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SATIRA IMPOTRIVA EVREILOR: 1. “BASSANIO. If it please you to dine with us. SHYLOCK. Yes, to smell pork, to eat of the habitation which / your prophet, the Nazarite, conjured the devil into! I will buy / with you, sell with you, talk with you, walk with you, and so / following; but I will not eat with you, drink with you, nor / pray” (actul 1, scena 3) 2. “SHYLOCK. I hate him for he is a Christian; / But more for that in low simplicity / He lends out money gratis, and brings down / The rate of usance here with us in Venice. / If I can catch him once upon the hip, / I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him. / He hates our sacred nation; and he rails, / Even there where merchants most do congregate, / On me, my bargains, and my well-won thrift, / Which he calls interest. Cursed be my tribe / If I forgive him!” (actul 1, scena 3) 3. “ANTONIO. [Aside] Mark you this, Bassanio, / The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. / An evil soul producing holy witness / Is like a villain with a smiling cheek, / A goodly apple rotten at the heart. / O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!” (actul 1, scena 3) 4. “SHYLOCK. (…) Be nominated for an equal pound / Of your fair flesh, to be cut off and taken / In what part of your body pleaseth me. ANTONIO. Content, in faith; I'll seal to such a bond, / And say there is much kindness in the Jew.” (actul 1, scena 3) 5. “SHYLOCK. (…) A pound of man's flesh taken from a man / Is not so estimable, profitable neither, / As flesh of muttons, beefs, or goats. I say, / To buy his favour, I extend this friendship” (actul 1, scena 3) 6. “ANTONIO. Hie thee, gentle Jew. / Exit SHYLOCK / The Hebrew will turn Christian: he grows kind. BASSANIO. I like not fair terms and a villain's mind.” (actul 1, scena 3) 7. “LAUNCELOT. (…) To be rul'd by my conscience, I should stay / with / the Jew my master, whoGod bless the mark!- is a kind of / devil; / and, to run away from the Jew, I should be ruled by the fiend, / who- saving your reverence!- is the devil himself. Certainly / the Jew is the very devil incarnation; and, in my conscience, my / conscience is but a kind of hard conscience to offer to counsel / me to stay with the Jew. The fiend gives the more friendly / counsel. I will run, fiend; my heels are at your commandment; I will run. (actul 2, scena 2) 8. “LAUNCELOT. (…) My master's a very Jew. Give him a present! Give him a halter. I / am famish'd in his service; you may tell every finger I have with / my ribs. (…) Here comes the man. To him, father, for I am a Jew, if I / serve the Jew any longer. (…) To be brief, the very truth is that the Jew, having done / me wrong (…)” (actul 2, scena 2) 9. “LANCELOT. The old proverb is very well parted between my / master Shylock and you, sir: you have the grace of God, sir, and he hath / enough. BASSANIO. Thou speak'st it well.” (actul 2, scena 2)
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/ Unless she do it under this excuse. is it true? TUBAL. I would my daughter / were dead at my foot. scena 4) 12. There is some ill a-brewing towards my rest. there! A diamond gone. there. I am sure. 7 martie 2009.’” (actul 2. I spoke with some of the sailors that escaped the wreck. no tears but o' my shedding! TUBAL. / Become a Christian and thy loving 2 . thou wilt not take his / flesh. good Tubal. / Exit above GRATIANO. / For I did dream of money-bags tonight. “JESSICA.” (actul 3. O Lorenzo. a third cannot be match'd. a merry devil. scena 1) 17. and so much to / find the thief. it will / feed my revenge. To bait fish withal. if he forfeit. “LORENZO. good news. no sighs but o' my breathing. and no satisfaction. / What page's suit she hath in readiness. I thank God. what. / Our house is hell. / (…)Farewell. and be with you straight. Why there. / 'My daughter! O my ducats! O my daughter! / Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats! / Justice! the law! My ducats and my daughter! / A sealed bag. / Of double ducats. I never felt it till now. Why. SHYLOCK. / What gold and jewels she is furnish'd with. stol'n from me by my daughter! / And jewels. If it will feed nothing else. / As the dog Jew did utter in the streets. scena 6) 14. what? Ill luck. What. a gentle. Is it true. / She hath the stones upon her and the ducats. and thou. and so variable. / thou. I must needs tell thee all. Here comes another of the tribe. I shall end this strife. Why.and I know not what's spent in the search. and other precious.10. scena 5) 13. Now. Two thousand ducats in / that. other men have ill luck too: Antonio.” (actul 3.” (actul 3. Yes. as I heard in GenoaSHYLOCK. there. / If thou keep promise. would she were / hears'd at my foot. so. I thank thee. / If e'er the Jew her father come to heaven. / So strange. / Exit LAUNCELOT / Alack. SHYLOCK. good Launcelot. / Didst rob it of some taste of tediousness. no revenge nor no ill luck / stirring but what lights o' my shoulders. scena 1) 16.two stones. and the ducats in her coffin! No news of / them? Why.” (actul 2.” (actul 2. “SHYLOCK. Hath an argosy cast away coming from Tripolis. / That she is issue to a faithless Jew. / It will be for his gentle daughter's sake. http://andruska.loss upon loss! The thief gone with so much. by my hood.” (actul 2. “SOLANIO. scena 3) 11. and the jewels in her ear. precious jewels.ha. scena 1) © Andruska (Andrei Stavila). The villain Jew with outcries rais'd the Duke / (…) I never heard a passion so confus'd. “SOLANIO. scena 8) 15. two rich and precious stones. and gild myself / With some moe ducats. I am sorry thou wilt leave my father so. Good news. outrageous. What's that good for? SHYLOCK. “SALERIO.wordpress. and no Jew. She hath directed / How I shall take her from her father's house.” (actul 2. I thank God. / unless the devil himself turn Jew. “JESSICA. I will make fast the doors. / Stol'n by my daughter! Justice! Find the girl. / I am not to his manners. ha!. / And never dare misfortune cross her foot. two sealed bags of ducats. what heinous sin is it in me / To be asham'd to be my father's child! / But though I am a daughter to his blood. cost me / two thousand ducats in Frankfort! The curse never fell upon our / nation till now. “SHYLOCK. ill luck? TUBAL.

Every offence is not a hate at first. 7 martie 2009. Do all men kill the things they do not love? SHYLOCK. / I would not draw them. / To hold opinion with Pythagoras / That souls of animals infuse themselves / Into the trunks of men. Jew. I am sorry for thee. scena 1) 23. SHYLOCK. / You may as well use question with the wolf. touch'd with human gentleness and love. / No. / Uncapable of pity. If every ducat in six thousand ducats / Were in six parts. (actul 4. not the hangman's axe. 'tis thought. and let him stand before our face. / You may as well do anything most hard / As seek to soften that. / But. O. / But with all brief and plain conveniency / Let me have judgment. use no farther means. but on thy soul.18. / That thou but leadest this fashion of thy malice / To the last hour of act. “SHYLOCK. Never did I know / A creature that did bear the shape of man / So keen and greedy to confound a man. “DUKE OF VENICE. more strange / Than is thy strange apparent cruelty. / Forgive a moiety of the principal. / Make no moe offers. / That he would rather have Antonio's flesh / Than twenty times the value of the sum / That he did owe him” (actul 3. / And where thou now exacts the penalty. scena 1) 21. GRATIANO. bear half the keenness / Of thy sharp envy. I would have my bond. Not on thy sole. / Thou mak'st thy knife keen. / Which is a pound of this poor merchant's flesh. wouldst thou have a serpent sting thee twice? ANTONIO. Thy currish spirit / Govern'd a wolf who. You'll ask me why I rather choose to have / A weight of carrion flesh than to receive / Three thousand ducats. What. the world thinks. SHYLOCK.” (actul 4. I am not bound to please thee with my answers. (…) JESSICA. / And pluck commiseration of his state / From brassy bosoms and rough hearts of flint. / You may as well forbid the mountain pines / To wag their high tops and to make no noise / When they are fretten with the gusts of heaven. “BASSANIO. When I was with him. but no metal can. “DUKE OF VENICE. I do beseech you. and I think so too. scena 2) 19. Make room. Hates any man the thing he would not kill? BASSANIO. never train'd / To offices of tender courtesy. “SALERIO. (actul 4. SHYLOCK. scena 1) 20. / You may as well go stand upon the beach / And bid the main flood bate his usual height.than which what's harder?. whilst thou layest in thy unhallowed © Andruska (Andrei Stavila). and the Jew his will. think you question with the Jew./ His jewish heart. / To excuse the current of thy cruelty. / But say it is my humour. void and empty / From any dram of mercy. I'll not answer that. and every part a ducat. thou art come to answer / A stony adversary. Can no prayers pierce thee? SHYLOCK. No. harsh Jew. if he had / The present money to discharge the Jew. / We all expect a gentle answer. / Thou'lt show thy mercy and remorse. / Even from the gallows did his fell soul fleet. I pray you. it should appear that. thou unfeeling man. / Thou wilt not only loose the forfeiture. “GRATIANO. BASSANIO. scena 1) 22. http://andruska. it answer'd?” (…) BASSANIO. hang'd for human slaughter. I have heard him swear / To Tubal and to Chus. none that thou hast wit enough to make. be thou damn'd. / Thou almost mak'st me waver in my faith. inexecrable dog! / And for thy life let justice be accus'd. / Shylock. / He would not take it./ That have of late so huddled on his back / Enow to press a royal merchant down. / Why he hath made the ewe bleat for the lamb. / And. For thy three thousand ducats here is six. 3 . (actul 4. his countrymen. and then. / Glancing an eye of pity on his losses. This is no answer. / From stubborn Turks and Tartars. an inhuman wretch.

and itshall go hard but I will better the instruction” (actul 3. If a Christian wrong a Jew. laugh'd at my losses. what is his humility? / Revenge. I would lose all.” (actul 4. and I will have it. as a Christian is? / If you prick us. to deliver you. we will resemble / you in that./ Two things provided more. that he do record a gift. “GRATIANO: (…) so she could / Entreat some power to change this currish Jew” (actul 4. “ANTONIO. a Daniel. / subject to the same diseases. scena 1) “BASSANIO: the kindest man. So please my lord the Duke and all the court / To quit the fine for one half of his goods. dimensions. do we not bleed? / If you tickle us.” (actul 4. “GRATIANO. / The other. mock'd at my gains. And what's his reason? I am a Jew. infidel. cooled my friends. / He presently become a Christian. fike your asses and your dogs and mules. “SHYLOCK. Hath not a Jew eyes? / Hath not a Jew hands. and one in whom / The ancient Roman honour more appears / Than any that draws breath in Italy. ay. He hath disgrac'd me and hind'red me half a / 4 . Jew! / Now. warmed / and cooled by the same winter and summer. healed by the same means. / Which. Despre Antonio “Solanio: (…) the good Antonio. scena 3) 29. scena 1) 25. heated mine / enemies. do we not laugh? If you poison us.” (actul 3. “SHYLOCK. / You use in abject and in slavish parts.wordpress. organs. to render it / Upon his death unto the gentleman / That lately stole his daughter. do we not die? And if you wrong us. so he will let me have / The other half in use. for thy desires / Are wolfish. thwarted my bargains. http://andruska. revenge. The villainy you teach / me I will execute. 'tis mine. what should his / sufferance be by Christian example? Why. of all he dies possess'd / Unto his son Lorenzo and his daughter. scena 1) 26. What judgment shall I dread. bloody. marry them to your heirs.” (actul 4. hurt with the same weapons. / I am content. 7 martie 2009. doing no wrong? / You have among you many a purchas'd slave. A second Daniel. I have you on the hip” (actul 4. scena 2) SATIRA IMPOTRIVA CRESTINILOR: 28. and for these courtesies / I'll lend you thus much moneys'?” (actul 1. another tie / You call'd me dog. you spit on me on Wednesday last./ Why sweat they under burdens?. scena 1) 31. starv'd and ravenous. shall / we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest. scena 1) © Andruska (Andrei Stavila). scena 1) 24. scorned my / nation. / The best condition'd and unwearied spirit / In doing courtesies.let their beds / Be made as soft as yours.' So do I answer you: / The pound of flesh which I demand of him / Is dearly bought. shall I say to you / 'Let them be free.dam. / Because you bought them. / Here in the court. “BASSANIO. that. senses. / passions. / the honest Antonio” (actul 3. fed with the same food. / You spurn'd me such a day. sacrifice them all / Here to this devil. for this favour. affections. If a Jew wrong a Christian. / Infus'd itself in thee. scena 1) 30.” (actul 4. and let their palates / Be season'd with such viands'? You will answer / 'The slaves are ours. (…) Say this: / 'Fair sir. scena 1) 27.

Portia: “I can easier teach twenty what were good to be done than to be / one of the twenty to follow mine own teaching. I have a mind to it. “BASSANIO. PORTIA. scena 1) © Andruska (Andrei Stavila). This ring. http://andruska. / And 5 . That 'scuse serves many men to save their gifts. methinks.SATIRA IMPOTRIVA FEMEILOR: 32.alas. Well. / And know how well I have deserv'd this ring.wordpress. 7 martie 2009. / I will not shame myself to give you this. (…) PORTIA.” (actul I. it is a trifle. / She would not hold out enemy for ever / For giving it to me. peace be with you!” (actul 4. / And if your wife be not a mad woman. I will have nothing else but only this. good sir. scena II) 33.