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CONVOCATION DETAILS Please confirm following things before submitting the application form

1.Attach one attested copy of Final Year Mark Sheet. 2.Paste one photograph on the application form at the space provided. 3.Mode of payment -Cash - Pay cash in cash section in Room No. 107 in Main Building. Attach cash receipt to the form D.D - Draw DD of any nationalized bank in favour of "Finance and Accounts Officer, Shivaji University, Kolhapur," Payable at Kolhapur. 4.Submission of form (1) Submit the form directly to the convocation section (Exam. Building No. 1 Room No. 110). (2) Send by Post or courier to. To, The Controller of Examination, Shivaji University, Vidyanagar, Kolhapur-416 004. 5.Confirm that you have not recived the degree certificate earlier then only apply. 6.Students who have passed under improvement should submit his/her lower class degree. 7.Forms with incomplete, incorrect, insufficient information and without fee will not be accepted and no correspondence will be entertained in that regard. 8.Students who have passed under the following scheme will not be issued degree certificate. (i) RBE / (ii) R.B.Sc.-10 / (iii) OBCS iii (A) / (iv) RB.A. 11 (i) (v) FORIMP-I Class / (VI) R.B.Com-12 / (vii) R.M.Com. / (viii) FORM DIDD 9.Degree listed in statute No. 548 only will be issued. 10.Those students who have not secured minimum grade 'c in the subject Environmental Science is not eligible to receive the Degree Certificate.

11.Each Application will be entered with separate Email ID.

Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Convocation Section How to apply for Convocation:

(Read instruction carefully and click on "I Agree" button given at the bottom of the page to open Convocation Form)

General Instructions: 1. Student must read all instructions mentioned here and on the Application form before registering for Convocation Application. 2. University will not be responsible for any delay and Form may be rejected if it is not filled in as per instructions mentioned. 3. Student must be ready with final year Degree marks sheet. 4. Convocation Application fees will be displayed in on the form after submission of application. Fees are calculated as per the dates mentioned in the schedule. You do not have to enter fees on the form. 5. Log-out button is provided on right hand corner of the form to Exit. 6. Student must have one photograph of Identity size ready and student has to paste it on Convocation Application form printed thru this process. 7. Student must have scan copy of the same photo (jpg file of size 20 to 30 k) ready to upload along with this Application.

8. Student will be asked to upload photo, if required. 9. Students, who received Examination Hall Tickets with photo, need not upload their photo along with Application form. 10. Students must provide mothers name, month of passing. It is mandatory / compulsory. 11. Student must provide proper address for correspondence and it is mandatory for all students. 12. Students can enter / modify address as necessary.

13. Address line1, City, Pin-code, Tahsil / District and District / State are compulsory in address information. 14. Student must provide mobile number. It is mandatory.

15. At the end of the process, student is supposed to print Application form and submit/send it to Convocation Section. How to Register for Convocation: 1. Email-ID: a. Every student must have a valid E-mail ID. b. For Registration, please provide / enter your valid / in use Email ID. c. You will receive your Password on your E-mail ID, provided by you. d. For Login, you must use same E-mail ID and Password. e. Every Application must have accordingly separate E-mail ID. separate Registration and

f. If you do not receive Password, pl check E-mail ID provided or provide another email-ID and try, else contact University.

How to apply for Convocation:

1. Log-In: a. Please enter E-mail ID and Password. Please use TAB to Proceed to next BOX. b. If Password is not correct, you are not allowed to proceed. c. Please remember or note down your Password properly and securely.

d. Read all instructions. e. Please check in / select Accept and Agree checkbox and press submit. 2. Students passed Degree course from Shivaji University: a. Please select the option Degree course passed from Shivaji University. b. Please enter year of passing Degree course. Please enter correct year of passing degree from final year mark sheet. c. If passing year is less than 2001, student has to enter his full information and directed to proceed. d. If year is greater than 2000, then student who have a valid PRN and will select Have PRN option and proceed further. e. If year is greater than 2000, then students, who do not have a valid PRN and are applying for MPHIL/ PHD Degrees, will select MPHIL / PHD option and proceed further. 3. Student who are having valid PRN (Regular students): a. Please enter your PRN. b. If it is not valid, it will allow you 2 more times to correct other wise, please contact Shivaji University. c. If Degree is already issued or printed, it will prompt with a message. If it is printed and you have not received it, please contact Convocation Section, Shivaji University, Kolhapur. d. As per PRN, your information and credentials will be displayed. e. If credentials are not matching with your marks sheet, please contact Exam Section, Shivaji University and do not proceed. f. Student can modify address if necessary. Address line1, City, Pin-code, Tahsil / District and District / State are compulsory in address information. g. B.COM. student has to select one (1) subject as specialization from the list on the form. h. B.ED. student has to select two (2) methods from the list on the form. 4. Students who are passed from Shivaji University and applying for MPHIL/ PHD Degrees:

a. Please enter full information on the form as per Declaration Certificate. b. Please Select Faculty / Stream. c. Please Select Course and proceed. d. Student has to enter valid Date of declaration and it is mandatory.

5. Students passed Degree course from Autonomous Colleges: a. Student must enter valid information as per final year degree marks sheet. b. Select your Autonomous College / Institute. c. Select your Course and proceed. d. If you are not able to proceed, please contact your Institute. 6. Submission for Application: a. After giving required information press / click Submit b. If some of the compulsory fields are not entered, then those will be marked with red color. Please enter information and proceed. c. After submission of form, Fees amount will be displayed in Fees Box on the form. d. Student is supposed to pay fees in Cash or in the form of DD and get a valid Receipt or DD. e. To enter payment details, please Re-login and proceed. 7. Payment details: a. To enter payment details, please same Email-ID and Password.

Login once again


b. After Login, Student information is displayed and Payment Box will be shown below. c. Please select mode of payment Cash or Bank. d. Please Enter payment information.

e. DD / Receipt number and date are mandatory. f. Press / click Submit. g. It will prompt with a message. h. If it is successful, Print button will be enabled and student can print Application form. i. If it is not successful, please provide required details and proceed. 8. Print Application form: a. Print button on the form is enabled, when payment details are entered and submitted. b. For some of the students, Photo uploading is compulsory as per requirement and Print button is enabled only after photo uploaded. c. For Regular students, who received Hall Tickets with photo, are required to upload photo and they can print Application once payments details are entered and submitted properly. d. Every printed form will have a unique application number. 9. Logout: a. Log-out button is provided on right hand corner of the form to Exit. 10. Contact Numbers: For Administrative problem : 0231 2609113 For Technical Problem : 0231 2609393 0231 2609096
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