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Pascal Chang Leng


Naturopath (Ba. Hsc.)

Naturopathy is a holistic system of health care. It is one of the many modalities/types of natural therapies. It focuses on the whole person, i.e. all aspects of one’s being (mental/psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects), instead of focusing on just a part of the person. In the same vein, naturopaths look and treat a person as a person, not the disease. In other words, we see a human being in front of us, rather than ‘a diabetic’ or ‘a cancer patient’. Therefore, the consultation differs from that of a GP. Naturopaths give their patients more time, to tell their narrative, that is the story of their health. Doctors give you 5-10 mins, or 15 if you’re lucky, whereas Naturopaths give you 30 mins to an hour. The first consultation consists of a dialogue, between the patient and the practitioner, whereby the practitioner interviews the patient about all aspects of their health; i.e questions about their presenting complaints, in as much details as possible, their medical history is taken, review their body systems, and ask questions about their diet and lifestyle. The Naturopath’s “toolkit”, if you like, consists of;         botanicals/herbal medicine remedies usually as liquid extracts of medicinal plants nutritional therapies such as high dose supplementation of nutrients relaxation massage flower essences homeopathy dietary advice and modification lifestyle recommendations food therapy


and things of that nature. by building rapport with each other. promote and educate others about the Healing Power of Nature. There is a mountain of scientific evidence to validate that the human entity is one that is superbly complex and possesses a perfect intelligence. value. exercise. that it is an incredible self-healing organism. (Primum Non Nocere) 2) To acknowledge. and then aim remove obstacles to healing. which promotes fresh air.) Naturopaths. as well as all other Natural Therapists. (Vis Medicatrix Naturae) 3) To strive to identify and address the primary cause of illness. as well as daily functions such as breathing. growth. (Tolle causam) 4) To educate patients about their health and self-healing ability. the role of the Naturopath is to facilitate and enable this natural. through the consultation. given the appropriate environment and conditions. adaptation. and furthermore. inspire optimism and encourage self-responsibility for health. Naturopaths operate by a code of ethics. It is also a well-known fact that Naturopaths are specialists in prevention medicine. holistic way of life. which is an optimum state of wellbeing. instead of suppressing or eliminating symptoms. reproduction. such as correcting nutritional deficiencies. with the least risk to the patient. poor dietary habits. which intelligently governs and guides all mental and bodily processes such as metabolism. which establishes a proper therapeutic relationship. Naturopaths first work out what exactly is not functioning correctly. that is the vital force within which directs and regulates one’s innate and inherent selfhealing ability. erroneous lifestyle choices. Hsc. good sleep hygiene. Hence. recognise the existence and function of a vital subtle curative force within the human body. There are principles to adhere to. How? Through assisting and empowering others to heal themselves! Patient and practitioner embark on a journey of self-healing. This is done by educating the patient. and excretion. and they are as follows. digestion. pure and clean water. Naturopaths also advocate the extraordinary health benefits that one gains by living a natural.Pascal Chang Leng 26/04/12 Naturopath (Ba. 1) To Do No Harm: the practitioner shall provide the most effective system of health care. to restore and maintain whole health. wholesome and nutritious food. (The Doctor as the Teacher/Docere) 2 . intelligent self-healing process. which is a potent healing tool in itself.

community and the world. 3 . (the old adage.e.) 5) To treat the whole person: to treat the human being in its entirety. and as well as the traditional and ancient (i. drawing from both the understanding of Western health and medical science. Thus. Hsc. as well as environmental. that is the mental.Pascal Chang Leng 26/04/12 Naturopath (Ba. that is. to treat a variety of health conditions. spiritual.(Holism) 6) To promote health prevention: to support and maintain the condition of health and wellbeing and prevent disease for the individual. the Naturopath works in tandem and unity with the GP/medical practitioner. to provide the optimum health service for the patient. emotional and social aspects of the person. and physical aspects. pre-Western) healing systems and methods. Prevention is better than cure) Naturopaths derives an understanding of integrative medicine.