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Expansion Tank

For Heating and Sanitary Systems

10° to 90° is taken 0.5 =27mSS=2. Absolute pressure=4 bar+1 bar=5 bar.7 coefficient is found from the Table Heating required for each (lt) required for 1. Sample Calculation Examp: What is the tank volume to be used in a building with 8 normal+1 basement storey using 450.1 bar lower than the minimum statically pressure of the system.000-90. that is 4 bars. Vtank = Water .1.000 .33 9. e : The expansion coefficient for the water heating from Pmin=3.000 SAFETY VALVE 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 2"     .000-500. 0.000 More then 750. There should not be any valve between the boiler.5 21.6 lt Not: The closer tank volume bigger than this value is 750 lt. 12 14 8 storey +1 basement =9 storeysx3 m/storey Floor Heating 18. When the absolute calculation is difficult. e Tank volume (lt) can be calculated with the next formula. The correct selection should be GT 750.7 bar. Water Volume (lt) Water Volume For panel radiator. However. an increase of 10 % of the radiator volumes can be considered for the boiler and piping system. M Circulation Pump Heating Flow SAMPLE SYSTEM DRAWING Valve M Three-way Valve One Way Valve Filter Safety Valve Air Dischange Pump Flow Line Return Line Emptying BOILER By-Pass Pump Expansion Tank Heating Return Filing  The expansion tanks should absolutely be used with safety valve.000 175. the volume of the boiler and piping is neglectable as compared to the radiator volumes. general the Table 2 can be used for this selection.Pmin Vtank : Expansion tank volume (lt) Pmax : Total water volume in the installation (lt) Vsu : Expansion coefficient of the heating water e : Absolute static pressure of the water in installation (bar) Pmin Pmax : Max. To make the tank selection without any calculation. The expansion tank liquid is used with fuel or natural gas boilers. safety valve and expansion tank. Calculation of the Tank Volume Calculation Water : The total volume of the water in the installation (lt).000 300. This is at the same time the value for opening the safety valve (bar). e Pmin 1Pmax = 4801.1 bar) system. Panel Radiator 8. WARNINGS TABLE: 2 BOILER CAPACITY (kcal/hr) Up to 45. It is not used with coal boilers. building height: 1 mSS=0. This is also the value for open the safety valve (bar). Pmax: Maximum absolute pressure that can be applied to the installation where the expansion tank is connected. e: The expansion coefficient for the water heating from 10° Pmin : The absolute static pressure of the water in the to 90° is taken =0.0355 3. Element 1000 kcal/hr each 1 kW Generally.7 Vwater=4365+0.5 lt Cast Radiator 12 14 Pmin: The absolute static pressure of the water in the Steel Radiator installation where the expansion tank is connected. 4365=4801. absolute pressure that can be applied to the system. The expansion tank should be adjusted so that the front pressure shall be (Pmin) 0.7 15 = 655.7 bar (pressure difference) Absolute pressure=2.2 6 However.000 45. 1 . 9.000-175.000-300. (1 m. The calculation of the total water volume in the system. Convector 5. This is at the same time the value for opening the Pmax: Maximum absolute pressure that can be applied to safety valve. Valve manufacturers inform about the utmost capacity with which their products are used.5 .0355 .000 kcal/hr capacity boiler and panel radiator? Safety valve opening pressure is set to 4 bar.000 90.7 bar+1 bar=3. The expansion tank is located TABLE: 1 RADIATOR WATER VOLUMES ACCORDING TO THE BOILER CAPACITY next to the boiler at the basement. The connection of the tank either to the flow or return pipe does not effect the selection of the tank. the system. Vwater=450. Alarko Closed Expansion Tank Selection Table can be used. 9.7 bar.7/1000=4365 lt.0355 .HEATING SYSTEM APPLICATION Vtank= Vwater . the following table can be used.

.2-5. Pmin: 5 storeysx3 m/storey+5 m (basement)=20 m=20mSS=2 bar Pmin (indicator) =1. the maximum flow ratio needed by the building should be calculated from table 3 and table 4. Generally. There stay maximum 80 persons in the hotel. 2. In case of new system installed.2 bar. the depth of the well is not important in this calculation. Factor (Table 4) (lt/hr) DAILY CONSUMPTION PER PERSON (lt/person) TABLE: 3 WATER CONSUMTION PER PERSON FOR SAMPLE LOCALITIES LOCATION TYPE with washbasin House with shower with bathtub Hotel Hospital School Nursery Kinder garden Barracks Restaurant Garden Irrigation Car Washing with shower with bathtub 60-80 80-115 120-200 100 150-200 200-500 5 80-100 100-150 60-80 10-20 1. It is defined by the manufacturer of the pump. Pmin: Minimum absolute pressure in the system.5 bar) Pressure difference (Pmax-Pmin) (bar) ∆P: The maximum start up number of the pump a: motor (number of motor stop-operate in 1 hour).30 Not : As can be seen from the example.2 bar Pressure Difference=8.20-0. Pmax=5.30 0.15 0.30 0.40-0.20 0.35 0.2 bar Absolute pressure=4.25 0. Pmax: Let's lower the maximum utilization pressure higher than the 3 bar. the front gas pressure of the tank should be 0. 3 3 15 = 291 litre. Maximum Required Flow Ratio= Daily Consumption (Table 3).40 0.40 0. What should the expansion tank selected be? Qmax: Maximum flow ratio Qmax=80 persons x 200 lt/person (Table 3) x 0. system.2 bar+1 bar Pmin=5.40-0.30-0.15-0.30 0. it is around 10-15.2 . Houses SAMPLE SYSTEM DRAWING Expansion Tank Board Hotels Hastaneler Schools Nursery Barracks Business Centers Manometer Presostat Valve To installation Valve One Way Valve Pmax: Maximum absolute pressure in the system. caused by the + highest and farthest building height locality (for houses 1.3 (Table 4) Qmax=4800 lt/hour a: Let's take maximum reverse motion of the pump in an 1 hour =15.10 0. it is enough to have the maximum pressure 2-3 bar higher than the minimum pressure.SANITARY SYSTEM APPLICATION Calculation of the Tank Volume Pmax Vtank=Qmax 3.2 (2 bar+1.2=3 bar ∆P: ∆P=3 bar Vtank= 4800 8. While the system is being commissioned.2 . Static pressure Necessary pressure for 1.30 0.66 0.2 bar+3 bar=8.30-0. In domestic applications.5 lt/m2 at ones 100 lt/day The standard tank volume bigger than this value is 300 lt. The correct selection should be GT 300. .40 0. Submersible Pump Level electrodes Well WARNINGS 1.∆P.a Qmax : The maximum flow ratio given by pump to Sample Calculation Examp: A 5-storey and 40-room hotel shall drag water from its well with submersible pump and use in its installation.20 0.5 bar lower than the Pmin.45 0.5 bar)=4. TABLE: 4 MULTIPLYING FACTOR FOR WATER CONSUMPTION PER PERSON LOCATION TYPE 1-5 apartment 6-10 apartment 11-20 apartment 21-50 apartment 51-100 apartment 100 apartment and more 1-20 beds 20-50 beds 50 beds and more 50-500 beds 500-1000 beds 1000-2000 beds FACTOR 0. The maximum operation pressure of the membrane tank should be higher than the value at zero flow ratio. e-mail : A.500 2. Refer to the Instruction Manuel for these operations.1.Ş.1 i 111111 MiNERAL GOSB-Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesi .ALARKO . TECHNICAL FEATURES D Type GT 24Y GT 50Y GT 60Y GT 80Y GT 100Y Volume (lt) 24 50 60 80 100 24 50 60 80 100 150 200 300 500 750 1.000 Max.500 4. suitable to be used with food produces.  100 liter and bigger tanks have manometers. and thus all tanks are suitable for both heating cooling and drinking water production. Operation Pressure (bar) 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 Membrane Dimension (mm) Wide (G) 280 409 409 480 480 470 480 560 720 800 470 600 660 840 970 1100 980 1230 1550 1950 2200 2400 2450 2750 2800 3100 3700 Diameter (D) 280 409 409 480 480 500 634 634 740 740 800 960 1100 1100 1200 1450 1450 Water Connection (inch) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11/4 11/4 11/4 2 2 2 2 DN 65 DN 65 DN 65 H H Horizontal Tanks EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM EPDM/Bütil Bütil Bütil Bütil Bütil Spherical Tank GT 24K Vertical Tanks GT 50D GT 60D GT 80D GT 100D GT 150D GT 200D GT 300D GT 500D GT 750D GT 1000D GT 1500D GT 2000D GT 2500D GT 3000D GT 4000D GT 5000D Vertical Tanks D DN 65  Alarko tanks and membranes are designed to perfectly match. The water in the tanks should be removed if the gas pressure wanted to measure.000 5.  Tanks are coated with electrostatic powder paint. If required. 41480 Gebze-Kocaeli/TURKEY Phone : (90)(262) 648 60 00 PBX Telefax : (90)(262) 648 61 01 ALARKO CARRIER SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.  Anti-freeze used in cooling system does not have any undesirable impact on the membrane. Alarko expansion tanks are reliable in both heating and drinking water systems. web : www.5 bars. Horizontal Tanks Note: The manometer indicates the gas pressure as the tanks is empty and the pressure of the water in the installation. There is no contact between the water and the tank.9. as the tank is connected. and to compensate the changes in water flow rate.alarko-carrier. Spherical Tank G  Membranes are made of EPDM material.CLOSED EXPANSION TANKS Alarko closed expansion tanks are designed to compensate the changing volume of the heated water in heating systems. with is the best quality.  Tanks are guaranteed for one year against any faults in production.  Tanks are delivered with a factory-filled pre gas pressurre of 1. H the pressure can be readjusted during the installation. odourless and  Operating temperature range of tanks are -10°C and +100°C. to maintain the static pressure created by the pump at the utilisation level in water production.000 1.000 2. A right choice of expansion tank prevents sudden changes in pressure and provides a longer life for the pump and other elements of the system. The right to amend specifications under technologic developments is reserved Șahabettin Bilgisu Cad. Thanks to their hygienic EPDM membranes.  All tanks are delivered with their Guarantee Form and Instruction Manual.