygiene is one reason. Phytochemicals in dark green vegetables and the vitamins and 4 Mr.Gawad

suggestions c. The engineer. The underlined word “perspective” means………. 2. In order to detect an argument. Stay open-minded. For example. Develop a regular fitness routine. it cannot be both raining and not raining at the same time.condensation 5. a. An argument occurs when we draw conclusion from various premises. Give examples from the passage to tips for the soul and the body. When does an argument happen? 2.a way of living 5. vegetables and other foods.. Who are centenarians? 2.Choose the correct answer from a. b. How can you detect an argument? B. develop new skills and pursue hobbies.contradiction d. First. based on the fact that. good and bad. Eat fresh fruits.. true and false. The foundation for all logical thinking is the law of non-. Premises are the that one has at the beginning of an argument. On demonstrating a conclusion.. Be optimistic about life. never forget your own dreams. Tips are ………………. races and especially from differing worldviews. Stay in touch with the world.instructions b.deductions d. Fourth.a way of singing c. for. c or d: 4.gravity b.constructions c. Third.assumptions b. we are indicating a premise. Difficulties of communication arise from differing culture age groups. pilot and technicians in the helicopter.conclusions The Novel (The Spiders) 7. Travel to unfamiliar places and gain a new perspective. Can you add two more tips of your own to the passage? What are they? 3. a.Answer the following questions: 1. They are easily swayed by propaganda and emotionalism. Complete the following sentences: 1.contradiction which simply means that a statement can not be true and not true at the same time. A. we use therefore.a way of thinking b. They also do not know what it means to argue. Do not forget to put into consideration the following tips that help you to lead a happy life.results d. A. then answer the questions: 5 Mr.Choose the correct answer from a. avoid excesses in all things. Fourth.a way of measuring d. then answer the questions: People do not think critically nowadays. b. Why do we have difficulties of communication? 3. drink eight glasses of water every day.Answer the following questions: 1. B. That law is fundamental to any kind of distinctions: right and wrong. c or d: 4. Read the following quotation. Second.Read the following passage.non contradiction c. There are certain indicators for premises and for conclusions.Gawad .fiber in fruit are other reasons. Why did the gang of robbers switch off their lights and engines? 2. thanks God for all the good things in life and spread the good word around you. keep learning. Answer the following questions: 1. it is good to keep these indications in mind. The small man shouted ‘Let’s get out of here because……………… c.a. Eat food in their natural state. were on their way to………………. a.restrictions 6. Learn from failures. When we use because. a. The law of means that a statement cannot be true and not true at the same time. Stay current with new technologies. What do the letters GPR stand for? b.

predictable c.Language Functions 1. 6 Mr.recognise 5.‫تمتلك مصر الموارد الطبيعية واليدي العملة الماهرة التي يكن استخدامها لتحقيق الرفاهية‬ 2. Rules make it possible to……………… things. Football is the ………………. 3. of the European union. a. B.unpredictable d..better c. Therefore there should be a radical change in this field so as to keep up with the spirit of the age and the requirements of the present generation.popular game in Egypt.Write a paragraphof about 100 words about" The importance of sports in our life" 9.port c.. life will be………………. Translate into English: . Who said these words? To whom? 2.Say where these mini. B: Here you are. Writing 8. a.‫مما لشك فية ان الحروب المستقبلية ستكون من اجل السيطرة على مصادر‬ ‫المياة فى العالم‬ A.a part 3. If there are no rules. a. You’re asked about the capital city of Turkey. River Nile is the longest river in the world. 4.modify c.part b. A: What is his job? B: He is an archaeologist. or d: 1……………… computer has changed the way we work.No article b.organize d. a.modified b.Vocabulary and Structure 3-Choose the correct answer from a. a.. John wants to know the second largest city in Egypt.more b. A friend asks you what language people speak in England. c.little d. Place:………. A: I’d like to change some money. France is………………….identified 7…………….dialogues take place and who the speakers are: I. b. 1.Gawad .know b. Cash or travellers cheques? A: Travellers cheques.portion d.An d) No article 6.. Place:……….a. please.worse 4. 2. A: Where have you been all this time? B: I accompanied my father to Siwa where he works. Mount Fugi is……………… beautiful than the Matterhorn.“Get them off me”. What was wrong with the speaker? D. You’re asked how far it is from Cairo to Aswan.Respond to each of the following situations: 1.1. Translate into Arabic: Education is a means to an end and not an end in itself. 2. Speaker A:…………… Speaker B:………………….The c-A d-An 2. a-A b-The c. Speaker A:…………… Speaker B:…………………. as well as the future ones b. 2.

they are nearly half of all the doctors. vegetable growers and members of the Armed forces. 2. Jack’s group tries to……………..policy b. A.may c. a-do b-get c.Read the following passage. a. We travelled to France and spend too weeks in Paris.will b. women now work as scientists. C. sport. They usually got lower-paying positions than men.political 11. Certainly.shall d.earned c.personal d. Magdi ……………… at tennis. c.year c. welders.old d. There………………. a famous goal yesterday. ……………. 6.age b. oil-well going to b.will c.period 15. a.individual c. a. or d: 7 Mr.politics 13.would d. On the other hand in many countries.beat 16.less b. Unlike basketball. be a heavy rain.Answer the following questions: 1. they are not dependent on their families as they once were. a. mountaineers are very coward people. electrical workers. How far have women around the world achieved equal work opportunity with men? 2.many c) much d. 5. the last to be employed and the first to be fired when employment drops off.take 4.give d.earned b.gained b. In the field of medicine .gain c. Golding was a sailor in the British navy.politician d. 3. A good leader discourages the boys to cooperate. However. It is easy for us to………. they held low-ranking positions.Reading 5. The wind is getting stronger. they still have a long way to go for equal opportunity. but the problem of reaching this goal is becoming increasingly clear all the time.join 9.most 8.are going 12. even they were doing the same work.won 14. For a number of reasons. Wolves usually hunt by packs. Pupils join the primary stage at the…………….Poggy’s glasses.scored d. a.make d. What is meant by the underlined word “drops off”? 3. the goals of equal work opportunity for women have not been fully realized. women are entering the work force in great numbers for the first time. b. Zidan……………….. I’m sure you…………… pass the final exam successfully. a. boxing is a / an………………. What is the situation of women in China? B. medical workers.Gawad . a.a. In my opinion. isn’t allowed to talk about in public. 4.steal b. Mount Fuji is the less dangerous if it is compared with Annapurna. great efforts have been made towards equality. Although women have come a long way. there. Choose me correct answer from a. During a second world war. of six.won d.gained c.Find the mistake in each of the following b. Women in China now receive equal pay for equal work. therefore. a.would 10. predictions about tomorrows weather.. then answer the questions: In many countries around the world. then write them correctly: 1. It is true that more women are currently employed than ever before.

Now more than ever sport events dominate headlines and athletes have become national heroes. c. To hire means to……………… a. The only drawback to this is that children who are less able to perform well in sports are likely to feel inadequate in comparison to their more gifted classmates. According to the passage. Read the following quotation. How did Ayman make the best use of the internet? b. From a social standpoint.interested in d.different 5. 1. a. On the other hand. However. In the past. then answer the questions: Sport is an important part of today’s society and plays a large role in people’s lives. Complete the following sentences: 1.weak in 5..the same c. Choose the correct answer from a.a. as it attracts a lot of advertising.good at b. Answer the following questions: . It teaches children how to work as part of a team and co-operate with others.. as is often demonstrated by crowd violence at football matches.Write a paragrah of about 100 words about "The value of co-operation". From an economic point of view.Gawad . which may affect their self. b. just as sport unites people so it can divide them. Answer the following questions: 1.equator d. It took a long ‘time to develop new ideas in the past but this is not so any longer. The old Egyptian text was about……………….dismiss 6. for men and women. Translate into Arabic: As we live in a technological age. sport has two social effects on people. c. a. sports can be very profitable. it improves their physical condition. Why did the people decide to kill all the spiders? 2. The children who are likely to feel inadequate are usually……… sport. b. then answer the questions: “Right I think you have to be flexible”.equality b. On one hand.1. The Novel ( The spiders) 7. One drawback of sport at football matches is that……….work b. this creates profit for the sporting industry which allows for improvement and develops the mental condition. which are harmful to one’s health. while at the same time.Writing 8. Sport is also an important part of every child’s creates profit for the sporting industry.confidence. sport plays a positive role in uniting people from different social backgrounds in support of their favourite team. anything seems possible. How does sport play an important part in education? B. what are they? 2. d. 2. Progress in our present age depends mainly on computers without which it would be impossible. Who said this statement and to whom? 2. a. Read the following passage. large sums of money are often paid to event organizers to promote products such as cigarettes. c or d: 4. What did the speaker mean by ‘to be flexible’? D.a. Ayman and his internet friends had…………………. A. as it plays a big role in their physical and mental development.employ often leads to violent actions. in what way can sport be profitable? 3. b. work conditions were…….4.experts at improves the physical condition. Translate into English: 8 Mr. c.

off stay c.Amateur c. Squash is a very good exercise. a. a. You can join our research team in the field of bacteriology. a-on b-in b. Place:……………… Speaker A:……… …….Olympic Games have helped to……. a. a.Gawad . 2.Choose the correct answer from a...plays b. c. 2.stay 8. or d: 1. the following football world cup championship.. b. It is the money and training that drive the sport .Merchantable .at d.for 2…………………….fat d.. but now I live in a villa. so it helps me to keep………………….played d. Ok. B: That’s good.use to d.'ve played c..back d. 9 Mr.Swimming 7. a. the environment. live in a small flat.used to b.stayed b. I wish Egypt would take part…….. You recommend a new CD by your favourite singer to Ali..Professional 3. a.‘m used 6…………………. a-for b-at c-of d-on 12…………….Language Functions 1. A: A car hit mine and broke its door.forward b. When I was young. Thanks for your advice.away 4.develop c. Speaker B:………. 3. B. A: I’m fascinated by chemistry. A.unfit 5. b.hinder 11 . understanding between nations.. Give him advice.A chemical business may not be good…………. ….staying d.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1.has been playing 10. Speaker B:……….being d. isn’t an Olympic sport at the moment. A friend asks if you are enjoying your book and you agree.Vocabulary and Structure 3.. A: Alright. a part of a team to do well. She……………… basketball for about ten years.concentrate d. Place:……………… Speaker A:……… …….Karate d.Voluntary d. I like…………….. Hani eats food with too much fat in it. “means affecting or including the whole world”...bee c. a. players play football for money. at home. We will find the taxi-driver.Judo b-fit c.Respond to each of the following situations: 1. a. a.been 9.. B: Have you got the number of the car? A: A taxi 147369.‫لبد لمصر أن يكون لديها اكتفاء ذاتي في الزراعة و الصناعة حتى تتمتع بالرخاء‬12-‫يشهد عصرنا الحالي طفرة في عالم التصالت و التكنولوجيا الحديثة‬. Ayman did not use to enjoy……………….Say where these mini.prevent b. Your cousin has poor teeth.Squash b.‘m used to c. 4. B. I……. 2.

they will. These have captured people’s admiration and high appreciation everywhere all over the world. besides the places of interest and services that could be offered to help tourists enjoy their tour.years b. 2. More important still is the necessity of affording all possible facilities to tourists as soon as they set foot in Egypt. Zaki used to drive a ten………………… old car. 4. 10 Mr. satisfied and pleased with their visits in Egypt.Regional b. America and Asia should distribute well prepared booklets and brochures that contain full and exciting information about the old Egyptian legacy and its effects on other civilizations. tourism is one of the main sources of income and hard currency money that is badly needed to carry out investment projects.hinder has attracted people’s admiration and high appreciation everywhere. no doubt. are of high quality. so tourists themselves can be good propaganda. Egypt is proud of its ancient civilization because………. speak well of Egypt with the good result that more and more tourists will come to our country.Read the following passage.looking b.borne d.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences. Moreover.Reading 5. b. a new mobile phone because she has hardly any money.are making b. comfortable and without any troubles. A. d.looks c. When tourists have been very well treated.booklets contain exciting information about old Egyptian monuments.bea r looking d.tourists come from all over the world to visit it.offer b. The Olympic Games are an international ceremony.made 15. a. We have to be sure that tourists feel that their stay is enjoyable.year c.are made c.a. They make Karate to be able to defend themselves. c. He ran fast. but fortunately he lost the race. Would you mind helps me with this heavy bag? 5. Mr Kamal visits our school every day part from Saturdays. Tourist police should stop any nuisance committed that would spoil enjoyment and safety. In order to attract tourists to Egypt.National d. then write them correctly: 1. Moreover.Local c. Answer the following questions: 1.Mona can’t…….Global brings us hard currency.develop d. How can tourists be a good propaganda to attract more tourists to our country? 2.looked 4. a. then answer the questions: There is no doubt that Egypt has every reason to be proud of its ancient civilization that has yielded wonderful remains and monuments.year’s d..afford 16. 6.Choose the correct answer from a. Why is tourism important for our country? B .which make d. Ancient remains as well as new discoveries of antiquities should be described in an attractive manner. b.Gawad . a. All students should benefit of the educational programmes on TV. art history museums as well as Egyptian Civilization Museums should be set up in the capitals of European and American countries. c or d: 4. b.years’ 14. a. over the main Street. tourist offices in our embassies in Europe. Computers………………… in Japan. a. He bought a large villa……………. What should we do to attract more tourists to come to our country? 3. 3.

computers are now quicker and easier to use.distribute brochures that tell about the old Egyptian legacy.Gawad . 2. then answer the questions: Would you like to be a “teleworker”? Teleworkers are people who work for companies.Read the following passage. Tourist offices in our embassies abroad should………………. he says. and the price keeps going down. a world famous heart surgeon” Translation 9. in a small office b. alone in an office in a company 5. it is cheaper to train employees in computer skills and give them a personal computer to use at home. Read the following quotation.According to the passage. he is starting a new job in a company where there are five people in one small office. Teleworkers communicate with their bosses by telephone or fax. b.carry out investment projects.stop any nuisance that would spoil tourists’ enjoyment and safety.television b. Professor Jones came to Egypt to………………… c. Write a paragraph of about 100 words on: “Professor Magdi The Novel (The Spiders 7. It took years to develop a new antivenom because ……….afford all possible facilities to tourists as soon as they set foot in Egypt. they do company work at home. who works for a big company. Choose the correct answer from a. Why couldn’t the speaker identify it? D.A teleworker’s job is to work……………. The biggest advantage for companies is that teleworking reduces the companies’ running costs. then answer the questions: “I haven’t seen anything like this before. c or d: 4. Some companies also give video phones to their teleworkers so that they can see their work colleagues when they speak to them. would you like to work as a teleworker? Why? Why not? B. a. He often falls asleep at the computer because he doesn’t have anybody to talk to. Complete the following sentences: 1.. d.. Next Week. They usually transfer information from their own computer to the office computer by electronic means. There are many reasons for this increase. 6. “Teleworking” is becoming more and more popular in Britain and in USA. usually on computers. a. c. Give two reasons why some companies like to employ teleworkers. If you get the chance.a. Answer the following questions: 1. you should ask yourself if it is really the best situation for you.5. What enables teleworkers to see their work colleagues when they speak them? 3. What news did Professor Malcolm have on the telephone? 2.” 1. Translate into Arabic: 11 or fax c. Writing 8. before you apply for a job as a teleworker. d. with colleagues in an office c. Having fewer employees at work means having less office space.” I can’t wait”.a. That is to say. for a company at home d. Show how spiders multiply quickly. b. Bill Smith. 2. but not in companies. hasn’t enjoyed his last three months at home. a. Also. Who was the speaker? 2. Answer the following questions: 1. b. For a company. However. teleworkers communicate with their colleagues and bosses by means of…………………….

Ramy practises……………. suggests going to the cinema and you agree. a. 4. or d: 1.regular b. B: How do you like it? A: With little sugar. Translate into English: b.have met d. to keep fit. a. a.foundations d.lent c. To be healthy.Vocabulary and Structure 3. 2. a.has worked d. You’re introduced to a foreign friend.So c. b. A.finder c. Our sound bodies enable us to do everything that brings us great joy. He has just been operated on. my dictionary to look a difficult word up.amateur 9. A / An……………… is a person who does something for enjoyment. weaken and break them. c.gave 3. please.face powder b.proud b. please.. a. Hesham……………. a. however wealthy we may be.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. Hockey is a / an…………… game.Gawad . a.Govemments can provide sports…… for sportsmen and sportswomen. My father…… for his company for twenty years and he’s still working.interesting c.‫تبذل الحكومة جهودا مضنية للقضاء علي المية و لتحقيق التقدم و الستقرار‬. A: I’d like to have a cup of coffee.exciting c. Place:……………… Speaker A:………… Speaker B:…………… B.Choose the correct answer from a.I look forward to…………….modest d.Either b. a.Health is a splendid treasure that completes our happiness.‫يجب أن يتسلح الشباب بالعمل و التكنولوجيا حتى يحققوا طموحاتهم‬. a. Place:……………… Speaker A:………… Speaker B:…………… 2. 2. a.face-off 11.Respond to each of the following situations: 1.facilities d.ashamed c.facelift c.shy 5.exported 10. B: I’m awfully sorry.inviting 4. You ask your uncle Said when he began his first job.Nor d. You want to ask your grandfather about the beginning of his job.borrowed b.regularly d.has been working c. Someone.boring b.pair d.donor d. The film was so…………………… that I went to bed. A: Silence.regulation c. a.meeting b. of our football national team due to great achievements.worked 6. Earthquakes shake the ……. We can’t enjoy life if we are not healthy.individual b.Language Functions 1.regularize 2.met 12 Mr.found b.. b.volunteer c. you should eat fresh fruit and vegetables besides doing exercises.Neither b. you.finding 7. 2. I haven’t played tennis………………….Say where these mini. We should be………….personal c.of buildings. has Ahmed. 3.

They decide to buy a/an………….Reading 5. If I had a lot of money. a. diamond necklace as a replacement.debts d.introduces d. a. 6. not all experts share the general despondency For one thing. Of course there are good reasons for being pessimistic about the world’s food supplies in the future. skin and fat! A. Nevertheless. 5.steaks b. 3. although the world’s population is rising fast. What are the main reasons for food shortage at the present time? 2. Omar is terrible in remembering phone numbers. before he leaves the country.A corporation…… goods to shops and companies in a particular area. b. The reason of the accident is unknown. Is she to buy a car.hopeful d. then write them correctly: 1. The underlined word “these” in the last paragraph refers to a. one important cause of trouble is our conservative preference for meat. I will go to Itlay. it seems likely that many of these problems will have been resolved.. a.foreign d. Who can solve the problem of our preference for meat? B.caring b.local 4. By the time our grandchildren have grown up. we are already in a situation where we feed animals with grain to produce high-quality beef.which b. Water is used for fertilizing the fields. even in developing countries. Is our diet going to be the same or different in the future? Why? 3. 4. The underlined word “pessimistic” in the first paragraph means…………….debits b. c or d: 4. Scientists are already capable of constructing steaks from vegetable ingredients like Soya beans. A chemical business could create a lot of jobs for …people in the area. However skeptical we may be about their claim that they can reproduce the substance. even though the grain would feed the human c.where 16.odd b. Answer the following questions: 1. either say: “There won’t be any left “or” whatever it is.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences.invests b.who c. After all.different b. a. C.identical 13. a.12.vegetable ingredients 13 Mr.coins 15.Read the following passage.hopeless 5. taste and colour of meat by these means. she would give me a lift.whose d. the fact is that the most common complaint about such “steaks” is that we will no doubt have discovered a way of including artificial bones .imports 14.My friend Samy is a pilot.distributes c. The western desert should be deserted to provide different crops.opposite d. a. then answer the questions: What sort of food are we likely to be eating in the year 2020? Most people. Choose the correct answer from a.uncaring c. when you ask them a question like that. 2.Gawad .……………. Moreover in most industrialized countries. It is therefore argued that the main reason why people are hungry is not that there is a food shortage but that methods of cultivation are not sufficiently advanced in some areas and the food is not fairly distributed to all those that need it. lives in Tanta. food production is keeping pace with it.He needs to pay off all his……………. there won’t be much taste in it”.similar c..strange c.

They also advise having the most modern. These and other pirates sailed the seas in sailing ships.c.romantic person c.Tm not very keen on spiders‘ ?Who said these words? To whom . there are probably as many. b.1 ?What did the speaker admit . they were not completely wicked. Whereas pirates in history were usually caught and punished. Complete the following sentences . The most famous of these are Long John Silver in ‘Treasure Island’ and Captain Hook in ‘Peter pan’. Firstly. the police got .…American sailing magazines advise readers to take weapons so as to .. c or d . they were and are murderers of the worst kind.scientists d.…………… In order to keep the spiders out.policeman b. and their escapes from pirate attacks.Writing Write a paragraph of about 100 words about " Global Warming .4 a. Read the following passage. pirates on the seas today than there were a hundred or morç years ago. The truth is very different. however.story pirate d. This is the romantic idea of pirates. Choose the correct answer from a. Secondly. most pirates were not and are not like the storybook characters. Piracy is so serious that American sailing magazines tell their readers to take weapons with them. They lived over a hundred years ago and although they were bad men.5 a. we should not have romantic ideas.2 .hunt animals c. then answer the questions ”.…It was thought that the spider in Hamdayya was female because .substance. They are not just men who robbed other ships.kill captain .………………Captain Hook is a . then answer the questions: When most children and older people. Answer the following questions ?How do children usually think of pirates . most modern pirates are never caught. Translate into Arabic: 14 Mr.a. we should remember that they are really some of the most dangerous and wicked men in the history of sea travel. they do not sail in sailing ships and they do not have swords. Nowadays.2 B. They killed and kill people for their money and goods.2 :c.Make a comparison between pirates in the past and modem pirates .the bigger the better. Their flag was skull and crossbones.8 Translation 1.3 :B. 6.who should know better. Read the following quotation. They have machine guns and other weapons which they use to kill the sailors and passengers on the ships they attack. if not even more. They robbed other ships and led exciting and adventurous lives. :A. When we think of pirates. Modern pirates use fast motorboats. So many people have had problems with pirates that they don’t talk about the fish they have caught or the excitement of sailing any more.writer ( The Novel (The Spiders :a. they think of storybook characters.1 ?Why did Malcolm Jones go to Hamdayya .1 .1 ?Why has piracy become a very serious problem .kill each other b.think of pirates. therefore. taste and colour of meat.Gawad . Answer the following questions -7 ?Who is Malcolm Jones .defend themselves d. They talk about machine guns and bullets.2 :b. They move too quickly and there are too many of them.

by internet b. A. 2.have c. b.goes back 3. Place:……………… Speaker A:……… …… Speaker B:……………. sir? B: By credit card. c or d: 1. I’d…………. a. surgeon. A: How would you like to pay for it. a. My father works very hard.Alone d..A friend asks you a question you would prefer not to answer. 2. b.gets on b.Respond to each of the following situations: a.Gawad . a.Individual c. b. the internet. Vocabulary and Structure 3. A: For homework. 15 Mr. please. It’s starting to b.You want to know which subject your uncle enjoyed most when he was a student.Egypt has always been the first country in the Nile basin to seek taming the longest river in the world in order to achieve the utmost benefit for the sake of the Egyptians.bring 10. and he………. a.Say where these mini..marital d-famous b.make b.rather b.. My father has just bought a camera……………. Do exercises A and B on page 20.prefer c.‫مصر فخورة بعلمائها الذين حققوا انجازات عظيمة في كل المجالت‬. Translate into English: 1.waiting c. thank you. please do Exercises A and B on page 20. be a doctor than a dentist.going d. a.Single b. B: Could you repeat that. c. Language Functions 1. sir.want d.Choose the correct answer from a.take d. As a result. Scientists are doing…………… into new kinds of energy. a. A: That’s fine.surfing b. people live with their families before they are married.married b. B. working even when he doesn’t feel well. I like…………….running 5.come d.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1-a. I have…………. so I think I’ll wear it 4. d..traveling c.. b. Surgeons…………… operations to help people get better. Egypt had a futuristic view towards making use of any waste of web site c. In the evenings. a.gets up d. a.You want to know a friend’s opinion of a book you have both read.goes on 9.A friend asks you why you enjoy reading newspapers.. a very important decision to next week. Place:……………… Speaker A:……… …… Speaker B:……………..‫يجب أن تتعاون جميع الدول لحماية النجازات البشرية من الدمار‬.online d.on computer 2. Application forms often ask people about their……………. Shall I put it in a bag for you? B: No.experiment 6…………. a. status.research c-work d. please? A: Certainty.Professional 7. Professor Magdi Yacoub is a famous heart………….make c.

The children of our children are called our grandparents. but I’ve worked hard and I will pass it”. a difference in people’s lives. 6-Read the following passage. c. stopped people and asked them. b. I studied as hard as I could. Then decide what you must do to succeed. Keep looking at the goal you wrote on paper and think how happy you will be when you succeed. you pay in credit. c or d: 4. Choose the correct answer from think that horses can fly! a. for being late to class today? a. This car factory does parts for cars and buses.It’s ………….have c.transport d. “This test s difficult. First.politician c. Some people never reach their goal because they think it is impossible. The other man. Can you give me an………….Gawad . It’s OK to…… mistakes when we are learning something for the first time. 5. For example.surgeon d.invitation 15……. then answer the questions: One day. a. He had a hat in front of him.traditional 4. So always try to enjoy your work. Most people are successful at things they enjoy. Don’t think. “This test is difficult. c. 2.Things they work hard at. My father is a……………. Why do some people not reach their goal? b. I don’t like meat.imagination c.Although b. Most people happily gave 16 Mr. I prefers to eat fish. I only scored 70% on my exam. Instead.available d. One was sitting on the pavement wearing old clothes. I was waiting for a friend in town when I saw two men. Answer the following questions: 1.making b.example b.Things that are difficult. Reading 5.transplant 11. he said. What is the opposite of pass? a. Something that contains new and interesting ideas is traditional. What kind of things are most people successful at? a. b. What should you do when you have written your goal on paper? 3. When you pay with money. please?” Some people threw coins into his hat. politely to lend him money to buy petrol for his car.take d. What is this passage about? 2. 6.move c. a. who was wearing a suit.a. a. a. Mother Teresa really…………….miss 5. Think about that happiness while you are working and you will enjoy your work.If c.change b.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences. 4. but most walked past.Things that are b.ridiculous c. think..made c-did d-does 12.Because d.However 16.Read the following passage.explanation d. As people passed.make 13.pilot 14.succeed b. But you must always believe that your goals are possible. do you want to pass a test? Do you want to be a doctor? When you have decided on your goal.famous b. Have you ever meet a famous person? 3. He works in politics. then answer the questions: A goal is something you want to achieve. I’ll probably fail”.diplomat b. a. “Can you give me money. decide what your goal is. then write them correctly: 1. d. write it down on paper and look at it every day.lose d.Things that they enjoy doing.

Answer the following questions -7 ?I. I soon realised that both men just wanted money. He didn’t have a car .d.There was already petrol in his car .a. he is still making great efforts for the sake of children with heart problems.b.3 :b.2 :c.. Complete the following sentences .He had lied about why he needed money (The Reader (The Spiders :a. Though he is in his 70s.He had taken it off because it was a hot day ?Why didn’t the man in the suit go to buy petrol .2 ?(What does the word most refer to in: (but most walked past . he collected a lot of money.” said the engineer “ Those words saved the pilot’s life.1 .We’d better get on the radio. During the ten minutes 1 was watching him.2 :b.2 Writing Write a paragraph of about 100 words on The Mobile phone -8 is a mixed blessing Translation 9.the radio ?Why did the helicopter crew need to get on the radio .He was going to buy petrol later . He left the car and went back to the helicopter and . Language Functions 17 Mr.1 ?How did the engineer’s words save the pilot’s life .1 ?What did the writer think about what he had seen . 2. but did not go to buy petrol.d.He put it there for people to throw money into .5 .…………………The pilot thought the four men had died of .………The men found treasures in the rooms using a machine called . Choose the correct answer from a. c or d ?Why was the man’s hat in front of him . Translate into Arabic: Egyptians are proud of Professor Magdi Yacoub. but the one in the suit got more money.‫يجب على كل الحكومات ان تتعاون لحل مشكلة الحتباس الحرارى التى تهدد‬ ‫كل العالم‬. Read the quotation.a. he has become the pioneer of heart transplant operations. Why did the men’s car move without lights and with a silent engine ?Why were the men carrying special equipment that could see through walls ..It had fallen off his head . The one in the old clothes needed money more than the one in the suit.c. He put it all in his pocket. then answer the questions .c-.‫التفت المليين من المصريين لتشجيع الفريق القومى لكرة القدم وادى هذا‬ ‫الى خلق روح النتماء بين الجميع‬ A. Thanks to his high qualifications. b Translate into English: 1.Gawad . Answer the following questions ?How did the two men look different .him coins or notes. b.It was there on the pavement before he sat down .a.b. Isn’t that strange? :a.4 .

keep warm and rest for a few days. A: I see. c. a good 2.brought 7. They want to know what you would do to keep fit. Vocabulary and Structure 3.happy c.lifelong b.. They have just…………….uniform d. a.a team b. a. Well. 2. c or d: 1.had missed b.. As soon as I got to the station. B: Thank you.met c. Place:………………. a. a.shirt b. B: meeting individual d. a. my father was a surgeon so I grew up watching him save people’s lives. While I was doing the shopping.intelligent 8. I…………….wrong 10.however 12.literature 9.found d.You want to know a friend's opinion of a tennis match you both went c.a single c. a. you need to go to bed. b. A: And why do you continue to work today. a.although c. 18 Mr.missed c.joke c. But I really became interested in heart surgery when my aunt died of a heart problem.laugh b.pessimistic d.have missed d.No article 14.A: I’m sure our listeners would like to hear how you first became interested in heart surgery.. a. a.miss 13……………… author of Lord of the Flies is William Gelding.1.. you have to wear a special…………………. with each other. Asia.prove b. Thank you very much. Take one of these tablets three times a day.debit d.Respond to each of the following situations: a. It isn’t very polite to make…………… of people. If you are a policeman.funny d.Speaker A:…………… Speaker B:………… B. a. d.pass c. I was extremely tired. I realised that I……… my train. Shakespeare and Dickens are two of the most famous names in English……… a.ambition is to climb Mount Everest.books c.cooperate b.long d. Professor. .A: How long have you been feeling unwell? B: Since Thursday. one of my teachers.Speaker A:…………… Speaker B:………… 2. sport.coin 4.have met d. Squash is………………….dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. cheque or credit card.because d.sensible b.made c. I could sleep anywhere………….done b. you can pay by…………….The d. a.Say where these mini.Someone asks for your advice. the members of a sports team must…………. Europe is not as large……………….Gawad . even though you can take lots of time off? B: Well. To be successful. My brother’s ……………. Place:………………. b.trousers 3.a personal 5. that’s all we have time for.writers d.Someone asks your opinion about what makes a successful swimmer. In most shops.dress c.. I believe that I can really make a difference in peoples lives.was meeting b.leave b.while b. a-An b-A c. He’s very……………… He always thinks the worst is going to happen. A: Well.A friend asks you what you know about Omar Samra.Choose the correct answer from a.

Answer the following questions: 1. The children in Lord of the Flies were kind to each other. d. One of the important rules of the sport is that players cannot lift their sticks above their shoulders. then answer the questions: Hockey is a very old team sport which is popular all over the world. It was a bright. Au is the faster runner in our school. C. When it was nearly dark. d. Answer the following questions: I.It is softer. the snow was still falling and they decided to come down the mountain.are going to enjoy 4. Greece and Italy are all on a Mediterranean Sea. What can goalkeepers do that ordinary players cannot do? b.Gawad . Hockey can be a dangerous game. a. or to hit it into a net and score goals. but there is also ice hockey. can break bones if it hits a player.will meet d.enjoy c. e.It is smaller. My father was a sailor in the army. Mona jogs the internet for long hours every day. Choose the correct answer from a. a. when my friends woke up in the morning.It is larger.They carry the ball into the net. c. c or d: 4. a. But there was too much snow and they had to wait for five hours to be rescued. Hockey is normally played on grass.a. b. and in some countries they play together in mixed teams. How is a hockey ball different from a football? a. sunny day and they did not find climbing difficult. then write them correctly: a..Read the following passage. it became very cold and started to snow.are enjoying d. Men and women can play hockey.will enjoy b. During the night. c. 6-Read the following passage. which is small and very hard. Go and see that film.than c-to d-so 15. Next Monday. They had climbing lessons for six months before they left and took ropes and other important equipment. The goalkeeper is the only player who can kick the ball. We’ve already booked the restaurant.met c. Reading 5. they started climbing one of the easy mountains.They kick the ball into the net. Like football. The ball. The mountain side provided shelter from the wind. On what surfaces is hockey played? 2. What do hockey players use to hit the ball? 3. I……. a. On the first day of their holiday. What did the writer’s friends do before they went climbing? 2.They throw the ball into the net. I’d like to be the doctor when I’m older. then answer the questions: Two of my friends went on a three-week climbing holiday in Switzerland last year. I’m sure you……………… it.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences. there are eleven players in a hockey team. b. my brother for lunch. and players can hurt each other with their b. c.It is not round.They hit the ball into the net with a stick.either to pass it to other players on their team. What was the weather like when they started climbing? 19 Mr. meeting 16. Egypt. b. they stopped and ate some of the food they had brought with them. Players carry sticks which they use to control the ball . then they made beds for themselves on a large piece of rock. Unfortunately. f. 5. How do players score goals in hockey? a. b.

please.You’ve just met a friend who you haven’t seen for a year. Tell your friend why you liked or disliked it.on the first morning. 2. d. How long was the writer’s friends’ holiday? a. Translate into English: ‫ إن إنشاء مدارس المجتمع ومدارس الفصل الواحد قد ساعد فى تقدم‬-1 .six weeks b. The Reader (The Spiders) 7. In this way. Your name is wessarn Ahrned Translation 9. a person you have not met before. b.six months c. d. Good luck with identifying your spider’. 20 Mr. Lots of shops and companies now have user-friendly websites to make buying easier.on the second morning. A: Yes.on the first evening c. c. D. 1.You are sitting on a bus and the person next to you starts to smoke.a.a year 5. Answer the following questions: 1.3.Gawad .Someone asks your opinion about what makes a good team player.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. That will be twenty pounds.Write an e-mail of about 100 words to your friend Hassan telling him about a book you have read recently. b. To research about the spider. c or d: 4. b.You have just been introduced to Mrs Brown. B: Certainly. But will take a long time because the roads are crowded.‫علينا جميعا أن نتعاون سويا و أن نكون متسامحين حتى نحيا حياة أفضل‬ Language Functions 1.‫سياسات إصلح التعليم الشاملة لمصر‬ 2. then answer the questions: “The story of the spiders may just be a story. How did the story end? b.Say where these mini. sir. Choose the correct answer from a. The spider needed a safe place for its family because……………. I understand. more and more people are attracted to online shopping.. b. You want to know about your friend’s activities since you last met..a. Do you think Ayman is pleased or disappointed when ‘he hears that the story may not be true? Give a reason for your answer.three weeks d. Ayman used the…………… 2. When did the two people decide to stop climbing? a. Complete the following sentences: 1.during the first night. cheaper and more interesting. sir. Why did Ayman write an e-mail to Dr Shereen Fakhry at Oxford University? 2. What did the spider do when it found a quiet dark place? b. A: Helwan. B: (after an hour) Here we are. What was the “story of the spiders”? 2. A: Thanks you. Read the quotation.Writing 8. Here you are. Translate into Arabic: Internet shopping has greatly grown nowadays. c.Respond to each of the following situations: a.

many people……………… to pay for things in cash.. of the year for my family was my sister’s wedding.Place:………………… Speaker A:………….works c. People describe today’s world as a local economy. sunny and warm tomorrow.because c.employs 5. e.turn d.summit d.height 4. It was built to protect Cairo from enemies. Where…………….crew d.the best c. I’d love to take… in the Olympic Games.Gawad ..part being c. a.high c.high 7. a. took two days. your brother use to live? a.I was so tired that I fell asleep …………. hit I’ll never be good enough. 21 Mr. then write them correctly: a.which c.seeing 10...use b.I spoke to this morning was my sister.good 12.benefit d. That was one of………… books I’ve ever d. I expect it………. The…………….height b. Vocabulary and Structure 3. a.where 14. c or d: 1.which b. Egyptian children didn’t used to learn English until they were 11 or 12 years old.if d. Have you ever……………. a-buy b-pay c. B: It’s amazing! Place:………………… Speaker A:…………. a. a.but 11. How long are you been learning English? b.long 3. A: Welcome to this famous Egyptian site. Speaker A: B: When was it built? A: It was built in 1176.. My father’s company………… people from many different countries..worst 9. a. c.what c.seen d. The first person ………….Choose the correct answer from a.that c. Speaker B:…………… 2. pictures in the museum.while b. The water is not very……………. Speaker B:…………… b. a dangerous spider? a.tall d.15. a. It’s quite safe to swim here.does b. of that mountain is always covered in snow. I’m afraid we can't…………….using d. a.flight b. In the past..bottom c.saw c. There are many…….voyage 2. a. What is the more enjoyable thing about learning English? c.will be b. a. Our………. We went to Italy by sea.valuable b. going to be 13.what d. In the past. c.better d.000 years d. a. It was built by Salah El Din Al Ayyoubi.doing 4.see b.plays b.used .when c.uses c.did d. A supermarket is a large shop ……you can buy many different things. Diamond necklaces are cheap pieces of jewellery. a holiday this year. f.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences. The……………. People who come third in a race win a gold medal. Some are 1.deep b.I was doing my homework.head b.afford d.who b.keeps d.earn 6. b.highlight c.

Where did the guard find out the truth? a. then answer the questions: A man was going from Greece into Turkey on his bicycle when a guard stopped him.” “It was bicycles. Complete the following sentences: 1. Some years later. When did Maupassant move to Paris? 2.a meeting place. “Take it off. the guard wanted to see inside the the 1870s c-in the 1880s d. Reading 5. Why did people come into Paris by railway? b. These were much healthier for people to live in. put it on his back and continued into Turkey.between Greece and Turkey d.” said the guard. The Eiffel Tower opened in 1889 and brought thousands of tourists into Paris. Answer the following questions: 1. What did Dr Fakhry receive form archaeologist in Egypt? 2. “What’s in the bag on your back?” “ the 1 840s b. Answer the following questions: 1.between 31 and 40 underground a Turkish town b.between 21 and 30 d. Again. Paris was one of the most exciting cities in the moderr. 6-Read the following passage. I want to have a look. what does Dr Fakhry suggest he does if he sees the spider again? b. attracting even more visitors. Where was the man on the bicycle travelling to? 2.C. smiling.private transport. a. “You can tell me the truth now. I knew you were bringing something into our country. The first line of the Paris Metro opened in 1890. had been knocked down in the 1840s and replaced by wide streets with beautiful new buildings. a. New railway lines brought thousands of people into the city every day to work in the growing industries. What does the word Metro mean? a. b. Ayman thinks that if he tells the police that he’s seen a big dangerous spider. they 22 Mr. b.Read the following passage.a bus route.” said the man. then answer the questions: When Guy de Maupassant arrived in the French capital during the early 1870s. In her computer conversation with Ayman. What does the word These mean in (These were much healthier)? 3.a. the same thing happened. Many of its narrow streets. This continued for six months. The man took the bag off and opened it to prove he was only carrying sand. How many journeys did the man make? a. c. with their old houses in the poorer parts of the city. c or d: 4. but again. When were parts of Paris rebuilt? a. th guard saw the man in the town and said. Choose tile correct answer from a. The guard a Greek town c. but I didn’t know what.Gawad .in the 1890s 5.between one and ten b. d. but then one week the man did not come. The next week. world. What does This mean in (This continued for six months)? b. Choose the correct answer fron a. b. What did the guard expect to find in the bag? 3.We don’t know The Reader (The Spiders) 7.” said the man. Then he closed the bag. Answer the following questions: 1.between 11 and 20 c. c or d: 4. which was already an important centre for artists and writers. there was only sand.

a. b.‫ حرصت الدولة على إمداد المدارس بأجهزة الكمبيوتر لخدمة التعليم في مصر‬-1 2. Translate into English: . Both have something valuable to contribute. It could be a mobile phone.Respond to each of the following situations: 1.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. 2. Speaker B:…………….Isolated b. A: Next? B: Roast meat and rice.often c. than organic 23 Mr.Genetic c. You want to know if your grandfather did anything when he was not working. 1.‫سافرنا إلي السودان و قضينا أسبوعين مع أخي الذي يعمل في السفارة‬ ‫المصرية هناك‬. c. 4. from a. sir? B: Lentil soup.much 3………….Individual d. Place:……………… Speaker A:…………….a.Vocabulary and Structure 3..Agricultural 4. B. younger people can use their strength and energy to help older people .Organic d. a watch or any other cheap or expensive object Translation 9. Ahmed suggests going the beach but you’d like to play. engineering may bring new diseases in the future. Translate into Arabic: Older people can pass on their experiences and their knowledge to younger people . Speaker B:……………. Ayman wished he had never started this”. houses keep out cold and heat. How do you go to Mersa Matrouh? Once a year. Read the quotation. A: How many books can I borrow at a time? B: Only three. Everyone would be furious. b. You suggest going out for a walk to.Writing 8.Choose the correct answer. Why would businesses in town lose money? 2.many d. c or d: 1……………………. a. A.. then answer the questions: “Businesses in the town would lose money. a...Separate c.. Some species of spiders lay……………. It’s said that modern farming makes money………….Medical b.insulated 2.your cousin.will………………… 2. a necklace . You see a classmate who has been away for many weeks.long b.Language Functions 1. Place:……………… Speaker A:…………….Say where these mini. 3.Gawad . Why would everyone be furious? D. A: Where can I find some books about geology? B: They are on the shelves over there. A: What would you like to start with.Write a paragraph of about 100 words on an object that you like. 2. 2.

watered 13.. beliefs. C.waterproof d. Ecotourism also calls for promotion of recycling and energy and water conservation.flat c.Read the following passage. a. Individuals who are ecological and socially conscious have a role to play in that respect. Some houses are made from mud bricks to be suitable for….them 11 . His car is rusty. a.………………. Ecotourism is important as we want the future generations to enjoy the same wonderful environment we have today. a.wasn’t 7. their customs.……………. it? a.over c-on d-to 4.confidential d.Ayman prefers the market……………….They built their house by………………. climates.confident c. Ecotourism is facing a great conflict between making money and keeping away from the negative impact of tourism. Answer the following questions: 1.astrologer b.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences.skyscrapers l0.didn’t c.earthquakes d.ourselves d. 2.farming.water c.Gawad .insulated d.……………… it? a-is b-won’t c.confiding 16.cold d.deluges b.didn’t d. 5.astronomer c. Organic food is better for you.fountains b. The train leaves in five minutes. Governments are trying all the time to help local communities and local people to keep their heritage. animals can be scared away.themselves c.does 9. a. New York is famous for its………………… a.hadn’t c. What is ecotourism as you understood from the passage? 2.dry b. Many houses in Japan are made of wood because Japan has a lot of …. the more necessary the development of infrastructure is needed.. 4. a. They greatly appreciate the natural beauty of nature.floods c. then write them correctly: 1. a.Buildings have…… roofs in places where there is a lot of rain or snow.He had his field ……………….won’t b.Reading 5. 8. etc. Places where wildlife viewing is involved. then answer the questions: Ecotounsm is traveling to protected areas where human rights are respected.volcanoes 6. It needs to be polish. a.archaeologist i4. More than 100 million people visit places on the Mediterranean bank. I think that the train never comes on time.architect d. Too many cars in city centres can create pollution.ashamed b. cars noise and congestion.. Biology is the scientific study of people.headquarters d. The more pressure on local environment is put.more c. she? a.isolated 12.She’d better study hard.least 5. Why is it important for future generation that we keep nature as it is today? 24 Mr. the supermarket. a.isn’t d. We should leave now.doesn’t 15. about asking questions when they don’t understand. He is the manager for a travel agency in Aswan.towers c.himself b..watering b.All students should be……….wouldn’t b.mild c. a.doesn’t d.above b.little d.less b. 3.sloping b.Hassan Fathy is the world famous………………… a.

Write a paragraph of about 100 words on: “Global Warming” 25 Mr.Sports lead to overweight. Choose the correct answer from a. then answer the questions: The ancient Greeks always asserted that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to a well-balanced life.a.3.crucial c. a. and they should not be deprived of the opportunity to learn how to play sports. Does the writer support or oppose the issue of increasing sport time at schools? 2. I am strongly opposed to the complete removal of sports.” 1. 5. c.Sports encourage team spirit. Shereen thinks I should tell the police about it. Read the following quotation.Writing 8.individuals c.easy The Novel (The Spiders ) 7. Nowadays many schools are decreasing the amount of time given to sports. The underlined word impact means……………… a. In addition. Although academic subjects are certainly a very important part of the school curriculum. schools have a responsibility to educate children in all areas. a. Answer the following questions: 1. as it is to provide academic training to those who will go on to university. Answer the following questions: 1. they need the opportunity to do some physical activity during the school day. Which statement is not true? a. All children have the right to get a balanced education.affect d. Choose the correct answer from a. Complete the following sentences: 1. The underlined word Key means………………… a. b. how could practising sports at schools help students later in university and at work? 3.local communities b.unique d. Ayman believed that his uncle was right as he was not sure …………… c. This will not only help to increase their level of fitness and make them healthier. and some schools are removing it altogether. I strongly believe that sports should remain a part of the school curriculum. Why had Ayman to go with the professor? 2.fluent c. Why didn’t the speaker tell the police? 2. For that reason. then answer the questions: “Dr. Firstly.Gawad .Sports help students become more successful.Read the following passage. The underlined pronoun their refers to …………………. When did the speaker say it? D.unimportant b. Therefore. What is the role of individual in ecotourism? b. it is just as important to provide sports practice for the professional sportsmen and women of the future. c.efficiency 5.Sports give the chance to be physically fit. b.governments d. and thus achieve better result. students these clays spend long hours studying or working at their computers..tourists 6.influence b. In conclusion. it will also mean that they develop better social skills and are able to concentrate on their studies for longer. What was Ayman’s uncle? b. Why is it important to practise sports during the school day? b. In your opinion. or d: 4. The protective clothes were made of …………… 2. d. c or d: 4. b.

vaporize c.rebels c.may 8.succeeded b. a..scientifically b.could 6. madam. a. Rainforests……………. a. a. You borrow my bicycle tomorrow if you like.mustn’t d. Someone thanks you for a favour you did for him. 3.could 1O. what would you like me to do with it? A: You should put it in the garbage bin.Choose the correct answer from a.result b.melt b.sending 2. a. Adel is interested in………….give d.scientific d. a. Translate into Arabic: Charities are more important than ever as we have more and more problems with diseases and food shortages. .m. When a volcano………………. people should give more money to charity so that these organisations can help more people .managed d. You meet someone for the first time. Write a question.Vocabulary and Structure 3.might b. a.Climate b.could c. I believe we need them more than ever and the help they can provide is very important. etc. A: Thank you. that e-mail at six o’clock p.scientist 3. a. I’ll check.can't d.managed d. She…………… to pass her driving test last week.The sea level will rise if the Arctic glaciers………………. b.put c. 2-B: Just one moment. B. You ask Tamer about the troubles Ahmed had.. What do you say? 2.You …………smoke here because there is a “No smoking area”sign.condense d. I succeeded in………….Weather d.revolts d.Language Functions 1.can’ t d. His parents are German. 2.a. but you refused politely. He took his car to the garage where one of the mechanics was…….erupts 9.must c. c or d: to c.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. a.succeeded b.freeze 11. A: Why are you throwing this rubbish here? B: Well. in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.Climatic c. b.Translation 9.take 4……………….must c. If you ask me. Speaker B:…………….Say where these mini. 2. Translate into English: 1.Respond to each of the following situations: 1.‫قطرة الماء تساوى حياة لذا يجب المحافظة على مياة النيل نظيفة ول نبددها‬ A. Place:……………… Speaker A:……………. You are invited to a wedding party.need to b..don’t have to c. it gives out hot lava.. start it.won’t b.must 26 Mr. changes affect the growth of plants.Gawad .emits b.Climatology 5. He……………… be Egyptian.send send d.‫تحاول الدولة جاهدة رفع مستوى معيشة كل الفراد بكل السبل الممكنة‬.science c. a. fiction novels.sent c. a. 4.

Gawad . yet. If you follow the example of these miracle economies in East Asia. is a project on a peaceful atomic reactor. b.spread c.move in circles b. the fewer are done by people. The word circulate means……………. Singapore.fortunate 6-Read the following passage.disappear 5. you ……………. Indonesia. the advantages of computers are numerous. Their benefits are numerous. However. Malysia.wealth c. You must eat too much butter. in the passage. Mention two reasons for Asian Tigers’ success.remark b.needn’t 16.must c. Answer the following questions: 1.She interviewed a …………….spring d. b. South Korea. They are countries with growing economies.He……………. you can be very rich. then answer the questions: Computers are a major technological breakthrough of the twenty.You……wash your hands before you eat so as not to catch swine flu. 4. The word poverty is the antonym of a. Ayman was borne in a good Cairo family in 1999.needn’t b. What is so special about Asian Tigers? 2. a. Add to this. as it has a lot of fat. American money in Asian funds grew 18. 2. 6.creating d.scientist last might. then write it correctly: 1. People are hard-workers. a.mustn’t b. Taiwan and Hong Kong. their tongues and their oil. and stay at home to use their computer.Read the following passage.get up early. or d: 4.have to d. In the past. especially to 4. Wood may withdraw an earthquake better.doing b.single d.first century. Finally. This rapid growth of Asian Tiger economies has been due to the special characteristics and mind-set in Asia.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences. Why do you think people in those countries succeeded in their life? 3.Reading 5. b. The main disadvantage of a computer is that staring at a screen for long periods of time can be damaging to the eyes.All my sisters are married.fold in five years.remarked 15. Meat is rich with protein.remarkably c.Choose the correct answer from a. but my brother is still……………. People can be inclined to become anti-social. a. a. The number of Asian companies went from two in 1988 to 30 in 1997. Concrete houses are suitable for hot weather. one of the major arguments against the use of computers is that the more jobs which are done by computers.making c. 3. A great amount of stories circulate about the success of Asian families and peasants who moved from poverty to wealth. They care about their children’s education. such as the undeniable educational benefits..must c. much can be said against them. a. a.poor d. and sitting for hours at a time is certainly not healthy.When you are on holiday. The whole world acknowledges their superior status in world economy nowadays. 5. School subjects become more interesting when presented on a computer 27 Mr.remarkable d.12. foreign investment is the key to success there.forming 13. then answer the questions: The Asian Tigers are Thailand. b.don’t have to 14.alone c. a. c. whales were hunted for their meet. computers distract from social interactions such as conversation.mustn’t d.

It is something unique that only a few thousand people in the whole world have managed to do . where is the best place to set up your equipment?” 1.. computers are valuable to any business. 2.computers c-people d-jobs The Novel (The Spiders) 7 a. Choose the correct answer from a.Gawad . What was the equipment that speaker was talking about? 2. there are strong arguments both for and against the use of computers. Furthermore. Translate into Arabic: The most obvious reason why some people climb mountains is because it is a challenge. In addition.‫علينا الستفادة من مزايا العولمة لخير مصر و مواكبة التقدم العلمي‬. To sum up. Why do you think the equipment was brought? U.Language Functions 1.a. 2. What did the ancient medical text describe? b. When scientists put small quantities of venom into animals. c or d: 4.screen. You agree. Moreover. Read the following quotation.‫أعتقد أن المحاصيل المعدلة جينيا يمكنها حل مشكلة نقص الغذاء‬. c. Complete the following sentences: 1.argument b. How do computers affect social life? 3.have. How do school subjects become more interesting? 2. computers can be fun with a seemingly endless variety of games which can be played on them. 3. these animals ………………. Some people have the negative opinion about computers that they a. It is an ambition that many people . 2. making life easier and saving time by being capable of storing and retrieving vast amounts of information at the touch of a people find more jobs d. Answer the following questions: 1. You’re asked to help your cousin with a math problem. Answer the following questions: 1. Translate into English: 1.but not all . It was difficult for the spiders to get through the men’s suits because…………………….increase the number of unemployed people. a. A. You want your teacher to help you answer a certain question. In what way are computers beneficial to any business? b. personal gains can be seen as the use of computers increases powers of concentration.Respond to each of the following situations: 1. b. You understood the film you watched but you are not sure what it really shows.create more job opportunities. b.solve the problem of unemployment.Write a paragraph of about 100 words on: “The advantages of Teamwork” Translation 9. c. Do you agree with scientists who experiment on animals? Why? 2. b.Writing 8. 28 Mr. 5. then answer the questions: “Professor. The underlined word “fewer” in the second paragraph refers to a.

2.Vocabulary and Structure d.... into ice...'d turn 11..'11 turn d. A gene is a part of molecule of a living thing. A: May I book a tour to Hurgada? B: With pleasure.. much money.. a. Speaker B:……………...'d miss c...with .Say where these mini.... How would you like to go? A: By plane because it’s fast...mine 14.knows b.wise 12.. his son to give up smoking.were I5...should remove b............ c...devise d. You’re trying to persuade your pen friend Jack to visit the Cairo town. a. that she won't be able to attend my daughter's wedding party next Sunday......managed c.. because it's above sea level... It ....was b... the eight o'clock train.turns c.. a....with c. My neighbor works . she'd go camping.. a. father treats his daughters and sons on equal terms....have b... 2. 3. is of great importance for all d....acquires c...If I . a. A: You have to pay a fine.on b. a..will miss b.regrets 8. Time .... Science teachers .. five years older.should be removed c... Dr Yousri helped . The Israeli settlements in the Western Bank .. B..persuading c. She .replacing b.cancellation 6.announcement c.. Place:…………… Speaker A:………….... 29 Mr.operate 2. sooner or later.declaration b.for d.stupid d.island c... You must violate traffic signals.amending d. a..Dakhla is a different .If we freeze water.. an oil company........with 10. a.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences.removed 3. of the American president's visit to Sultan Hassan's mosque received our doubts. c or d: 1.for 9. 2.had had c.will remove d. Speaker B:…………….If she .out b. The .. a.... The accident is blamed .manager 4.knew d.rash c..If she doesn't leave now...on 7..will convert b..violent b....oasis d. a...manageress b. a.blames b. that Egypt is a great country. You must always think of the other around you...make b....dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. B: Why? A: You exceeded the speed limit..about known c..were known 5.informs d.advertisement d..... she ........Gawad ..won't miss d. a.. c.... The ...on d...misses 13. a.reforming 16...4.. the rash driver.......have had 4. Place:…………… Speaker A:…………... b.had had d...... the reform of education a...valley b.. then write them correctly: 1.. I would have bought a new car.Choose the correct answer from d. their experiments in science labs..had c. it .... a..Uncle Ahmed succeeded in ..

he sees a beautiful brooch in the shape of his favourite pet. She waited a long time for the bus so she bought a newspaper. c. then answer the questions: Mrs. coat and gloves and Mrs. Wilson took the shopping bag and walked to the bus stop. Choose the correct answer from a. But when his mother opens the present. David takes $20. 6.spider d. Choose the correct answer from a. She sewed her new dress himself.because spiders are her favourite pet 6-Read the following passage. Smith and she said. Wilson said. Mrs. then answer the questions: David wants to buy a Christmas present for a very speciaL person. After three months. Suddenly.00 out of his bank account and goes to the shopping mall. Answer the following questions: 1. "My cat Sammy died last night and I have no place to bury him. Why is Mm. "What's the matter?" she asked. Who did Sammy the cat live with? b. Mrs. or d: 4. She then began to read the newspaper. "I can bury your cat in my garden in Duncan and you can come and visit him sometimes. 5. Wilson do? 3. Mrs. What does David want to buy his Mother? 2. a.00 a week into his bank account. Smith upset? 2." Mrs. she got on the bus.Reading 5. She put on her hat. He is very excited and he is looking forward to Christmas morning to see the joy on his mother’s face. Mrs. Wilson said it was time for her to go home. Concrete is not as dangerous as many other building materials. Suddenly. When the bus arrived at her bus stop. b. Suddenly. Wilson forgets 30 Mr. she got off the bus and walked for about two minutes. He wraps the present in Christmas paper and places it under the tree.purse 5. David’s mother screams a. c or d: 4.00. How much money does David take to the mall? b. David’s father gives him $5. b.” He buys the brooch and takes it home. When her sister answered the door. Mrs. she remembered she had left the shopping bag on the bus. C. Smith put the dead Sammy into a shopping bag. “My mother loves jewelry.4. Wilson visited her sister. We had our car washing. David buys his mother a a. Mrs.Gawad . Wilson was very sad because she knew her sister loved the cat very much. Smith are sisters. One day Mrs. a. Wilson saw tears in her eyes. Smith stopped crying and the two sisters had tea together and a nice visit.Read the following passage. and the brooch costs only $1 7. He looks and looks for a perfect gift.00 a week pocket money and David puts $2. It was now five o'clock and Mrs. He says to himself. When the bus arrived. Who does David get his money from? 3.because the present is beautiful b. Answer the following questions: 1 .because she thinks she sees a real spider d. Mrs. sat down and put the shopping bag on the floor beside her feet. she screams with fright because she sees a spider.ring b. Wilson lives in Duncan and Mrs. What did Mrs. Smith lives in Victoria. his mother. She began to cry again.because she doesn’t like Christmas presents c. Wilson and Mrs.brooch c.

Mr. Speaker A:……………. A: Take one of these tablets three times a day.Victoria d. but you have too much to do.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. training for long hours . Ask your brother about it. please? We will Pt soon be arriving at the monastery of St SICr Catherine. eating healthily and being very organised .‫يعتبر التليفون المحمول نعمة و نقمة في آن واحد من وجهة نظري‬. Wilson’s garden c. Translate into English: 1.a. 3.Mrs. B: Thank you.the bus The Novel (The Spiders ) 7.Mrs. So self-motivation. including not having much contact with their families.Write a paragraph ofabout 100 words on: “A great discovery” Translation 9. B: Thank you. Why did the spiders disappear suddenly? 2. focus and self-discipline are all very relevant characteristics.Writing 8. You are looking for a necklace you have lost.Gawad 31 .a. so c. Answer the following questions: 1. Complete the following sentences: 1. Speaker B:……………… 2. then answer the questions: “I’m sorry. Read the following quotation. 2. Fadyasks your opinion about the film you saw together last night.the shopping bag d. A: May I have your attention. You’re asked about your favourite film director. b. Sammydiesin a. Ayman had no time to read Dr Shereen’s second e-mail. 2.Language Functions 1-.her handbag c. A. Respond to each of the following situations: 1.‫سيصبح النيل ملوثا إذا لم نتوقف عن إلقاء القمامة فيه‬.. What was the medicine for the spider bites made from? b.her dog 5.the newspaper b. B: When was it built? A: it was built in the sixth century by the Roman Emperor Justinian. Smith’s house in Duncan b.Say where these mini. 2. Both uncle Walid and colonel Mikhail were 2. Who was the speaker? To whom? 2. The owner of the factory asks if he can interview you. travelling . 1.. Place:……………. How were the speaker's parents and his uncle after reading the email? D. you’d better read this e-mail”.a. A: How long have you been feeling unwell? B: Simce Friday. 4. Translate into Arabic: Athletes need to be determined and willing to make large sacrifices.

. it .000 kilos. I wouldn't go there alone if I ..regret d.have been polished 6... 3. it is also one of the cleverest.was polished c...Gawad . Blue Whales can be as long as 30 meters and weigh as much as 1...likely b.... Life is not a race. he . now... '" ... it's a .about said 12... Copper is a good ....says b..water fails d.. It is called the Blue Whale.. c or d: 1.melt 10....possible d... We know that whales can talk to each other.'m b... insulting the house keeper a........ Good friends are hard to find.on b. .success b.for b..... The new furniture .. He is ashamed of his brother because he always comes first...furnishes 14. Fayoum oasis is famous for its . If ice is heated.had been 11..Amarna is on the . They are wrong.was d..conductor d.. b.. losing your English book".. a.say d. is not straight. She’d rather studies hard to join the faculty of medicine.competition b..water cress 15... Adham presented his wife a valuable ring to wear around her neck. The Whale is not only the world’s biggest animal.. the final exams.beach d. b. ..... Vocabulary and Structure 3. He used to getting up late. If he had won a b. a-will furnish b-'d furnish c . We do not yet know how to “speak” to whales! One day... Tel E1 ..resistant 4.for c... of electricity. Students shouldn't be worried.. He apologized to me .at d. 32 Mr.'11 melt b. The Olympic Games are famous for athletes.. a.ambition c... She borrowed a ten-pound note to her young sister.Read the following passage. a. "I'm sorry ... then write them correctly: 1.. 2...for c.. perhaps we shall learn to speak to whales and then they will be able to tell us about themselves..from 2. The world’s biggest animal is still living and it lives in the sea. being polished d. then answer the questions: Many people think that the dinosaur is the biggest animal that ever lived... Amal said to you..shore c. Speaker B:……………… B... C Reading 5. a. you a.were c....water wheels c.failure 3..........Choose the correct answer from a.. .about b. It .... a.... a.. a......would melt c. a.Place:……………. of the Nile a.. The largest dinosaurs weighed only 500 kilos.. The road to . The answer ..melts d. Speaker A:……………....impossible 8. but now he doesn’t...that d.of 16..would have furnished c-Journey d-tour 5..Find the mistake in each of the following sentences. though we do not know what they are saying.said c..water front b... 5.. that the earth orbits the sun a. b c.. to forget.for c..probable c.. the problem of over population is birth control...about c..tank 13. polished b... . harder to leave and .of 4.

Do you enjoy foreign travel? Do you enjoy a challenge? We are looking for ten fun-loving people to come with us on an exciting journey to a remote part of South America.This is not a time when you can take a rest. write for more information to: Bill and Sue. and give their babies milk.You can go on this trip if you are 45 years old. hiking in the mountains with a fun group of people and tting under the stars talking late into the night. Why aren’t there many whales left’? 3. a.People interested in the trip should write to Bill and Sue for more information. Box 420. Men have killed them for thousands of years for food and other things. then answer the questions: Advertisement People who like excitement are to join in the trip of a lifetime. We will carry all our own equipment and cook our own food. Answer the following questions: 1. c. The underlined word “themselves” in the second paragraph refers to a. We will walk through beautiful scenery and see some fascinating ancient temples and cities. However.This holiday would be ideal for you. there are now laws to stop people killing most kinds of whales. In what way are whales different from fish? 2. do not lay eggs.People who go on this holiday have to be able to carry their own luggage. Why do you have to be fit to goon this trip? 3. 5. Sadly.You would really enjoy this holiday.Whales are part of a family of animals called “cetaceans”. But if you like the idea of spectacular scenery.This holiday would not be suitable for you. He was in a story by The American writer. They have babies in the same way that cows and cats do. Answer the following questions: 1. We will walk about 30 km each day and sleep in tents. or d: 4.dangerous animals in the sea 5. c.They will visit some archaeological sites. According to the advertisement. These are animals that live in the sea but unlike fish.whales d. c or d: 4. In this story. There is a famous White Whale called Moby Dick. Do you think there will be more whales in the sea in the future? Justify? b Choose the correct answer froni a. b. Herman Melville. Where will they be staying at night? b. The novel (The spiders ) 33 Mr. b. b.people 6-Read the following passage. Which one of these statements is not true? a. c. this is not the holiday for you. a sailor called Captain Ahab spends a lot of time trying to find and kill Moby Dick.what whales eat c. d.killing whales b. a. Choose the correct answer from a. b. d.the largest animals d.dinosaurs b. which country or countries is the group going to visit? 2. Thepassageis about a. London SWB. You must be: fit and healthy under 40 years of age capable of carrying and cleaning duties prepared to share cooking and cleaning duties If this describes you. If you like staying in comfortable hotels and lying by a pool in the sun.sailors c. What does the underlined part 9’this is not the holiday for you” mean? a. P0. there are not many kinds of whales left.Gawad . this could be just what you are looking for. so perhaps there will be more of them in the years to come.

a.won’t d. 4 You’re trying to convince Tom to visit a certain place which is off the beaten track. I’ve ordered stronger protective suit.. Writing 8. 3.Translate into Arabic: Mass media play a vital role in forming the public opinion.citizen b.a.personal d. Language Functions 1.Answer the following questions: 1.will 3. You agree. Place:……………. They will be here in the morning”. Newspapers and magazines inform us of whatever happens all over the world. You want your sister to help you prepare lunch for the family. Choose the correct answer from a.‫الحروب الهلية و الجفاف و المجاعات تعوق التقدم في معظم الدول النامية‬. Respond to each of the following situations: 1. 2. a. Vocabulary and Structure 3. Basketball is a ……………….team c.'m going 34 Mr. 1.A: What’s the matter with you? B: One of my teeth hurts. It must be pulled out. Speaker A:……………… Speaker B:……………. Place:…………….team d.Read the following quotation.Translate into English: 1.A: How much is a kilo of apples? B: It’s LB 10.shall c.personal 2. Sports like squash are……………… sports. Where may a spider build its nest? 2. a. to go swimming every day. Radio and TV convey to us the latest news almost in no time. A.Gawad . Speaker A:……………… Speaker B:……………. A: I’d like two kilos. You understand the story. A: Let me see. I………. b. but you are not sure what its real subject is.individual b. You’re asked if you can help Mona with a computer problem. 2. c or d: . Write a paragraph of about 100 words on: “Healthy food” 9. 2. B. You are welcome to join us tomorrow. 2. Female spiders are more dangerous than male spiders because ……… c. please. then answer the questions: “1 want to thank you for your work today. What was the speaker preparing for? 2. a.1. This year.citizen c.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. Why were the stronger suits ordered? . The inhabitants of Hamdayya left their town because…………… 2. b. Why were the spiders able to bite Ayman? b. Say where these mini.Complete the following sentences: 1.‫يعتبر استخدام الطاقة المتجددة و الغاز الطبيعي أحد حلول مشكلة التلوث‬.7.

You……………… very fit. The newspapers said the Titanic was like a palace.will b. you? a.m. That ‘s a good idea. My flat is on the fourth floor of a five…. They were on their way home to the USA. C.elements b.would c. 3.was laughing d. 35 Mr. They also said it could not sink. a. Marion. car is white. I need to buy a new T. Reading 5. At 11. food.had you been waiting 14. then write them correctly: 1. most houses have flat roofs. The northern part of the Atlantic is near the Arctic Circle.prove c. then answer the questions: Ruth Becker was twelve years old in March 1912 when she travelled from India to England with her little brother.bark c. An officer tried to turn the ship. People prefer …………. Just after midnight. After travelling by boat through the Suez Canal and across the Mediterranean Sea. He visited the village when he was born. Richard.your car in a no parking area. Africa is the second largest of the world’s a valleys b. is wise and cheerful.compounds d.were getting 5: We should do our best to……………. a. the weather turned cold.won’t 16. a.40 p. 4.are d.brake 13. and their mother. nobody was worried. It was as long as three football fields and eleven storeys high. Ruth and her mother woke up. he …………………. a. His room is old. the Titanic. aged four. a.that c. April 14. they arrived in England.where c-when d. and this was its first voyage. The Chinese invented ice cream using only two……………. In Egypt………… there is little rain. 2. but it was going too fast. He is the player whose scored a famous goal. I’m against genitically modify crops.whose 12. so there were icebergs in the water.have you waited d.tale c.…………. the passengers enjoyed life on the ship.storey d.continents 4 .laugh b.choose d.lakes c. When I saw Ahmed. the weather was good.rotten c.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences . c.park b. Then. When the Titanic left England.Read the following b. her sister.whose 15…………you like orange you? a. Let us go fishing. The Titanic was the biggest and most modern ship in the world.which b. fit. They planned to cross the Atlantic Ocean to the USA in a famous new ship.would get b. a.Gawad . We have a nice villa on the north bank.shirt because I have a new dozen.story b.break d. It needs to be paint.'ll get d.4. a. At first. 5. It is not allowed to …………….got b.laughs 11.had you wait b. on Sunday. and the Titanic hit the iceberg.modified 9.have you been waiting c.whom d.who b.fresh d.. How long……………… before your bus arrived at the bus stop? a. block next to the post office. a lookout saw a big iceberg 500 metres ahead. For the first four days. a. Ramy…………….shall 8.ingredients 7. aged one. 6.inorganic b.keep laughing c.don’t d.oceans d.topics c.

sleep. Before you join the 24-hour revolution. book your holiday on the Internet at 3 am and do business online at dawn. 5. It plays an important part in our physical and psychological well-being. Find the words in the passage that mean a. but we also run the risk of seriously damaging our health. Answer the following questions: 1. you have time for nothing. the steward said.. Where did Ruth and her family get on the Titanic? 2.someone whose duty is to watch carefully. He said. It regulates the tempo and brings in all the different instruments on time to make music rather than noise. It tells us when it is the right time to eat. If we try to ignore our body clocks. A 24-hour society means a society that works………….There was a strange silence because the ship’s engines had stopped. take a minute to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Answer the following questions: 1. This “round the clock” lifestyle is not what the Great Creator intended for us.Are you for or against the daily routine? Why? 3 . then answer the questions: With the introduction of the Internet into our daily lives. a. Choose the correct answer from a. b. The Titanic before March 1912.Which lifestyle does the writer prefer? 2 .Indian b. “Don’t worry.night only.a man who serves food and drinks on a plane or ship.What does "It" in the third paragraph refer to? b. in fact. Answer the following questions: 1.Gawad . b. “No. immune system and activity.” Do we have time to dress? she asked. c.’ll miss the train only. In an area of our brains. What present did Malcom give Ayman ? why? 2. It is. It’s only a small problem’. a. b.a. Everything in this lifestyle is open all hours. we have changed from a society of eight to two (that works from 8 am to 2 pm) into a twenty four-hour’ll damage your health c. we have a “body clock” that controls our body’s natural and night. c or d: 4. d.French 5. we need to have a daily routine. b. Ruth Becker was ……………… a.wasn’t in the newspaper d.English d. You can buy your grocery at midnight. or even to switch them off for a while. c or d: 4.wasn’t built won’t attend the match d. Accordingly. She went back to’ll be late for school The novel (The spiders ) 1. Ruth’s mother got up and spoke to a steward outside her cabin.Read the following passage.made one voyage only 6.from 8 am to 2 pm. Madam. but sometime later a steward knocked on their door and said. What caused the Titanic to sink? 3. If you switch off your “body clock” a. work or play. we not only deprive ourselves of much needed rest. The ship is sinking”. Choose the correct answer from a.didn’t make a voyage b. “Put your life jackets on and go up to the lifeboat deck. what makes us control many things including our hormones. Why did the nurse use a ventilator? b. a. b.American c. Complete the following sentences: 36 Mr. a.

please.Respond to each of the following situations: a. Read the following quotation. c. What do you say? b.steal 2. money should go to prison. Would you open your mouth. 37 Mr. I’ve given you a window seat. Here’s your boarding card. 2 . Ayman was so weak that…………………………. but you want to make sure.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. b. A: Passport and tickets. they ‘re all there with him.lend c. Place:………… Speaker A:…………. It always hurts when I chew on it.‫مصر‬ A.Choose the correct answer from a. Translate into English: ‫ لقد مكنت مواقع النترنت والبريد اللكترونى شركات كثيرة من بيع منتجاتها‬..‫فى كل أنحاء العالم‬ ..bring d. The news spread around the hospital that……………………. please A: Thank you.kind d.Say where these mini. please. B.a. 24A. Who said these words ? To whom? 2. John doesn’t get paid for playing football. Speaker B:…………………. Speaker B:…………………. You meet him or her at the airport.nice c.Your friend tells you the magazine is good. 2. then answer the questions: “Yes .. c or d: 1. Translate into Arabic: The government encourages foreign investment in Egypt to provide work opportunities for thousands of graduates. Boarding will be at 10 o’clock from Gate 17. c. Vocabulary and Structure 3. Language Functions 1... a..‫تعطي الحكومة اهتماما كبيرا لبناء المصانع الضخمة في صعيد‬ 2.I. He’s………. 2. Yes.honest b. they give it back to the owner. it seems you have a slight problem. but 1 can fix it right away? Place:………… Speaker A:…………. If they find something. Most people are……. A: Right.Your pen friend has just arrived.intelligent 3.1 .Gawad . A: Which tooth seems to have a problem? B: The one at the front left..borrow b. b. People who………………. a.You have just read a new magazine for young people.You want to tell a friend not to eat too much fat. Who was the speaker taking about? D Writing 8— Write a paragraph of about 100 words about: “Healthy enviromment Translation 9. They ‘ii be there when he wakes up” 1. Recommend it to a friend. d. B: Here you are? A: Window or aisle seat? B: Window seat. On the other hand it shows great interest in setting up giant industrial projects to increase the national income and to solve a lot of our economic problems.

Reading 5. a. a-as b-so c.had started c. a.repaired d.employees 8.who b.herself b. a.has started c. These are two examples of people who adapt their homes to fit their lives.long c. In my opinion.goods b.which d. In the hotter climate of North Africa. Because these were hard and thick. eat more meat. Some types of birds.fat c.a career 4. Ali has had to go to hospital because he hurt……. This made it easy for them to move their home when looking for food..a.Read the following passage. then write them correctly: a.had d. the film…………… a. fish and eggs. You say it’s very expensive to live in the city. And one particular type of bird does not build a nest at all.Gawad .longer b.than d.sugar b.serious d.whose c. were saved by a passing ship.himself 14.a player c. the………. their houses were well insulated and so the people were warm and comfortable..are? a.outskirts c. a. I’m really enjoying this dessert. a. c.him c. have just moved into the next flat are from Tanta.. When I was repairing 4.his d.did c. Where…………… you going when I saw you in town yesterday? a. a.longest b. a.were b. then answer the questions: The people who live in the far north of Canada used to build their homes out of large blocks of ice. e. the Bedouin made their homes from animal skins.determined b.foods 5.what d. The Nile………… is river in the world. too. We arrived late and by the time we sat down. it’s warmer now…………… it was this morning.had been repairing b. Birds do this. and I don’t starting d.staff b. In the story of Moby Dick. Those are the people…………… car has been stolen.outside 9. My sister and her husband live on the…….who’s 13. Captain Ahab is absolutely……… to catch the white whale.the longest d. d.primitive 7.crops d. . a.side d. I hope I find myself a flat that’s not too cheap so that I can afford it.had repaired c.My clothes were dirty because I…….which b who c. Asia is the biggest country in the world.was ii. Answer the following questions: 1.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences. You must to eat lots of fresh fruits because they’re very good for you.that 16. Why do homes which are made of ice stay warm? 38 Mr.sure c. Can you tell me what the………..crew d. If you need more……….where 10. of the town. the car all morning.a professional b. We couldn’t get into the car because our keys were opened inside. amateur d. The people………. which spend their lives in the air looking for food. a. do not make new nests every year. b. f.protein d. but lays its eggs in the nest of another bird and leaves these birds to look after its young. When the boat sank.carbohydrate 6. but return to the same nest again and again. while playing football.ingredients c.starts 15. my parents have been living in their flat for three years. a.

we do not know 5.a.They had plenty of animal skins.meat and fish b. 1.soup The Reader (The Spiders) 7. Why doesn’t Ayman have much more time? 2. Your name is Nur Fahmy.Gawad . she did not know how to cook even the simplest meals. We began with simple things like eggs and soup. d. How old was the writer when she started learning to cook? a. b. meat and fish and finally bread and cakes. “Ayman Hassan doesn’t have much more time. ‘What is the writer’s plan for the future? b.Write a letter of about 100 words to an English pen friend. What does the word “these” refer to in “Because these were hard andthick”? 3.He admires their way of life. Choose the correct answer from a. Answer the following questions: I. What kind of bird goes to the same nest every year? b.He uses them as an example. 2. So.a. Sam. Read the following quotation. d.2. She decided to teach me because when she and my father got married. c. a. c or d: 4. I will do the same for him or her.He says they are the same as the people in Canada.They wanted to scare their enemies away.twenty-three d.They are travelling people. Translation 9. when I was only five years old. then answer the questions: “They’ll have to drive through the storm. Why did the Bedouin make their homes from animal skins? a. When did the writer’s mother realise how important it was to know how to cook? 3.. 6 Read the following passage. c. I learned everything I know from my mother. b. Choose the correct answer from a. Answer the following questions: I.cakes and bread c. What did the Ancient Egyptians use as a medicine against the spider bites? 2.five b. If I have a child.They needed to move often. Why didn’t the writer’s mother know how to cook? 2. I particularly loved making bread: when a new loaf comes out of the oven. The Echinacea Negra plant only grows in ……………. b. What are they waiting for? Writing 8. it has a fantastic smell. c or d: 4. then we moved on to chicken. 5. my mother started teaching nie. It’ll take more time. This meant that she had to begin cooking lessons at the age of 23. c.They needed to keep warm.” he said. I am really glad my mother taught me to cook. Complete the following sentences: 1. What did the people do with the dead spiders from the underground tombs? b. describing the house you would like to live in. b. This was because her mother (my grandmother) had refused to let her in the kitchen while she was cooking.eggs and chicken d. Translate into Arabic: 39 Mr. Why does the writer tell us about the Bedouin people? a. The Echinacea Negra plant contains……………………. What were the last kinds of food the writer learned how to cook? a. then answer the questions: I never did cooking at school.” The colonel looked very serious.

Gawad . Vocabulary and Structure: 3.sloping c. 2. b. 40 Mr. Speaker B:……………….Your cousin suggests spending the weekend at Helwan. sir? B: Yes. giving a reason. Ask a friend about it.missed b. My friend’s father is………. c. please. a. a. sir? B: Fried. B: Thank you. Speaker A:………….exercise b. sir. b.gone missing d.A: May I have your attention. Speaker B:………………. Others are in favour of this type of food.abandoned 6.straight b. c or d: 1.You are standing in a queue and someone steps in front of you without permission. B.flat d.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. Place:…………. Most houses in countries where it rains a lot have ………roofs. the of our local newspaper.Say where these mini.long 2.. b.A: May I take your order.diplomat 3. I’ll have fish. A: How would you like it.. please. a.You are looking for a magazine you have lost. They think the gentically modified crops can improve agriculture and protect people from starvation in poor countries. Language Functions 1. go running.editor 4.bargain d. Translate into English: ‫ هناك إصل ح شامل لنظام التعليم فى مصر كى يواكب عصر تكنولوجيا المعلومات‬-1 ‫ لدبد أن نعمل ليل نهار لزيادة النتاج ومضاعفة الدخل القومى لتوفير حياة أفضل للجميع‬-2 A. Speaker A:…………. A: Certainly. Politely refuse. We…. If you want to keep fit.come c. B: When was the monastery built? A: It was built in the sixth century by the Roman Emperor Justinian . This CD was a …………… it was less than two pounds. We haven’t seen him for a b. Comment politely. Any vegetables? Place:………….Choose the correct answer from a.. to inform passengers travelling to Cairo that their train will be 20 minutes late.politician b.Respond to each of the following situations: a. Our cat has…………………….value for money 5.A friend wants to know what your dream job would be and d. a. 2. It’s a very good form of a.practice c.Some people believe that genetically modified food may bring new diseases in the future. d. please? I hope you are enjoying the beautiful view of the Sinai.

but I’m not so keen in geography. him somewhere before. Reading 5. Here are two which are off the beaten track.regret 7.will need b. the capital of Japan. Tokyo c. What does the word “two” refer to in Here are two which. f.have cleaned b. Some of the buildings in Takayama are more than four hundred years old.Gawad .carry 8. If the film hadn’t been funny.Read the following cleaning d. a. I……… my brother’s car all morning and he says it’s still dirty. c or d: 4. The train’s pilot asked for my train ticket.It………… that people have lived here for centuries. It still has an ancient Street market as well as a farmers’ market along the river. Near to Takayama is an old village where you can still see traditional carpenters at Takayama b. Yamadera is a collection of…………….sail b. I’m not very good………. a-in b-at known d. a.educational buildings b.Find the mistake in each of the following sentences. There is no airport on the island.are made c. What does “off the beaten track” mean? 3. I didn’t realise it was late…… I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing. e. there are many interesting places which are not too full of tourists. so boats ….because made d. but the view is beautiful. is one of the largest and busiest modern cities in the and other goods. Answer the following questions: I. d.ambition b.on a mountain c.hero c.have been cleaning 12. remembering people’s names.clean a village 5. Many cars…………. then answer the questions: Everyone knows that Tokyo. you ……….make 13.. Choose the correct answer from a. Takayarna is a beautiful old town in the mountains.idea d.had seen b.. If it was cold in the evening.see 10. My………. As soon as I met him..warm clothes.needed c.refuse d.have seen d. earthquake. c. then write them correctly: a. Where can tourists see a collection of temples? a. a.if b. We will keep out of oil in twenty years. b.would have needed 14. I wouldn’t laugh.known c. b. It is difficult to climb up to the temple. a.and c. is to be a journalist for an international news magazine. I enjoy history. Where can visitors see two markets? 2.announcement 9.suggest b. a. C. Two farmers ran out of the ambulance and carried my sick friend into the hospital.”? b. a-from b-to c-by d-at c-give d. a. The Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed ………..saw c.announce c. A few of the oldest houses are now museums where visitors can see what life in Japan was like in the past.would need d. a. I knew I……. Yamadera is a collection of temple buildings on the side of a mountain.on 15.with d. in Egypt.tourist hotels 41 Mr.but 11. a.has known 4. But for travellers to Japan.know b.made b. My father’s lost glasses was found in the garden.

1. 5. Can you give me what you have that made it possible for you to give me the stone?” a. Why did the traveller give the stone back? a. Complete the following sentences: 1. Why did the traveller want the valuable stone? 3. Why did she need the plants? D.To take the valuable stone out. The traveller left knowing that the stone was so valuable that he would be rich for the rest of his life. who was travelling in the mountains. Choose the correct answer from a. So he opened his bag to share his food. Why was it so important that this journey was successful? b. The Reader (The Spiders) 7. but I’m giving it back in the hope.a. What does “it” mean in “I’m giving it back. that you can give me something even more valuable. Spiders live for only……………………. c. found a valuable stone in a river where he bad stopped to catch fish to eat. if you can't find a friend you are supposed to be meeting somewhere.. the man met another traveller who was poor and hungry. b. he returned and gave the stone back to the wise man.To take food out for the other traveller. “I’ve been thinking.To put the valuable stone in. The hungry traveller saw the valuable stone and asked for it. if you need information quickly and to inform people if you are going to be late for something important. But a few days later. A female spider is a thousand times more dangerous…………… 2. The man happily gave it to him. b. c or d: 4.”? b. The next day. d. Answer the following questions: 1.He realised that the wise man needed the stone more than he did.a. “I know how valuable this stone is. Why did she climb “onto” the car? 2.He realised that the stone was not really valuable. Translation 9.Write a paragraph of about 100 words on a building in your town or city that you think tourists would enjoy visiting. opened the door. Read the quotation. b. then answer the questions: “Wafaa climbed onto the third car. d. and carried the plants back to the captain’s car.c. c.religious buildings d-mountains 6-Read the following passage. men answer me questions: A wise man. b.He realised that generosity was more valuable than the stone c.He didn’t want to be rich. Answer the following questions: 1.. Why did the wise man open his bag? a.Writing 8.” he said. What made the journey with the plants so difficult for the three cars? 2.So that the traveller could seethe stone. Then she drove off fast”. Translate into Arabic: Mobile phones can be used if your car breaks down. Why did the wise man stop? 2.Gawad . Translate into English: 42 Mr.

We are going straight to Alexandria after that. A: Your tickets. the ice…………. What do you say? d. a. If you pour hot water onto ice. What time do we arrive at Banha? A: In half an hour or so.hurt b.dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1. 2. people from many different c... a. B. I hope I…………… the maths test at school tomorrow. a.pass b.dangerous b.that d.‫ا‬ ً ‫ا علينا جميع‬ ً ‫ا كبير‬ ً ‫ تؤثر ممارسة التمرينات واللعاب الرياضية دبانتظام تأثير‬-2 A. a.. B: Here you are. c. The doctors will take care of you there. Language Functions 1. I could have died.plays b.warning c.flooded 2. a. When I was a child. Speaker B:…………….see b.‫ا‬ ً ‫ا ونفسي‬ ً ‫ا وعقلي‬ ً ‫ جسماني‬.employs 5. Place:……………… Speaker A:…………. You can’t enjoy your holiday if you don’t have good …………. c or d: 1. Express your opinion.keeps d. a.Someone stops you in the street and wants to ask you questions about when and where your family goes shopping. B: Will we stop at Tanta? A: No. My favourite holiday destination is a small fishing village on the……. Banks are places………… you can keep your money safe. A shop in our city was completely……….‫ إن تنمية التفاهم والتعاون والسلم الدولي من خل ل التعليم المدرسي هو الوسيلة لتحقيق الرخاء‬-1 . I remember reading a/an…….. You do not have time to answer any questions.. please. a.where c.edge c.A friend thinks that travelling by plane is dangerous.injured c. Vocabulary and Structure 3.cautionary 9.advising d.coast 8. tale about a lazy student.runs b. My father’s company…….do well 4..You are going to interview someone you don’t know. b. by fire last night.Say where these mini. people …….when 10.floods d.melts c. b.recommend b build c. walk more. Place:……………… Speaker A:………….ocean d. 43 Mr.wish 3. a. Before the invention of cars.‫والسلم الحقيقي الدائم دبين شعوب العالم‬ .accommodation d.admire d. a. This oxygen mask will help you breathe? A: Where are we going? B: We’re on our way to Kasr Al Aini Hospital. I can really…………. I couldn’t put it down. A: Thank you for rescuing me.Someone asks your opinion about good holiday weather.succeed c.which d.Respond to each of the following situations: a.destroyed d.Choose the correct answer from a.freezes 6.stay 7.hotel b. Speaker B:…………….Gawad . B: You’re going to be OK. sir. this book.

One morning last month. What does its refer to in with its beautiful mosques? a. a.she b. said. elephants. almost any information you need must applying d. Michael Crichton wrote a book about phonetic engineering.apply 14. then answer the questions: The fantastic Selous Wildlife Park in the south of Tanzania is the largest wildlife area in the world and a great place to see lions. I have an idea: we…… all go in one car. a. “It wouldn’t start. Choose the correct answer from .can b. d. Answer the following questions: 1. Today.need c.must c.are used d. a.Zanzibar’s writing c. a. saw me from his car and stopped.” I said. I couldn’t start my car and I had to use public transport. When do the animals come down to the river to drink? b. a. b.Find the mistakes an each of the following sentences. Who is this text written for?. I couldn’t get on the first bus because it was full. From there.used b.per person.have written 13. 2. where we can go swimming and air d.500. Then we fly to the island of Zanzibar.on foot 5.need 16.her c. This 14-day holiday costs from Only Li .have taken road b. How do visitors travel to Zanzibar from Tanzania? a.would 15.herself d. I’ve decided that I……… for that job as soon as I can. So far today.wrote b. When we arrived home.the narrow streets’ c.. I said.have been taking 4. That would save us money.Gawad .the island's d. f. giraffes. We stay in comfortable accommodation by the Rufji River. That’s very kind”.have been writing d. “I’ll take you. a. all other travel and meals are included in the price. even when it was busy. When a volcano disappears. I waited at the bus stop.took d.the town’s 6-Read the following passage. so I started walking.have been taken b. we saw that our lights have been left going to apply b. c..have to b.could d. C. so you……. but Au refused to take my 44 Mr. The journey never took more than 30 minutes. When it is dark. I wanted to pay him for petrol. crocodiles and other wild animals. Ali drove me to work and back every day that week.himself 12. c. b. we can drive into the park to look at the wildlife and take boat trips along the river.a.use c. You needn’t take things that don’t belong to you. “What’s happened to your car?” he asked. we can watch the animals come down to the river to drink. Ice at the Antarctic and the Arctic is freezing because of global warming. Survivors of this morning’s accident ……to the city’s main hospital. then answer the questions: I always used to drive to work alone. We spend our last few days relaxing on Jambiani Beach. I……… e-mails to six of my friends to tell them the good news. drive very sea c. a. Reading: 5. Flights. found on the internet. or d: 4.mustn’t d. “Thanks. Au.Read the following passage.applying c. She looked at…. a friend from work. e.” Ali. Here we can wander through the narrow streets of the old town with its beautiful mosques and busy markets. in the mirror to see what the new dress was like.have used 11. men write them correctly: a. There are always children near the school.a. it sends dust into the atmosphere. What is special about the Selous Wildlife Park? 3.

Translate into English: . Why are people praising Ayman? D. It is possibly due to the carbon dioxide in the air which increases the temperature of the earth's atmosphere. 2. c or d: 4.2 ‫المتحان التجريبى للوزارة‬A-Language Functions :Respond to each of the following situations -1 .Your sister wants to cook a meal.Sometimes Ali takes him and sometimes he takes Ali. Why does Lamia think that the spiders in the desert should not be killed? b. “You can drive me to work next week. 1.You want to get information from someone . When Ayman was bitten by the spider the first time.a.Writing 8. b. It costs less and I enjoy travelling with a friend. b.” he said.2 . The Reader (The Spiders) 7. they are also celebrating”.3 Someone stops you at street and asks you some questions .He goes by bus.Your friend looks overweight .Write an e-mail to your friend Nur Abmed saying why tourism is important to your town. Translation 9. Read the quotation. b. Pollution adds carbon dioxide to the air. c. d. c. Why didn’t Ali take the money the writer offered him? b. Who said this and where? 2.Au takes him in his car. What did the newspaper report say about Ayman? 2. d. How does the writer travel to work now? a.less than 30 minutes.a. We take turns to drive.Gawad .‫ كل المعلومات التي تريدها موجودة علي الشبكة الدولية للمعلومات‬-1 ‫ل تستطيع قيادة سيارة بدون الحصول علي رخصة قيادة‬ . Your name is Hemmat Nazmy. Answer the following questions: 1.4 45 Mr. Complete the following sentences: 1. Professor Jones gave Ayman…………. Why didn’t the writer travel to work by bus? 2. Choose the correct answer from a.more than 30 minutes. his body………. but can't decide what to make . 5. then answer the questions: “But tonight. Now Ali and I always travel together. Answer the following questions: 1. b.1 . c.He drives his own car and takes Ali. a. Who is Au? 3.30 minutes exactly. people throughout Egypt are not only praising Ayman.30 minutes or less. As a thank-you gift.. Translate into Arabic: The temperature of the earth's surface is getting hotter . How long did it take the writer to drive to work in his car?

..uses d..Although .....When I was ten years old...We went to Italy by sea...application .7 a. I would have scored more than 90% on my exam .with c.Ali is at the b..searching d. I..3 a.....give b..lifespan d. he is meeting his uncle . and what does it feed on A .....explanation c..person.: Leaves.optimistic d-cruel .where c..………………:Place:…………………..: It's the largest land animal today B ?: I see..If ?Can you give me an...1 .There are many.There is no airport on the island.4 .1 a.was out shopping.As soon as c.Amir's.13 a..Because b-I f b.A: Well... took two days .used to ..... ambition is to travel to Japan . c.. the English test at school tomorrow .16 a.knows c..researching :Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences.example b.has known d.took c...My grandfather is not very good..unhappy c....Neveen is quite a/an ..have been taking . ?What is the more enjoyable thing about learning English .... for being late today .meets .to the city's hospital ..2 46 Mr.that people have lived here for centuries .food and other goods -11 a.meeting d....-10 a.2 a...Speaker B ?A: What's wrong with your dog B: It doesn't eat well and it rarely moves .. ..Although b..It .The children of our children are called grandparents ...met c.......a tourist 5 a. branches and other vegetation B .use b.which . I saw two of my old friends.... then write them correctly -4..a. so boats .had studied harder.known . remembering people's names ..invitation d. pictures in the museum. The..8 a.12 known b..Speaker B :Choose the correct answer from a.Survivors of this morning's accident..…… ………:Place:………………….on b. 14 a.. or d .Say where these two mini-dialogues take place and who the speakers are -2 .modem . Speaker A.when d.While well d.have been taken d...that b. that is an African elephant .. She always thinks the worst is going to happen ..doing b. Some are them are 1000years old ...crew d.pessimistic b.Scientists arc still .at c.into making cars safer . b. 6 a.Because d...…………………..pass c.sail d.flight b......I hope I..9 a.used c. watch children TV programmes .A: Look guard .cheap d..15 a..succeed .trying ?Have you ever.carry .………………….valuable c..have taken b. Let me examine it c. Speaker A.Gawad .

Water from the Nile are used to irrigate farmers' fields .dead b. the shark's jaws relaxed and he was able to open them and reach down into its stomach and pull out the boy's arm.ATM b.4 ?Have you decided whether to apply from that job . Jesse's uncle leapt into the sea and dragged the boy to the shore.aunt gave the boy mouth-to-mouth resuscitation because he had stopped breathing They called the emergency services and a helicopter flew Jesse to hospital.Smart cards c.3 :B-Choose the correct answer from a.4 a. satellite dishes. At the same time. . b. Banks and telecommunications networks are working on new systems to replace old fashioned bills and coins with smart cashcards.(through the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM :A-Answer the following questions ·?I.5 Elephants and gorillas live in large family groups to bringing up their young . personal computers.will replace cash money 5 a.fainted d. of course. the surgeon spent 11hours re-attaching Jesse's arm. Nothing at first seems as so revolutionary .bad idea b.3 .2 ?Why was Jesse lucky . "Evening is the shark's feeding time. then answer the questions -5 Few years ago. Now. He shot the fish. b. there has to be a reason why.1 ?How could the uncle reach the shark's stomach to get Jesse's arm .3 : B-Choose the correct answer from a. Now you can put or take your money from your account . What is the main advantage of smart cash cards ?Why wasn't it easy to buy a satellite dish ten years ago .?How long are you been living here . CD players.unlucky c. Most of us were only thinking about them rather than buying them. .6 :Read the following passage. c or d .area :A-Answer the following questions ?When do sharks usually attack people .as the latest advance.The underlined word "revolutionary" means a .hard time .2 ?When did the Soya beans diet start to be sold . a diet made from processed Soya beans was being sold as a coming thing. It was much quicker than a journey by road.Gawad . Jesse's . At the hospital. and microwaves were available but hardly commonplace. The latest advances in 1974 were the pocket calculator and the home freezer.great change d.good opinion c. c or d . and nothing becomes mundane so quickly. Jesse's uncle ran back into the sea and found the shark that had attacked his nephew.Coins d.Calculators :Read the following passage.injured 47 Mr.4 a. Then answer the questions -6 Jesse was playing in the sea late one evening when a shark attacked him and tore off his arm. In the past latest advances have been coming at us faster than any time in history. if we don't have them. threw it on the beach. The park guard said that Jesse was unlucky. And these were the successes." "This would never happen if he was in a designated swimming ". The aunt gave Jesse mouth-to-mouth resuscitation because he was .

That's why I came to Egypt.5 a.Ayman and his family were in danger ...the uncle b.The underlined pronoun "he" refers to .: .the guard d..2 :B. If it's a known species " ?Who said these words? To whom .1. : .2 :C.Answer the following questions -7 ?How would Hamdayya suffer if the people knew about the deadly spiders . It was founded in 332 Be by Alexander the great..1 ?Why would it be difficult to kill all the spiders .000 books b.. what would you do with the money :Translation :a. . with its famous ancient library which contained more .Translate into Arabic Alexandria is the chief seaport and the second largest city in Egypt.2 D-Writing :Write a paragraph of about 100 words on -8 Imagine you've become a millionaire.Uncle Walid advised Ayman at first .than 700.the boy (The Reader (the Spider :A. Alexandria was a great cultural centre for a long time.Gawad ..the surgeon c.Complete the following sentences .1 ?Why did the speaker come to Egypt . . then answer the questions ".Translate into English ‫ان الحوار و النقد البناء هما الوسيلة الوحيدة لحل جميع المشكلت القومية‬-1 ‫لقد فرح المصريين لفوزهم بكأس المم الفريقية لكرة القدم‬-2 48 Mr.Read the following quotation.