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Instructions: Use this template to provide a detailed agenda for each Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Review meeting

you hold. Most commonly, the SLA Team Lead is the person responsible for filling out the tables and distributing the document to stakeholders in advance of the meeting. This template is made up of three main areas to complete: • First table: Identifies the meeting logistics such as time, place, and participants • Second table, column two: Identifies who will present information concerning each SLA point in the meeting • Second table, column three: Identifies the amount of time each issue is allocated Use your tab key to jump to each field in the table to quickly enter appropriate details. To change or delete any locked text in the template—including this instruction box—use the Forms toolbar: On the View menu, point to Toolbars and select Forms; on the Forms toolbar, click the Protect Form button. After you’ve made your changes, click the Protect Form button a second time to lock the fields.

SLA Review Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date Meeting Time Meeting Location Review Team Lead/Facilitator Meeting Participants Minutes-Taker Timekeeper


Issues resolved e. Review performance against the SLA a. What did not go well c. Outstanding issues remaining to be resolved 3. Performance not meeting the SLA                                                                                                                                                             . Review of the previous period a. Queries on performance and SLA breaches c. Meeting kickoff 2.AGENDA ITEM FACILITATOR NAME TIME ALLOCATED 1. Successes against the SLA e. What went well b. Explanations of SLA breaches or of changes in demands on the service d. Changes to the SLA or service level management function d. Any new interest in different measurements b.

Review of any current issues a. News in the business (for example. Contract issues c. New technology in use in IT or the business f. Review of any peripheral issues a. Additional requirements for the previous period             4. Current projects                                                                                                                                                 6. Increased business demand for the service 5. Increased business demand for the service c. Changes in staff responsibility b.AGENDA ITEM FACILITATOR NAME TIME ALLOCATED f. Requests for change by the business group 7. Increases in call volumes to the service desk e. Increased downtime b. Requests for change by the IT group             . mergers or sales increases) d.

Meeting closure and review of next steps                         . Preview of the next period 9.AGENDA ITEM FACILITATOR NAME TIME ALLOCATED 8.