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The ovaries are the female reproductive organ responsible for the production of the ovum which is commonly

known as the egg cells. Egg cells which we all know as one of the two components for conception. It is an organ of female that gives them their womanhood but there are diseases that would try to take this organ of womanhood to a test, the ovarian cyst and ovarian cancer. Women in ages 20-35 or women in their reproductive years are the most common to have an ovarian cyst. Even though it doesn’t give that much of an annoyance for them and usually asymptomatic , the disease itself should not be taken for granted because there are some cases that women with this condition develop symptoms and when cyst go larger it could be uncomfortable and may also affect with some of the function of the ovaries. Women for me should have their self-check by a physician if they would experience discomforts and irregularities with their body especially when they are in their at risk age by the disease. Luckily for woman with this condition, ovarian cysts don’t often become cancer. Cancer itself is one of those feared words. Cancer is sometimes co-notated with suffering or even death and I know we are all afraid of that. As the topic is about the female reproductive organ which is the ovaries I would give my reaction about ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is one of those cancers that kill women every year. Contrary with the ovarian cyst the women at risk for ovarian cancer are those women ages 65-84 years old but younger women are not spared from it. Even though the two have its differences they have also its similarities which are very much in-need of special attention. They are both asymptomatic or have no obvious signs and symptoms until the cancer spreads; it’s known to be a silent killer. What’s even more frightful is that there are no currently available screening exams for the detection of ovarian cancer in women who do not have symptoms. The Papanicolaou test or the widely known Pap smear test which is so effective in detecting cervical cancer is not of a great help for it rarely detects ovarian cancer. Even in this instances the women in our time is much more lucky because we are in a world of technology and science and I know that time would come that ovarian cancer would be much more easily detected by the help of new screening tests or even cancer itself would have its assured treatment like as we say analgesics for pain or paracetamols for fever and for that all women in the world can sleep well without thinking about any of this frightful things.