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Tag Heuer, a Swiss Luxury watchmaker, was founded in1860. It is a division of luxury goods company, Louis Vuitton. Since 1860, Tag Heuer has been successfully embracing contrasting elements such as Heritage, Innovation, Prestige, Performance, Sport and Glamour. Today Tag Hauer Watches is the 4th largest luxury watch brand with more than 150 years of experience in watchmaking. It is always trying to push the boundaries of watchmaking technology on the basis of customer feedback and through creativity, range of expertise and depth of experience of their staff.

Swiss Made which also stands for everything superior in terms of quality, prestige and performance. Tag Heuer Watches take their Swiss heritage very seriously and that shows in every product produced by them and in their constant quest for reliability, excellence and precision without compromising on quality. Avant-Garde is redesigning the legendary models so that they can fit the current tastes, creating new models and working on innovative concepts.Tag Heuer Watches takes it’s inspiration from the world of sports as they have a long standing relationship with sports. The values and expertise of leading watchmakers that has been handed down through the generations makes it a brand that is both timeless and daring, transcending types and styles, a contemporary name for the ones who love a challenge. Even though the company started as a Swiss Watchmaking company, Tag Heuer Watches has now become a truly international company with operations in more than 120 countries.

Tag Heuer formula I. . Monaco on the other hand is also inspired from motor racing but has an unconventional daring square case and rule breaking technology. Link is however an elegant sports watch that is charismatic. Carrera is one of the most famous watches by the company. Aquaracer is called an ultimate sports watch inspired by aquatic sports as it has 6 scuba diving watch features and offers unrivaled reliability and resistance. Carrera. Aquaracer. Tag Heuer Formula I is a casual sports watch and as the name suggests is inspired from Formula I. Today Carrera is a contemporary sports legend inspired from motor racing. sporty and unique and is recognized worldover for it’s S-shaped bracelet. Professional Sports Watch. Grand Carrera. Monaco. Link.Tag Heuer Watches The major watch collections offered by Tag Heuer are SLR.

The Optics collection offered by the company personifies comfort and perfect hold. sunglasses and experts. Shop at dstore for Tag Heuer Watches in Australia. The company claims that the glasses don’t slip even during strenuous activity as they have straight temples which stay in place with gentle pressure.Eye-wear offered by Tag Heuer has three major categories namely optics. . The sunglasses offered by the company have been specially designed to resist wear and tear and the optimum protection from the sun’s rays.

Swiss watches are renowned for their quality and precision. Today. Each watch a masterpiece of design and manufacturing. quality. A concept so revolutionary it overturned a 300 year-old fundamental of watch making – the balance wheel and hairspring mechanism. For the first time in watchmaking history.000th of a second accuracy. Where does the inspiration come from? A rich heritage and active engagement in the sporting arena. but for avant-garde design and advanced technology too. It was Edouard Heuer who invented the oscillating pinion for the Microtimer in 1886 – now central to almost every contemporary mechanical chronograph. An incredible achievement. . TAG Heuer has been at the cutting edge of time on sea. TAG Heuer’s long relat ionship with motorsports is legendary. Since 1860. TAG Heuer watches are known not just for quality and precision. For a sports heritage that inspires excellence. land and in the air. Stunning consumers and the watchmaking industry with the likes of the 1916 Mikrograph .tagheuer. the impeccable performance of the TAG Heuer Formula 1. Team Ferrari in the 1970s. And within the world of Swiss watches. The last 25 glorious years with McLaren F1. it’s the turn of the Mikrogirder Concept Watch to dazzle with its unprecedented precision – 5/10. but by magnetic field. Carrera and Grand Carrera Chronograph. when Edouard Heuer opened his first workshop in the Swiss mountains. Or more recently with the Mikrotimer Flying 1000. and sporting heritage. In 2004 the Monaco V4 concept watch reinvented time with drivebelts and ball-bearings – and received a rapturous welcome in Geneva. Throughout its history. TAG Heuer has been consistently first to master chronograph precision in its smallest increments. From date displays to fly-back hands – TAG Heuer innovations have been adopted by leading makers of luxury sports watches worldwide. TAG Heuer is the only Swiss watch brand producing mechanical and automatic chronographs with this phenomenal fractional second accuracy.000th of a second. performance and precision. the oscillations of the balance wheel are driven not by the Watches . This is the TAG Heuer DNA. And for quality materials that create luxury watches for men and women. Monaco.Below is : http://www. Emerging from this love of speed and performance. And in 2012. This tradition of award-winning innovation continues with the 2010 TAG Heuer Pendulum. This is what ensures TAG Heuer position as a world leader of luxury sports watches and chronographs.Swiss Luxury Watches For Men and For Women Men’s watches and women watches made by TAG Heuer Each watch a paragon of precision engineering.the world’s first sports stopwatch with 1/100th of a second precision. the only mechanical chronograph to measure and display 1/1.

This passion for professional sports also led to the development of the ultra-light Professional Sports Watch and the iconic LINK And TAG Heuer. iconic Steve McQueen. Glamorous Cameron Women too appreciate the TAG Heuer values of performance and reliability: TAG Heuer has designed watches for women since its earliest days.high performance and split-second precision find support in their partnership with TAG Heuer. The idea for Tag Heuer was to imagine a place to : .co. continues to aim ever higher. China’s Chen Dao Ming and India’s Shah Rukh Khan are charismatic TAG Heuer ambassadors too – each of them sharing TAG Heuer’s integrity. the indispensable sports watch. A consumer’s interest for watchmaking leads to very high expectations: expectations in terms of quality and amount of technical EMbHQ  Customer issue 1. Leondardo DiCaprio. A drive for excellence reflected in its partnerships with sporting champions.nurun. TAG Heuer watches for men are innovative timepieces that combine TAG Heuer’s mastery of precision with its racing heritage and prestige materials. but also stories and contents that create an emotional bond to the brand. passion and excellence. in a constant quest for innovation. In luxury materials like diamonds. 2. Aquaracer is proudly worn by the ORACLE Racing team in their aim to capture the America’s Cup. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Link for below : http://www. Their values .And from the aquatic world – yachting. ocean-racing and scuba diving – comes Aquaracer. TAG Heuer watches for women speak to her femininity with ultra glamorous. ceramic and mother-of-pearl. elegant designs. powerful ambassadors like tennis player Maria Sharapova. performance and prestige. and F1 winner Jenson Button.

from their heritage to avant-garde technology. More immersion within the brand’s universe: +46% time spent on the website after 3 months . with stories about Tag Heuer and its watches.3. Results 11. 6. • display all the Tag Heuer collections. 9. 8. and answer consumers’ expectations. 10. including all the brand’s contemporary ambassadors Point of view 5. Ideation 7. Unify contents around each product : combine heritage and technology to tell a consistent story. discovering a brand is a fluid process: decomparmentalization. Three key words to communicate the brand’s rise to luxury status: Time // Experiences // Innovation. • create an emotional bond to the brand. every item’s specific information and all the brand’s watchmaking know-how 4. Navigation principles dedicated to the brand’s vision. A better engagement of the audience: bounce rate -25% after 3 months 12. offering to delve deeper within the site’s contents when it makes most sense. Thus. bridges between contents and a balance of product information and brand storytelling. A digital creative concept to showcase contents: past/present/future. A concept that combines interface and ergonomics insights: an invisible interface and intuitive ergonomics.


Tag Heuer Carrera Heritage MODEL#: CAS2150.000 .BD0731 MRP: Rs 345.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 MODEL#: WAC1219.FC6223 MRP: Rs 175.000 .

000 .BA0858 MRP: Rs 87.Tag Heuer Formula 1 Grand Date MODEL#: WAU111B.

000 .FT6016 MRP: Rs 461.Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Cal 17 MODEL#: CAV518B.

Tag Heuer Carrera Heritage MODEL#: CAS2111.FC6292 MRP: Rs 285.000 .

these managers are sometimes caught up in a love affair with their product and do not realize what the market needs.Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Cal 17 MODEL#: CAV515B. However. Management might commit the “better-mousetrap” fallacy. Such was the case when WebTV was launched during Christmas 1996 to disappointing results. believing that a better mousetrap will lead people to beat a path to its door. They assume that buyers admire well-made products and can appraise quality and performance.FC6231 MRP: Rs 574.000 The Product Concept : The product concept holds that consumers will favor those products that offer the most quality. performance. Managers in these organizations focus on making superior products and improving them over time. Web . or innovative features.

WebTV never amounted to much. Read more: http://techland. with one device or another. Instead. The company built a box that let you browse the web on your TV — over dial-up — and for a while. which began as an independent startup in 1995 and was acquired by Microsoft for $425 million in 1997. there was a widely-held assumption that we’d all be doing that.television (abbreviated web TV) is original television content produced for broadcast via the World Wide Web. Microsoft is at least as likely to enter markets far too early. the American founder of the Ford Motor Company . By the time Microsoft renamed it MSN TV in 2001.time. it was already pretty obscure. before long. before the technology is up to the challenge at hand. and sometimes before consumers know why they should care about a category. One of the failure was "Any customer can have a car painted in any colour he wants so long as it is black" by Henry Ford.